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The Seduction of Alexis

Jacob is lured to Alexis by magic
Jacob ran through the lush forest surrounding his home. He was angry and needed to work off some aggression. That damn Bella! He was finally coming to the knowledge of just how much of a tease she was. He could not understand how she thought it was alright to play with his heart, while Edward was in one of his usual depressing “woe is me” moods.

The anger traveling through his large body only made his temperature sky rocket. He was burning up. Dressing only in cut off shorts, he phased into his huge brown wolf and took off in search of someone or something to ease his pain.

He ran for hours and ended up somewhere in British Columbia. Moving quietly through the woods, he felt pulled in the direction of a small camp site, where two women were sitting. Spying on them through the brush, he listened in on their conversation.

“Are you sure?” the beautiful, olive skinned, brunette asked, her hazel eyes wide with anticipation. Her friend, a natural white witch, had powers that others only dreamed of.

Liliana stared into the fire, watching the red, yellow, and orange flames flicker. She was born with the second sight and was able to see things that happened in the past, that will happen in the future, and sometimes things that are happening right now. Being the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, she was attuned to nature.

The pale skinned red head, whose hair was the same color as the flames, turned her dark blue eyes to her friend and smiled.

“You are excited, but must be patient. He is near. He is your destiny,” Lily replied.

Alexis, the brunette, jumped up from her place by the fire and paced. For years now, she had these dreams of a tall, deeply tanned man with long, silky black hair. In her dreams, he would come to her and claim what was rightfully his. It was these dreams that led her to Lily.

Lily was a local woman that was scorned for her beliefs. She never denied that she was a witch, and the small community either berated her or completely ignored the small woman. But as with any community, there were those who sought her out.

Alexis, being new in town and open minded, looked past the remarks made about her. She was popular with the people, because of her bubbly personality and outstanding looks. She had felt drawn to this small town for some reason, but could not tell why.

Both women, being close in age, formed an instant friendship. Lily was starved for friendship that she welcomed the woman with open arms. Alexis, wanting to meet someone that was not after her body, found a fiercely protective and loyal friend in the alone woman.

Almost inseparable, the women spent a lot of time together. Lily helped her friend interpret the dreams she was having, which led them to this moment in time.

Lily watched her friend pace. She knew that the dreams were driving her crazy. Determined to help Alexis find this man, she tapped into her powers to locate this man. Her visions were fragmented, at best, but were able to point them in the right direction.

“Lexy, sit down. He will be here,” she told the pacing beauty.

“Tell me about him again,” Lexy asked.

With a soft laugh, she retold the same story, yet again.

“He is a man of great power, but of wounded spirit. Another has hurt him deeply. His body is marked with a special tattoo, that you will know instinctively. He is a leader, that denies his status. Walking in two forms, you will need a conduit to channel the extra energy. He has the power to hurt you, if he gets too involved,” she repeated to her friend.

“That is why you are here, right?” Lexy asked, again.

“Yes...I can absorb his extra energy and make sure that you are not harmed,” Lily simply stated.

“Why isn't he here?” Lexy cried.

Her body dropped to the blanket covered ground. She was exhausted emotionally. Alexis had to have this man, even if he can change into a wolf. She was aware of this mystery man's dual personality. Lily had warned her of it.

Lily watched her friend, sadly. Peering into the forest, her eyes were drawn to a spot, directly in front of her. Smiling, she pushed her thoughts into that area. She sent images of Alexis' dreams, their conversations, and the future, which she would not speak of no matter how many times Alexis asked.

Jacob flinched, as his mind was flooded with unknown pictures. No human, no matter how powerful, was able to infiltrate his mind, while in wolf mode. He looked at the red head standing over a small woman, who was crying softly.

“You know I am talking of you,” Lily's soft voice whispered in his head, “Only you can ease her suffering, Jacob.”

Confused, he didn't know what to do. He felt a magnetic pull to these women. The red head was beautiful, but it was the woman with the waist length, dark brown hair that interested the animal in him. The need to claim her was powerful.

He edged closer to the women, encouraged by the eyes of Lily. His wolf form wanted to recede the closer he got. Unused to this kind of pull, he tried to back up and found he could not.

Lily extended her dampening field, pulling the man out of the wolf. She stopped his retreat, felt his turmoil. She looked into his heart and saw the pain.

Lily was aware of the pull on her strength. She would have to draw on Lexy's strength to keep the field up. Kneeling at her friend's feet, she lifted Lexy's chin and looked into her eyes.

“He is here, but I need your help to keep him here,” she murmured, as she further leaned into the girl, “I have to draw on your strength. Will you let me?”

Mesmerized, Lexy had never felt such power emanate from Lily. Her blue eyes glowed electric. There was a humming sound in the air, as the red head cupped Lexy's face.

Lily ran her thumbs over Lexy's full, cherry red lips. The power generated during sex was the strongest she knew. Pulling the bemused girl's face to hers, Lily gently brushed her lips against those red lips.

Lexy's breath sucked in sharply from the touch of Lily's pink mouth. She felt the tip of her friend's tongue run along the seam of her mouth. Her mouth parted, with the soft nudging of Lily's tongue.

Lily explored her friend's mouth with her tongue. Savoring her friend's unique and sweet taste, Lily gently stole Lexy's breath, then gave it back to her. She was aware of the powerful male, nearby.

Sliding behind Lexy, she pulled the smaller girl back against her chest. Lily's hands reached around the brunette's chest to her full, bouncy breasts. Opening her shirt to bare her chest to the warmth of the fire, Lily cupped those globes in her hands. So full, but pert, her breasts overflowed Lily's small hands.

Hearing her friend moan softly, Lily kneaded those mounds. She ran her tongue over Lexy's shoulder and up her neck, feeling the other girl shiver. The nipples in her palms stiffened. Lily rubbed her palms over those taut peaks.

Unable to stay away any longer, Jake moved into the clearing and faced the girls. The object of his attention had her eyes closed, but the magnetic one nodded in approval. She spoke volumes with just her eyes.

“Take her,” she said, in his mind.

The wolf in him growled. It knew that was what he wanted and was urging the man onward. He knelt in front of Lexy. Her legs were still parted from where Lily had been sitting. She was still unaware of his presence, being lost in the exchange of power with her friend.

He ran his hands up her calves to her thighs and noted how silky her skin was. She felt like the softest satin. He knew immediately when she became aware of him, as her legs tensed.

His wolf demanded submission. He gripped her legs, preventing their closure. Jake was so excited. Bella had never excited him this much. His wolf was dancing in pleasure, finding a true heart at last.

Lexy felt the scalding hot hands on her body. He had come! Her body hummed in pleasure, and her heart raced. Would he be like she dreamed? Opening her eyes to the most beautiful male she had ever seen, her fears were erased. He was everything and more.

Lily felt the power dripping off this man. It was going to be hard containing the raw heat of him. She remained in place behind her friend. Her fingers pinching and rolling the lust drunk brunette's nipples.

Jake had to consume this woman. It was imperative that he taste her, immediately. Lifting her ass, he gripped the waistband of her shorts and yanked them down, along with her panties, in one pull. Lily saw what he was doing and laid Lexy back onto the blanket.

Seeing the red head was helping him, the wolf inside allowed her to stay. Jake lifted the small girl's lower body higher, until the only thing touching the blanket was Lexy's upper back and head. Burying his face into her glistening sex.

Lexy gasped, loudly. The hot man went straight for the core of her. She felt his tongue search her pussy for it's every secret. He sucked her whole vulva into his mouth, like he was a starving man. She felt him vacuuming her pussy of all it's sweet nectar.

Lily watched Jake claim his destiny. Looking down at her friend, she marveled at the pleasure on Lexy's face. Her own breasts felt swollen and full. The power coming off the two united lovers was getting to her. She cupped her breasts and used her thumbs to flick over her brown nipples. Lily was getting aroused, but it was not time for her to join, yet.

Jake ate this woman's pussy, taking out his aggression on her clit. He nibbled and licked all around the bud, but never stayed too close. He wanted this to last. Sticking his tongue into her hot canal, he showed her what he was going to do to her with his cock.

Lexy felt Jake's tongue slither into her pussy and nearly came from the strong wave of pleasure that coursed through her body. She could feel her whole pelvis vibrating. Turning her head, she spied Lily sitting next to her, breasts bared.

She watched her friend manipulate her own nipples, actually leaning down to lick and suck on them. Lexy never realized how beautiful Lily was, until she watched her playing with her breasts. Running her hand over Lily's extended legs, she pulled the other girl closer.

When Lily's pelvis was within fingertip distance, Lexy ran her fingers over a very damp crotch. Hearing Lily moan softly, she continued her teasing. She ran her fingers down Lily's slit, pushing her panties inside her lips, slightly. Lexy fingered her friend through her panties, until a wet spot appeared.

Lily felt Lexy's fingers playing with her aroused pussy. She began to rotate and hump those fingers. Pinching her nipples hard, she had to regain control. She had to control the power.

Jake lowered Lexy's body to the blanket. Moving to her head, he aggressively nudged her lips open with the blunt tip of his rock hard pole. Burying two fingers in her sopping cunt, Jake fingered his desire's pussy, roughly. He wanted to be gentle and make love to her, but now was not the time. He was going to fuck her this time.

Bucking against his fingers, she tried to concentrate on his long, thick cock, which was now invading her mouth. He tasted of wild, hot man. She sucked hard on him. Her cheeks caving in with the long pull of her mouth.

Jake groaned, as he felt her tongue dance over his sensitive ridge. She circled and licked all the way down the vein in the back to his balls. He loved feeling her warm mouth tonguing his sac, before traveling back up to the turgid head.

With one hand in her pussy and the other tangled in her hair, he was in exquisite bliss. It was almost too much for him. He could feel his wolf howling for release.

Lily watched the couple with hazy, lust filled eyes. What Lexy was doing to her pussy through her panties was making it difficult to focus. She felt her friend push aside her panties and slip into her slick pussy. Lily's whole body spasmed. The power rolling off Jake and Lexy's fingers were drowning her. 

Lexy was drunk with the hedonistic actions being performed. This was pure lust, and it felt so good. She felt Jake's fingers rub around inside her lips. His fingers were wet with her juices, and he used it to glide everywhere, except the one place she was craving.

He tormented and teased her pussy, ignoring her visibly throbbing clit. Jake loved the sight of her pussy, so swollen and dark pink. Her clit, which had been hiding in it's hood, was fully erect. She was so lovely.

Not able to last much longer, he pulled from her mouth. Poised at the entrance of her tight pussy, he pushed only the head inside. It was too much. He felt his body transforming.

Lily saw his distress. She leaned forward, very close to his mouth.

“Let me help,” was all she said, as she kissed him . Her open mouth covered his. With tongues dueling, Lily sucked the extra power from his mouth. The taste of pure alpha male overwhelmed her, making her already moist pussy drench the small fingers still inside it.

Lexy felt the power exchange. Lily's pussy rippled around her fingers. Rivets of milky juice dripped down her fingers. She felt a powerful urge to taste her friend. Pulling her contracting pussy over her own mouth, Lexy drank that nectar, as it ran from Lily's pulsing cunt.

With Lily's soft mouth drinking his power, Jake felt the erotic pull all the way down to his balls. Pushing into Lexy with one long stroke, he buried himself to the hilt. His mind on the sexy scene in front of him.

He continued to pump his cock into the sultry brunette below him, while he pumped his power into the fiery redhead's mouth. Lily consumed the power, making her body hum with delight. Her small form was not meant to hold this much energy. Trembling, she rubbed and ground her pussy against Lexy's lips and tongue, releasing that energy.

The waves of energy peaked for all of them. Lily arched her back and screamed into the night, as her pussy gushed the sweet fluids of her orgasm into her friend's open mouth, coating her tongue.

Lexy drank those juices, as her own slit contracted against the huge dick inside her. Jake pushed and rubbed the head of his swollen pole over her sweet spot, pushing her over the edge. He felt her cunt massage his shaft in a rippling motion.

With his sac drawn tightly up against his body, he pummeled the woman. He needed this release. His cock hardened, then jerked several times, before he felt jets of cum shoot from him. Filling his desire full of his essence, he leaned forward on his arms.

Trying to catch his breath and slow his racing heart, he looked at the panting woman below him.

He felt peace. He was home.

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