The vampire's new toy

By QueenOfKink

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A vampire is given a slave
He walked through the seemingly endless corridors towards his room, his mind focused on what would be happening soon. His black hair hung straight, just below his shoulders, and his tall build cast long shadows in the dim light of mansion. His feet stopped in front of a black door and he opened it without hesitation. Inside was his wife and father in law waiting in his small living room in silence.

“Every thing has been set, as promised,” His father in law told him. The man just nodded giving nothing away.

“Be nice though, she’s only human,” His wife said, smiling her pretend smile. He just looked at her without saying any thing. He didn’t care for her, it was a marriage based on connections on blood. “We’ll leave you to it then” His wife gave him one last look before leaving the room his father in law merely nodded and left without speaking.

He opened his bedroom door and stared at the girl tied and gagged, in her underwear, to his bed. She was his wife’s twin, same long blonde hair, same slim figure and soft curves. The only difference was his wife was a vampire, like him, but her twin was human and it was her who he was going to enjoy. That was the way it was in a vampire marriage, the wife would give a human for her husband to fuck.

“Nice to see my pets ready for me.”

He walked over to his bed and ran his finger up and down her body.

“Now I’m going to take this gag off but I don’t want to hear a sound from you” He ordered undoing the gag and throwing it on the floor. Leaning over her body his lips pressed lightly against hers before his tongue roughly explored her mouth. Her body shifted in response pulling on the restraints keeping her in his bed.

“You’re going to be a good girl for me aren’t you,” His hand held her neck, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“Yes master, I will.”

He pushed her jaw up as his fangs gently grazed her neck, leaving thin trails of blood which he quickly licked up enjoying the taste.

“I hope every other part of you tastes this nice,” he said as his hand squeezed her breast.

His fingers pulled down the lining of her bra before his lips sealed around her nipple. His warm mouth and skilled tongue played with her breast.

“I’ve shown what I can do, so I think you should show me what you can do.”

He undid the restraints holding her down, knowing she wasn’t even going to think of running away from him. He quickly undressed himself down to his boxers and looked at her expectantly. She smiled seductively and sensually moved from the bed to the floor, kneeling in front of him, making every movement of her body sexy and pleasing to her master. Without waiting to be told she pulled down his boxers and licked his shaft all the up and down before taking his full length into her mouth. She slowly pulled him out of her mouth and began to toss him off while her tongue flicked over the tip of cock.

“Naughty girl, I didn’t tell you to stop sucking me did I?”

He grabbed her wrist and bent her over the bed, spreading her legs open. He spanked her hard three times.

“Are you going to misbehave again?”

He spanked her again.

“No master I’m sorry, I’ll behave.”

“Good girl, but I’m still going to punish you. I was going to let you swallow my cum but now that you’ve been naughty I don’t think you deserve it. So instead I’m going to cum on your tits.”

He turned her around so she was back on her knees in front of him. She opened her mouth and took his full length again. She sucked until he pulled out of her mouth and shot hot cum all over her tits.

“Lay down on the bed and don’t move.”
She laid back down on the bed covered in her masters cum and waited. He pulled his boxers back on and got his mobile phone from his trousers.

“I need the maid” he said to the voice on the other end of the phone, after hanging up the phone he walked over and sat down in the chair in the corner of the room.

Knock, “ Master may I come in?” a girl’s voice asked from behind the door.


The door opened and a petite, brown haired girl walked into the room. She was wearing a short black dress with white lace around the edge and a small white apron around her waist.

“My pet needs to be cleaned.”

The maid smiled and walked over to bed. The man watch as the maid sat on top of his pet. She leaned forward and slowly licked the cum of his pet’s breasts, taking her time to enjoy the taste. His pet arched her back and moaned at the feeling of the maid tongue on her skin. When all the cum had been licked off the maid sucked the girls nipples clean.

“I think you should pay the maid for her services my pet” her master said, feeling himself getting hard again.

The maid smiled and lowered her mouth back down on to girls breast, her teeth slowly piercing the soft skin as warm blood flowed in to her mouth. The girl arched her back again, pushing her breast further into the maids mouth as she sucked.

“That’s enough, leave now.” He ordered. The maid reluctantly drew her mouth away. She liked her lips, savoring the taste and left without looking back.

The man left his seat and came to the bed, leaning over his pets body, his eyes filled with blood lust and a desire. His tongue cleaned up last trickles of blood on her breast while his hand slipped in between her warm thighs. She gasped as his fingers lightly toyed with clit, teasing her. He kissed her roughly, moaning from the feeling of the wetness that now covered his fingers.

He looked down to see her panting, face flushed and eyes black. “She is nearly ready” he thought as his fingers slipped in side her. She moaned, eyes wide in surprise. Her hips quickly matched the rhythm of his hand as his he pounded inside her. She bit her lip to keep the screams inside her.

“Don’t hold back,” He grunted, his fingers pounded harder and faster inside her as he said. She screamed his named in ecstasy, feeling her orgasm building. He suddenly pulled his fingers out. He smirked as she looked at him, her desperation to cum written all over her face.


“Please master, please don’t leave me like this. Oh god I need to cum so badly. Please fuck me, I want your cock.”

“If you want my cock so badly then get on top and ride it” He said, removing his boxers and laying down on the bed.

She kneeled over him, her legs spread wide and her hand guiding is member towards her pussy. She placed is hot tip against her throbbing clit and slowly slide him downwards. He slipped inside her wet hole with ease as she lowered herself down until his full length was in.

His desire took over all his sense and he lost control, he gripped her thighs and pounded into her. His pleasure rippling through his body. His pet fell forwards from the force and screamed, her hips bucking against his as her hands clenched around the bed sheets. He brought his legs upwards to her arse and never slowed down his pace. His pet screamed one final time as she came around his cock but still he never stopped. He could feel himself edging on the brink of cumming and bit her neck. His teeth deep within her skin as his cum filled her pussy.

He relaxed on the bed panting as his mind finally started to clear. His pet laid down next to him, her legs shaking and her breath coming out in ragged gaps.

“You’ve been a good girl tonight, now gets some sleep so you’ll be ready again tomorrow” He told her.

She closed her eyes and quickly feel asleep as her master lay next to her, thinking about what he will do with her the next night.