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The Strange Case of Allen Blake and Eric Hide

A Parody of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Allen had just gotten home. He went to the kitchen, sat his items he had just bought down on the counter, and went to get something to drink. Just then, his sister got home, went to the kitchen and sat her purchase down next to Allen’s. She brushed past him to the fridge. “Hey, bro. Went shopping today? What’d you get?” she asked.

Allen almost spat out his juice as she asked. “Oh, cough, cough n-nothing, sis!” He rushed to get his stuff before Karen decided to nose around in it. Unfortunately, her stuff was in an identical bag, with identical items. What were the odds? Allen grabbed the one he thought was his and ran up to his room and locked the door.

Allen wasn’t a desirable boy. He was a high school student and typically considered a nerd. He was tall, super thin, had glasses larger than normal and his dirty blonde hair had been combed the same way for the last 17 years. He was brilliant when it came to chemistry and was in his school’s advanced placement course. When he wasn’t toying around with formulas and experiments, he was playing online video games, blogging, or reading comic books. No girl would go near him.

But that was about to change! Allen blamed his physique. He didn’t think tall and thin attracted the ladies. His sister was into buffer guys and was always bringing boys around with muscular bodies. So Allen’s goal had to become strong to get himself a girlfriend. Or girlfriends.

But Allen was not patient or willing enough to start a workout schedule. He wanted the quick fix, hence his purchase in the bag. He had gone to the mall and bought steroids. As if that wasn’t enough, he had found a formula that when combined with the steroids would have almost instant results. He was ready to play mad scientist.

Allen’s chemistry set was in the back of his room, bubbling and awaiting its final ingredient. He pulled the jar out of the bag, opened it, and pulled out the right amount of powder to add to his formula. He stirred it into the clear mixture and instantly it turned a vibrant green. After it was apparent the powder was fully dissolved, Allen picked up the beaker, pressed it to his lips and drank.

The first thing Allen felt as the mixture hit his stomach was fire. His stomach ached and his veins felt like they were ablaze. His mind started racing and felt foggy. The edges of his vision began to go black. He fell forward, the side of his head hit the table with his chemistry set. Before he passed out the last thing he saw was his jar of steroids. He couldn’t read the name of the item, but he recognized two words: Super Aphrodisiac.

The first thing that went through his mind was “Free At Last!” He picked himself up, shook his head and looked out the window. It was night and the moon was full. He looked the other way and saw the mirror over the dresser. He walked over and looked into it. His button up shirt was ripped and hanging off his muscular body. Hair covered his chest and forearms. His hair was a brown mess, hanging over his red eyes. He smiled a huge toothy grin at his appearance.

He then noticed a picture of Allen on the dresser, picked it up and compared it to himself. “Such a nerd! He’s better off now.” He then noticed a small pile of pictures. They were of various girls that Allen knew, all of them hot. He picked them up and gave a smile.

He ripped off the rest of the shirt and went through Allen’s closet. He pulled on Allen’s leather jacket which was a tight fit around his broad shoulder and huge arms. He gave one last look at himself in the mirror before leaping out the window and into the night.

Amanda was sitting outside a Starbucks, enjoying a coffee and the cool night air. She was one of the popular girls, tall with curly brown hair and blue eyes. As usual she was wearing a tight fitting shirt to show off her big breasts and wearing a skirt to show off her long legs.

She was startled when a large boy sat down across from her at her table. He brushed his dark hair from his eyes and gave her a smug smile. “Uh, hello? This is a private table, bub,” she said.

“Well, I found this extra chair and thought it’d be a waste if no one used it.” He was quick. “You’re Amanda Barnes, right? One of the most popular girls in Bartlett High School.”

“Yeah, what of it?” She was intrigued by this guy. He pulled out Allen’s picture of her and looked from it to her and back again. Amanda fumed. “Where’d you get that!?”

“Oh, don’t act so upset. You know you love to have your picture taken and be admired by everyone.” She reached out and tried to snatch the picture from him. He moved it and she swiped at air. “Isn’t that what you really want?” he asked with a smile.

“Hmph. Yeah, but not from a creeper like you,” she smile back.

“Don’t be so difficult. Tell you what, I’ll give it back to you if you give me a kiss.”

“What!? Fuck you!” Amanda grabbed her purse, got up and stomped off. But the boy was in front of her before she could leave the Starbucks patio. She stared up at him.

“C’mon, just one little kiss and I’ll give you your picture back.”

She was starting to like his persistence and his strong personality. “Alright, one kiss.” She stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his. As she kissed him, she felt him wrap one of his big strong arms around her and pull her into him. He then stuck his tongue into her mouth and began searching for hers. Amanda was surprised, but instead of fighting she wrapped her tongue around his. He leaned down further, dipping her back as their kiss continued.

He pulled her back up as their kiss broke. “Still want your picture back?” he asked. He kept her close with his big arm still around her.

“N-no. You can k-keep it,” she stammered.

“Well, what do you want to do now?”


“How about we go into that alley and I fuck your brains out?” he said, motioning to a dark alley next to Starbucks.

Amanda felt so horny right now. She couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t just the kiss. This guy with his dominating personality was quite a turn on. But there was something else…

“S-sure,” she said.

With that, he guided her to the dark alley. Halfway down the alley he stopped and spun her around. “Let’s get started, shall we?” He grabbed her shirt and ripped it off, literally. Split down the middle, he threw it away. He then grabbed her skirt and tore it off too. She stood dazed before him in her leopard print bra and black thong. He then took off his leather jacket and ripped off his pants. His cock pointed straight at her and it was huge! It was about 9 inches long and pretty thick as well. As Amanda stared in amazement at his huge dick, he put a hand on her head and pushed her to her knees. Now at eye level with it, he began to probe her face with it. “Suck it,” he said forcefully. She opened her mouth and using her hands, guided his dick into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on him, her tongue circling the tip. He smiled and gave a satisfying moan. She pulled him out of her mouth to lick up and down the shaft. She flicked the head with her tongue a few times and slid it back in and resumed blowing. He reached down, grabbed her head, and started forcing himself deeper into her mouth. His huge cock started going down her throat, making her gag. He let out a small roar and came, shooting his semen down her throat. Amanda started struggling for air and pushed away while he was still coming. Semen leaked down her throat, in her mouth as more shot all over her face and tits.

As she tried to swallow what she could and coughed up what she couldn’t, he lifted her to her feet. He grabbed the cups of her bra and snapped it off. Her breasts bounced and jiggled from her coughing. He then reached down and ripped her thong off, snapping it like kite string. He then spun her around and bent her over. His cock was still massive and hard, even after coming like he did. He probed her pussy lips with it as her coughing ended. “Tell me you want it,” he said.

She looked back at him with pleading eyes. “Please fuck me! I want your cock inside me!” He then forced his dick into her vagina with one big stroke. She screamed in surprise, pain, and ecstasy. This whole thing had made her so wet, making it easy for him to slip inside her completely. “Oh God, you’re so huge! It feels so…” Before she could finish the sentence he started to draw out only to plunge back in. She screamed again. He started to forcefully pound her pussy, going as deep as he could. Amanda’s curly hair flopped and her cum covered tits bounced with every thrust.

“Are you sure you want to be so loud? Someone might hear us and come see us fucking,” he teased as he drove himself deep into her.

Her only response was a scream and an “I DON’T CARE!”

He started pounding her faster, keeping the same force behind every thrust. “Oh God, I’M CUMMING!!! AAAAH!!!” Amanda’s orgasm came hard and fast. Her pussy wrapped around his massive cock. Her tightness finished him and he came, shooting his load deep into her. She screamed in pleasure as she felt his hot seed fill her pussy. Her legs gave out and she fell to her knees. She leaned with her head and shoulders to the ground and her ass in the air and his still erect cock inside her. As she gasped for air she looked up at him and said, “Who are you?”

With a wicked grin he bent down taking hold of the backs of her knees and lifted her up. He held her against his body with his cock still inside her. “You can call me Eric Hide,” he said as he began thrusting back into her. “And when I’m done fucking you inside out, I’ll make sure you get just what you want. To be seen and admired by everyone.”

This line was lost to Amanda. The only thing she could focus on was Eric’s body and the pleasure it was giving her. She reached her left hand up and groped herself, pinching her erect nipple. She then reached back with her right, putting it into Eric’s hair. She turned her head and began kissing him as he drilled her. She snaked her tongue around his and squealed every time he thrusted into her. He gripped her legs and gave a massive trust into her, bottoming out in her. She broke her kiss with him to give a massive scream.

He picked up the speed, driving in and out of her at faster an faster paces. She leaned forward and her hands snaked down her stomach and then on either side of her pussy. She stretched her lips wide as he continued fucking her. She threw her head back into his chest, arched her back and came hard. The insides of her vagina gripped Eric’s cock, but he kept thrusting into her. She cried out loud, tightening continually, her orgasm continuing with every thrust of his cock. Finally, Eric came again. He shot huge strings of cum deep into Amanda’s cunt. He was buried deep in her as he fired load after load into her hungry pussy.

As their orgasms subsided, Eric pulled himself out of Amanda. She lowered her legs, and leaned back against him. She looked down her sweaty body and moved her hair from her eyes. She could see lines of cum running down her thighs and drops of it falling and hitting the ground. She moved her right hand down and began to play with her swollen clit and soaked lips. She looked up into Eric’s haunting (and bizarrely) red eyes. She reached up and puckered her lips for another round of making out.

Before she could get close, she heard voices. She wasn’t sure what exactly they were saying, but she knew it had to do with how loud she was being. “Oh no…” she said as she wobbled on her rubbery legs to her ripped clothes. “W-what am I going to do? You totally ruined all my clothes…” She got to her clothes and grabbed them. She turned around to yell at Eric, but he had disappeared. As she looked around in confusion, she heard the people drawing closer. Fully naked and smelling of sex, she ducked through the alleys looking for a safe place to put on her ripped clothes.

Allen woke up the next morning in his bed. His head was throbbing and he couldn’t remember anything after drinking his formula last night. He sat up and rubbed his head. He removed his covers and looked down. His dick was sticking out and up. Wait… he was completely naked! This was odd because Allen always slept in pajamas.

As he scrambled to put on a pair of boxers and pants, he looked down at his left hand. It was holding something. He grabbed it with his right hand and unfurled it. It was Amanda’s Leopard print bra and matching black thong…

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