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The Mystery of The Abandoned Manor

Tormented by bizarre dreams about an ancient manor, a young woman decides to investigate
Alisha listened intently as her grandmother related the old legend that linked her family and Pierre de la Rochelle. No matter how many times this story had been told to her, she never got tired of it. Each time she would visit the elderly woman, the latter would talk about her ancestors and the once prestigious lord of French origin, Pierre de la Rochelle.

“He was successful, envied by the men and wanted by the women. His manor was beautiful and well maintained by his servants. He could have anything he wanted.” Her grandmother continued, seated in her rocking chair in the small living room.

“And Anaiya was the simple village girl whose father worked in the fields.” Alisha commented before adding, “But grandma, I don’t understand. He sounds like such an arrogant ass! Why did she fall for him?”

“Alisha! Language!” Grandma scolded in her stern voice, “Lord Pierre de La Rochelle was attracted by her beauty and he was willing to repay her father’s debts if she agreed. You can’t blame her. Life was hard for Indian laborers who came to settle on the island and it is thanks to her that we own this small property.”

“Yes I guess,” she muttered.


Alisha pulled the car to a stop. She adjusted her glasses and looked around. She found that the front gate was damaged by rust and she hesitated before getting out of the car. She peered through the gate and noted that the place was completely abandoned. The large garden was full of overgrown trees and bushes. There were no flowers and she could hear the distant sounds of the birds chirping.

She took a deep breath and pushed the gates open before running back to her car. She started the engine and drove the car in the property, wondering if she was doing the right thing. She slowed down the car as she finally saw the large mansion.

Even in its abandoned state, it was still imposing and magnificent. Alisha could feel her heart pounding in her chest. If she ever had any doubts about her whereabouts early, now she was sure that she had reached her destination. She recognized the colonial mansion immediately. It was the one that kept appearing in her dreams. The only difference was that while here it was in a very poor condition, in her dreams it was well-maintained and the garden was beautiful.

She gasped as she heard the voice again; the same one from her dream. A hoarse whisper calling out,”Anaiya! Anaiya! Come!” She tensed and wondered if it was her imagination. She was tired of those visions that came almost every night. She needed to put a stop and knew that the only way to do so was to satisfy her curiosity.

She stepped out of her car and checked her surroundings. There was no one around. She shivered as she felt the strong wind blowing. She looked up and realized that it was about to rain soon. She walked towards the front door cautiously. Even though she was dressed in her favourite skinny jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved shirt, she was shaking but it was more from the fear and nervousness than the cold.

She was soon standing in front of the main door. She barely touched the knob when it opened almost immediately. She took a few steps back. She quickly turned and ran to her car. She looked back towards the mansion again. The door was still opened.

“This is crazy!” She muttered to herself, “No. I’m not going in.”

She turned the car keys, her decision made, but the engine would not start. She tried again a few times but to no avail. Grabbing her phone, she tried to make a call to ask for a tow truck but there was no signal. She cursed under her breath, realizing that she was stuck in the abandoned property of Pierre De La Rochelle.

Alisha could hear the thunder rumbling. She glanced back towards the mansion and after a long time, she decided that since she was stuck here, it would be better to go inside than stay in her car. She grabbed her backpack and got out of the car again. It was starting to rain and she ran towards the mansion’s door again. It was still opened and she rushed inside immediately as she heard the sound of thunder again. She jumped and she heard the door slam shut behind her.

Trying to keep her calm, she dug into her bag for her flashlight. She looked around carefully, noting the damaged ancient furniture. She flinched as she saw a rat running away. She took a few steps forward, walking into a very large room. She laid her eyes on an old chandelier and a large dining table in the middle and several chairs. She recognized the room as the one she would see in her visions.

“Anaiya! Anaiya!” she heard once more. The voice was distant; it seemed to be coming from upstairs. She wondered if her mind was playing tricks. Nothing made sense. She had driven all the way from her grandmother’s place to the Manor without needing a map or asking for directions. The gates, the garden and the manor were familiar and now she was walking around as if she had always lived in the old French colonial house.

She kept walking until she reached the stairs. She could hear the voice clearly. She knew the instinctively that the answer to her question was upstairs. This time she did not hesitate. She was not backing out, she needed to solve the mystery. She climbed the stairs carefully, the creaking sounds resonating with each step she took.

“Come to me, Anaiya!” The voice was clearer than ever now that she reached the first floor. She already knew where it was coming from. She could feel goose bumps on her skin as she walked down the corridor. She could now hear something else; music. It sounded like someone was playing classical music on a piano. The beautiful melody calmed her nerves; it was very inviting. She felt that she had listened to something very similar before. It was only when she stopped in front of a door that she remembered where she had heard it; in her last dream.

The music suddenly stopped and she stood in front of the door. All the dreams she ever had ended here. She would always wake up when she was in front of this particular door. She reached out to turn the knob but the door opened by itself.

She walked in, trying to maintain her calm. Her heart was beating faster and faster. She walked towards the middle of the room and paused by the old piano. She touched one of the piano keys and a strange sound came out.

“That thing is broken!” she blurted out, wondering if the music that she had just heard was part of her imagination.

She turned and walked towards the window, peering outside. It was so dark and she could see the rain. She wrapped her arms around herself as she watched the rain falling. She could spot her car outside, wishing she could just go back home.

“This is an intriguing wagon, Anaiya!” A voice exclaimed, “Did you lose the horses?”

Alisha spun around in shock, dropping the torch that stopped working at that moment. In the darkness of the large room, she could make out a tall silhouette standing beside the old piano. She watched as he moved around to sit in front of the piano.

“Wh…Who are yo…you?” she whispered, shaking with fear.

Suddenly the sound of the beautiful soothing melody started to resonate around the room and she stopped shaking. She was drawn to the music that calmed her soul. She approached the piano slowly and paused just a few steps away, listening to the music quietly. If the situation had not been so scary, she would have sat in one of the big armchairs and would appreciate the captivating piece.

He stopped playing abruptly and stood up. She took a step back as he moved towards her.

“Are you afraid?” he asked.

“N..No!” she uttered.

“You are,” he stated, chuckling.

“Yes,” she admitted, forcing herself to stay still.

“Why?” he questioned her, his hand reaching out, “Do I scare you?”

“No…” she muttered softly before quickly adding, “It’s just so dark!”

“Lies!” he laughed, his voice echoing around the room, “I’m certain that you would calm down if there were lights.”

She nodded quietly, not trusting herself to speak.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered.

She did as she was told, thinking that she was probably dreaming and that she would soon wake up.

“You may open them now, slowly,” he announced, putting more emphasis on the last word.

She did so, blinking for a moment until her eyes adjusted to the light. She found herself facing a handsome man. Dark brown hair, soft blue eyes and some stubble, a tall guy dressed like a gentleman from the colonial times.

“Who are you?” she demanded, studying him with her eyes; the black suit he wore was intriguing. He looked like he just walked out of one of the movies that retraced history.

“The owner of this property,” he replied.

“He’s dead.” she countered.

“I’m aware of this,” he remarked with a smirk on his face, running his hand through his hair, “As it is me.”

“Wait? Are you telling me that you’re Pierre de la Rochelle?” she asked, in shock, “Do I look stupid?”

“I’m his spirit; his ghost if you prefer,” he muttered, crossing his arms around his chest.

“And I’m the Queen of England.” she snapped in a mocking tone.

He rolled his eyes at her, looking unimpressed, “You actually managed to develop a sense of humor, Anaiya.”

“I’m not Anaiya!” she argued. “My name…”

“Of course you’re not,” the handsome stranger interrupted, “She was a whore.”

“How dare you!” Alisha shouted angrily. Before she realized it, her hand went flying, smacking his cheek, leaving a contrasting red mark on his pale skin.

He suddenly started laughing so hard. Alisha just stared at him in shock. How could he react like this? She had just slapped him! The young woman started wondering if he had gone crazy.

“What’s so funny?” She asked him, watching as he tried to compose himself.

“You,” He chuckled, “Attempting to act like a refined Lady.”

“Excuse me?”

“Hahaha!” He laughed, “You are definitely not Anaiya.”

“You’re insane,” She mumbled.

“You come to my house to slap me and insult me…” he started.

“This house is not yours. It has been abandoned and …” She argued.

“I am Pierre de la Rochelle.”

“Impossible. He’s dead!”

“I already told you that I’m a ghost.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“And why is that?”

“I can see you. I can touch you. You’re not floating above the ground. You’re not walking through things!”

He laughed again, looking very amused, “You have a poor idea about the things ghosts can do. When I’m on my land, I can do anything I want.”

Alisha looked unimpressed. This man was acting up.

“Do you know that Anaiya looked just like you?” he suddenly asked.

“We don’t have any photographs of her,” she replied, wondering what he was up to. She studied the candle’s flame instead, trying to ignore the fact that he was so sexy; even in his old-fashioned clothes.

“I am the one who kept calling you every night when you were sleeping.”

“My grandmother has told me her story so many times! It’s just a coincidence that I started dreaming of the manor. I won’t believe you.”

“If I show you proof?”

“What kind of proof?”

“Something you cannot deny.”

“Alright,” she challenged him.

He held out his hand and she hesitated for a second before taking it.

“Do not release it until I tell you,” he warned.

She nodded and watched as he closed his eyes. Suddenly, she felt a strong breeze in the room and tightened her grip on his hand. Everything started spinning and she found herself starting to lose her balance. The handsome man pulled her into his arms, as if he sensed her fear and she held on to him, closing her eyes. She could hear strange sounds; whispers, laughter, howling. She buried her face in his chest.

The wind suddenly stopped but she kept her eyes shut, not daring to move. She felt the man releasing her from his grip and letting her know that it was now safe. She opened her eyes and gulped.

“Where are we?” she whispered, totally shocked.

“Look around carefully,” he muttered.

She paced around in astonishment. She could recognize the immaculate furniture; the beautiful armchairs that looked almost brand new and the beautiful piano in the centre of the room. She noticed that the curtains were no longer torn but instead replaced by new ones. The chandelier above them was lit. She went to the piano and touched a few keys and this time, she could hear the sound of the musical notes.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, “This is the same room. How did you do that?”

He grinned at her and she suddenly stopped talking. She starred at him, realizing that it had to be him. He was not a crazy man.

“You really are Pierre de la Rochelle!” she spoke at last.

“Will you now tell me who you are?” he asked, walking towards her.

“Alisha,” she replied, “I’m Alisha.”

“Alisha,” he muttered.

“You’re a ghost!” she murmured as she stared back at him, meeting his eyes, “What do you want from me? Why do you keep coming in my dreams?”

“I could sense your presence.” he revealed, “I knew you were back.”

“I’m not Anaiya!” she cried out.

“Yes I know,” he replied, “You are her doppelganger.”

“What?” she asked, totally stunned.

“You look just like her,” he muttered as he caressed her cheek, “The same beautiful brown eyes, the same little pointy nose and sensual full lips. And your skin is just as soft as hers. But your behavior is very different.”

“How do you know that my skin is soft?” she muttered as she felt his touch. Was it normal for a ghost to have warm hands? Was it okay for her to enjoy his touch?

“You have a very poor idea of what I can do,” he whispered, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Why did you call me here?” she asked again.

“Because I want you,” he admitted, pulling her into his arms.

“Are you kidding me?” she said, trying to wiggle away from his grip.

“What is kidding?” he asked, totally confused.

“Oh! Just stop trying to mess me up!” she cried out, pinching his arm but he did not relent.

“Language has changed so much,” he said, finally releasing her, “I have something to show you. Follow me!”

He walked out of the room and she found herself following him. She kept wondering what was happening. She noticed that the manor no longer looked abandoned. The colonial mansion was in a good state. They climbed down the stairs and reached the corridor. She looked around in awe. She could not believe it was the same place. He stopped abruptly and pointed to a painting. She turned and froze. She could not believe her eyes!

“This is me!” she exclaimed, totally shocked.

“No, this is Anaiya,” he explained, a smile on his face.

She just stared, unable to speak. The painting was beautiful and it seemed like the artist had paid attention to every single detail. Anaiya looked exactly like her. The only difference were the clothes; she was draped in a colorful sari; the traditional Indian outfit which was worn by women. She also wore some beautiful Indian jewelry.

Pierre de la Rochelle sensed her discomfort as she studied the beautiful portrait. He took her hand into his and guided her back upstairs to another large room. She took no notice of the large bed or the furniture. She just sank in the sofa, her mind still on the portrait.

“I can’t believe it,” she finally spoke in a shaky voice.

“This is the reason I needed to see you,” he explained as he sat down next to her, taking her hand into his, “I could sense your presence. I could feel it.”

“Those dreams scared me.”

“I am very sorry,” he apologized, “but my powers are confined to my property only. I cannot step outside and it was the only way to convince you to come here.”

”You never stepped out of this property?” she asked, totally surprised.

“Not since the day I died. I missed the long horse rides and the visits at the harbor,” he replied before adding, “But I met interesting people; normally drunkards and drug addicts. It was a pleasure to kick them out of my land.”

He snickered at this thought but composed himself as he noticed her serious expression. She looked at him and reached her hand out to touch his face. He seemed so real; she could not believe that she was talking to a ghost, worse; a handsome one.

“You are a very unusual woman,” he suddenly commented.

Her eyes widened as she heard this. A ghost just told her that she was strange. “The whole situation is,” she mumbled.

“I apologize but it is very strange to see a woman wearing men’s clothes,” He laughed.

She giggled, “Trust me, most women wear pants these days. Shame you can’t get out of your property. You are missing out so much! I’m sure you’ve never visited a nightclub.” Now he looked crossed and she realized that she was making fun of a ghost.

“Tell me how everything changed,” he requested, starring at her intently.

She launched into an explanation about the country’s developments and progress over the years and the different activities. He was confused when she tried to tell him about computers and the internet but he wanted to know what a nightclub was. She started to laugh when he compared it to a ballroom.

She was starting to like him. He was very different from the guys she knew. She found him extremely handsome and unlike the different stories she had been told, he was a friendly person. He told her about himself and she was amazed by his life.

“How did you meet Anaiya?” she suddenly asked.

“Well, I caught her stealing little objects from the manor,” he started relating, “and she begged me not to report her.”

“Oh!” Alisha muttered, surprised by this answer.

“What have you been told?” he asked, a smug look on his face.

“That you had seen her in the fields and fell in love with her beauty,” she recounted in a grim voice, “but she never noticed you. You offered money and she accepted because her family was in need.”

He laughed, “She fabricated a very pleasant story.”

“You never loved her?”

“No but she was beautiful. She actually offered to be my lover in exchange of money,” he divulgated, “She was very convincing in a wicked way.”

“Why is there a painting of her in your house?”

“She was beautiful,” he smiled as he remembered his past life, “I have had the portraits of my various lovers made. You can say that I appreciate beauty and art.”

Alisha nodded and was about to ask another question when Pierre pressed his finger on her lips. “I think if I spend the night answering your questions, we will not be able to do other things.”

He moved his hand away and leaned forward to kiss her gently on the lips. Alisha found herself responding, letting a little sigh as he moved his lips down her neck. He pulled away and got up and took off his coat.

She wanted him but she was nervous as well… Was it normal to want a ghost? She got up, needing to feel his skin again but he caught her hand and brought it to his lips to kiss it, sending a shiver down her spine. She met his eyes, noticing the hunger in them; he desired her as well.

He pulled her into his arms, kissing her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth while his hand crept under her top, caressing her flat stomach. Alisha found herself whimpering with need and excitement. She fumbled with the buttons of his shirt with shaky hands as his hands squeezed her ass while his lips travelled to her neck, nuzzling at it gently.

He suddenly stopped and forced her to look at him, “Are you scared?”

“No!” she responded, wishing he would continue kissing her. She did not want to think or care. She just needed feel him.

“You should be,” he groaned out as he stared at her, “I’m dead man.”

He did not give her a chance to speak. He picked her up in his arms effortlessly, giving her a serious look as he carried her to the bed. He laid her down on the bed and took off the rest of his clothes. Alisha kicked off her shoes and socks before reaching for the hem of her shirt and pulled it off her body. She noticed the hungry look on his face as he starred at her. She unzipped her jeans and wiggled out of them and he joined her in bed.

“These are very intriguing undergarments,” he commented as he watched her. She unsnapped her bra and dropped it, revealing her beautiful round breasts. She stared at him while she took off her panties. He was so sexy as he stood there naked. He looked just perfect with his toned body and his hard cock that stood for attention.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, as he just stared between her legs in surprise, “Are you alright?”

He looked confused and she wondered if she had done something wrong. For the first time, Pierre de La Rochelle looked unsure of himself. “Nothing, it just looks er… different.” he said in a hesitant tone, still starring at her sex.

“What?” she looked down, wondering what he meant.

“Well…there’s no hair there,” he finally said, looking embarrassed.

She blushed and at that moment she wanted to hide under the bed sheets. This was getting so awkward. “I did a Brazilian wax.”

“What is that?” he enquired.

She groaned before replying, “I had the hair removed, I like it better this way.”

He finally joined her in bed and she noticed that his eyes were still looking between her legs. Of all the men she could have been with tonight, she had to pick a ghost; a curious one who was asking very inappropriate questions.

“I think if I spend the night answering your questions, we will not be able to do other things.” She said with a sigh, using his own words from earlier.

He chuckled and kissed her again, his hand wandering down her body before squeezing a breast, “Such a needy woman,” he commented as he teased her nipple, “You will not forget this night.”

He lowered his head and kissed the valley between her breasts. She moaned as she felt his teeth gently biting her hardened nipple. She shivered as he moved down her body, shaking with pleasure and need.

His touch and his kisses were awakening her desires, making her restless with need. She could not believe that she could need someone so much. She was so aroused already; so desperate to have him. She whimpered as she felt his fingers teasing her pussy lips.

“Please…” she pleaded desperately, needing to feel his touch. He pushed a finger inside her, listening to her squeal of pleasure as he wiggled it between her tight walls. He added another one and finger fucked her as she moaned out his name. She squeezed her breasts in her hands as he stared to push his fingers in and out faster than before, bringing her closer to the edge.

She was so close and he knew it. He squeezed her clit gently as he continued to fuck her with his fingers. He could hear her moaning out incoherent things and then she cried out, cumming on his fingers.

Alisha was panting and felt him move around the bed. She opened her eyes and saw that he was lying next to her on the large bed. He kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

“That was amazing,” she whispered as she met his eyes, “but now it’s your turn.”

Before he had the chance to say anything, she silenced him with a kiss and wrapped her hand around his cock. He groaned at her touch and she started to pump his hard dick in her hand. She noticed the precum that was started to ooze out on the tip. She leaned down and licked it slowly, hearing a moan from him as her tongue touched his cock.

She started to take his cock in her mouth, inch by inch. She could hear him moaning as she did so. He urged her on as she sucked on him, pleasuring him with her tongue, swirling it around his length, guided by the sounds he made.

“Stop!” he groaned out suddenly.

She pulled away and he smiled at her, pulling her against his body. He kissed her and whispered in her ear, “You are so naughty.”

He rolled over and she found herself lying on the bed and he spread her legs. He rubbed his cock against her pussy lips, teasing her for a few moments before suddenly slamming himself deep inside her. She cried out, squeezing the bed sheet in her fists. He did not waste any second and he started to fuck her hard, pulling his length out and shoving it in with force.

“Oh fuck!” she burst out as he continued to fuck her relentlessly. She wrapped her legs around him, moaning out in pleasure as she started to cum again. She held on to him, digging her nails into his shoulders. He slowed down as she tried to catch her breath and pulled out of her.

He allowed her to calm down for a few minutes before he maneuvered her around until she was on her hands and knees on the bed. He did not waste a moment and pushed himself inside her from behind, hearing her moan. He groaned as he noticed that that she was reaching between her legs to touch herself but he slapped her hand away. Instead, he chose to tease her, using his own fingers.

She pushed back against him, intense pleasure soaring through her body. She was so close again. It felt so good. He started to fuck her even harder, digging his fingernails into her hips. He reached his hand forward to squeeze her breasts as he pounded her pussy relentlessly. Her walls clenched his dick as she moaned in delight, starting to cum. He pushed in a few more times and she felt him cum inside her, groaning as he did.

He soon pulled out of her. They were both panting, trying to catch their breath. She turned and snuggled in his arms and he ran his hand through her hair.

“It’s a shame that I am confined to this place,” he muttered suddenly, “I wish I could see all those changes.”

“Did you ever try to get out?” she asked, looking up at him.

“Several times,” he confessed, “I just cannot step out of my property’s boundaries.”

“How do you spend your days?”

“I disappear during the day,” he explained, “No one can see me and I lose my powers. I just sleep till it gets dark.”

“Wow!” she whispered.

They continued to talk for some time until he kissed her passionately, his hand slipping between her legs again.

“I have not finished with you,” he grunted out as he teased her. She kissed him back, giving herself to him, fully. The night was far from being over.


Alisha groaned as she stirred in the bed. She opened her eyes, blinking as she realized that it was morning. She looked around in confusion. She was in a large dusty room. The furniture was damaged and she could spot cobwebs all around the room.

“Pierre?” she called out tentatively, “Pierre? Hello?”

There was no response. She started to wonder if she had been dreaming when she realized that she was naked.

“It can’t be!” she realized, “I did not dream! Last night was very real!”

She got up and looked around until she found her clothes on an old dusty armchair. They had all been folded into a neat pile. On top of it, there was an old piece of paper. She grabbed it, noticing the beautiful ancient handwriting. She read it loud, “Thank you for last night, Alisha. What happened yesterday will never happen again. I do not wish to see you in this mansion again. You know that I can go to any extent to prevent you from entering. You are a lovely woman. I wish you the best while you are still alive. Pierre De La Rochelle.”

“Pierre!” she shouted, her voice echoing all around the room, “I know you can hear me! Fine! I’m leaving! You will never see me again! Do you hear me?”

She waited, expecting him to show up but he never did. She dressed up quickly and noticed that her bag was also in the room. She grabbed it and looked around the abandoned room again. She waited for a long time before giving up. She left the room, climbed down the stairs and rushed outside. She saw that her car was still in the same spot. She walked to it and got in. She started the engine without any difficulty and realized that it had been a trick of the handsome ghost in order to force her to get inside the manor. She looked back towards the old abandoned building for a few minutes before finally driving away.


Standing in a very dark room on the second floor of the manor, a handsome man, dressed in a very old fashioned suit, watched as the car drove away, knowing that he would never see the beautiful woman again. He sensed it when she left his property. He glanced around the room and sighted.

“Goodbye Alisha,” he whispered a sad smile on his face as he slowly faded away.

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