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The visit

The visit

Five years after Shellie's death, she pays her husband a visit.
Jeff tightened his tie, and looked into the mirror at his reflection. He placed both of his hands on the bathroom vanity and exhaled loudly. He was not ready for this. It had been five years since his wife Shellie had been killed by a drunk driver, but yet, he still found it hard to look at another woman and not compare her to the love of his life. She had been his life, and now that she was gone, he could barely go on.

Jeff and Shellie had met in high school. She was the most popular girl in the school. She had hair the color of the sun and cool blue eyes that could stare into any ones soul. Jeff had been just an average guy and why she ever fell for him, he still wondered. They had known each other through out their school years, but it wasn’t until their junior year that Shellie started to notice him. She had actually asked him out, because he was shy, and thought he had no chance because he had always had her on a pedestal, way above him. A tear ran from the corner of his eye as he remembered the day she asked him to take her home from cheer practice. He remembered how delicate she looked in her tank top and work out pants. The way each article of clothing had fit just perfectly on her. From that day on, they had been inseparable. Jeff splashed water on his face, and dried it with the towel. He walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed as he slipped his shoes on. Then he stood and headed out of the house.

Jeff was a very successful business man. Straight out of college, he started to work with a company and had quickly moved up the corporate ladder. He began to play the stock market, and with Shellie they had made some successful investments, and had sold them at the right time and made a handsome profit. Now he was the CEO of the company at 40 years old. He was heading to a charity banquet that Shellie had started. It would be the first time that he had attended since her passing and he was regretting having said he would go.

As he entered the banquet hall, he was greeted by many of the guest. Jeff was a good looking guy; his body was in shape while his heart remained broken. Many of the female guests tried to steal his eye, to no avail. He sipped champagne and traded small talk with the guests, looking for a way to escape, and then he smelled a familiar scent, as he turned, he seen a lady wearing a white sheer gown walking away from him. He laid his empty glass on the tray of the server and slowly followed her. As he followed at a distance, she seemed to glide across the room, undetected by any one else. Jeff quickened his pace as she headed toward the exit. By now Jeff was in a trot, dodging the guests in his way. As he approached the door, she was gone. As he stepped out side, he looked both ways, in search of the mystery woman. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the train of her gown waving in the breeze ahead.

Jeff dashed in her direction. When he turned the corner, unfortunately all he found was her train. He reached down and picked up the silky material off of the side walk and brought it to his nose. As he inhaled, the familiar fragrance of Shellie’s perfume filled his nostrils. Quickly his eyes focused on his surroundings, she had to be close he thought, he continued walking down the deserted street, holding the train of the mysterious woman close to his heart.

Saddened and disappointed, Jeff gave up his search after a couple of hours. He pulled his cell phone from his coat pocket and called for his driver to come and pick him up. As he road in the back of his limo, his eyes were glued to the side walks of the streets they traveled. As the limo pulled to down the long drive way and stopped in front of his house, Jeff hastily exited the car, not waiting for his driver. He walked up the steps and past the butler at the door with out saying a word. As he entered his bedroom, he slowly removed his clothes, and as every night for the last five years, he lay down alone in his bed and tried to drift off to sleep.

Suddenly Jeff was awakened in the middle of the night by a cool breeze washing over his body. As he quickly sat up in the bed, a bright light shown from the corner of his bed room. Frozen in fright, he could not speak, and could not tear his eyes away from the light. As he stared at the illumination, he could faintly detect a shadowed figure that seemed to walk toward him. As the shadow got closer the more it took the form of a woman. As quickly as it appeared, the light disappeared, but the figure remained. His courage returned and he sat up in the bed, and the figure come closer. His eyes became adjusted to the darkness as he focused on the figure and what he seen he couldn’t believe.

“Shellie?” He said softly. As he looked his brain did not conceive to what his eyes were seeing. The figure in front of him in fact looked exactly like his deceased wife, but he knew it was not possible. She was dressed in the same white gown as the mystery woman from the banquet. Her curly blonde hair flowed over her shoulders. The dim lights from the street enveloped her curvy figure. She neared and he could see the glow of her blue eyes. He rose to his knees and crawled toward her. She raised her hand and signaled him to stop. As he stared, he felt his boxers begin to slide down his hips. The coolness of the room sending chills through his body. In a moment he was kneeling naked in front of his wife. Shellie smiled, with her palm facing him she slowly moved her hand closer to him; Jeff felt pressure on his chest and could not resist as the pressure forced him onto his back. As he lay on his back, he kept his head raised not taking his eye off his angelic wife.

Shellie raised her hands and turned her palm towards her body. She slowly began to lower her hands. Her hands moved down past her face and in front of her shoulders. As her hands past in front of the dress, it seemed to melt away. Her ample breast soon filled Jeff’s vision. He licked his lips as her rose colored areolas come in to his view. Her breasts were perfectly set, high on her chest, her tiny nipples erect and pointing up ward. Her flat stomach, perfectly defined abs. Then her smooth round hips were before his eyes. As he gazed over her perfect body, he attempted to rise up in the bed, but could not move.

The figure of his wife stood at the foot of his bed. Her hands softly touched her left breast. A strange sensation covered Jeff’s body, as he lay frozen unable to move he could feel the softness of her skin in his fingers. As her fingers grazed over her nipples, he too could feel the hardness of them. He felt them harden between his fingers and could hear her soft moans echoing in the room. Jeff closed his eyes. He felt her fingers touch his bare leg. As he reopened his eyes, she had not moved but the feeling of her soft touch was still there and was inching up his calf up to his knee. He felt his legs tenderly open slightly as he felt his erection reach its fullness. He looked into her eyes, as the feeling moved past his knee to his thigh. He moaned loudly as he felt her soft fingers wrap around his engorged penis. His eyes again closed, as she slowly began to stroke him. He moaned uncontrollably. His penis had not had any ones attention but his for five years, and it felt unbelievable. His back arched as he felt the familiar feeling of her soft tongue touch the head of his shaft. He didn’t dare open his eyes. Her tongue traced around his circumcised head, then he felt the warmness of her mouth envelope him. In his mind, he began to thrust his hips upward to meet her lips while his hands gripped her hair. He knew he wasn’t going to last but she was in total control of his body. A rumble in his balls was sign that he was about to erupt, but to his surprise, the feeling went away as quickly as it had come. Jeff opened his eye the moment the feeling left his body. Shellie still stood there naked, motionless, her eyes closed tightly.

Jeff closed his eyes again. As he did, he felt movement above his body. A soft, wet feeling moved from his thigh across his penis to his abdomen. Then he felt Shellie’s soft fingers grip him. He felt a great urge to arch his back as he felt his penis penetrate her. He had missed the feeling of her velvety grip, he moaned uncontrollable as he felt her full weight on his lap and her hands on his chest. He felt the bed begin to move and could fell her tightness moving up and down his shaft. She had always loved this position. He felt a pull upward and felt the hardness of her nipple pressing against his lips. He didn’t hesitate. He opened his lips and sucked her hard nipple in between his lips. The harder he sucked, the faster she seemed to move up and down his shaft. The sounds of their passion filled the empty room. He could feel and hear her firm buttocks as it slapped forcefully against his upper thigh. She moaned in unison with him. From his memories, he knew that she was getting close. He freely brought his hands up and cupped both of her luscious breasts. He pulled them together and with his thumbs he pressed the sides so the nipples would touch. He eagerly sucked on both of her nipples hard. His tongue pressed them to the top of his mouth. He knew that would push her to her limits, and he was right. Like music to his ears, she let out a loud screeching moan, her sound of ecstasy. In the same exact moment, he felt his balls begin to erupt and shoot deep inside of her. Five years of built up tension filled her tight tunnel. Then he relaxed and fell back to the bed.

The bright morning sun woke him from his deep slumber. He raised himself quickly from the bed and looked around the room. To his dismay, there was no one there but him. He moved his hand to throw back the covers. He looked down, his boxers still in place. He buried his face in his hands and wept. It had felt so real, it could not have been a dream, he thought. He got out of bed and slipped on a robe. He went down the hall and down to the kitchen. As he picked up his coffee, Philip, his chef, gave him a thumbs up. Confused, he retrieved the morning paper and went back to his room. He took a sip of his coffee and laid it on his desk and walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He wet the brush, and applied the paste. He then looked up into the mirror while bringing the brush to his lips. Then he froze. He slowly raised his hand to his face while he turned his head. A smile came to his face as the lip print on his cheek.

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