The Ultimate Doll, Chapter 3-A

By Lustyrose4u

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Lynn undergoes a willing transformation at the hand of her tormentor.

Arriving home, Master drove his Harley directly up to the barn, opened the door and took her inside by her leash. She was anticipating being allowed to wash herself, to clean the piss off her body, and to be dressed for more play or dinner. It was not to happen.

He took her to an old-fashioned medical table in the far corner of the chamber. He placed her legs into the stirrups of the GYN table, strapped her in firmly, and administered three more injections to her she-cock and groin. These latest injections felt less painful, or maybe she was just getting used to it.

“How am I doing, sir?” she asked.

“Fine, my Princess, you have two more series of injections this weekend, then we will see the results,” he proudly said.

Unstrapping her from the table, he pulled her leash toward the stairwell that descended to the pit below. At the top of the stairs was a dungeon cell that he pushed her into. Stepping in behind her, he proceeded to handcuff her arms behind her back. He then pulled her skirt down, threw it out of the cell, leaving her wearing only the pink latex panties. He took the butt plug she had left the house with, pulled the back of her panties down and jammed it deep into her ass once again.

Releasing the panties, he smiled at her and told her to,“Walk to the stairs, my child.”

She did, and without question. Master then grabbed her by her beautiful, long hair and awaited Mai-Lin’s arrival. “Relax, you’ll be here a while,” he stated.

Minutes later, Mai-Lin appeared wearing a beautiful, turquoise, latex corset.

“Are you ready, Mai-Lin?” asked Master.

She nodded her head to indicate “Yes”. Mai-Lin then took Lynn by the hand and began the descent of the stairs to the bottom of the pit. Lynn noticed that the pit had the same bright, fluorescent-pink glow that her bed chamber had.

Looking around, she saw only the rough cut stone walls, and the glowing, pink floor below. When they got to the bottom of the long, winding stairway, she was shocked to see that there was no apparent floor below them! The pit was filled with the same gel that had entombed her in her bed chamber. She was truly trapped.

She saw that the stairs continued deep into the gel, and no bottom was to be seen. Mai-Lin stood there on the last step with her and turned toward Lynn.

“Don’t be afraid, Lynn, This is not going to hurt you. Just watch me and follow what I do. The injections that you have had so far will allow you to do things that you never had thought possible. You and I are able to do things that you cannot yet understand, but that is OK, we are special. Now watch me and follow, but quickly, Master will become very upset if you do not,” Mai-Lin finished.

With that, Mai-Lin continued to walk down the stairs which were under the level of the glowing, pink gel. When she had reached the level of her neck, she turned to Lynn, raised her arms out toward her and said, “Now, walk into the gel, do not be afraid.”

Lynn began the descent of the stairway, the level of the gel gradually reaching higher and higher on her body. As she stood there on the steps, she felt a strange feeling of general wellness; she was euphoric, happy, contented, and not at all afraid of being nearly submerged in the wonderful feeling gel. Lynn was feeling a bit sleepy however, and wanted desperately wanted to take a nap.

“You are doing fine, my dear. Now, take my hand, do not be afraid, and just follow me.”

Lynn took Mai-Lin’s hand in hers, Mai-Lin turned toward the center of the pit, and said to Lynn, “Just remember its OK, just breathe normally, everything will be fine.”

Lynn had no anxiety feelings, she felt very relaxed, and did as exactly Mai-Lin said. Together, they stepped off the stairs and began to sink slowly into the wonderful Pink gel. Mai-Lin held on tightly to Lynn, wrapping her arms around her.

“We are going to take a nap, Lynn, when we awake, you will be so much further along in your transformation.”

Lynn felt the gel rise above her face as they hugged each other, she did not panic, she felt wonderful, and so terribly sleepy. Their feet hit bottom quickly, Lynn never noticed that she was able to breathe with no trouble, even though she was completely submerged in the glowing gel! Together, they lay down and fell soundly asleep in their submerged chamber.

Sometime later, the girls awoke and slowly walked toward the bottom of the stairs. Reaching them, they began the ascent to the top. Lynn didn’t notice that her skin now had a shiny, rubbery look to it, perfect in every way, and without the slightest imperfection. Her beautiful hair was now much longer, silky, and glowed like black diamonds. She was beautiful, Mai-Lin noticed, but said nothing. Master would not have approved.

As Lynn arrived at the top of the stairs, Master was standing there to greet them. Lynn was finally coming-to, and questions were flooding into her head. Why could she breathe under the liquid gel? Why was Mai-Lin also able to breathe freely the gel? Why did she have no feelings of fear, nor anxiety, her mind was exploding with unanswered questions. What is this all about, this is no BDSM scene, what is going on?

Master had anticipated her doubts, and told her that all she needed to know would be revealed soon, but for now, just accept that she is fine and all is well.

The three of them walked to a shower in the back of the room to clear off some of the pink goo that clung to them. In the shower, Master and Mai-Lin paid particular attention to Lynn’s body, washing it several times with different types of soaps and stiff bristle brushes that hurt like nothing she had ever felt on her delicate skin before.

After the shower, Master ushered her to the side of the room that contained the iron-maiden and the stretching rack. Opening the front of the iron maiden, Master told Lynn to step inside of it, backwards. She did, without question, as she was still a bit foggy-headed from her ordeal. Lynn found it to be very tight and form fitting, with very little room to move at all. Even her arms were forced into tight fitted areas of the Maiden; it was like a mold of a woman inside. Master bent forward and gently kissed her on the lips.

He then swung the heavy iron front of the maiden closed, hitting it’s mark with a resounding “CLANG” as it locked shut.

“Relax and enjoy it,” he said quietly.

Once the door was shut and locked firmly, she felt the entire back of the steel prison begin to move forward, it was pushing her slowly into the form of the front of the maiden, and turning her into what seemed like a hot dog in its skin. As it slowed to a stop, she could not budge, no movement was possible, she was pressed so tightly, she had trouble expanding her lungs fully. Then, she heard music... there was a speaker somewhere inside of the maiden, then she heard Master’s voice telling her to enjoy her “New being,” whatever that meant...

The sensation of wetness was felt at the top of her head. A viscous liquid was beginning to wash over her head, and drip down her entire body. It seemed like a long time passed until it stopped running, but by then there was not a square inch of her body that was not wet. Being pitch black inside, she was not able to tell exactly what it was but it felt nice, not hot, not cold, not anything bad. Quickly she began to feel heat, the temperature was climbing, she was sweating profusely, and feeling like she was being roasted. She imagined that the heat must have reached about 150 degrees.

Then suddenly, the temperature leveled off and then it began to drop, within about 20 minutes, it was cold, very, very, cold. She was now shaking and unable to hold still, she felt like she was freezing. Shortly, another cascade of viscous liquid began to flow onto her body, covering her completely. This time it was very hot, it took the chill away at once, but was unwelcome as it was very uncomfortable. Stopping after some 15 minutes, she was now still, the low music playing in her ears. She was alone, it seemed like hours, and it was.

At 11:00 p.m. that night, she was awakened from her sleep by the sound of a lock being opened. She heard Master say to her, “Keep your eyes closed, to protect you from the light.”

She had some difficulty walking, but chalked it up to the imprisonment. Opening her eyes for the first time, she saw Master and Mai-Lin looking at her.

Looking at herself for the first time, in a mirror that Master had propped up against the wall, she was shocked to see what she had turned into. The viscous fluids that had soaked her body were a form of liquid latex. She was now fully encased in clear rubber, vulcanized to her body. Master gently cleared her nose, her eyes, and her mouth, making sure that she was fully covered and able to function.

“Is this a temporary covering, like liquid latex that I have played with,” she asked.

“No, my lady, this is semi-permanent. It will last for months at the least,” he commanded.

He told her that this covering was very special. It could allow her skin to breathe fully, and to regulate her temperature. It was truly vulcanized to her skin and would not come off.

“You are nearly a complete rubber dolly, my sweet, you only have one step left to complete in your transition.”

With that, Mai-Lin took her by the hand and walked her to the operating table. Lynn was very turned on by the rubber skin, she was a fetishist, as was her husband, and she was sure he would love this addition. Lying on the table without coaxing, she was securely strapped down, her ankles, knees, waist, chest, neck, arms, and wrists were all bound in heavy leather straps. Lynn nearly orgasmed as the bindings were brought to their limit of tightness.

“My sweet, this is the final step, you are about to become one of us. We are not of this planet. We are from TransSexuallania, a planet in a far-away galaxy where all the sexual objects are made of latex rubber skin. Mai-Lin was my first triumph, which was many, many years ago. There have been hundreds more since then, but you are a unique one, I so deeply love you that I must have you for my own."

"I am making you the ultimate dolly, a living sex machine, you will be able to fuck endlessly, generate limitless amounts of cum, and impregnate both men and women through anal sexual contact.”

“You are now going to receive several IVs with the secret formula in them. Do you have any questions, or do you wish to stop this transformation? It is not too late to do so,” he finished.

“No, I want to be yours, I want to be a rubber fuck dolly,” she cried out.

Lynn received an IV in one arm, and then in the other. Two more were placed, one in each nipple of her rubber covered breasts. A final IV was placed into her she-cock's tip.

“What is all of this, she asked?”

“Insurance that you will not run away from me, these injections are special fluids that will turn your actual skin into a semi-rubberlike covering. You will loose all wrinkles, all skin tones, imperfections and stretching. It will appear that you are a true rubber dolly.”

“The fluids being pumped into your breasts will enlarge them to a more rounded, firm state, and make them point outwards like torpedoes,” he laughed.

“You will also notice that while compressed in the iron maiden, your waist was constricted and now is five inches smaller.”

This pleased her greatly...full encasement, severe corseting, and latex clothing were major fetish sources of sexual tension for her.

She was starting to feel strange sensations throughout her body. She was feeling puffy all over, she was starting to loose her “normal” skin tone and beginning to actually appear like a rubber doll! Her lips became smooth and glossy, and her hands and feet looked very smooth, with no identifying features. They looked like they were artificial. The tingling throughout her body increased greatly, and she told Master. He told her that it was normal, and that she would soon be finished.

The IV taps were removed when all the bags ran dry and she was allowed to stand up with the help of Mai-Lin. A mirror was placed in front of her. She was shocked! Her visage was totally different. She looked like a rubber doll that she had seen on porn sites. All severe features of her body were gone, she was smooth, glossy, wet looking, and very sexy. Her tits pointed straight out, her ass was perfectly shaped, and her face looked like a beautifully sculpted doll. Her waist was tiny, perfectly wasp-like, and her abdomen was tight as a board.

“Not bad,” she said.

“Perfect,” he said, “There can be no better.”

“What did you mean when you told me that this would prevent me from running away?” she asked.

“Well, there is one minor problem with these formulas so far, but I am working on it,” he told her.

“What problem???” she begged.

“Well, it seems that you will need a booster injection of a special fluid at least once every 30 days, to retain this temporary appearance that you now enjoy. If so, you will remain young and beautiful for your entire life, you will not appear to age. If you elect to stop the injections, you will return slowly to your “normal” state and continue to age. This guarantees that you will be my slave for life, sort of a side effect that I didn’t intend to happen, but it did.”

She said nothing, she was in shock.

“There is one other option that we will discuss at dinner, so let’s go back to the house and get ready,” Master proclaimed.

What revelations will dinner provide our heroine?.......Stay Tuned!