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The Last Bookshop - Chapter Thirty-Six

The Last Bookshop - Chapter Thirty-Six

Harry's premeditated plans for Laura draw her deeper under his spell.

“So what do you think?” Laura fumbled with a morsel on her plate, trying to skewer it with a fork.

Her dexterity, or lack of it, amused Harry, “I think I need my head looked at.”

That might have been closer to the truth last week than now. As the morsel submitted, Harry watched her place the fork into her mouth. Those beautiful full lips were somewhere else only a few days ago. His intuition, that inner voice, remained quiet for now yet Harry had plans for Laura.

Looking upon her, he took some time to take her in. Framed by trestles of expensively coiffured brown hair, her fine elegant features and azure eyes were always expressive for him. Her matte, powdered skin tried to conceal a slightly flushed pallor, Harry supposed that a freshly fucked glow was an occupational hazard.

Her initial cocky insolence towards him gave way to a warm curiosity. He remained at arm’s length; mastering his secret required more practice. Contemplating Laura’s business opportunity, he invited her to dinner to discuss it. Who needed another agent that helped dull book-collectors achieve their life’s work? Fucking for a living addressed his three most urgent needs, his untamed sexual appetite, something to pay the bills, and to give him time to investigate the book’s mystery.

Over fresh scallops and oysters with plenty of white wine, Harry found himself talking to a smart and almost likable woman. She explained her situation, heavily in debt thanks to her ex-boyfriend. His vice was not gambling but a foolish get-rich-quick scheme that she knew nothing about. She borrowed tens of thousands of pounds from her credit cards to get some very unsavoury people off her back. Now she needed to pay it off and to earn that kind of money, she fell back on her looks.

In Harry’s mind, she was stupid and careless and he pitied her. Yet, he perceived her resolute desire to do this, get on an even keel, and get out. She admitted that her clients were discreet and pleasant enough; Harry detected a conflict that she would stop and return to a life of mundanity. Her thoughts suggested she enjoyed the life as a high-class escort.

Reaching for the bottle, he poured a generous amount into her almost empty glass as she brutally attacked some fine green beans.

Harry put the bottle back into its ice bucket, “Laura, I don’t know, I mean, really? Me? I just like… y’know? Doing it.”

Laura emptied her mouth, “You were good last time, great actually and twice. That was no fluke and I should know,” Laura paused for a moment, Harry knew it was for effect, “You have no idea how good you are do you?”

He felt her swell of satisfaction at Harry’s faux naiveté. He knew that she might be many things but at this moment, she was honest; she liked sex and needed money. The discretion of escort work suited her needs. Right now, seeing her sensibly attired in a tight-fitting, yet elegant little black number, they looked like a regular couple.

“That’s kind of you to say so, occupational hazard for you I suppose – enduring a crap shag.”

Laura snorted on her white wine and coughed a little, “Christ, Harry, I don’t think that table next to us heard you clearly enough.”

Harry smiled; he could not care less if they did. This omnipotent sexual power made him more insufferably arrogant than he was already. He liked the idea that she sullied her flawless body for three hundred pounds an hour. If Laura’s body was not for hire, she would not give him a second glance. With this power, he brought her to the climactic heights of ecstasy until she soaked his bedsheets. Laura needed him now because of it and she agreed all too easily to dinner. She was no challenge to his guile and he got a kick out of her proposition.

Harry leaned in to whisper, “You were magnificent too. A painter can only paint on a perfect canvas if he has inspiration. You were that inspiration.”

He watched Laura’s chaste expression as she demurred to his compliment, an odd reaction for a whore used to the wiles of her clients. She shuffled a little in her chair and Harry knew why she might feel a little uncomfortable. Working on stoking the flames of her libido, he felt how they burned a little brighter.

Quietly, they talked in an innuendo-esque code over dessert as they shared each other’s broad sexual tastes. Harry played along to extract her sexual preferences in a test of honesty and trust. Extremely comfortable with men as well as women, he amused himself by directing the conversation.

Harry’s experience was not as varied so he regaled the tale of cuckolding another man last week. He watched Laura’s eyes widen at the realisation he was not just some sappy book collector and agent. Her thoughts gave away her pleasurable reaction to the spiciness of the story. His intuition, dormant for a few days, quietly provoked him.

Toying with the tiramisu on her plate, Harry watched as she collected a crumb on her lips by running her tongue over it. His vivid recall kicked in with her prone body fully impaled on his hard penis. He felt the warm breath of her sigh against his skin. With intense clarity, he heard the sounds she made and smelt the rich texture of her perfume. He remembered how her heavy eyes closed and her muscles stiffened. At the point of that intense release, he felt the tight embrace from all of her limbs as she shuddered ferociously beneath him.

Laura felt it too, every second, every experience and Harry could tell as he gazed into her eyes. They smouldered for him as her cleavage heaved under her shallow breaths, “So you want in?”

He played dumb, his narcissism wanted to hear it from her immaculate painted mouth, ”Really? You think I’m cut out for it?”

She paused to lick her spoon provocatively and leant in closer, “Yes, you are young, very athletic with great stamina. You have the kind of equipment that fulfils a woman completely. Best of all, you don’t need a map to find your way around. There are women I know that would kill to get a slice of that action.”

He looked up at her and gave her the look he practised in the mirror; she smiled brightly. He paused for a moment, “Well, you do bring out the best in me.”

Laura’s smile developed into a wholehearted one that bared her teeth, ”Excellent, I knew you would do it.”

“You did? Wow.”

Harry was laughing at her on the inside and felt how her body burned for him now. Letting her simmer in it, he wanted her beyond the point of any inhibitions tonight.

Quietly, she regaled to him her plan. As an ‘available couple’, she wanted to advertise their services and broaden her appeal. In her experience, couples hit a rut especially married ones. They sought a way to jump-start their relationship and there were parties too. Couples only gatherings that sought vibrant and energetic ‘guests’ to get the proceedings started. Their organisers wanted professionals that would get dirty without compunction. They would need to develop some form; invitations only came after recommendations.

For Harry, he could seduce them all and fuck them for free. Seeking payment for sex felt like deceit, it excited him to the core.

“They want fire-starters,” Laura explained, “These places want attractive couples to get things going and they pay handsomely.”

Playing the innocent, Harry smiled whilst worming his way deeper into her burgeoning libido. He felt its power surge through him and he could sense it coursing through her too.

“Just how much are we talking about here?” he asked.

Laura fidgeted a little, “They pay double, so eight hundred an hour for us just to fuck each other and the guests. These aren’t just ordinary parties, they are high class,” she paused, “these are the beautiful people.”

He lingered on her words and fed them back to her as images that would provoke a tightening pressure in her loins. He wanted her to soak her panties, if she was wearing any.

Deploying all of his newfound charm, he put upon her everything he had, “It’s a good plan. Okay, I’m in.”

He felt Laura’s sense of relief and gratitude. Like a cat teasing a mouse, Harry went in for the kill.

Laura leant in show him her cleavage. Her sultry eyes burned with need, “Y’know the first time a couple have sex is awkward, the second time is not. Take me to your place and let’s find out.”

Draining the last of her coffee, she gave him a playful wink as he paid the bill and Harry sniggered. Acting the innocent, he enjoyed the look of confidence on Laura’s face. Little did she know what Harry knew; tonight she would experience more of her deepest desires.

From evening until the first light of dawn, they explored each other more. Laura’s fierceness between the sheets revealed her less vulnerable side. She wanted directness not tenderness with an urge to show him the kind of sex that her clients craved. Her alternate persona to the fore, Harry encouraged her to hide nothing and cast aside her inhibitions.

First, he ordered her to strip and open her naked legs to show him her bare sex. It looked swollen and ready as he instructed her to stimulate herself. Sitting on a chair, he watched the defiance in her eyes melt away as the delicious sensations took over. She eased two fingers into herself and dipped them slowly in and out of her glossy slit. He told her to rub her juices all over her sex and caress her clit to make it hard. When he felt happy she was in a malleable state, Harry told her to taste them slowly. Provocatively, staring him straight in the eyes, she licked off her own juices as if taking it directly from tumescent length.

He gave her something that she yearned for and did not expect – his words. He played back her thoughts with a twist - he added his own. Chapter Thirty-Six demanded it, the taming of a wild whore, the total placation of an utterly immoral woman. Harry noted all the sexual acts in the Cremorne and its recurring theme of subjugation and repentance.

Laura would begin to feel that subjugation under his spell tonight and not the tenderness of last Saturday morning. Harry would bring her to the boil and swell her appetite towards the profane. Watching in her act of masturbation, he saw the perfect example of womanhood to act out that most deviant chapter.

He dominated her body and soul as her mind betrayed her. Out leeched one submissive thought after another and he made her beg for it.

Collared with his belt, she did everything he commanded. Kneeling before him with obedient eyes, she took his fully erect penis and sucked until it felt numb. He restrained her to the bed and fucked her slowly. Grazing that spot inside her, his firm words and dispassionate actions enlivened her into a tempest of sexual depravity. She begged to be fucked and begged for it harder still. He brought her to a litany of climaxes, each carefully narrated by Harry’s emotionless prescient words.

He flipped her onto her front and told her to thrust her taut derriere up to goad him. He stared at it, pert and tight, splayed before him. The crunched knot of her behind and the puffy cushion of her naked soaked vulva would be the vessel of his designs. Dragging a single finger down the cleft of her behind, he felt her flinch. Curving the corner of her lips into a smile, he ran it up and down her gaped wet sex.

In a mess of hot sweat, fevered breathing, and her sex smeared with climactic juices, he demanded entrance to her most taboo place.

He demanded that she tell him to do it and with an airy gasp of pleading words, she did. With a jolt, he pressed his slippery index finger into her. The unrelenting heat and its muscular tightness surprised him. He slicked her up with saliva and continued to violate her. Still panting, she moaned a little as he twisted it deeper inside.

Again, he demanded her to beg for his penis to defile her as he finger fucked her anally. She moaned instantly, as Harry felt her bear down on a solitary digit. Laura gave a feebly gasped reply in the affirmative.

Taking to the bed, he let the suspense build. Penetrating her sex first, he slicked up his penis and spat hard at her puckered hole. He felt the coursing sense of energy and the solid tumult of his penis poised to penetrate her. With a sudden shock of electricity, she froze as he breeched her. She wriggled as he sank deeper and deeper with one slow firm push, then a gasp and she insisted on more.

The draft of his obscene girth forced her muscles to accept it and eventually she learned to yelp with pleasure. Laura spat obscenities as Harry fucked her snug behind with his entire length. Crouched over her, he never revealed his joy at buggering her for the first time. The voice of his intuition quietly encouraged him and the torrent of her thoughts guided his body.

Pulling the belt to ease her head up, it forced her to meet his thrusts. Her rapid deep yelps for air punctuated every thrust. He ordered that she crammed her fingers into her sex to mimic another man inside her vagina. Her mouth would taste the juices of another woman as they both ravaged her tight holes. Those tale-tale tremors built and Harry ordered to bring herself off. She lunged against him, pushing back onto his length as her body quivered.

Instructing her to climax on him, she squealed and shuddered violently as its waves of tension grasped his impaled length. She hollered loudly as she came and he demanded thanks for her release. It defined Harry’s most profound sexual experience to date.

Directing her with the belt around her elegant neck, she had to complete a final act of subservience. Obedient to the last and knelt before him, her hopeful eyes looked up to him. Her expectant mouth open; he compelled her to take all of his sperm. She stroked his penis to its inevitable conclusion sucking on its engorged head. He ruined her makeup and painted her laboured features with ropes of thick cum. In a final act of degradation, he made her clean it off his post-orgasmic length.

Laura took her first steps on her journey to be the whore of Chapter Thirty-Six.

In a feeble post-coital embrace, her mind ran with ecstatic thoughts and she shared her sense of righteousness. Laura purred contentedly. He conceded that she was right – sex was better the second time round. He played along; he knew Laura craved to please him and herself in that order tonight.

Harry tied her hands back behind her and she moaned with anticipation. Slurping on his cock with only her talented mouth to arouse him, she brought him to another powerful erection.

His demand was tense and precise – to ride his cock. With a slow undulation of her hips, she grazed her smooth mons against his pubis. Snugly holding him, that tight friction goaded his body as he laid prone before her. With a steely fixed gaze, he enjoyed how she felt conflicted between containment of her limbs and empowerment with his body at her disposal.

Harry gave her some latitude to take him on top how she wanted it and Laura did not disappoint. With a deft, elegant grace, she brought herself to an uneasy plateau of arousal and waited his command. He forced her to graze that place inside her and felt the tension in her loins build.

Tight and on the precipice of orgasm, she begged to take her climax and he fed from its power. He rolled and pinched the tight stubs of her erect nipples and drew pleading groans from her pouting lips. Three times, he denied her until he felt the full swell of her taut vaginal muscles. Beads of perspiration fell from her brow, her expression pained with the need for release; Harry looked into her eyes and felt her madness.

Content that Laura was delirious enough, he smiled at her with a silent contempt.

“Do it, cum on me.”

Barely able to hold herself up, she ground feverishly against his body. The tight muscles caressing his shaft strained and then that familiar quiver took hold and she squeezed on him. Her brittle cries rose in volume as her whole body shook and her breasts swayed. Her eyes clamped shut, he watched avidly as a three-hundred pound an hour whore exploded in orgasm on his deeply embedded penis.

He vowed to himself, he would never forget the moment. His intuition basked in the moment as a rich luxurious warmth soothed Harry’s body – it approved too.

She landed where she fell as her constrained body spasmed and writhed with aftershocks. Knelt over her, Harry directed his penis to her mouth. Snorting for air through her delicate nostrils, she sucked his length willingly. Her eyes looked up expectantly as they watered and made her mascara run. He sawed his fat length into her, deeply fucking her mouth enough to make her gag.

He shuddered with a roar as Laura wrapped her lips around it and expressed his essence down her throat.

They slept in a soft embrace until mid-day, Laura lingered at his flat as they ate croissants and drank coffee. Sunday was a quiet day for her and tomorrow she had two appointments.

“Nothing demanding,” she sniggered, “not like you.”

Harry shrugged and smiled wryly.


Now he had Laura’s total submission, Chapter Thirty-Six demanded that Harry expanded her sexual proclivities.

Their first double-act with clients was not the nervous engagement that Laura innocently expected. Harry looked at them and knew what to do. With precision and careful attention, he silently instructed Laura and them into doing precisely what they wanted to do. Every couple they met, it was the same, Harry played them for the innocents that they were. As they left behind happy faces and appeals they would be in touch again soon, their victims were innocent no more.

Laura had them all, under Harry’s tutelage, she experienced everything she wanted in the moment. Her free will betrayed her every time and their clients fully enjoyed her munificence.

He notched up one chapter after another. Chapter Forty, an act of sex and exhibitionism in a seedy porn cinema only made sense after Chapter Twenty-Nine – a foursome at their home after taunting them all night.

The husband fucked Laura as Harry fucked his wife. They gave Laura her first double-penetration just as they acted out all those weeks ago. His wife was happy to supply her wet vagina for Laura to eat as they rifled her holes to a pulsating climax.

He endured Chapter Five, a threesome with a very energetic couple to get an invite for Chapter Thirty-Three, an orgy at private sex party with Laura in tow. They spit-roasted her, double-penetrated her in a languid slow expression of lust. At their climax, she took them in turn and they rewarded her with hot volleys of sperm onto her breasts and face. One of the women took her in frantic act of tribadism. High above Laura’s prone body, they pawed at their writhing bodies and ground each other into a series of muscle cramping orgasms.

Many chapters cited that he divert this energy into himself. Such was Harry’s slavish devotion to his mission; he preened and toned the instrument that venerated the book. He ran, he swam, and worked out in the gym on the surfeit of vitality he earned. Like any prudent investment, it provided a good return. He was leaner; fitter; more attractive; smarter; wittier; funnier; bolder, and stronger. He was playing with a reasonably good hand before, now he was winning every time.

Laura noticed the difference, on the occasion when they were not booked out; she chose to spend some of that time with Harry. They relived their experiences and it degenerated into an orgiastic sexual feast. One time, Laura wore the black latex catsuit he bought her and posed for pornographic photographs. Unzipping its groinal area, he fucked her though her favourite positions. Enjoying how the light reflected off her encased body as she writhed, his enchanted words drew one feverish climax after another from her.

For Laura, it was great sex and not the “wardrobe on top with the key in it sex” that Harry felt she was overly familiar with. Laura told Harry she felt inspired in his presence and that was the closest she ever got to the actual truth.

From its one-hundred and ten compact chapters, Harry slowly rearranged them using his list. He scanned and printed its pages and clipped them into a ring-bound folder in the right order. After every experience, he felt the assurance of his intuition reward him. Only a quarter of the way through the book, he felt the determination surge through him.

Slowly, the story revealed itself, its cryptic language did not reveal a place, but a household caught up by this sexual possession. A need for discretion meant their paths never crossed and the populace at large were the victims to this supernatural power. They resided in a metropolis at a time when its malevolent underbelly was ripe for further corruption.

In its subtext lingered a fragmented message that he could not fully understand. One paragraph alluded to cauterising the excess to their standard of perversion. There were hints to chastise those that went too far. Harry laughed at the suggestion and enjoyed the irony that they might want to police the sexual anarchy detailed in the book. Then again, it took a thief to catch one.

For months, he worked when he chose; he could be the gentleman escort for just dinner or for more if they met his needs. The money rolled in and that felt more obscene than the sexual acts that earned it. Laura counted down what she owed as a countdown to liberation. Her promise to quit lacked the same level of confidence as she neared her objective. Silently, Harry always sought to weaken her resolve.

Exacerbating Laura’s prodigious libido, Harry nurtured it to new heights. He shared the depraved stories of the book as his own personal fantasies. He made her dress for him provocatively and take her out to tease men, and if they were interested, women too. They taunted each other in public to the point they were rabid with lust in his hallway, bathroom, lounge, study or bedroom. She would never be a full match for his appetite, yet they sated their bodies together to the point of exhaustion.

In this contemporary have-it-all, have-it-now world, the book supplied the best have-everything of all-time. Harry knew the time, the place and how he would be fucking them. He knew what they really wanted, not what they said they wanted. He kept the book in his newly installed safe at his flat; no money would compensate him for it because nothing felt better than sexy feels.

The first of the high-class parties approached and Harry knew they expected fire-starters. With Laura in tow, they earned a reputation as discreet sexual raconteurs, who knew how to behave according to their rules.

Little did they know whose rules they were playing to.






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