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The Night That Changed Everything

Jeremy finds himself unable to resist
It was the night before Halloween and Jeremy was deciding where to go the following night. He had been invited to a party that promised to be filled with hot girls but he also wanted to spend some time with his family since he had been too busy with school to do so recently. He was in his room thinking about what to do when suddenly he heard a noise that scared the shit out of him. There was a tapping at the window and when he turned nothing was there.

“That was weird”, Jeremy thought.

He continued to give some thought to his current situation and decided to go with his family trick or treating and later on he would go to the party. He then got up and walked to his desk to get a book he had been reading. As he was walking back he saw something that made his knees go weak. In front of him was a woman with ragged clothes, messy hair, and a few scars on her face.

Jeremy managed to say, “What are you doing here? Who are you?”

The lady spoke in a sort of whisper, “My name is Margaret Miller and I am here to warn you that you must not fall into her hands. You must not fall for her tricks and deception.”

Jeremy was utterly confused so he asked, “What are you talking about? Who is this woman you speak of?”

She responded, “She will approach you tomorrow when the ghouls and demons leave their sanctuary to roam free amongst humans. She will pose as a beautiful woman and she will try to seduce you. If she succeeds your soul will be hers forever.”

Still confused Jeremy asked, “Who is she? You know what, I don’t care just get out before I call the police.”

As he was reaching for his cellphone she disappeared. Right before his eyes she vanished into thin air. Jeremy couldn’t believe what had just happened and he rubbed his eyes and looked again but she was definitely gone.

“Okay either I must be hallucinating or this is just a dream.” He pinched himself and found he was quite awake.

He shook the thought from his head and prepared to go to sleep. Throughout the night Jeremy tossed and turned in his bed unable to sleep. The thought of what the lady called Margaret had said was still in his head. After many hours he was finally able to fall asleep. In his dreams Jeremy saw ghosts, vampires, ghouls, and other creatures he had seen in movies and read about in books. There was a big mansion that gave Jeremy an eerie sensation. As he approached it he saw a woman run in and he quickly followed. When he got inside he saw the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. She had light skin and dark hair. Her eyes were dark and he found himself unable to stop staring at them. She was wearing a red outfit that made her look dangerous and sexy. She smiled at him and turned around and ran up the stairs. Jeremy quickly followed, not wanting to lose her out of sight. She went into a room and he followed. Once inside he found her sitting on a couch with her legs crossed. The doors shut behind him and he looked back. He tried to open them but couldn’t. All of a sudden he heard a soft whisper in his ear.

“Don’t you want to stay here with me? I don’t bite.” She said.

Jeremy gulped and turned around. As soon as he did that she grabbed him from the front of his shirt and pulled him into her. She planted a soft kiss on his lips and he tried to pull away at first. Then he gave in as if enchanted and he found her lips irresistible. She kissed him softly and started to take off his shirt. He started to take off her dress when he saw Margaret behind the woman kissing him.

“Don’t fall for her tricks!! She will try to seduce you! She wants your soul!” Margaret warned.

All of a sudden Jeremy woke up and sweat was running down his face. He tried to catch his breath before getting up. He went for some water and found his roommate, Kate, in the kitchen with just a shirt and some panties on.

She asked, “Hey are you okay? You look kind of pale.”

Jeremy went on to tell her about what he had seen earlier and the dream he had just had. She looked at him weird so he told her to forget about it.

She replied, “No wait. Ok I’m sorry. I actually do believe in supernatural beings such as ghosts. When I lived in Georgia I had this friend whose house was haunted. At first I didn’t believe it but then I spent a night over and I swear it took me months before being able to sleep well again. If you want you can sleep with me tonight.”

Jeremy answered, “What? You think I’m scared? I’m not a little kid anymore thank you very much!”

Kate said, “Of course not. We wouldn’t actually be sleeping if you know what I mean. We could have a night like we used to. Remember?”

He didn’t need to be told twice and he quickly got up and carried her to her room. As soon as they hit the bed they started to kiss passionately. Their tongues soon found each other’s and they could quickly feel the night filled with sex that was to come. Jeremy took off Kate’s shirt and found that she had no bra. He caressed her breasts and then took one into his mouth. His tongue swirled around her nipple and her head leaned back in ecstasy. As he did this, Jeremy also took off her panties and inserted his middle finger into her pussy. She writhed on the bed from the pleasure she was receiving. Jeremy then proceeded to eat her cunt. He licked her beautiful pink lips and she moaned more. He soon found her clit and sucked on it which gave Kate immense pleasure and she screamed, “Oh my god!!! Oh I missed this so much. Fuck! Mmm… oh yesss!!!”

After a few minutes he stopped and kissed her on the lips. She wrapped her legs around him as their tongues worked rapidly. He then took off his clothes and got on top of her. He wasted no time and inserted his cock into her pussy. He thrust into her and she screamed from the pleasure.

Jeremy said, “Yeah you like that? You like how I fuck your pussy?”

She simply moaned and said, “Oh! Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah!!! Oh my god!!!”

He grabbed her legs and put them on top of his shoulders and continued to move in and out of her with great force. She had her eyes closed and moaned with every thrust. Jeremy’s nine inch cock moved with great speed in and out of Kate’s beautiful pussy.

He pulled out his cock and picked her up. He fucked her standing up and this was easy for him because she didn’t weigh all that much and Jeremy worked out regularly.

She moaned, “Yesss!!! Fuck! That feels so good. Oh my god!!! Faster! Faster! Oh! Oh!”

Jeremy and Kate spent the rest of the night fucking in every position they could think of and he completely forgot about the events previous to their having sex.

Jeremy woke up around 10 am after sleeping only a few hours because of the wild night he had spent with his beautiful roommate, Kate. She was already gone and had left a note on the nightstand that said, “Good morning Jeremy! Thanks for last night and I hope we can do it again soon. See you on Monday. Have a scary Halloween.”

It was now Sunday and most importantly Halloween. He remembered Margaret and her warning. He started to feel a bit nauseated so he got up and took a shower before heading over to his parents’ house.

The day went by and the whole family prepared for the scariest Halloween ever. Jeremy’s family was known for having a haunted house every Halloween and this time was no exception. His younger brothers and sisters loved Halloween because they could get a lot of candy and they got to dress up in scary costumes.

As the night approached Jeremy decided to take a quick nap in order to get rested. Flashes of the woman came to his head and again he fell into her hands but Margaret was there as well. He then woke up and shook off the thought. Around nine his siblings had gone trick or treating and their haunted house was a success once more. Jeremy then decided to leave and go to the party he had been invited to.

While he was driving he thought, “Nothing has happened so far. Perhaps I was imagining things and the dreams just had to do with the fact that it is Halloween.”

A few seconds later he spotted a big house that looked like the one in his dream. He stopped the car and got out. He walked slowly towards it and suddenly saw the woman from his dreams! He held his breath for a while and then gulped. He thought about getting in the car and driving away but he found himself unable to. He just had to see the woman up close.

She ran into the house and he followed. Once inside he saw that it was dark except for some candles that were lit. She laughed and it echoed throughout the house. She had a malevolent laugh but he couldn’t resist. He was enchanted. He still didn’t know who this woman was or what she was for that matter. She ran upstairs and he also followed but this time more quickly. He felt his heart beat faster and he knew he had no control. He wanted to kiss her and have sex with her. His lust has overcome his willingness to resist and he forgot about Margaret’s warnings. He found the woman and quickly ran to her. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. She smiled and kissed him. This was ever better than in his dreams. Her lips tasted so good and she had the softest lips. She bit his lower lip slightly and this sent him overboard. He carried her to the bed behind her and started to take off that red dress she had on. He felt her breasts and she grabbed his bulge as they kissed passionately. Things were going too fast and a part of Jeremy wanted to stop but another wanted to keep going. It took all his will power but he finally stopped and got up. She remained on the bed and looked up at him with those beautiful dark eyes. He asked her what her name was.

She said softly, “My name is Camille. I’ve been waiting for you for many years. You are mine. We will be together forever. Don’t you want that?”

He said, “I do. I want to love you. No I can’t. I… what are you?”

She replied, “I am a vampire. I have certain powers, however, that other vampires don’t.”

She then got up and quickly pushed Jeremy into the bed. He didn’t protest. She took off his pants and grabbed his cock. She stroked it gently and he closed his eyes. He moaned as she gradually sped up. He felt himself close to cumming but she stopped. She then placed his cock into her mouth and sucked it gently in order to change the rhythm. She took it all the way in and moved her lips up and down on his shaft. She licked the head and this almost made Jeremy cum. She then licked his balls while her hand stroked his cock. He was feeling too good right now to think about anything else and she knew this.

After a while she stopped and stood up. She took off her all her clothes and got on top of him. She moaned as his cock entered her pussy. She started going up and down while he grabbed her breasts and used his thumb to massage her nipples.

She started to go faster and screamed, “Oh that feels so good! Yesss!! Yess!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!!”

Jeremy realized he was fucking a vampire. Just thinking about it seemed impossible but yet here he was below a gorgeous vampire who was riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. Also she seemed almost human and fucked in similar ways to girls Jeremy had fucked before. However, there were also differences. She was by far the best fuck. She knew how to control the pace and stopped him from cumming whenever he was near. Her pussy also felt like no other and he simply felt the most pleasure he had ever thought possible.

Soon, Jeremy decided to take some control and pulled her off of him. He got her on all fours and proceeded to fuck her from behind. He rammed her and they fucked very fast for a long time. He felt her inner walls as she met his thrusts. She screamed and said she was about to cum. Jeremy didn’t hold back as he was about to cum as well. After a few more minutes he felt as his cock released his cum inside her pussy and she screamed as she came with him. A few seconds passed and they collapsed on the bed. At that same moment Margaret appeared and Camille jumped at her. Margaret disappeared and appeared next to Jeremy.

“I told you not to fall for her tricks. She just wants your soul. She killed me and has killed many more people with the intention of taking their souls. She has a witch as her slave and makes her use the souls to make her more powerful and beautiful.” Margaret said.

Camille looked at me and said, “Don’t listen to her Jeremy. She is lying. She has been trying to stop me from being happy for so many years. She died over 200 years ago and follows me around. I admit it was my fault she died but I was just a kid. It was an accident. After what happened I ran away and I met a vampire who turned me into one. Since then Margaret doesn’t leave me alone.”

Jeremy was confused and didn’t know what to think. Margaret had warned him about Camille and it happened the way she said it would. Also he couldn’t resist Camille and he felt like she was controlling him. This was all very weird. There was a ghost and a vampire in front of Jeremy and they were telling him different things.

Camille said, “Listen Jeremy, I knew about you because my friend told me you would be the one. She is a witch like Margaret said but she isn’t my slave. She told me you were my one shot at happiness and that’s why I came here. Margaret knew about it and tried to tell you I was bad so that I couldn’t be happy. You know what you felt when we made love. Come on Jeremy. Please don’t listen to her.”

He looked into her eyes and he realized that what he had felt before wasn’t lust. The reason why he couldn’t resist her was because he felt he knew her and he sensed a connection to her. With this everything changed and Jeremy knew Camille was the one. His face probably expressed this because Margaret became angry but she suddenly disappeared.

Jeremy asked what happened and Camille said, “She disappeared because there is nothing she can do now. She knows that I will be happy with you so her soul vanished.”

With that she approached him and kissed him. He felt a tingling sensation and knew he wanted to be with her forever. When they broke apart Camille’s face was different. Her eyes changed and her fangs were now visible. Jeremy became frightened at first but realized she wasn’t going to hurt him. It was to see if he accepted her the way she was so she then changed back happily. Jeremy knew he would probably have to turn into a vampire if he wanted to be with Camille forever. He decided to let fate run its course.

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