The Vessel of Balance

By youngmommy

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I was the vessel to maintain the balance of good and evil, by letting them plant their seed.
I was born in a convent, raised by nuns and was told by them daily I was meant for something special. The convent was the only life I had known and I loved being there. Once a week I traveled to the local town to get supplies for the sisters. Sister Fay always traveled with me; she was always like a mother to me.

I was born with a birthmark on my left and right butt cheek. The one on the left looked like a wing while the one on the right resembled a horn. The sisters told me they symbolized the struggle between good and evil, and it was up to me to maintain the balance. I often asked them what that meant but they would give no further detail.

“Sister Fay,” I began. “My eighteenth birthday is next week and, with your permission, I would like to start my journey to join the order.”

“God has other plans for you, Isabella,” she said.

“What plans does He have for me?”

“You will find out on your birthday. I am forbidden to tell you anything else, other than it is your destiny to maintain the balance.”

On the morning of my birthday I was awoken by all the sisters in the order. They all wished me a happy birthday and gave me lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek. Then they escorted me to breakfast, which consisted of all my favorite fruits, nuts and fresh milk from the market. The sisters have always showered me in attention but today it seemed even more-so.

“Today is a special day,” Sister Fay said. “Today is the day the balance will be upheld. The prophecy says when the vessel turns eighteen, the day of the Equinox, there shall be a balance.”

I looked around, confused at the words she spoke, and saw all the sisters looking at me. They were smiling and raising their hands in glory.

“Sister Rachel, Sister Ana, you two have been chosen to prepare the vessel, Isabella.”

I didn’t know what was happening but everyone seemed happy so I was too. Sister Rachel and Sister Ana, both only a few years older than me, came to me and pulled me to my feet, then they took me by my arms and escorted me to the bathing chamber.

The bath tub was filled with water but it had a white tent to it. Sister Rachel told me the bath was a mix of honey, milk, and holy water; along with various flowers and sages.

“Just relax,” Sister Ana said as they began to undress me. Living in the convent my entire life no one had ever seen me naked before. I was embarrassed as my body came into view for them. Sister Rachel untied my long black hair from its bun and let it fall to my uncovered ass. When I was completely undressed I stood before them trying to cover myself.

The sisters took my hands and helped me into the warm waters of the tub. Once inside I began to relax while they each took a sponge and bathed me. I was starting to enjoy the bath until one of them ran their hands across my breasts. I jumped but they told me to lay back and just enjoy what I was feeling.

I had always trusted the sisters because they always looked out for me, so I did as they instructed and lay back against the tub. I could tell they were no longer using the sponges to bath me. I closed my eyes and let them wash me how they saw fit. The smell of lavender and honey invaded my body and made it hard to think of anything but their hands.

Soon I felt the hands on my breasts, causing my nipples to become hard. I had never touched myself like this before and my head was swimming. The four hands were roaming all over me, touching me in places that felt amazing.

“Spread your legs,” Sister Ana whispered in my ear as she began to kiss my neck. I had long surrendered to them so I parted my legs as far as the tub would allow. In an instant I felt Sister Ana’s hand between my legs and on my virgin pussy. Her finger wasted no time as it made its way to my sensitive spot.

“Oh god,” I gasped. “Stop..I…have….to…pee.”

“Just let go,” she said.

When I let go I had the most intense pleasure of my life. My whole body felt alive with joy and I shook hard against her finger. After several minutes of catching my breathe I opened my eyes and saw Sister Ana and Sister Rachel naked kneeling beside me.

“Suck,” was all Sister Rachel said as she lifted her hard nipple to me. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and sucked her. The nipple inside my mouth had no taste but the feeling was making me tingle again. Soon I felt their hands on me again and this time two sets of fingers were playing with my pussy. It only took a few minutes until I was cumming again.

Over the next hour the sisters bathed me and removed all hair from my neck down. During that time they gave me several more orgasms, many from putting their mouth on my pussy and using their tongues. It was amazing.

Once I was ready they put a collar around my neck and attached a leather leash to it. I was taken outside totally nude. I tried to protest but they assured me all was how it was supposed to be. When we left the bathing area all the sisters were lined up to see me. They all smiled and soon I felt the embarrassment of being naked leave.

“Did you have a good time bathing,” Sister Fay asked me.

I blushed and nodded my head.

“You shouldn’t blush, it’s perfectly normal to feel what you felt,” she said.

We all started walking to the front gate of the convent. I was confused and it must have shown on my face. Sister Fay, who was holding my leash, told me to relax, we would be going into town for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn’t believe my ears; I was being taken into the town completely nude and attached to a leash.

I was starting to get nervous but Sister Rachel and Sister Ana were right beside me, each holding my hand. That calmed me down a little but not much. Once we made it to the town I noticed there wasn’t anyone on the streets, there wasn’t anyone around at all. I began to think I would make it through without anyone seeing me. However, I heard noise coming from the local arena, where they usually play soccer. When we got closer I could tell the whole town was there. Sister Fay pulled on my leash and made me walk in front, right into the arena. When the crowd saw me they all cheered loudly. I was so embarrassed.

The place was packed with only a small spot reserved for the sisters. We made our way to our spot; it was the best location in the stadium. The place held nearly all five hundred of the town people and we were in the exact middle. I saw all the men looking at me with lust in their eyes but was surprised that none of them tried to touch me.

We took out seats and I was placed in the middle of everyone. I was the only one not wearing clothes in the whole town. Sister Rachel and Sister Ana were on either side of me. As the crowd settled down two men walked out onto the field. I had never seen them before but they were the most beautiful men I had ever seen.

Both were over six feet tall, one had dark hair while the other was blonde. I had never seen a man with blonde hair before, living where we did they just didn’t exist. Another man, much shorter, came out to address the audience.

“Welcome to the 2013 Autumn Equinox. This year is a special event indeed. Today we have Isabella with us. She is the chosen vessel and today is her eighteenth birthday.” Everyone stood and cheered when the man said this. I was getting more nervous as he continued his speech.

“As you see behind me we have her chosen mates. One demon, one angel, they will fight to see who wins the right to mate her first.” As he said this my head began to spin and I almost passed out. I could no longer comprehend what the man was saying so Sister Ana told me the rest.

As it turns out, every so often a woman is born with the same birthmarks I have and on her eighteenth birthday, which will always fall on the Equinox, she is to be mated with a demon and an angel. This is to ensure the balance between good and evil.

“So I am to carry both their offspring?” I asked.

“Yes, you have two eggs in your fertile womb right now, both waiting on a seed from the two men.

“So they are going to fight to see who will impregnate me?” I asked.

“No, both will impregnate you. They are fighting to see who gets to go first and take your virginity,” she said. “The ritual ensures you will get pregnant from each one.”

“It will be okay, I promise,” Sister Rachel said. “We are chosen to be with you the whole time it happens.”

They continued to tell me how special I was and how this was for the good of humanity. I believed them; I knew they would never lie to me. I was honored to be the chosen vessel.

The fight started soon after they explained things to me and what a fight it was. Both men were powerful and fast. The punches they landed echoed through the stadium and sometimes I could even feel the aftershock. I had never witnessed such a powerful display before. I even started to feel proud because they were fighting over me.

“Because today is the Equinox, both angel and demon are of equal power. This makes for a fair fight,” Sister Ana told me.

“Should we be rooting for the angel?” I asked.

“Yes, but not for why you think.”

“Why then?”

“If the angel wins your first time will be sweet and loving. If the demon wins it will be painful and hard. Don’t get me wrong, you will not be permanently hurt but the demon will not be gentle. If he goes last at least you will have been broken in by the angel.”

After an hour of battle the angel finally fell. The small man came out and declared the demon the winner. He then said there would be an hour break while the angel and demon healed up before the main event took place.

“The main event?” I asked.

“You,” Sister Ana said.

For the next hour the stadium was in a hissy. Everyone was trying to get things set up and put in the right place. I just sat there and watched while Sister Ana and Sister Rachel played with my body. They kept running their fingers in and out of my virgin pussy but they never allowed me to cum.

“This is so you will stay wet and your first time won’t hurt so badly.”

At last they called for me to come to the middle of the stadium where there was a platform set up with a bed. I slowly rose to my feet with Sisters Ana and Rachel on my side. We three walked up to the platform and climbed. I knew now why the platform was raised, so everyone could see the action.

Once we got up Sister Ana and Sister Rachel disrobed, revealing their naked bodies to the crowd. I looked around the platform and saw the dark haired man walking toward me. He too was naked. I had never seen a naked man before; his cock hung down low and was huge. I didn’t know if I would be able to take him inside me, even if he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

“Get her ready,” he said in a deep baritone voice as he pointed to Sister Rachel. She lowered me on the bed and put her head between my legs. I spread myself open as she began to lick my pussy. Her hands were all over my body as her tongue worked its magic. I looked around and saw Sister Ana on her knees with the man’s cock in her mouth.

Sister Rachel’s tongue was driving me crazy. I wanted to cum so bad but I also wanted to get fucked for the first time too. I watched in amazement as Sister Ana took the large cock down her throat and held it there. I couldn’t believe someone could get that monster cock down that far. As I watched I approached my own orgasm. Sister Rachel felt it coming and stopped.

“She’s ready, master.”

He pulled his now hard cock from Sister Ana and came over to me. I was nervous but I wanted this.

“Are you ready, little virgin?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I whispered.

He took my leg and flipped me over and slapped my ass hard. So hard it brought tears to my eyes. He flipped me back over.

“Yes, what?” he yelled.

“Yes, master.” I said louder than before.

“Better,” he said. He lowered himself on me as I spread my legs as wide as I could. Ana and Rachel had joined me on the bed. Both lying on either side of me and stroking my hair.

The demon reached down and grabbed his cock. He lined it up with my pussy and gently pushed the head inside me. Once in place he took my legs in his hands and thrust forward with all his might, ripping my hymen and splitting me in half. I screamed but kept my legs spread for him. The two sisters licked the tears off my face as soon as they fell from my eyes.

Over the next few minutes the pain eased and I started to enjoy the pounding he was giving me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he humped back and forth. I could feel his heavy balls slapping my ass as he fucked me.

Sister Ana rose up and put her tit in my mouth. I sucked it, pretending it was the huge cock she had been sucking. The next thing I felt was Sister Rachel’s finger pushing its way into my virgin ass. It felt weird at first but then I loved it.

The demon picked up his pace and I could feel his cock getting harder. All at once he pushed up inside me and held it there. I felt his cock jumping and twitching inside me. I was being impregnated. That thought, combined with his cock and Rachel’s finger made me cum. I came all over his cock, rocking my hips back and forth, milking every last bit of cum from his cock.

When he finally withdrew, Sister Ana got back on her knees and cleaned his cock. I looked around, realizing we were not only being watched but the people of the stadium were all naked and having sex as well.

I lay there for a few minutes, just taking in the scene when the angel approached. Without a word I spread my legs for him and he got down on top of me. He didn’t need any help and slide right inside me. His cock was just as big but he was very gentle as we started to fuck. He kissed my neck and breasts while he went in and out of me. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close to me. His hands caressed every part of my body he could get to. He was so gentle but the sex was much more intense than before. The heat of his body brought me to new heights.

We kissed. It was my first kiss with a man. His tongue found its way inside my mouth and we kissed like that for some time. When we were together like that it seemed there was no one else around. I don’t know how long it lasted but when he broke the kiss I felt him tense up and unloaded his cum into my still fertile pussy.

Knowing I was again getting pregnant set me off and I too came. He stayed inside me until I had finished cumming. Then he rolled off and lay beside me for some time.

I looked around and saw Sister Ana on her belly with her legs spread wide. On top of her was the demon with his cock buried in her ass. She was screaming shouts of joy as the demon fucked her hard.

Sister Rachel came over to clean the angel but he told her to take care of me. She got between my legs and kissed my pussy. It had taken two good fuckings and needed the attention. She kissed and licked me until I had one last orgasm.

When I looked up the angel and demon were gone. Sister Ana was still on her stomach with gobs of cum leaking out of her ass. She had a very relieved look on her face. It was almost dawn by the time we had everything cleaned up. The whole town looked drained but happy. Everyone had gotten a chance to cum at least once that night.

The next morning I was looking to have some fun with Sister Ana and Sister Rachel again but everything was back to normal. No more walking around without clothes. The next nine months everything went as planned. I was pregnant with twins. I still went to the town every Friday with Sister Fay and the town’s people treated me the same as they always had. I know I’m not supposed to but every night I masturbate to the thoughts of that night.

When I gave birth you could easily tell it had been a success. One was dark headed and the other was blonde. Both of them were girls. I was to raise them until they turned eighteen and would go live with their dads.

I learned in 2016 and 2017 the Equinox will fall on my birthday again. The sisters told me there has not been another born with the marks so the duty of being a vessel will fall to me again. I can’t wait.