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The Magical Princess

Princess Delina and her knight in shiny army.
Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a beautiful kingdom surrounded by deserts. People rode around on camels across the desert. The women wore colourful desert dresses that wrapped around their bodies and over their heads so just their faces were visible. And the mens' clothing were dark shirts and trousers and cloaks.

Within the kingdom lived a king who had lost his queen while giving birth to their only child - the beautiful Princess Delina. The king cherished and treasured his daughter and spoilt her rotten by giving anything she wanted.
But one day, that changed.

Princess Delina's bedroom door burst open and maids came rushing in and helped the princess out of her bed clothes into a pretty purple dress.

"What is going on?" she demanded the maids. They said nothing. She looked up. "Father, what is going on?"

King Bongoo walked in wearing a gold suit. "You are to marry King Frog," he said firmly, and then walked out without uttering another word.

Princess Delina screamed and threw a tantrum and the maids scurried around picking up stuff she threw around her bedroom.

By noon, Princess Delina was dressed in white and her long blonde hair braided down her back. As she walked up the great grand hall of the palace, she couldn't help but to catch the eye of a dashingly handsome knight man with longish dark hair and a short beard. He smiled at her but she turned her head quickly to the front and dreaded to marry the old King Frog.

King Frog was in his fifties with a grey stringy beard and a red suit on. He had a gold crown on his head. He smiled at the princess showing the front of his teeth were missing.

Princess Delina stopped walking mid way and the crowd of royal people stared at her. She shot out her right arm and pointed out at the King Frog with her turquoise eyes wide and blazing. A bright spark of light shot through the air from her hand and turned the old king into a frog.

The crowd gasped in shock and amazement before the Princess Delina turned herself into a white wolf and turned and ran out of the palace at full speed.

King Bongoo rose from his throne and ordered his knights men to go after her. All of ten knights men ran out the palace and jumped on top of their horses and chased after the wolf.

Princess Delina as the white wolf ran as fast as she could go across the hot desert, panting heavily. She heard horses' hooves behind her so she forced herself to run faster and faster until she came across a cave and ran inside. She walked over to the lagoon of water and lowered her head down to the water and took a long drink.

The young dashingly handsome knight had seen the princess run into the cave from afar and had followed her without letting the others know. He walked into the dark cave lightened by the blue lagoon on his black horse. Alerting the princess still as the wolf.

She turned her head round and her upper lip curled under into a snarl and her ears went back.

"Easy now," he told her. He jumped off his horse slowly with his silver sword at his hip. He took a step forward and the princess growled fiercely. The knights man slowly crouched down and was about to lay his sword down when he saw another knights man who'd snuck in somehow and was slowly aiming his sword at the wolf. He grabbed up his sword and jumped on top of the other knights man and their swords clashed together.

"Ethan, what are you doing? the wolf was going to kill you!" the knights man said, clashing his sword against the young and handsome one.

"No, its the Princess Delina, in there. Remember that," Ethan replied, shoving him to the ground aggressively.

The knights man got to his feet and aimed his sword at him when Princess Delina still as the white wolf jumped on top of him, snarling ferociously down at him. He swallowed nervously.

Ethan whistled to get the wolf's attention and she stepped off him. "Get out, and don't tell anyone you've seen us or I'll really set her on you," he threatened, his eyes darkening.

The other knights man nodded and rushed out.

Ethan turned to the wolf where she turned back into Princess Delina. "Welcome back," he said, grinning.

"Who are you? And why did you stop me ripping the knight's head off?" she asked, angrily.

He stepped up beside her and grinned his eyes looking her up and down. "Mmm, very nice indeed," he said lustfully.

Princess Delina looked down and realised she was naked. She gasped and ran into the blue lagoon and crouched down to hide from him. "Get out!"

Ethan took off his silver armour suit and then his white shirt and trousers until he was naked too and hopped into the water too. He threw his head back and laughed when she tried to resist him and run away. "So that's the way you wanna play it, is it? A bit of cat and mouse play." He cornered her into a corner and grinned wickedly. "Why are you resisting, Princess Delina, you know you want me. You know you want to make love to me right now."

Princess Delina breathed heavily as her chest rose up and down. Her pussy throbbed in the water for him. She leaned forward and he leaned forward and their lips touched and there was like an electrical spark between them.

They wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed with utter sexual hunger and passion. The princess gasped out loud as she felt the handsome knights man named Ethan's hard cock deep inside her. Her arms wrapped around his neck as they made love, kissing.

"I knew you wanted me," Ethan said, cockily.

She responded by kissing him harder and letting out soft groans and moans as their lovemaking increased with intensity. Princess Delina cried out as her body spasmed as she came.

Ethan thrusted harder and harder still, panting heavily until he too cried out as he orgasmed deep inside her.

The knights man and the princess grinned at each other with their arms around each other's necks. Her legs were still around his waist and he was still inside her. His cock immediately came back to life when she whispered into his ear in a sexy and sultry voice.

"Let's go for seconds, big boy."

Ethan didn't need any persuasion.

They soon were making hot, sweaty love like rabbits again in the blue lagoon.

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