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The Other Place

A man gets all he desires...or does he?
Lucky was called that because he was a total fuck-up. It was a nickname that his friends called him to affectionately make fun of his long line of failures, only it wasn't affectionate and he didn't have friends. Despite being a loser, Lucky wasn't someone that people feel sorry for. Truth was, Lucky was a heartless ruthless criminal, or would be if he had the brains or guts to be so. His crimes were always stupid. Such as the most recent one, which was to get drunk, realize he needed to get drunker, and break into a liquor store at 3 AM, drink half a bottle of Everclear, and walk out into a line of policemen with guns level. And then retort with a smart remark.

And that was the last thing he could remember before he woke up in a hospital. He patched together his memories, and ran his hands over his body. He didn't feel anything missing, and his body didn't feel any pain. Quite comfortable, in fact. While he was wondering, the door opened, and a nurse stepped in. Now Lucky wasn't up on things, but he thought that nurses only dressed like that in pornos. The nurse was tall, dressed in a tight white uniform with two of the top buttons undone, and an epic prow sticking out of her tightly starched uniform. Her hair was raven dark, and her face was very white, with severe cheekbones.

"Mr... Lucky, is it?" she asked.

He nodded, his eyes on her.

"Welcome to our facility."

"I feel so good... I, I thought those cops were going to shoot me."

She gave a little nod. "They did."

"It's incredible... I don't feel anything wrong. I thought I would die."

She gave another nod. "You did."

"I...did". Now Lucky wasn't the smartest guy, but as he looked around the room, he had a flash where he remembered everything...

"So...I've come to my reward? I didn't figure it would be like this!"

"They seldom do."

"So...what is this place like?"

She gave a tight little smile... "Whatever you want it to be like."

Now, Lucky was unlucky in most fields of life, and women was one of them. So the first thought that came to his mind was of finally getting the sex with top-class women that he had been lusting after all his life, instead of drunken sex with cheap prostitutes.

"I want a woman."


He took a gamble... "Could it be you?"

She gave a little laugh. "Not at this point. What type of woman would you want?"

"I want a... high class call girl. Well, no, a girl built like a high class call girl... only she is a virgin. Tight and innocent, but ready to go, just for me. And have her be wearing something...cute and pink and slutty, all at once. And blond hair, down to her butt!" Perhaps other men would have wondered about the philosophical implications of the afterlife, but Lucky was busy wondering exactly what color of nipples the girl should have. I never said Lucky was smart. The head nurse hit a little bell, the type that they have on the counters of a store, and a minute later a woman entered the room. She was the exact image that Lucky had been wanking off to since he hit puberty. He thought they must have read his mind (which indeed, is exactly what they did).

"I will leave you to your...introductions" and the head nurse walked out, with a nice little sashay to her ass.

Lucky had about 2 cents worth of social skills with women, and he used them:

"So, what's your name?"

"You may call me what you wish." she replied, in a voice that had just the right girlish softness with brusque, lusty undertones to drive any man wild.

"Well... um... hey, can I see the goods?" he said, his eyes roving over her body.

She quickly hiked up her skirt, showing a pink garter belt framing a smooth pussy, with the labia sticking out just a tad, the perfect line between an innocent girl and swollen, lusty woman.

"And up top?"

The woman pulled down the top of her dress, showing a pair of firm 38D breasts topped with hard coral nipples. Lucky couldn't believe his luck.

"Touch yourself..." he ordered her. She smiled and pulled up her dress again, running a finger along her lips. Wetness begin to develop.

"And your nipples", and her hands traveled up, to pinch and twist her nipples, which became hard.

"Sit down" he was enjoying commanding her. "Go at it", and this time she spread her legs, and pushed two fingers into her obviously young and virgin hole. He stared transfixed for several minutes. Then he noticed something. She was being silent. Even a guy like Lucky, who had mostly had drunken encounters without much tenderness, appreciated the sounds that a woman made.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"I enjoy serving you."

"Well... are you going to make some noise?"

She started making noises, the perfect blend of innocent whimpers and hearty lust, as she continued to plunge into her tight hole. He once again became an apt admirer of the show, before realizing something. Her whimpers and groans were timed almost in an exact cycle. He begin to anticipate where the pitch would rise and fall.

"Um... do you like that?" he asked.

"If you wish me to." she answered, again.

"Well, um...hey, do you want to do something now?"

"Whatever you wish"

"Uh, do you want to suck my cock" he said, staring at her luscious pouting mouth.

She moved over obediently, and begin to move her head down...

Lucky actually closed his legs.

"Or should we just fuck?" he asked.

She smiled complacently.

"Or anything... would you let me fuck your ass?", and she turned around, pulling up her skirt to show a well-toned but creamy ass.

"So, basically... I can do whatever?"

She nodded, and repeated "I wish to serve you."

"So, if I wanted to like...piss all over your face, you would like it."

"If that is what you wish."

And Lucky, who was (as mentioned) not the world's most sensitive guy, and what also (as mentioned) kind of a creepy selfish idiot, realized something was wrong. Before he could ask the NEXT question in the ssequence, thankfully.

"Baby... I just don't know if this is working out...can you send the head nurse back in."

And without saying another word, the woman walked out, ringing the bell on the way.

A moment later, the nurse walked in, a tight little smile on her face.

"I am sorry our first selection did not please you. Perhaps you want a different woman?"


"A different race? A different size? Older? Younger? Perhaps someone forbidden?" her smile turned into a knowing grin.

"Well...the thing is...I want a woman who is into me."

"All of them will do whatever you request to please you."

"Yeah, but..."

"There are no limits to what they would do to please you."

"Yeah, but... will they like it?"

A slight giggle of mirth escaped the head nurse, looking down at him. "That is irrelevant to your pleasure, isn't it, though?"

With a groan, he asked:

"Where is this place?"

She told him.

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