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The Ultimate Doll, Chapter 3-B

Lynn continues her conditioning, and loves it! She returns home to a huge surprise.

Walking to the house after her treatments, Lynn was so sexually charged that she felt like a fire-cracker ready to go off. She had hundreds of questions for her master, and tried to ask them all in an array of disconnected thoughts.

Master stopped her abruptly and said,

“We can talk more later on, but now, let’s celebrate your new life.”

“What about my hair,” she asked, “It is all stuck to my head, what happens when it grows. I look terrible.”

“Not to worry, it does not stick to hair, when you wash and comb it out, it will come off completely, leaving your hair just fine,” Master advised.

“OK. Let’s eat!” she answered.

“I am still tingling, you know,” she questioned.

He told her that it was normal, major internal changes were still happening inside of her and that she would feel fine soon,

“Sexual excitement is multiplied over time,” he cautioned. “So be aware that your level of fulfillment will need to increase for your continued pleasure.”

They continued to walk slowly toward the house to get ready for dinner. Lynn went immediately to the shower and washed her hair and combed it out until it was clear of the residue. She made sure that it looked perfect for Master at dinner. Her outfit was already in place on the bed for her, a black flair mini, pleated with red latex, a deep blue batwing top with a cropped body and bell sleeves, and platform thigh-high boots, her favorite kind of footwear.

As Lynn entered the dining room, Master was already waiting at the table. He was outfitted in head to toe leather, an evil looking hood with many straps and rings, a black catsuit covered in studs, zippers, and beautiful detail work, and a leather waist cincher. His boots came to his crotch and were very sensual looking to Lynn. They were aced from top to bottom with a very tall, spiked, stiletto heel. He wore heavy studded gauntlet gloves on his hands, and with a sweep of the wrist, pointed her to the chair next to him. She sat down and awaited her food.

“Where is Mai-Lin?” she queried.

“She will be joining us soon,” Master told her.

He then lifted the covers of the serving dishes and gave her dinner, which was delicious. There was the finest milk-fed Veal, and bountiful vegetables from their own farm.

Dinner was nearly finished and she could hold her questions any longer.

“What is the other option you spoke of, Master? I need to know!”

Waiting a second, Master replied, “Very well then, I do not normally tell my guests this just yet, but since you are so special, I will tell you.”

Master continued, “Should you, and your husband approve, you can receive a drug infusion that will permanently change you. You will now and forever, become what looks like a rubber dolly made of the finest silicon rubber. Your body modification will be everlasting, your life will forever change. You will not be accepted by “Normal” society, you will be a living fetish doll that never ages, never gains or loses weight, and can eat as much of anything that you want.”

“Let’s do it now!” she blurted out.

“NO my dear, you must wait, and gain the consent of your Master first. I cannot continue without his approval.” Master continued, “There are negatives that you need to consider, my dear. You will be the object of much attention, your needs of sexual fulfillment will grow enormously. You may require 4 or 5 orgasms a day to keep you fulfilled. Your mind will begin to change, little will seem important to you other than catering to your Master, fulfilling your duties as a true slave without any rights or privileges. You will frequently become consumed with lust, and need severe and long term punishments to keep your sanity.”

He continued to tell her that unfortunately, no one normal man could keep her reins tightly pulled, nor could he ever hope to sexually fulfill her needs.

“There is one way however, that you can gain this fulfillment. It would require your Master to subject himself to a series of injections to alter his sexual ability, as I have done to myself. As you have seen, I am capable of multiple, continuous orgasms. I can satisfy both you and Mai-Lin without strain.” he finished.

“Little else will seem important, you will be programmed to please, to obey, and to serve. You will become a living sex doll. Nothing else will matter to you.”

“But,” he continued, “This is not without its own set of difficulties. Your Master will forever change too, his sexuality will override most of his other drives, as mine has...”

“I still want it, Master. I wish to dedicate my life to sexuality, servitude, and submissive training. I will pay whatever price it entails.” she humbly proclaimed.

With that statement, a beautiful Eurasian girl looking to be about 21 years of age walked into the room. She was dressed very similarly to what Lynn was wearing, and had long, beautiful, black hair. She was however, a living latex dolly! Her body and face were so perfectly shaped, they looked like artwork. Her facial beauty was breathtaking. She approached Master and spoke to him and Lynn,

“Master, it seems like we have a perfect dolly, with all the traits you seek, I think we should honor her wishes and allow her to become one of us.”

Master thought for a minute then said, “Yes, Mai-Lin, I agree completely. We need to fulfill her destiny.”

“MAI-LIN?” she blurted out, “I thought that you could not speak, that you were mute! What is happening???”

Mai-Lin went on to explain that she maintained her body by being fully covered with her catsuit and facial mask and no voice, as a means that Master had devised to allow a prospective new subject to slowly become acquainted with the life of subjugation, punishment, and servitude that was demanded. To expose her all at once to a living dolly had proven to be a frightening experience for others, and the idea of her willingly losing her voice was to show the level of submission demanded by Master for candidates of his unusual transformation.

Lynn had passed completely.

Mai-Lin continued to tell Lynn that although she appears to be a young girl of her early 20's, she was in fact 45 years old....her transformation both stopped and reversed her visible signs of aging.

“Welcome to our family,” Mai-Lin smiled at her.

“Welcome, indeed,” Master affirmed.

“Allow me to show you the level of sexuality your husband will gain, if he allows it,” Master explained.

“Both of you will kneel before me, with your mouths ready to please me.”

With that, he unzipped his cock from its leather confinement, and began to masturbate himself. He then shoved it deep into Lynn’s mouth and allowed her to finish him off with a huge shot of cum filling her mouth and throat. Immediately, he then grabbed Mai-Lin’s hair, pulled her near to him and repeated the deed, Mai-Lin sucked his cock wildly, and within a few minutes, Master unloaded a second huge load of cum deep into her. Removing his cock from her cum filled mouth, he rested a few minutes, than ordered the girls to bend over the dining room table. Without losing a beat, he jammed his cock deep into each girl’s ass and fucked each one of them until he again shot his abundant load of cum into their tight asses.

“See,” he told Lynn, “This is not without its own problems, I am still filled with cum and horny as hell.”

“Then, by all means, Master, see to it that you are satisfied, use me to be your tool of pleasure,” Lynn moaned.

“Me too!” Mai-Lin affirmed.

The evening grew late. Master finished himself off after 3 additional rounds of sex with each girl, finally reaching full satisfaction. Each girl was fully satiated as well, and gushing cum from every hole in their bodies.

“WOW,” Lynn exclaimed, “And I’m only on temporary shots?”

“Yes,” Master said to her, “The real needs will not hit you until you are finished with the permanent injections. Now you see your needs that will need to be filled, and filled every day!”

“Now, before bed, you will understand the need for punishment and pain that you are acquiring.”

Taking each girl by the hand, they walked to the barn again. The night air was warm, sultry, and the sky beautiful.

”A great night for a flogging with my cat,” he proclaimed.

Shuddering a bit, Lynn recalled her first encounter wit a cat-o-nine tails. Her back was red, blistered and swollen for a week, but she was also in a nearly continuous state of sexual arousal as well. She recalled that she had fucked and sucked her husband at least three times a day for that glorious week of debauchery.

Entering the barn, he took the girls to the two poles that stood in the center of the room. Each roughly cut pole was about ten-feet tall, and a foot and a half wide. From each pole hung 2 rough iron chains, and iron manacles that looked to be from the 17 th century. The ground in front of each pole was covered with sand, and two large iron rings were attached to the floor about three feet apart, and about a foot in front of the poles.

Master dutifully pointed to the poles and ordered the girls to approach them. Standing motionless in front of hers, Lynn looked down at the sand, imagining the worst. The sand was probably to hide the fluids that would surely be flowing from them.

“Remove your clothes,” he ordered.

Obediently, the girls complied at once. Master than took each one in turn and attached the manacles to their wrists, and pulling their legs apart, attaching the floor-rings to their ankles, leaving them naked, open, and fully vulnerable to his ministrations. Master then took a bottle of baby oil and coated their backs, inner thighs, and legs. Lynn thought that this was a nice gesture on his part, and that the oil would prevent injury, maybe it would just be a fun beating. However, it was not to be. Master picked up what looked like a salt shaker and shook its contents all over their oiled bodies. Looking at Mai-Lin, Lynn saw fear in her eyes for the first time. Thinking to herself, she thought that although salt stung badly, it was not the end-all of pain, she had been there before, and loved it.

What Mai-Lin knew, and Lynn did not, was that the bottle did not contain salt, it was a finely ground compound from their home planet, made especially for BDSM tortures. As the powder was taken into the skin via the sweat of their bodies, they would not only experience the lovely stinging sensation, but a state of greatly increased sexual arousal as well.

Master took his favorite cat, about 4 feet long, from its hook and began to swing it to warm up. Swinging it in a figure eight pattern, Master quickly gained the aim that he wanted.

THWACK! THWACK... the cat found its mark in each girl’s mid back.

Their cries and moans reverberated throughout the dungeon. Master paid equal attention to both of his ladies, not once did they yell for him to stop, their screams were of pure pleasure-pain, and their deeply seated lusting for punishment. Their bodies received increasingly harsh blows covering their thighs, backsides, shoulders, and backs with swollen, red welts. As the flogging increased in intensity, the girls found their sub-space and fell deeply into it. Their cries and screams eventually stopped, emitting low moaning cries of lustful passion for their Master’s attention. Their flogging ended, Master cut them down after swabbing their bodies with pure lemon juice. The acidic sting of the lemon awakened them from their sub-space immediately. They screamed loudly, only exciting Master even more. He grabbed hold of them, and pulled them close to his sweaty body. He ministered to each girl with love, affection, and admiration.

“Do not worry, Lynn, your bruises will heal in just two hours, there will be no marks left, nor any pain. This is a benefit your transformation bestows on you.”

“Thank you, Master,” both girls said in unison.

Master put his leather hood and skin tight catsuit back on. He then helped each of the girls get dressed again, making sure that their bodies were properly anointed with oils and balm. Feeling spent, it was decided that they would all return to the house for some much needed rest and sleep, but not until Lynn had her last injections for the day.

Master prepared the shots and administered all three without any complaining.

It was clear to him that she was now being totally comfortable with her condition. Lynn tried as well as she could to convince Master to administer the permanent infusion to her without her waiting for her husband and Master to agree.

“We will talk in the morning about this,” he said.

Lynn detected softening on his part....

After thoroughly cleaning themselves, Lynn was truly surprised to see that in such a short time her wounds were nearly gone, and that there was no residual pain. It was as if no tortures had been administered.

Master had laid out three shiny, wet look Zentai suits on the bed, one for each of them. The suits had only small grommets placed in front of the mouth for breathing, no eyes, nor nose openings at all. Slipping into hers, Lynn felt wonderful. It was a warm, friendly cocoon to rest in, nothing could affect her. She was sealed in her own special place, as were her two new bed-mates. Together, they all climbed into the huge bed in the Master bedroom, and after some hugging and fondling, slipped into a restful nights sleep. Lynn slept like a baby, not awakening once.

The morning came quickly, when she awoke, she found herself and Mai-Lin locked in the embrace of lovers, holding each other tightly and affectionately. It was unusual for Lynn, as she had no tendency towards other women, but felt so at peace and a kindred spirit with Mai-Lin, possibly due to their common plight, she thought. They unzipped each others hoods, tucked them into their suits, and went downstairs to find Master.

Breakfast was already in progress, Master had started to cook for them both, certainly not a Masterly thing to do, but so gentle and kind Lynn thought.

Between bites, Lynn again propositioned Master about her permanent infusion. She was solidly committed to being a lifetime rubber dolly. Master again told her that she should think about her choice, and that her real-life Master was supposed to be an integral part of the decision making process. He told her about the need for sex and punishment that would increase rapidly, and that unless her Master was likewise altered, she would be frustrated to the breaking point. He again pointed out that she would be ostracized from normal society, and need to develop friends of a different lifestyle. In Lynn’s own mind, her husband had sent her out on this weekend tryst, and must have known about the whole process, so why not do it right now???

“OK, then,” Master agreed.

Lynn was ecstatic with joy! He told her that there were a few rules she must follow for her own life and safety, they were not negotiable. She would need to return to him no more than 15 days after her departure today, she would need to bring her Master with her, for his injections, if she was to remain sane and fulfilled. She must also accept that her life was to change forever, and without any hope of return to “normal.”

She nodded “YES.” Master took her by the hand, kissed her tenderly, and walked her out to the bar once again, with Mai-Lin holding her other hand and congratulating her.

Lynn lay on the operating table, took a deep breath, and felt the five IV needles find their spot. The fluids began to run, and almost immediately, she felt a strange, warm feeling all over her body. She could see the skin changes take place in real- time as she lay there. Mai-Lin held her hand and spoke to her softly, assuring Lynn of her well being. A general feeling of well being and of arousal swept over her, and she fell gently asleep. The little pain that she felt from her flogging was totally gone, as was the remaining marking of her skin.

Awakening, she was still holding Mai-Lin’s hand.

“Welcome sister,” she said. “You are now and forever one of us.”

Standing up for the first time as a dolly, she was amazed to see herself in the nearby mirror. She appeared to be as she was many years ago in college, a young, beautiful, and absolutely sexy 21- year old girl.

“Thank you. Master,” she cried out.

Her face fell to tears of joy as she spoke. Master left the room, and Mai-Lin helped her get dressed and ready to return home. She had been provided new clothes to fit her altered body, very tiny, jeans Daisy Dukes hot pants, a short crop-top tee shirt of pure white silk, and her favorite kind of boots, shiny black spike-heel, vinyl, platforms that reached up to her thighs. Her favorite collar that she had worn that Friday was there for her, as were her numerous bracelets and rings.

Walking outside into the beautiful sunny summer’s morn, Master was waiting there for her with his big, beautiful Harley.

“Before I leave, Master, I want to ask if I pleased you and Mai-Lin... and what about all the other wonderful devices of torture that are in the barn... will I ever get to experience the marvelous depravity of them, and bask in the exquisite pain that they can deliver??” she asked.

“My Dear, you have but taken the first step in your journey, do not fret, the journey is long, torturous, painful, and very rewarding, you shall receive it all in due time.”

Lynn was now very happy indeed. She had succeeded in her first tryst with a new Master. She mounted the huge, black Harley, wrapped her arms around her new Master and off they rode towards her waiting car. Lynn’s mind swam with event after event. The entire weekend was a blur of sensations and experiences. She was anticipating her arrival at home, how pleased would her husband be to see the new her, especially since he had arranged it!

It seemed like forever, but they finally arrived at her car. Master again went over her needs, and told her to be at this exact spot and time next Friday. To be sure that her Master was with her, if he was to be infused to provide the sexual capacity that she surely would require. If he was not to come, she would have to be there in exactly two weeks for a very important last injection. She could NOT miss that he told her.

She hugged him for a long time, kissed him over and over and finally broke away and walked to her car as he sped away. Lynn had wanted to celebrate her lust with Master one last time today, before returning home, but it was not to be. She had put her pink, latex panties back on under her new shorts, and the butt plug inside her ass was making her absolutely crazy. The sexual tensions were already starting to ramp up in her body. Sitting in her car, she could not resist any longer, she unzipped her shorts, pulled her panties down and began to masturbate for relief.

Her usually very small, flaccid cock sprung to life. It quickly grew to nine inches, was rock hard and very sensitive. As she sat there fantasizing about her return home to her husband and Master, she felt shock wave after shockwave of sensation coursing through her body. The feeling she was experiencing was like nothing she ever knew before. She was so excited thinking about her husband’s true passion of kneeling before her and pleasuring her with his mouth, so much more for him to enjoy... and so much more for me to feel, she thought . Maybe, when I get home, I will give him the best blow job he has ever had, and reward him for this wonderful weekend with my favorite dildo, shoved up HIS ass while I seduce him, she dreamed.

Within a minute, she had climaxed in a mind blowing, screaming orgasm. Regaining her composure, she started the car and drove home, nearly wild with excitement for her new being and how her husband, Don, would be pleased. She knew now, that his love for her was truly unconditional, and that the truest proof that he could give her was to set her free to experience the things he was not fully comfortable doing to her, but that she desired and needed for fulfillment. She loved him truly, and now knew for certain that he loved her, but how then could he beat her with a cat until she was fully sexually satisfied,? she thought to herself.

Certainly, a stranger had no problem abusing her this way, and that made it even more exciting. The fear of what a stranger might do had been a large part of her desire for experimentation. She reached up under her silky top and pulled on her nipple rings, just to get a little shot of pain to make sure she was not dreaming all this. She wasn’t.

Pulling into her driveway, she saw her husband outside in the yard. She honked the horn, and almost jumped out of the car before it stopped. They ran to each other with open arms,

“Is that really you, Lynn?” he cried out.

“YES, I love you so much, Master. Thank you for a wonderful weekend, I feel so free and wonderful, thank you again!”

“What do you mean, I was so worried about you, your date called shortly after you left, he was at the meeting place, and when you didn’t show up, he called me. Then, when you didn’t come back home by night fall, I was so worried I called the police. Where were you, and what happened to you, you look so different. You look so young, sexy, and exotic, is that really you? Your skin looks so beautiful, smooth and silky.”

“Now, let’s go inside and you can tell me all about it while I worship your body, and make love to you, my wonderful wife.” He finished.

Lynn was unable to speak. Her date didn’t find her? Then, who was she with all weekend? Her Master didn’t know anything about her transformation?

Questions roared through her head at lightning speed, none of them with an answer.

It was going to be a very long night . . . And a very long week to come . . .


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