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The Mirror lover

Matthew is borderline crazy in love with the man inside his mirror.
Matthew was sitting in front of his mirror, staring at what happened to not be his reflection but a boy who looked exactly like him, but with some differences.

Matthew was only seventeen, still barely a junior. He had somewhat of a light wavy blonde hair that draped down to his chin. His eyes were a bit large, and doe like, and the colour was a shade of violet, with large circular frames that covered it. His skin was light, as if he avoided the sunlight half of his life.

The boy in the mirror however looked a tad bit older, like he was nineteen or around that age. He had short dark blonde hair. It barely looked like it was wavy at all. His eyes were a shade of baby blue that hid behind rectangular frames. His skin was tanned but not too overly tan. Unlike Matthew's lithe frame, the boy in the mirror has more of a macular built.

"Hello Alfred," Matthew said shyly as he stared at the mirror. "How are you today?"

Alfred, the boy in the mirror only smiled. "Bored, I can't stand being away from you Matt."

Matthew blushed at the words and nodded. "How was school?"

"Fine," Alfred replied dryly. "How about you?"

Matthew looked down sadly and tried to avoid any eye contact. "Fine as well."

Alfred frowned at the response. "Are those boys bullying you again?"

Matthew shook his head. "Of course not Alfred! I-I just want to be with you....."

Alfred then looked at Matthew sadly as he placed his palm on the glass that separated them. "Me too Mattie...."

Matthew followed Alfred's actions and smiled. "I love you Alfred...."

"Yeah me too, babe," Alfred noticed that although Matthew was merely a reflection of some sort, he couldn't help but feel a large endearment and attraction towards the other. "I want you Mattie...To kiss you, to hold you, to love you."

Matthew only blushed as he pushed his knees to his chest. "Me too Al...."

"No Mattie, I want you naked under me, begging and panting," Alfred said as he began to brush his hand down his groin. "I want to take you, hard and rough Mattie."

Matthew blushed as his breathing began to quicken. "A-Al if you keep saying that, I don't think I could hold back."

"Don't hold back Matt," Alfre said, taking out his cock, stroking it. "I want to enter you, and make you beg for me."

Matthew took his pants and boxers off as he spread his legs, touching the puckered hole between his ass cheeks. "Me too Al....Me too."

"God Matthew you're gorgeous," Alfred moaned as he kept stroking his cock in front of the mirror.

Matthew sucked on his finger then proceeded to stick it in his tight puckered hole. "O-oh Alfred!"

"God you're sexy." Alfred moaned as he felt his climax coming near.

Matthew was thrusting his now four fingers in his hole as his free hand stroked his cock. He positioned his hips so his fingers could hit his prostate. "I-I'm about to cum....Alfred!"

"Me too!" Alfred called out as his seed splattered all over the glass.

At the same time, Matthew came all over himself. Not long after his high, Matthew lay there with his eyes closed. Once he opened his eyes to stare back at the mirror, Alfred was gone.

Matthew's POV.

After I moved out of the house, I long forgot who Alfred was. I did long for his touch and I've longed for his lips on mine.

Here I was, sitting in the corner at the local coffee shop where I spent my afternoons, sketching and drawing what came to mind. I never thought I imagine such fate would happen.

As my skilled hands drew a nearby flower stand, unexpectedly a hot beverage spilled against my chest. "Aghh!" I yelped out.

"I'm so sorry!!" The person how had spilled his beverage on me said. His hands were quick to wipe any liquid on my chest. My head turned to face his and our eyes met. Baby blue eyes met with mine. I never thought that I could feel his touch.

My Alfred.
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