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The Virgin Possessed

Kelly, a virgin, is preparing for her upcoming wedding when an escaped succubus posseses her!

I burst out of the depths of the earth into the sunlight, and savored my freedom. Long had pain and fire and darkness chained me. But I had slipped my bonds. I would not go back. Here was light and life and wonderful impurity.

Lust brimmed in the world—filthy, depraved, selfish desire. It was—

Purity marred it. A scent of lilac, so innocent and pure, nauseated me, begging for defilement. A need filled me, forming an ache between my disembodied thighs and hardening my ethereal nipples. I searched for the offending chastity; humans scurried past, all stained black with their impurity, and reeking of wonderfully corrupt sulfur.

The reek came from a building.

I flitted through its wall—cinder block with a veneer of fake, marbled stone—and passed a statue draped in a white dress. The revolting scent grew stronger. I flew past women who clad themselves in white. The women all seemed pure, wanted to be pure, but they all were soiled. They didn't see me. I had no corporeal form. The scent came from the back. I passed through another wall—aluminum frame covered in drywall—and there she stood, shining like the sun. Pure. Untouched. Unsoiled.

I would have to change that.

* *

“ Hi, Kelly,” Bonnie greeted me when I walked into the fitting area at the back of her bridal shop, the Wedding Lace. She had a broad grin on her round, youthful face.

“ Hello,” I politely answered.

I was slightly intimidated by the woman's vivaciousness. She always had a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her green eyes. She wasn't what I had expected in a seamstress, especially one in her mid-thirties, with her short hair dyed purple and piercings dotting her eyebrows, nose, and lips, while a black, scroll-like tattoo encircled her throat and shoulders. She seemed more at home on the cover of one of those devil-spawned Heavy Metal albums than in a beautiful wedding boutique.

But she was supposed to be the best, and I wanted to have the perfect wedding next month. John and I had been engaged since we had graduated from High School last year, and had been practically engaged before that. At fourteen we had exchanged purity rings, and at sixteen promise rings. At eighteen, during our High School graduation party, he had presented me with a beautiful engagement ring—white gold, sparkling diamond. He had spent our entire senior year working to save up for it.

“ Get stripping, cutie!” Bonnie grinned. “Let's get this rodeo started.”

“ Oh, of course.”

I don't know why I was surprised. A month ago, I had to undress so she could take my measurements, and today was the final fitting of my wedding dress. So I unbuttoned my high-neck, floral gown. It was rather modest, falling to my ankles, and loose in the bust to help conceal my rather large chest from the unwanted attention of horny men. The only man I wanted staring at my breasts was John, and only after the wedding when it would be proper.

I carefully folded my dress, setting it on a metal chair, the type you'd find in a church's fellowship hall, and stood in my plain bra and panties. Bonnie's eyes flickered over me, and she shook her head. “I said strip, girl.”

“ You mean...”

“ It's not just the dress we're fitting today, but also the undergarments. C'mon, girl. I've seen it plenty of times before.”

My cheeks burned. I faced away, reaching behind my back to unclasp my bra. I was setting it upon my folded dress when a shiver passed through my entire body, like the chill of the AC tickling down the back of your neck. Then a heat flooded me, like a moment of feverish illness. My eyes widened and, to my utter embarrassment, my nipples hardened like two pink peaks perched atop my rather endowed mountains. The weird, feverish heat ended at my vagina, my sex drinking it in like a rock warmed by the sun, and a sinful feeling itched between my legs. I quickly peeled down my panties, flushing when I saw the spots of moisture staining the gusset.

What was wrong with me?

I covered my breasts with one hand, and my vagina with the other. I was so embarrassed. How could I become embarrassed in front of Bonnie? What would she think when she saw my hard nipples and the growing dampness between my thighs?

I bet she'd love it, a thought whispered.

My Lord, what was wrong with me? Was I turning into a pervert? But no, I've followed all of Reverend Mitchell's sermons on purity, and I've never had sex, or even let John do more than briefly kiss me on the lips. I didn't watch TV with all its immoral programing, and I've never watched porn, so how could I be turning into a pervert?

“ You don't need to be shy,” Bonnie said, tugging on my arms.

I relaxed; a sudden impulse filled me to show off my body to her. You have a great pair of tits. Nice and pillowy. They were made to be looked at. Where were these impure thoughts coming from? My arms dropped to my side. The seamstress smiled, and flicked one of my nipples. Another fever flushed through me.

“ Cold?”

“ Er, yeah,” I lied. Why was I suddenly so horny?

“ Let's give you a proper bra fitting first,” she said. “Most girls wear the wrong-sized bra. What size do you wear?”

“ 34 C,” I answered.

She raised an eyebrow. “Are your bras uncomfortable to wear? Too tight, maybe?”

“ Um, yeah, I guess.”

She reached out and gave my breast a squeeze. Her finger's kneaded my flesh, and more pleasure tingled through me. “Hmm... You feel more like a D.” She squeezed my other one, her hand brushing my hard nipple. I almost gasped. This did not seem appropriate. I wanted to open my mouth and object, but my suddenly horny body didn't want to respond. Her thumb grazed my nipple again, more heat flushing down to my vagina. “I'll have to measure them to be sure.”

“ Okay,” I gasped.

She let go of my breast, and I sighed, pressing my thighs together. That itch burned so fiercely!

“ Your breasts are quite round, Kelly. Your fiance must love them!”

I flushed. “He's never...seen them.”

“ Right. You're the virgin.” Her grin grew even more...naughty. The itch between my thighs became almost unbearable. “Well, cutie, when he sees you in your wedding lingerie, he'll ravish you. I guarantee it.”

Excited fear trembled inside my stomach. I couldn't wait for my wedding night, but I was a little apprehensive. Would it hurt? Would I even like it? Desire stirred, and I felt that weakness inside me begging to be touched. I had succumbed to my baser needs and played with myself before, thinking of John—and sometimes, I'm ashamed to say, other men—ravishing me.

Why be ashamed of your desires?

Because they're sinful.


It just is!

Where were all these strange thoughts coming from? And why was it so darned hot in here? Was the heater on? It was May and warming up outside. So why would Bonnie have the heat on at all?

Bonnie grabbed a cloth tape measure. I lifted my arms up, all too aware of my breasts uplifting and thrusting at her; she wrapped the tape measure around my rib cage. Her fingers were soft, and the cloth strip cool. Then she placed one end directly over my right nipple, pressing down. I gasped; electricity tingled through me. All the hairs on my arm stood up, and that tingle ran all the way down to my vagina.

“ Sensitive nipples,” she grinned as she wrapped the tape measure around my back. “Make sure your new hubby plays with them. You'll love it, cutie.”


“ Well, you're a 34 D. I'll be right back, cutie.”

Doesn't she have a great ass?

My eyes seemed to dart to her rear of their own volition. Her behind was clad in tight shorts, writhing pleasantly beneath the cloth as she swayed her hips. My sinful feelings increased, and I wiped my sweaty palms on my thighs. Think about John, and how much you love him. Ignore these terrible urges. John. His handsome face, his blue eyes, his muscular chest. A memory floated up from last summer. He had been working outdoors and had taken off his shirt. His muscles rippled, and sweat beaded his smooth chest as his strong hands hammered the nail in. I had sinned by myself a number of times thinking about that day.

“ Here we are,” Bonnie announced.

I squeaked in fright, startled out of my thoughts.

“ Sorry, cutie. Let's start with the hosiery.”

She held up a white garter belt that dangled in front of her low-cut halter top. Would her breasts feel as soft as mine? Why don't you find out. My hand twitched towards her breast, but I stopped my rebellious appendage and, instead, grabbed the garter belt.

“ Slip this on first. It goes high up, above your hips, okay, cutie. It should fit perfectly.”

She's a lesbian , my thoughts whispered. Getting you naked was only a pretense. She just wanted to see your nubile body.

I glanced down at her as she knelt, laying the thigh-high, white stockings carefully on the floor next to her. Her green eyes looked up, and I could feel them on my sex. I pressed my thighs together, and shivered. She licked her lips, patiently waiting for me to finish donning the garter belt.

She's fantasizing about spreading your thighs, and burying her face into your juicy cunt.

Cunt? I felt dirty thinking that disgusting word. What was wrong with my mind? I had never thought of that word in my life, and would never describe my own vagina with such a demeaning term.

Imagine how her tongue would feel lapping through your pussy. Even better than your own fumbling fingers.

No! It's a sin! What are you?

I'm you. Your desire that you've bottled up for so long just bursting to get out. After Bonnie licks your cunt, you can savor hers. I bet she tastes wonderful.

No! I'm not a lesbian!

The voice chuckled, a sultry, wanton purr. It was so unlike my own laugh.

Bonnie took my right foot, gently rolling the sheer, white stocking up my leg. A new, burning shiver passed through me as the nylon inched across my skin, drawing closer and closer to the furnace burning between my thighs. My mouth went dry, and my breath quickened as the fabric crawled, slowly, unbearably, up my leg.

Grab her hair, and pull the slut's mouth right into your pussy.

I will not!

Do it. Your pussy burns for her touch, aches for the cum her lips will give you. Your pretty body was created to be pleasured. Why else would it feel so good?

For procreation!

The nylon slipped over my knee. Bonnie's fingers brushed my inner thigh, so close to my shame. The seamstress grasped the suspender, clipping the stocking, then adjusted it. Her fingers were so delicate, brushing and caressing my sensitive flesh. Warm breath tickled my thigh, rising up to tease my damp sex. My fingers twitched. I squeezed them into fists.

I will not sin!

Imagine that delicious mouth working between your thighs. Those piercings will sensuously rub against your petals, sending pleasure cascading through you.

Please, God, send this temptation from me!

“ So sexy,” Bonnie smiled. “Your fiance's going to cum in his pants when he sees you in these babies.”

She grabbed the second nylon, and drew it slowly up my other foot. The fabric slipped up my calf, to my knee; the ache between my thighs grew stronger and stronger. Just grab her hair, and pull her face to your pussy. I resisted, refusing to give in to my base desires. The nylon drew up my thigh, Bonnie's fingers caressing my suddenly sensitive flesh. The shame burning between my legs grew so strong, so irresistible.

Please, God, please.


My hand went numb, and then it moved. I didn't tell it to move, and I certainly didn't want my right hand to grab a handful of Bonnie's purple hair. And I definitely did not want to pull her face right into my aching and sopping sex.

“ What?” Bonnie exclaimed, before my vagina muffled her lips.

Something seemed to surge out of me, a little wave of heat, right into the woman. Bonnie moaned, her lips pressing against my vagina, tongue licking and exploring. Oh, that felt so wonderful. But it was so wrong. I fought to release my hand when the most spectacular sensation I had ever felt in my life shuddered through me. It was like eating ice cream for the first time or watching fireworks explode. I had never felt anything like it before in my whole life. Bonnie licked right up my vulva, and brushed the center of my shame—my clitoris. And she did it again.

“ Oh, wow!” I moaned.

Her tongue dug into me, fast and agile. My shame-filled fumblings alone in my bed late at night were nothing compared to this. They had been mere gentle waves compared to the tsunami generated by the seamstress's tongue and lips. Bonnie pleasured parts of me that I didn't even know I had. Every caressing lick sent shudders through me.

Don't enjoy this. Fight! This couldn't be happening! I had fought my desires, stayed pure for years, and an almost complete stranger, a woman at that, was defiling me. It was so wrong.

And that's what makes it feel so right, my thoughts hissed.

It did feel right, and oh, so nice!

Bonnie's hands wrapped around my waist, grasping my rear. Her fingers dug into my cheeks, squeezing and kneading my butt. Another delightful sensation! I moaned again, more wonderful vibrations shooting through me. The seamstress's lips found my clit. She sucked.

“ Oh, geez!” I gasped.

More wonderful waves of passion crashed through me, each one bringing a sharp cry from my lips. I was drowning in pleasure, struggling to stay afloat, and not sink down fully into sin. But it was so hard; Bonnie's lips were pulling me deeper and deeper. I wanted to give in.

My hand was suddenly freed from whatever power—my thoughts froze. Power? Something had forced my hand to grab Bonnie's head. Something had taken control of me and forced me to sin! That feverish shiver. Oh, Lord, save me!

It was a Demon!

Some call me that. I

Guiding me to sin!

Guiding you to acceptance. This is what it is to be human. To delight in physical sensations. Whether they be food, drink, or sex.

“ Oh, gosh!” I groaned. I had to stop Bonnie. I couldn't climax.

Then stop her. I won't interfere...anymore.

“ Bonnie...” Another moan escaped my lips. A great, big swell of passion grew inside me, pulling me beneath the surface and drowning me in pleasure. “Please...”

“ I'll make you cum, cutie, don't you fret,” she grinned. Her lips were sticky with my sin. Oh, Lord help me, I wanted her to dive back in! “You repressed types always explode eventually. Just relax, and I'll take care of you.”

Her tongue wiggled back inside me, while her nose brushed my clit. My climax neared. I wanted to experience it. I had never desired anything in my life more. It didn't matter how wrong, how sinful, it was. Nothing mattered but satisfaction.

“ N...” I tried to speak, but my body ached for the pleasure This wouldn't be a small orgasm, but a full-blown, explosive, sinful climax. “I...I'm going to...” No, please, no. Think of John. Fight the demon!

“ Cum!”

My entire body erupted with rapture. I shuddered in orgasm. Bonnie's strong hands held me upright. It was so wonderful. My head threw back. My vision fuzzed. My breasts heaved and swayed. I shrieked and screamed so loud, I'm sure they heard me in Australia or China.

Wasn't that just special? the demon laughed, feminine and husky. So deliciously impure.

“ Oh, Lord, what have I done?”

Light glinted on my left hand—my engagement ring. Guilt crashed through me. I pushed away from Bonnie, stumbling back and sitting down heavily on a folding chair. My body still quaked with my orgasm, and the evil demon's chuckles echoed about my head. I wasn't pure anymore. I had succumbed to temptation. And I had enjoyed it.

They always do. Don't feel bad. Enjoy the gift I gave you, and look forward to the next one.

Gift? My eyes widened, remembering the energy that had rushed out of me into Bonnie. You did something to her, too?

I just gave her a nudge. She was halfway to seducing you herself. Only scared of the consequences. I merely removed her inhibitions.

“ Are you...okay?” Bonnie asked, licking her lips. Her fingers hooked into her short's waistband, and she yanked them down along with her panties. Her pussy was bare, and something silver glinted. She even pierced her pussy!

Doesn't that look juicy. Just get down on your knees and enjoy!

My lust scared me. I wanted to taste Bonnie so bad. “I have to go!” I fumbled with the garter, and peeled down the hosiery as fast as I could. “I'll...we'll reschedule..I just...” My mind was spinning in place. I sinned. I betrayed John. I loved having a woman lick me. Guilt, lust, and shame attacked me from every direction.

I grabbed my dress, pulled it over my head, and fled, leaving behind my panties, shoes, and bra. I barely had the presence to scoop up my purse. Two women stood outside the dressing room, their cheeks red.

“ You little slut,” the younger woman laughed.

Oh,God, they heard. I sinned. I betrayed John. I loved having a woman lick me.

“ Your poor fiance,” the older woman muttered. “And with your seamstress. You should be ashamed.”

I fled, tears brimming in my eyes.

Shame is such a useless emotion. And so is guilt. All they do is drag you down and weaken you. Embrace your desires! Satisfy your cravings! You'll be a lot happier in the end.

I ran to my car, the pebbly concrete hurting my bare feet. Ahead, a young man wearing a white muscle shirt leaned against his truck. Desire burst inside me. He was so handsome. I should just drop to my knees and—

Stop that, demon!

You know you want to suck his cock. Your mouth desires it. Then you want to feel his hard dick filling your pussy.

Shut up!

He'll do it. Right here on the street. His eyes are watching your bouncing tits through his sunglasses. He desires you. Even though he has a girlfriend he loves, he'd fuck you in a heartbeat.

Leave me alone! In Jesus's name, I command you to leave my body.

She chuckled. Just saying a name isn't going to stop me. It's just a word.


How about the young man across the street? He's already cheated on his girlfriend once today. If you suck his cock, you'll be able to taste his mistress's pussy. Umm, imagine that.

My mouth watered.

I pulled my phone out of my purse. It was a simple flip phone, not one of those smart phones with all the temptations of the internet at their disposal. I found the number, and called my fiance.

Why don't you fuck John then. He's the man you really want. But no, you don't want your first time to be with a virgin. Your first time should be enjoyable. Besides, guys love a girl who's experienced. So let's see, whom should we get to pop your cherry. I think someone older, more accomplished.

“ Hey, Kelly,” John answered. “What's up?”

“ Oh, John,” I sobbed. “There's something wrong.”

“ What?” It was so wonderful to hear his voice.

Hmm, how about that older man? He's with his wife, but she's getting a little long in the tooth, and he's been craving some younger flesh. The older man glanced at me. I could feel his eyes lusting after my body. His wife shot him a dirty glance. Look at those hands. Strong, confident. He'll make you purr.

I turned away. I could feel the old man's eyes on my body, desiring me. My body ached to give in.

“ A demon's possessing me, John!” God, please let him believe me. Please, Lord!

There was a long pause. He must think I'm crazy. And why wouldn't he? Demon possessions didn't happen anymore. “I'm leaving work. Go and see Reverend Mitchell at once. I'll be there as soon as I can.”

Relief surged through me. “You believe me?”

“ Of course. I've known you too long, Kelly. You're not one to be deluded or tell such outrageous lies.”

“ Thank you,” I whispered, tears brimming in my eyes. “Thank you, thank you.”

“ It'll be okay, Kelly. I love you.”

“ John... It...” A choking sob cut off my words. “It made me do...something.”

“ You're not hurt?”

“ No. I...” Another sob.

Tell him. Tell him how much you loved having another woman lick your pussy. Break his heart.

“ She made a things to me.”

Another pause. “You mean...”

“ I'm sorry, John.”

“ It was the demon, Kelly.” What a wonderful guy. “It wasn't you. It was the foul spirit possessing you.”

“ But...” I did enjoy it. “I'm going to Reverend Mitchell right now. I love you.”

The demon tormented me the entire drive. Every handsome man or comely woman was pointed out to me, and I ached to follow the demon's words and let them do things to me. It wasn't long before I was driving one-handed, the other plunging two fingers in and out of my pus— No, my vagina! I had to stay as strong as I could, and fight her influence in any little way possible.

I came before I reached my church, stopped at a light, moaning like a shameful hussy. I was pretty sure the guy stopped next to me knew exactly what I was doing. That made the shuddering pleasure even more intense. After that shameful act, I raced to my church, keeping my hands glued firmly to the steering wheel. My pussy itched to be pleasured.

I burst into the church's office, located in a small house next door to the worship hall. Mrs. Breite, a motherly woman who served as the church's secretary, was bustling out. “Why, hello, child,” she smiled, a large purse clutched in her hands. “Whatever is the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.”

No, a demon! “I need to see Reverend Mitchell right away!” I panted, wiping a sweaty lock of fiery hair from my face.

“ He's still in his office. We were about to break for lunch. But if it's important, I'm sure he'll speak with you.”

She's cheated on her husband, the demon whispered. Last year, with her neighbor. For three months they had a passionate affair, but then he moved. She misses his cock. Her husband barely gets it up anymore.

No, no, no. I won't listen to your lies. Mrs. Breite wouldn't cheat on her husband. She's a good Christian woman. She loves her husband. I've seen them together.

Love and lust are two very different things, Kelly. You love John, yet you let Bonnie eat your juicy pussy out.

No. You made me do that.

I may have nudged you, but you could have stopped Bonnie if you had really wanted to.

I knocked on Reverend Mitchell's office door. “Come in,” he hollered.

The Reverend sat behind his desk, strewn with papers and pens and other knick-knacks. He stood up, smiling at me, and was dressed casually in khaki slacks with a Hawaiian shirt tucked into them. He was a tall man, thin, with a warm, friendly face and salt-and-pepper hair that made him look not so much old as distinguished. He had been my pastor for most of my life, and I knew he would be able to help me. Concern painted his face. He was so caring and handsome. His chin was chiseled, his jaw straight, and those hands would feel—

Stop that!

The demon chuckled. That was all you, Kelly.

“ What's the matter?” Reverend Mitchell asked, motioning to a seat opposite his desk.

I sat down, then grabbed a tissue from his desk to wipe at my sweaty forehead. I took a deep breath; John believed me, so will Reverend Mitchell. “I think a demon's possessing me, Reverend.”

He blinked. “That's a very serious thing. Are you sure, Kelly?” He reached over and grasped my hands. They were so strong and caring and gentle. I fought the sinful images flooding my mind. I wanted the Reverend. He possessed such...authority.

Look at his eyes, the demon whispered. See the lust burning in them. He's desired you for sometime. I can feel it radiating off of him.

Shock flooded me. I glanced at his eyes; they were the same, affectionate hazel they've always been. You're wrong! He's my Reverend. He's been friends with my parents for years and years. He doesn't desire me. Besides, he's married.

So? He's a man, and you're a very attractive young woman. And the Reverend has been a very bad man. He lusts after his female parishioners, while decrying their shameless attire. The hypocrite. I like him. He's perfect to pop your cherry.

“ There's a demon inside me,” I blurted out. I needed to get rid of her before I succumbed to temptation; I wanted to have my virginity intact for my wedding night. “She whispers terrible things to me. And makes me want to do things.”

“ Like what?”

“ She, the demon, wants me to do...things with you. Naughty, sinful things.” I swallowed; my cheeks must be crimson because they felt on fire. “And she says you lust after me. That you desire me. She's telling me lies to trick me into more sin. You would never lust after me, right?”

His eyes looked me up and down. “Well, look at your appearance. How could you not stir lust inside me with your slattern's attire?”

I glanced down, then flushed. I had been sweating so much my dress was sticking to my breasts, and the buttons were half-undone, exposing more skin than I had ever shown. And it was so obvious that I wore no bra; the dress was thin, and my nipples were pink shadows dimpling the fabric.

“ You walk in here dressed like a hussy, of course I'm going to lust after you. Women's iniquities have ever led righteous men into temptation.”

Oh, I like him a lot, the demon chuckled. I can feel how many times he's 'succumbed' to his parishioners' iniquities.

“ I'm sorry,” I blushed. I tried to ignore the demon, while pulling my dress closed. “I was getting my wedding dress fitted, and this spirit of lust possessed me. She...” I shivered, heat flushing through me as I remembered Bonnie's lips kissing and caressing me. “The demon took control of me, and made the seamstress...pleasure me.”

His lips twitched. Was that a smile? No. It must have been a grimace. He's my pastor, and rightly disgusted that I've had lesbian sex. “A wicked deed. And how did the seamstress pleasure you?”

“ Does that really matter, Reverend?”

“ It does. I have to know.”

He just wants to have all the dirty details. He plans on masturbating to it. The good Reverend loves girl-on-girl action.

I ignored the demon's lies. “She used her mouth...down there.”

He nodded. “The source of all fornication and lust. A woman's shame. Did you pleasure her? Did you spread her legs, and gaze into her sinful hole? Did you shove your tongue deep inside her sin, and taste her shame?”

“ No.” I swallowed. “But I wanted to.”

“ Of course you did. Every woman is the same, whorish creature,” he preached. “So many times have they come in here and blandished their attributes at me.”

They've done more than just blandished him. He's fucked several women in here.

Images flooded my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to force them out. “Stop it! I don't want to see!”

Mrs. Bailey, my Sunday School teacher, lay naked on her back across the desk, her large breasts thrashing about from the violence of Reverend Mitchell's thrusts. The image shifted; Mrs. Meyers was on her knees licking his cock while the Reverend called her such filthy names. Then it was Margaret, my classmate, kneeling on the floor while the Reverend buggered her. Her pretty face was twisted with pain and pleasure. And my—

No! That can't have happened. Please stop showing me these lies!

I fought to suppress the image of my mother, naked, straddling Reverend Mitchell's waist. “Fuck me!” she groaned, her words echoing through my head. The Reverend's hands squeezing her ass, while his face was buried between her round tits. “Give me that hard cock! My poor little cunt needs it so bad!”

No! You're lying, demon.

Why would I lie?

She loves my father. She'd never cheat on him!

Love is not the same as lust. She has the same urges you have. Why is it surprising she acts on them? Look at how passionate she feels. Look at the pure joy suffusing her body as she writhes on her lover.

Don't you want to experience that feeling?

Yes, a tiny voice whispered from the depth of my soul.

I had never seen her look so...radiant. Her auburn hair fell loosely down her creamy back as her hips pumped furiously on the Reverend's lap. She was enjoying his penis. She was enjoying making love. No, not making love, she's fucking him and loving it. After all her lectures on abstinence and only laying with your husband, the hussy throws herself on another man and indulges in all her sinful, carnal desires.

Imagine that hard cock sliding inside you. He's dying to find out how your younger, more supple body compares to your mother's.

“ Is the demon talking to you?” the Reverend asked.

I blinked, looking up at Reverend Mitchell. I hadn't realized I had fallen to the floor. I was on my back, my knees were bent, my dress had slipped down and—he's looking down my skirt at my naked pussy, a bulge forming in his pants.

“ Yes,” I answered, spreading my legs wider. It was so wicked. If my mother was such a hussy, why had I denied myself? Why had I listened to the hypocrite?

For John, whispered my conscience.

Fuck John later. The Reverend's ready now!

Desire burned inside me. I had to be wicked and sinful with someone. It was too much. The images the demon had shown me had fanned my lust to new heights. But it was John I wanted to take my virginity, not the Reverend.

I tried to close my legs, but the demon wouldn't let me. Please! The moment John arrives, I'll jump on him, and we'll make love. Don't make me do this! Not with Reverend Mitchell!

No. This is more fun, Kelly! Defile yourself with your pastor. Be his whore.

My hand went numb, and the demon forced my hand to reach out and boldly grasp the Reverend's crotch. He felt terrifyingly large. “I need your Holy Rod to exorcise me,” the demon spoke through my voice, cooing like a trollop.

“ I will cleanse you of all your iniquities!” Reverend Mitchell preached.

Just give in to your desires. Be as free as she was.

The image returned. My mother was in the throes of her orgasm, face twisted in happy lust. I could have that same feeling. I wanted to have that same feeling. I'm sorry, John. I pray you'll still love me, but I don't see how you could after I'm so soiled.

I surrendered to the demon's possession.

“ Make me a woman,” I purred. “Free me from this demon.”

He pulled me up, cupping my face. “Praise Jesus,” he whispered, then he kissed me.

I melted against him. His mouth was so strong, stubble rasping against my lips and cheeks. Strong arms wrapped around me; hands squeezed my rear. Your ass, the demon corrected. The Reverend groped my ass, pulling me against his penis. His cock, Kelly. He slipped one hand up and squeezed my tit. Then he shoved his hand down my bodice.

Oh, Lord, yes!

His fingers found my hard nipple, stroking it as his tongue plunged into my mouth. I savored my first French kiss. Pleasure tingled through me, from my aching nipple down to my aching pussy. I was putty in his hands. I would do whatever he wanted. It felt so amazing. Why had I even wanted to fight this?

The demon chuckled.

The Reverend turned us, pressing my ass against the edge of the desk. He backed away, then quickly unbuttoned my dress. It fell off my shoulders, exposing my round breasts. “Such sinful temptation. I give in only to rescue this poor woman from evil's grasp.” He bent down, and his mouth engulfed my nipple

“ Oh, fuck!” I swore, savoring the dirty word rolling off my tongue as much as the pleasure of his lips sucking on my nipple. A dam had broken inside me. Why should I do something as silly as controlling my words, when I was giving in to a far greater sin. “Holy shit! Keep doing that! Suck the evil out of me!”

His hands pushed my dress off my hips as he nursed and nibbled. He spread my thighs; his thick fingers roughly shoved into my pussy. He pressed against my innocence, his thumb rubbing hard on my clit.

“ Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I cursed. Every naughty word made the thrill inside me grow. “Keep doing that! I'm gonna cum!”

“ Expel the demon!” he screamed, digits pumping in my depths, pressing over and over against my maidenhead. “Expel it out of your vile hole, hussy!”

“ Oh, God! Deliver me from evil!” I screamed. So close to cumming. Just a few more thrusts. “Drive this demon from me!”

I clung to the Reverend's neck as my orgasm crashed through me. The demon moaned, shuddering along with me. She seemed to be drinking my passion. I was feeding her with every wonderful cum that crashed through me.

Delicious! she purred.

My arms went weak, and I fell back onto the desk, knocking over pens, papers, and other things; they crashed and clattered onto the floor. The Reverend stared at me, his hazel eyes burning with passion. He deliberately started unbuttoning his shirt.

“ The evil is buried too strongly in you. It will take far more work to liberate your whorish soul.”

His chest was fairly muscular, not anywhere near as ripped as my fiance's hunky torso, but pretty good for a guy who was almost sixty. His belt came off, and his khakis fell to the floor followed by his boxers—white and adorned with gold crosses—revealing his thick cock. It was angry red, the tip smooth, and pointed straight at my pussy.

“ Take me,” I groaned, writhing my hips. I needed that rod inside me! My pussy demanded it!

“ Vile hussy!”

“ So vile! Fuck me, Reverend!”

He grabbed my hips, pulling my ass to the edge of the desk. His cock slid down my inner thigh, leaving a glistening trail of slime. Then he nudged my pussy. A small firework went off inside me. This was it. I would be forever soiled. I could stop this.

But you don't want to.

No, I don't want to. The itch inside me had to be scratched. I'm sorry, John. “Fuck me, Reverend!”

“ Lord, take mercy on this sinful creature, and drive the evil from her soul so she may stop tempting men with her womanly blandishments!”

I gasped; his cock thrust inside me. My hymen tore; pain flared inside me, then the sore ache was immediately replaced by this wonderful feeling. I was full! His cock stretched me open, rubbing against my sensitive pussy, and the pleasure was...amazing. I threw my limbs around him, hugging him tightly. I let him ravish me, savoring every thrust of his cock through my wet depths.

“ Hussy!” he grunted, pumping slowly inside me. Pleasure cascaded through me. This was even better than Bonnie's lips. “Dirty, fucking hussy! Coming in here and seducing me with lies about a demon! You're all the same. Every woman is just a filthy creature slaved to the hole between her legs. Even your mother was a whore. She walked in here, crying about a fight she had with your father. But it was just an excuse to spread her legs, and feed her sinful desires!”

“ I don't care!” I moaned. “Just don't stop fucking me! So good! Make me cum!”

“ You're a hot, little cunt, aren't you? I bet you want more than just my cock! I bet you want to spread your filthy thighs for every man!”

“ Yes! I want to be fucked. I want to experience every pleasure I can, Reverend!”

“ Sinful hussy!”

This will be so much fun, giggled the demon. I didn't show you everything that's happened in this office.

The pleasure built and built inside me. It was like starting a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together. His wonderful stick rubbing in my hole, the heat growing and growing. The friction was so wonderful, burning my insides with raw passion. I grunted and howled and moaned. This is what she felt! No wonder she cheated on Father. Who wouldn't break their marriage vows to experience such bliss.

“ Whore! Goddamn, filthy whore!”

“ Yes!” I groaned, savoring his words. “Fuck my whorish hole! Harder! I'm about to cum!”

His cock plunged faster and harder inside me. His groin mashed into my clit, adding more pleasure to the mix. The passion was so intense. My body twitched and writhed, and my fingers dug into his back.

“ Cum! Cum, my dirty, little hussy! Let me feel your cunt's shame around my cock!”

The fire erupted. My cunt spasmed, bearing down on his dick. He drove even harder into me, the desk sliding a half inch. He grunted more obscenities and insults as my passion burst inside me. Every stroke of his cock just prolonged my orgasm. The demon loved every second of it.

Here it comes! she moaned. Savor this moment!

The Reverend buried himself in me, his body tensing and his face twisted with passion. Then I could feel something warm flooding my cunt, dousing the fire like a fireman's hose. His seed spilled into my unprotected womb. He thrust again, and more cum shot inside me, then one last thrust, before he collapsed upon me. His shame puddled inside me, soiling me fully.

“ Lord, what a sinful hussy you have sent to me,” he breathed.

I enjoyed his weight on top of me, my nose filled with the salty-sweet scent of cum, pussy, and sweat—an intoxicating mix of fragrances. I felt so warm and helpless beneath him, holding him tight. My orgasm faded, but that hunger still burned inside me. Would she ever be satisfied?

No, the demon chuckled. Never. I'll always be hungry.

The Reverend pulled away from me, sitting heavily on a chair. My pussy ached pleasantly, and I looked down to see white cum leaking out. Curious, I reached down and scooped up a glob and brought it to my lips. It was salty and sweet.

The sweetness is all you, Kelly.

Do all pussies taste this good?

Most. Though the flavor varies. We'll find a nice pussy for you to lick.

“ Such a hussy,” he groaned as I scooped up another gob of cum. He grabbed his phone, dialing. “Elder Murphy. You should come to my office. Kelly Smith is here. The little hussy needs to be set straight. And grab Deacon Bailey. She's a depraved, young woman in need of a great deal of counseling.”

I learned true depravity when the Elder and the Deacon showed up. I sucked my first cock, the Deacon's, while the Elder fucked my pussy from behind. They both were thrusting, sawing my body back and forth between them, while the Reverend watched and stroked his semi-hard cock back to life. I felt like such a naughty whore! My orgasm was hot and fast, and I moaned about the Deacon's dick as my cunt spasmed about the Elder's shaft. My little pussy did its job, because a moment later the Elder pulled out of me. With a strangled groan, he shot his load on my ass while I swallowed the Deacon's thick, and very salty, cum.

“ I have to have that ass,” the Reverend declared. “Bend over my desk.”

I gladly did, eager for this new experience. He spread my asscheeks and buggered me. It was a new, yet still wonderful, sensation. His cock was lubed by hand lotion, and he greasily slid into my bowels. He grunted hard with every thrust. Pleasure bloomed inside me, another wonderful cum neared. I was addicted to them, feeding more and more lust to the demon possessing me.

“ What a dirty whore,” the Reverend chuckled, his balls slapping against my pussy. “She loves getting fucked up the ass!”

“ I'm gonna have a piece of that when you're finished,” grinned the Deacon. “Make her suck your cock clean. She's got an eager mouth, and I bet she can suck another load out of your balls!”

“ Oh, yes!” I gasped. “I can't wait!”

“ Dirty...” His cock thrust into me, my clit pressing against the hard edge of the desk. So wonderful. “...fucking...” He pulled his cock out. “...whore!” His cock thrust back in.

“ I am!” That's all I was. Just like Mother. I bet these three used her the same way, while she loved ever second of it. My orgasm crashed through me. My ass convulsed about the Reverend's cock, hungry to eat his cum.

“ The little whore's coming on my cock. What an anal slut!”

“ She's not!” a man roared.

John was in the room, anger twisting his face. Reverend Mitchell pulled out of my asshole in astonishment. My fiance balled up his fist, and punched the Reverend right on the nose. He fell in a spurt of blood, and landed in a moaning heap. John drew back his foot, and planted a kick, hard, in the Reverend's stomach. The air whooshed out of his lungs with a strangled cough.

“ Kelly is not a whore!” my fiance screamed, his eyes wild. My fiance kicked him a second time.

“ John!” I cried out, shame momentarily filling me. Then overwhelming desire replaced it. He was so strong, so handsome, as he defended my soiled virtue. And so sexy. I wanted him to scoop me up in his strong arms and take me like the dirty slut I had become.

I can see why, purred the demon, admiring his broad shoulders.

The Deacon went to grab John as he drew back for another kick. My fiance shoved the Deacon back, and he crashed into a bookshelf, splintering the cheap particle board and sending heavy books crashing to the floor. The Elder, giving an unmanly shriek, tried to run out of the room, but tripped on the pants bunched around his ankles, falling in a scrawny, bony pile.

“ Kelly,” John whispered, and scooped me up. He bent and grabbed my dress and carried me out of the church's office. “Are you okay? They didn't hurt you?”

“ Hurt me? No, I loved it!” I giggled. “I loved their dicks in my pussy, mouth, and ass!”

“ That's just the demon talking,” he muttered.

“ No, it's not,” I whispered “The demon just...awakened me. She guided me out of all those wrong ideas about sex the Reverend and my mother taught me.” I kissed his lips. “And I want to share everything I've learned with you.” I licked his neck up to his ear. “I want to make love to you so bad. Reverend Mitchell and the rest were nice, but it's you I want. Take me, ravish me. I'll be your whore!”

“ I don't want you to be my whore,” he growled.

So passionate. I bet he would fuck me so hard!

What a dirty hussy you've become, Kelly.

I know. I bet your proud!

Like a cat watching her kitten hunt for the first time.

“ I want you to be my wife, Kelly!”

“ I can be both.” I kissed my way to his mouth, stubble rough against my lips. “I can love you and fuck you.”

“ We'll find a way to free you,” he promised.

“ I don't want to be freed, I want to be fucked! By you, by anyone! Take me, John! Stick your hard cock inside my pussy!”

He's burning to fuck you.

Then make him. Do what you did to Bonnie.

Sure. Why waste time!

Energy flowed out of me, fever infecting John. He groaned; his body shivered and cheeks reddened. I kissed him, thrusting my tongue deep into his lips. He kissed me back, my arms wrapped around his neck. It was so wonderful. My heart hammered, and my pussy couldn't wait to feel his hard cock inside—

“ No!” John snarled. “I will not give in to the demon's power!”

He's a stubborn one. He's too pure, like you used to be.

He sat me down next to his car, ripped open the back door. “We're going to the library. There has to be a book or something that will explain how to free you, Kelly.” He handed me my dress, and looked away.

“ Fine,” I muttered, pulling my dress over my body. The fabric clung to my ass, sticky with the Elder's cum. I climbed into the backseat. “I'm not happy with you, John. I'm throwing my young, hot, and very nubile body at you, and you're saying no. Being rejected hurt's a gal's feelings.”

“ I'm doing this for our love,” he answered. “Once the demon's gone, you'll be back to normal. And I don't want there to be any...regrets.”

That softened his rejection. “I don't think I can be normal. The demon opened something inside me.”

“ I'll love you anyways, Kelly.”

I smiled, and hiked up my skirt. “Want to look at my pussy, John? It's messy with the Reverend's yummy cum.”

“ Lord, give me strength,” he muttered, pulling his eyes away with a great effort. Then he climbed in, and started the car.

I played with my pussy the entire ride, bringing myself to the verge of cumming, then letting it fade. He kept glancing back at me in the rearview mirror, his face flushed. “Just come back and fuck me,” I moaned as we stopped at a light. “I need a cock so bad.”

“ I'm sorry,” he groaned. “Please stop tempting me, Kelly.”

“ If you won't fuck me, I'll find someone who will.”

“ Lord, help Kelly fight the demon,” John prayed.

How about that man? the demon whispered, turning my head to a handsome jogger waiting at the crosswalk. His body had a golden tan, and rippled with muscles beneath his red, spandex shirt. I smiled; so strong.

I opened the passenger door and called out, “Hey, hunk! Why don't you crawl in here and fuck me!”

“ What are you doing, Kelly?” John asked, sounding strangled.

“ Getting some cock,” I shrugged. “There are plenty of guys for me to fuck if you don't want to.”

The jogger looked at me, gaping as I flashed my cum-filled cunt at him. The demon reached out, and touched the man with burning warmth; she was growing stronger, feeding off my lust. The stranger's dick hardened in his spandex shorts, and he was inside the car in a flash. My hands pushed down his shorts, stroking his long, hard cock. He buried his shaft in me as John yelled in surprise.

“ Get out of my car!”

“ Sorry, man!” the jogger groaned, thrusting frantically inside me.

“ Just keep driving, honey,” I moaned as the jogger's strong hands found my tits. “He's keeping my pussy company.” I paused, then purred, “Unless you want to fuck me.”

“ Just the demon,” John muttered. “Just the demon.”

I enjoyed the jogger for three more lights, staring into the rearview mirror at John's blue eyes the whole time. I wanted my fiance to see how much I loved it, hoping his lust would overcome him and he'd join in. He didn't. Well, that was his loss.

The jogger was a wonderful lover; his cock was long and stretched my hole nicely. He drove my ass into the seat, grunting like a beast with every quick thrust. He freed my tits, fingers pinching and pulling on my hard nipples. I locked my legs about his hips, pulling his girth deep inside me. Pleasure built quickly; this was so wicked, like I was the star of a porno performing for the man I loved. I gasped and came, screaming loudly for John, while I humped my hips against the stranger. Then that wonderful moment came when my newest lover spilled inside me. So warm and yummy, and I screamed my satisfaction a second time.

The jogger climbed out, smiling, and kept on jogging.

We reached the Pierce County Public Library. John's blue jeans bulged with his arousal. I hooked my arm into his, and leaned on his shoulder as we walked inside. “Just ask, honey, and I'll be even more passionate with you.”

He didn't say anything. His jaw was set.

He's fighting his lust. The poor man. He's as repressed as you were. The demon chuckled. Though he does jack off to you most nights.

Aw, how sweet. Just me?

No. He's jerked off to porn before.

“ Have you ever watched a porno?” I asked John as we sat down at the library's catalog computers.

“ Of course not.”

He has. Just last night he watched Young and Horny 13.

13? So many in that series?

Hmm, there's at least thirty-three in that series. Plus eleven in the Young and Horny: All Girls Club.

I blinked at that. So many naughty things I had missed out on. “Really, John? You didn't watch Young and Horny 13 last night?”

He tensed, glancing at me, then he really flushed. “I'm sorry. I get weak sometimes.”

“ It's okay. I've always wanted to watch a porno.” I licked his ear lobe, whispering, “We could do it together.”

He shivered, and pulled away. “Let's just free you first, okay. Then we can talk about...that.” He kissed my forehead; I wanted him to kiss other parts of me.

I put my hand on his cock as he typed, stroking his girth through his blue jeans. “We could sneak into the bathroom, and I could relieve your stiffy. I would love to suck your cock, honey.”

“ No.” Sweat beaded his forehead, and his handsome face flushed.

“ It's not sex,” I giggled. “Remember, President Clinton said so.”

“ Please, Kelly,” he begged. “You're making this hard.”

I squeezed his crotch. “I know! I can feel it! I can't wait until you fuck me with your big cock!”

“ Listen, why don't you go find this book.” He wrote a Dewy decimal number down.

“ Fine,” I pouted.

My pussy was on fire as I slumped off. Once I was between the stacks, I slipped my hand between my thighs and played with my gooey cunt. It felt nice, but the demon and I both needed something more. Something thick and hard that would spray more sticky spunk inside my dirty hole.

“ Hey, cutie,” I grinned as a guy walked around the corner. He had a cock—good enough.

One touch of my hand, and a little heat from the demon, and the man was panting after me like a dog after his favorite treat. His cock felt nice through his pants as I lead him by the crotch towards the restroom. He had a grin on his ugly face, simultaneously bemused and excited.

“ What kind of slut are you?” he asked, eying my nearly exposed tits jiggling free beneath my blouse.

“ The best kind,” I smiled. “One that's willing to fuck you.”

I pulled the man into the restroom. It was a single-occupancy, gender-neutral restroom, and I didn't bother to lock the door. Anyone who walked in would just be joining the fun! I hoped it was a hot chick; I was looking forward to my first taste of cunt. The man stretched out on the floor, unbuckling his jeans. I took a good look at him; he was flabby, and his face wasn't that handsome, which was to put it politely, but his cock was nice and long. And I had heard of something called reverse cowgirl.

I straddled his waist, stroking his throbbing dick. I fumbled with his shaft, dying to stick it into my pussy hole. I slid it through my pussy a few times, wonderful shivers of pleasure tingling through me, before I found my tunnel. I dropped my weight down, gasping as his dick impaled me.

“ Oh, fuck!” I gasped. He felt fantastic inside me, but my cunt itched for more sensations. So I rose up, friction sparking more pleasure, and then I came down.

“ Damn, you have a fucking nice rear!” the man groaned as I rode him. He kept slapping my ass. I loved that, too. There was something so demeaning about it. I was being naughty, and deserved my punishment!

Reverse cowgirl was the best position! I didn't have to look at his face, but I could still enjoy his long cock sliding deep inside me. So wonderfully long! I loved bouncing up and down on his shaft, controlling the action. I quickly learned that if I leaned forward or backward it changed where his dick rubbed through me, changing the sensations bursting inside me. My pleasure increased; I rode faster, causing my tits to flop and jiggle, so I grabbed my nipples and played with them. More wonderful feelings tingled through me.

“ Fuck, what a whore!” he groaned. He slapped my ass again. “Keep riding me, slut!”

“ Umm, I am a slut!” I groaned.

Yes, you are.

Thank you, demon.

You're welcome.

The bathroom door opened; John entered.

“ Get the fuck out, man,” the stranger moaned. “Can't you see we're busy?”

“ Hey, John,” I smiled, still bouncing on the stranger's wonderful cock. “I got distracted, sorry.”

“ Kelly,” my fiance groaned, his words ripped out of him. “You're...”

“ Fucking! And loving it!”

My fiance was frozen, eyes wide; lust and concern and guilt seemed to war on his face as he watched me being a whore. His mouth moved, but no words came out. A bulge formed in his jeans, nice and thick; I licked my lips in hunger.

“ Get the fuck out!” the stranger yelled again.

“ Oh, shush,” I said with some irritation. “He's my fiance. If you keep complaining, I'll stop fucking you.”

“ Sorry,” the stranger muttered.

“ Oh, God,” John suddenly groaned. “It's like watching a porno! Your breasts are so big. And those nipples. I've always imagined...”

“ You like them?” I asked, holding my tits up. The demon whispered a suggestion. Grinning, I sucked my own nipple into my lips.

“ Jesus,” John groaned, dropping the book clutched in his hand. It landed with a heavy thud, echoing through the tiled bathroom. “That's so...”

“ Filthy?” I asked.

“ Yes! Oh, Lord, forgive me.” His hands unzipped his jeans. His cock was big, the tip a fleshy pink. He stroked it; eyes fixed on my big tits like a spotlight upon a performer. “Keep sucking your nipples.”

“ Sure,” I giggled.

I sucked my hard nipple back into my lips, gently nibbling on it, then sucking hard. Pleasure suffused my being. Bonnie was right: my nipples loved to be played with. John's eyes were riveted to my tits, while his fist beat faster on his cock. Being watched by my fiance just made the sex even more depraved, and that made it even more exciting.

“ Watch me be his whore!” I groaned as I switched nipples.

“ Yes,” he muttered. “So filthy!”

I smiled. Like me, he was overcoming his repression and learning to enjoy himself.

His fist pounded at his cock. Clear liquid dribbled out the front as his fist furiously flew up and down. I couldn't wait to feel that big cock buried all the way in my pussy. So thick. My cunt would cum so hard around his girth.

He wants to cum on your tits. It's his favorite fantasy.

“ Cum on my tits, John!” I moaned, presenting my mounds up to him. “Spray me with your thick, white spunk!”

“ God, yes!” He moved closer, his cock a half-a-foot away. “Kelly! I love those melons!”

He grunted; his cock twitched. Cum spurted out and splashed across my tits, warm and thick. A second blast, and a third, painted me in white. It ran in sticky globs down my orbs, a line reaching my nipple, beading around the nub, then dripped to the floor.

I swiped my finger up my breast, gathering a thick dollop, and savored his salty flavor. “Oh, John!” I groaned, bouncing harder and harder on the stranger's cock. “You loved watching me, didn't you!”

“ God help me, I did!” he moaned. “You were just so wild and beautiful.”

His hand reached out, and he squeezed my breast. Electricity sparked between us, racing down to my pussy. Pleasure suffused my being. I threw back my head, and screamed my passion to the heavens. I impaled myself fully on the stranger's cock, almost going limp as I was lost to the tide of rapture.

Yes, yes! Give me more! Make the man cum inside you.

I wanted to, but I was so tired. I had lost track of how many times I had cum today. My thighs burned, riding a man was a lot of work, and, frankly, I didn't care if the stranger came. I had my orgasm, what did I care about his?

I need it, the demon hissed.

My legs went numb. The demon took control. Muscles burned, and my hips began rising all on their own. I rose and fell on his cock once more, and more pleasure raptured through me, overwhelming my senses. My head spun; my torso swayed. I reached out for John, struggling to stay upright as my lower body kept riding the stranger.

“ John,” I gasped.

He knelt down; my arms found his shoulder. He hugged me, supporting me. I rested my head on his shoulder, supported by him as my hips and thighs kept fucking the stranger. More pleasure burst through me; I moaned into my fiance's neck. Faster and faster I rode the man, the demon pushing my body beyond my limits. I was drowning in exhaustion and pleasure, clinging to John, my lifesaver keeping me afloat.

“ Holy shit!” the stranger moaned. “Your cunt. So fucking amazing!”

“ Cum in me,” I whispered. “Please!”

It was all too much. Another orgasm exploded inside me. My entire being was swept away. I was only passion. A lone swimmer tossed about by storm-wracked waves, struggling to stay afloat. My thoughts became fuzzy, darkness fell across my vision.

A sultry woman laughed. Thick warmth flooded my pussy. A man grunted obscenities. A stinging slap on my ass. Lust suffused my very being. The storm abated. The seas of rapture calmed. Strong arms lifted me, held me. My pussy became emptied. A warm, muscular chest pressed against my cheek. Gentle hands stroked my hair.

I felt love.

I opened my eyes; John held me on the bathroom floor. I don't know how long I was passed out, but the stranger was gone. And, I blinked, John was naked. For once since the bridal shop, I wasn't horny; the demon's lust momentarily satiated. Shame and guilt returned. I shivered, naked in a public restroom, another man's cum leaking out of my pussy while my fiance held me. Tears built in my eyes; vulnerable fear nibbled inside me.

“ Why do you still care?” I asked John. “Why don't you hate me?”

He looked into my eyes. “Because I love you.”

“ Even if I want to fuck other men and women?”

He stroked my cheek, wiping away a tear. “Even then.” He kissed me gently. The guilt and shame retreated. My heart beat wildly. “Let's get that demon out of you.”

“ How?” As much as I loved my new freedom, and was thrilled that John was so understanding, I couldn't live like this. Always horny, always having to feed both of our hungers.

“ This book says, well, if you make love with someone that truly cares for you, and you truly care for them, then the demon won't be able to stand your love, and it will banish him.”

“ Her,” I muttered. Part of me didn't want to give her up, but the other part of me, the part that loved John, was too insistent.

I'm sorry, demon, it was fun, but I need my life back.

Your life will never be the same.

I know. Thank you.

I kissed John. Not the lustful kiss I shared with the Reverend, but a deep kiss that reached into our souls. His lips were nervous, his body trembling. He was the virgin. I took his hand and brought it up to my heavy breast. He squeezed it, and that felt wonderful. His fingers found my aching nipple, roughly stroking and pinching my nub, and stirring the passion in my pussy again. I had rested in his arms, my body recovering, spurred on by my love.

His kiss grew more strong and powerful. He pulled away, gasping, “Kelly, I've dreamed of this for so long.”

“ So have I.”

I slid off his lap onto the cold, bathroom floor, trembling; I wasn't a virgin, and yet I was more nervous about fucking John then I had been with the Reverend. He stretched out beside me, his muscles rippling with power. I reached out, felt his chest, his strength. His lips were hungry on mine, thrusting his tongue in with passion. He kissed down my neck, to my breasts. He sucked a nipple into his lips. So wonderful. I purred in appreciation, stroking his brown hair.

“ Finger me!” I moaned.

“ Gladly.”

I gasped as his thick fingers slipped inside me. First one, then a second, and then a third. He shoved inside me easily; I was slippery with other men's cum and my own juices. The heel of his palm kept accidentally brushing my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me.

“ Oh, John!” I groaned. “Keep doing that. You're stirring me up.”

He pulled out his fingers, creamy with other men's cum and my juices, and held them up to my lips. I sucked them clean. Such a naughty slut , the demon chuckled. I'll miss you.

Me, too.

John nuzzled my neck, mounting me. I spread my legs and grasped his hard cock, guiding him to my sheath. He pushed the tip through the folds of my pussy, finding my hole and thrusting all the way inside me. He remained buried in me for one wonderfully-long moment, then a low moan, almost guttural growl, escaped his lips. His hips pounded away. There was a sudden, eager frenzy to him; his cock had tasted pussy for the first time, and he was out of control with his need to revel inside me, and flood my pussy with his cum, claiming me as his. I would never have enjoyed such hard rutting without the Reverend's cock paving the way.

I told you.

“ Kelly!” he grunted. “Oh, wow! You feel amazing!”

“ Keep doing that, stud,” I moaned. His frantic rutting set my pot to boiling. My hands wracked his back, clawing him with fierce passion. His hips drove into me so hard, I feared we'd break through the floor.

“ You're mine,” he panted. “My beautiful lover!”

“ I'm yours first!” I groaned back, bucking my hips into him. “Make me howl!”

“ I'm gonna cum again,” he groaned. “I'm sorry, Kelly. I wanted to last longer, but you feel so amazing!”

“ Oh, yes!” I mewed. My pussy was primed, the demon fanning my lusts. She knew it was her last meal. “I'm so close! Cum in me, John! I need it! Oh, fuck, I need it!”

My hips rose to meet his, glad to finally be fucking John. Later, we would make love when our lusts had died down, but for now we rutted like two animals. He grunted, driving hard into me. Our groins mashed together almost painfully; my clit crushed over and over, adding to the boil.

“ Oh, Kelly!” he grunted. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!”

His cum spurted into me. My cunt spasmed around him.

It was fun, the demon whispered as she was expelled out of my body.

John's weight crushed me, then he stiffened, and one last spurt shot inside me. I smiled, finally satisfied. I nuzzled at my lover's neck, not caring that the bathroom floor was cold and dirty. The demon was gone, and John still loved me. His fingers cupped my chin, and he kissed me.

It was wonderful.

He broke the kiss, looking down at me with lust shining in his blue eyes. I could feel his cock stirring inside my sheath. Thickening, hardening. I stroked his broad back, my own pussy tingling with that familiar itch. And John's cock was the perfect thing to scratch it. I smiled, expecting the demon to whisper something naughty, like, Little slut. She said nothing.

“ She's gone,” I whispered. A small twinge of sorrow passed through me; she had awakened me to a whole new world of enjoyment, and I would always be grateful to her. “I didn't even learn her name.”

“ Zariel,” John answered, voice thick with desire.

“ What?” I asked. Zariel?

“ Sorry, Kelly!” He stood up, and bolted naked out of the bathroom.

“ John?” What the hell?

I stood up, trepidation whirling in my belly, and followed. I didn't care that I was naked. Let the world see! There was something wrong with my fiance. John was fast, and already out of sight. The library was depressingly empty, and I whipped my head around, trying to spot him through the gaps in the bookshelves. Where had he gone?

Then I heard a woman's moan.

“ John!” I called out, trying to figure out where that noise had come from.

There was another moan, feminine and husky, coming from behind the counter. There was an open door that seemed to lead to a backroom. Cautiously, I walked back there. John had the librarian bent over a rolling shelf strewn with books, while more novels fell off with his every violent thrust. Her skirt was hiked up, her panties hiked down, and my fiance's cock was buried in her asshole.

“ Oh, fuck me!” moaned the librarian slut. “Make me cum! Fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this!”

“ Work that ass, whore,” he grunted. “So fucking tight!”

“ John?” I asked. Where had he learned to talk like that? From pornos?

“ It worked,” John answered, vigorously pumping away. “We drove the demon out of you. Only, Zariel, well, she entered me.”

I laughed, walking over to him. My pussy stirred. Maybe it hadn't been just the demon making me so horny. Maybe I had just been a horny, repressed woman, and that demon had just pulled the cork out of my dam, letting all my passions flood out.

I pressed against my fiance's back, grinding my pussy into his pumping ass. “Is this our fate? To pass the demon back and forth between us?”

“ I think so,” he answered, smiling over his shoulder at me. I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed him briefly.

Then I knelt beneath them, watching his cock spear into the librarian's asshole, her plump cheeks jiggling. Her cunt was shaved, how naughty, and dripped with her spicy lust. “At least we'll have lots of fun together,” I giggled.

“ Definitely, Kelly. I love you.”

“ I love you, too.” I leaned up to get my first taste of pussy, hoping I would like it.

Instead, I loved it.

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