The temptation

By nowheregirl

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with him i give in to my deepest desires
*this story is an outtake from my novel "the Lovely Forsaken" the scene does not appear in the book but I loved it so much that I decided to post it here. I hope everyone enjoys it!*

I watched in terror as Daniel leaned over me and pressed his cold lips to mine. In shock I could not prevent his tongue from entering my mouth and it was an automatic reaction to let my own twirl around his. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want him. I had wanted him since that night in the woods when he had fed on me and we had given in to a mutual desire. But it was wrong, I knew for sure now that Daniel had to be behind Jakes disappearance. Daniel was undoubtedly evil if he was willing to kill my boyfriend for a chance with me, which forced me to remember my thoughts from months earlier. All vampires were evil. Daniel pulled away. His normally green eyes had turned a vibrant red. Even if his eyes hadn’t had changed colors I would have known he was horny, it was clear when your pants were as tight as his.

“No.” I whisper although I could already feel the wetness of my sex. Daniel smiled showing his fangs. I instantly wanted them to be buried deep within me. I wanted to feel his lips upon my flesh. I had to stop my train of thought, I had no clue if Daniel was reading my mind or not.

Daniel gently moved his hand over the skin of my face, letting his clear, claw like nails run over my cheeks. He seemed pleased with himself and I watched in alarm as his full blown smile turned into a devilish smirk.

“Do you honestly believe you refusing me will make me return him?” he asked.

I was surprised yet again. Daniel was admitting to his crimes!

“What did you do with him?” I asked but my words were caught up in a gasp. Daniels hands had found their way to my breast and he played with my nipples through my shirt passively, as if he didn’t really seem to care that he was doing it. If it hadn’t been for the smirk on his face and the arrogant look in his eyes I would have believed it was unintentional.

“Courtney,” he whispered into my ear. “He’s gone, does it really matter what I did to him?”

I wanted to feel hurt, I wanted to feel betrayed. Instead I felt nothing but lust. Daniels body was pressed against mine. My legs were open and he rested between them. If our clothes had already been removed I was sure his cock could reach me. I felt defeated. It took all that I had not to beg Daniel. I kept imagining the first and last time we had been together. The way his cock felt inside of me, the pure bliss that I felt when he had fucked me. The more I thought about it the more I wanted it. Surly there had to be something wrong with me, to want to fuck the person who may have killed my boyfriend.

Daniel sat up. His once shaggy hair had begun to grow out and now almost completely obscured his face from this angle. Still I could tell he was studying me. He gazed between my open legs, up my short blue jean skirt. I’m sure he could see that my white panties were soaked and I knew him well enough that this would bring him more pleasure than having me. I thought of closing my legs, of sitting up and shielding that area from his view, but the problem with all of this was the fact that I wanted him to see it. I wanted him to know that I wanted him without having to say the words out loud.

He reached out and slowly began to pull my panties away from me. Gradually he worked them up my legs, and then off of me completely.

“I’ve already won.” He said as he dropped my panties onto the floor next to his bed. “Just admit it. What would it be like if Jake were here now? Don’t you think he would notice the way you look at me? Don’t you think he wouldn’t pick up on your reoccurring thoughts of us? He would know you want me and don’t you think that would hurt him?” he asked as if he cared. “I made things easier for us.”

I wanted to tell Daniel that if he had obeyed the rules and had never fed on me in the first place there would be no us. It was against their laws to take a human who belonged to someone else, especially in your own nest. But had that stopped Daniel? No, in fact it seemed like it might have driven him to extremes, the type of extremes that often ended someone’s life.

“Just tell me, is he alive?”

I could only see Daniels right eye but in it I saw a flash of frustration, then it soften.

“He is.”

I felt my body relax and my guilt lessen. At least Daniel wasn’t a killer, I thought. Maybe even he had boundary that he refused to cross. And what were my boundaries? What should I do? I did have feelings for Daniel both sexual and emotional but he had gained them by taking away the one thing in my life that had mattered. He had manipulated me, yet I couldn’t change my mind about him. I couldn’t make myself want him any less.

Daniel had patiently waited for me to finish thinking and when my eyes yet again settled on the bulge in his pants he returned to my lips. At first his kisses were soft, like he was testing the waters before diving in. this time it was not shock that allowed him to enter my mouth, but the want for him to be there. Quickly his kisses became harder, deeper and more passionate. One of his hands was clenching my long red hair while he used the other to rip at my shirt. I would miss the shirt but at the moment that didn’t matter to me. Once I had given it I was shocked to the level of desire I felt. The world beyond Daniel and I slowly slipped out of reality and I wanted for nothing more than Daniels next move.

Daniel wasn’t the type to take things unnecessarily slow and had his own wants to satisfy. I felt his needle sharp fangs pierce the skin of my bottom lip followed by the metallic taste of my own blood. The sting of Daniels venom entering my body reminded me of the pleasant pain of losing my virginity. I longed for that feeling and was more than happy when Daniel decided that the small droplets of blood that leaked from my lip wasn’t enough. His hand pulled and jerked my head to the side, giving him adequate space. Swiftly he found a spot to his liking and bit into my neck. My eyes shut as my back arched. My hands found his hair and tightened around his golden locks. As Daniel sucked my blood, letting his tongue dance across the surface of my skin, I heard him undo his studded belt and unzip his pants.

Whenever Jake and I had been together he had always taken things slow, sometimes tortuously so, it was only after he had taken blood from me that things would speed up and even then something was missing. Maybe it was the lack of experience. But thing were so wonderfully different with Daniel, he seemed to thirst for my body as much as he did my blood and he went after both with an animalistic drive.

Daniel pushed the head of his cock into my pussy. It glided in almost effortlessly because of my wetness; still he took a few moments for my body to adjust.

“Tell me,” he sighed as he licked my blood off of his lips. “Which one of us is better?”

His words offended me, as they were meant to, but he didn’t give me a chance to reply. He drove into me and any words I would have said would have been choked out by the moan that escaped my lips.

Daniel grabbed my hips, careful not to let his sharp nails dig into my skin, as he thruster in and out of me. He had excellent rhythm and with each powerful insertion he hit a spot inside of me which made it feel like I would cum instantly.

He snickered to himself as his eyes shut and his head tilted back with enjoyment. A low moan left is particularly open lips. As his concentration slipped I felt his grip on my hips tighten and his fingernails dig into my skin. I barely noticed it; I barely noticed anything other than the feeling that was welding up inside of me.

Daniel pulled himself out of me just as I was sure I was going to cum. He knew this and had done so on purpose.

“Humans are so easily pushed to their limits.” He commented with a smile as he moved his hand up the length of his erect shaft. “Come here.”

I sat up and, without farther instruction, crawled towards Daniel until his cock rested directly in front of my face. I reached with my right hand and gripped his cock. It was warm to the touch, thanks to my blood and being inside of me, and I could feel it throbbing in my hand. I licked my lips and then slid his cock into my mouth. It was an interesting thing to taste myself on him and the fact that I could excited me. I bobbed my head back and forth slowly, as I worked my tongue around and over his shaft. I could feel Daniel pushing back, and at moments I found it so deep within my throat that I had to pull back. Still it wasn’t and unpleasant thing, it just caught me off guard.

Daniel let out a pleasurable grunt and then grabbed a fist full of my hair. He held my head in place while he shoved his cock into me. I relaxed and sucked as he pushed it farther, and father into my mouth. I loved this display of dominance, how he took control, and as he held his cock unmoving in the back of my throat I used my right hand to finger myself.

He released my head and I pulled back to take a deep breath. A mixture of saliva and pre cum dripped down my chin as I looked up at him. He looked down with a desperate smile. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had to breathe his cock would still be in my mouth. After I sucked in a few more breaths I went back to his cock. I sucked it harder this time while I moved my hand up his down his shaft. I knew he was close to cumming. I could tell by his grunts and moans and by the way his hip jerked back and forth. Again Daniel grabbed me by the back of my head and held me in place as he gave one final push. His warm cum filled my mouth and I had to swallow twice just to make sure there was room in my mouth.

I heard rain falling outside and a flash of lightening lit up the dark room. Daniel knelt down and kissed me tenderly.

“I knew that you would not deny me.” he whispered.