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The Witch and the Dragon, Part 3

The Witch and the Dragon, Part 3

Master Zak takes control.
Chapter Five

He began undoing the closure to his Master Guardian’s uniform. Her wide golden eyes were riveted to his actions, making him ache in anticipation.

Going right for the kill, Zak-o? Remi snickered in his mind.

Zak clenched his teeth. Get out of my head, Red.

But Remi wasn’t the only presence he felt… or heard.

Zak, she’s really innocent. Anniel’s concern-laced voice chimed in next, making his hands freeze. Why don’t you let her stay with me, and we can have some girl talk.

Alluna’s big eyes rose to his. No. He wanted to be the one to teach her about the male form and all the beautiful things that can exist between a man and a woman.

Like fucking. Remi laughed.

Zak frowned. I’m not going to fuck her.

Yet. Seth added dryly.

Zak snorted in irritation. Now he understood why Remi hated their mental link. For once, he wanted a little privacy.

Alluna was biting her lip, her gaze flickering from his face to his open fly. He could feel the full length of his cock pulsing against the material of his pants. He was hard, very hard. And the girl had never seen a male in full aching arousal. Zak closed his eyes. She’d never seen a male close up—period. The minute he lowered his pants and his unruly dick sprang out, she’d scream her pretty little head off and would never allow him near her.

Maybe Anniel was right and she needed a little girl talk first?

Every dominant instinct in him rebelled against letting another take over. She needed to trust him, depend on him for everything.

Devon’s apprehension rolled over him and Zak didn’t want to hear any of them in his head anymore. With effort that had him grimacing, he pushed every Alpha Angel out of his head and closed himself off.

A shiver wracked his body at the empty feeling inside him, but the sight of the girl watching him expectantly had him moving again.

He turned and lowered his pants to his knees at the same time he sank back down on the bed. He turned to look at her over his shoulder.

“I’m going to lie next to you, Alluna. I want you to look your fill; touch and learn me. Do you understand?”

Her lip quivered. “Y-yes.”

“I do not want you to be afraid of me. I will not hurt you.”

He waited until she nodded and then slowly lowered back.

Her eyes followed his movement until the slippery feel of the coverlet cushioned his back. He bent his arms over his head as he took a deep breath. Alluna stared in fascination at the way his chest expanded, lower to the movement of his abs pulling in before relaxing with his exhale, and then her gaze widened as she looked down between his legs, at the massive tube of flesh that poked into the air.

For a moment, she looked as though she’d bolt, but he remained relaxed and just smiled at her.

“See? It’s not a snake. It’s just flesh and blood like the rest of me.”

She sat up, her face coming closer to his rigid flesh. He bit the insides of his cheeks in an attempt to keep from laughing as she frowned at his cock. “It’s like…like a tail, but in the front,” she finally said.

Zak winced at Remi’s bark of laughter in his head. The weredragon’s ribald laughter set Zak’s teeth on edge. How had the bastard sneaked back into his head again? In retaliation, Zak visualized Remien strapped to his favorite spanking bench being tickled until he cried and begged for mercy. The red-haired weredragon shut up quickly. Zak couldn’t help grinning when Remi’s mental presence disappeared.

He’d been so distracted with his visualization he hadn’t realized Alluna reached for him until her fingers wrapped firmly around his cock, jolting him back to the situation at hand.

Zak hissed, his body tensing. Alluna snatched her hand away as if stung.

“You told me to touch you,” she admonished with her clenched fist pressed against her chest.

His reaction must have startled her.

“So why are you not obeying me?” he frowned back, but kept his voice soft.

Her eyes widened slightly. “B-but… you… Does it… Did it hurt when I touched you?”

Zak licked his lips. “No, Alluna,” he replied, his voice thick with arousal. “It felt good. The feel of your soft hand on my cock excites me.”

The slight shift of one brow higher than the other was evidence that she felt perplexed by his words. She didn’t understand. He wondered if she’d ever felt aroused; awakened with a pleasant tingle between her thighs.

“Have you ever touched yourself?”

“What do you mean? Like when I bathe?”

“Well, kind of like when you bathe. Do you ever touch yourself other than when you’re bathing?”

“I… uh… um…” She chewed her lower lip, her brows furrowing in thought.

Without seeming to notice, she crossed her arms over her breasts and clamped her thighs shut. Her body made her uncomfortable.

Zak frowned. That would not do.

Reaching out, he grasped her hand gently, and brought it back to his cock. “Touch me, Alluna. Explore me.”

Delicate fingers curled around his rigid penis. They stroked him lightly from tip to root, her eyes darting warily to his for a moment. He had to stifle a groan when her searching fingers found and cupped his balls.

“What is this?”

Zak swallowed before taking a deep breath. “It’s called various things. The correct term would be testes. All male humanoids have them.”

Alluna frowned, tentatively lifting them, testing their weight. Zak wanted to spread his thighs, arch his back and demand she suck.... Control, Zak-o, he chided himself mentally.

“They feel cool to the touch,” she murmured rolling them softly in her palm. “What is it for?”

Zak remembered her mother’s cruel description of copulation to the girl. Alluna needed to know the truth.

“I produce sperm there.”

Alluna’s gaze flew up to his, confusion shining in their molten depths.

“My seed. My testes make sperm. When I’m very…excited, my seed erupts,” Zak touched the tip of his penis, “from here.”

Her frown deepened. “How awful that sounds.”

Zak grinned. "No, Alluna. It’s very pleasurable for me.”

“So whenever you’re…excited, your seed erupts?”

“If I want it to, yes.”

Her eyes stared back down at his erection and a little shudder of pleasure made it twitch when she licked her lips.

“Can I see?” she asked looking at him wide-eyed.

Zak swallowed. God.

Clearing his throat, he extended his hand. “Give me your hand.”

Alluna stared into those fiery blue eyes a few seconds before she placed her hand into his. He lifted it to his mouth. She gasped at the jolt of pleasure that ran through her body when he licked her palm, his hot tongue running up the center only to engulf her middle finger. She felt the tugging sensation of his tongue between her legs. How strange.

“I’ve got a better idea,” his dark velvety voice crooned after releasing her glistening finger from between his lush lips. “Lie back.”

Alluna felt hesitant when he rose up on one elbow. His sheer size dwarfed her completely.

“You don’t trust me?” One golden brow lifted.

She opened her mouth, unsure of what to say. Only a moment ago she felt he would not hurt her, but still… she was scared.

“Trust me.”

The soft request had something within her melting, making her roll onto her back.

His eyes grew darker, lashes lowering a bit. “Put your hands above your head and keep them there.” Alluna blinked up at him in confusion. “If you lower your hands I will stop what I am doing. Do you understand me, Alluna?”

She swallowed and nodded.

Alluna’s eyes flew wide when he came over her. Had he not held his body up on his forearms and knees, she was almost sure he could have crushed her beneath him. The muscles in his arms and chest bulged with power as his hair cascaded to one side in a fall of golden waves beside her face.

“First, I’m going to teach you to kiss.”

Kiss? She knew how to kiss. You puckered your lips and pecked the forehead, cheek, or hand.

He smiled at her, as if reading her mind and finding her thoughts amusing. Alluna watched his mouth lower toward hers.

The brush of his lips across hers felt petal soft. His mouth learned the shape of hers with slow strokes before nipping playfully first at her upper lip and then her lower one. Her heart pounded against her ribs as she shifted her thighs together. The hot throb at the juncture of her legs made her squirm more and arch toward him. When she felt the tip of his cock prod her thigh, she gasped. It was so close to her…vagina.

The feel of his tongue swiping over her lips and delving within had her startling again. He tasted her as though she were exotic fruit. It was strange, but the feel of that warm tongue slithering around between her lips made her toes curl.

Tentatively, she allowed her own tongue to slither out and play with his. He groaned deep in his throat and deepened his penetration, tasting her fully.

“Did you know, Alluna,” he whispered huskily against her mouth, “in ancient times a man would prove his compatibility with a female through a kiss.” Again, his tongue delved into her mouth caressing every corner. It made her belly quiver. “A woman could test a man’s virility through his taste. Taste me, Alluna.”

Their tongues twined and danced. Zak tasted…exotic, delicious, sweet, and potent, with a hint of fire. Alluna had the strangest urge to wrap her thighs around him and rub her aching breasts against the hard plains of his.

“Do you like how I taste, Alluna?”

She tried to answer, but only a moan escaped her mouth as he sucked and bit at her lips before sliding his tongue against hers again.

She wanted to bury her fingers in his hair and pull him closer. Alluna began to lower her hands.

He stiffened against her and backed away a bit. His body was tense as he stared at her with an unyielding expression. He would stop. She knew he would and she did not want him to.

With a whimper, she stretched her arms over her head again and gripped the silky coverlet.

“Good girl,” he whispered before devouring her mouth again.

He continued to kiss her until she was panting and writhing beneath him, wanting…needing something. She didn’t have a clue what it could be, but her entire body ached for some type of release.

His mouth finally left hers, and nipped and licked across her jaw to her ear, where it swirled naughtily. Alluna bit her lip and tried to lower her hands, feeling that the stimulation was too much, but his hands flew up to hold her wrists in a solid grip.

“No,” he breathed in her ear. “I’ve not had my fill of you yet. If you touch me, I won’t be able to hold back from…” He stopped abruptly, just panting in her ear.

Alluna blinked. From what? She bit her lip with a whimper when he trailed wet kisses down her throat. She arched her back and pulled softly at her bound wrists. She was completely helpless beneath him, under his complete control. The thought had her heart thudding faster.

He dragged her hands down to either side of her face as he lowered himself to her breasts. Her eyes and mouth gaped when he slid his tongue across one swollen mound to flick several times over her tight nipple, the sensation jolting between her legs. Alluna cried out and arched beneath him in surprise. Sapphire eyes flicked up to capture her in their fiery blue glow. A low growl of animalistic, beastly nature emanated from his throat.

Alluna opened her mouth unsure of what to say, but the minute his lips pursed over her tight bud and sucked deep and hard on her, all that came from her open mouth was a low, keening cry.

His sucked on her nipple hard, using his teeth and tongue to torment the beaded tip. When she thought she couldn’t take any more, he trailed a wet path to begin to torment the other one. Zak didn’t stop until they were both red, wet, and erect.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. “So ripe and full. Your breasts were made to nourish your babies when you have them, Alluna.”

“W-what?” She couldn’t quite catch her breath.

“Babies, Alluna. A woman’s breasts fill with milk to feed her young.”

She swallowed and was about to ask him what he meant but he’d lowered that mouth of his and continued his slow torture of wet kisses and bites down her body.

Letting go of her wrists, he nudged her legs apart with his knees.

Alluna felt lost in a sea of sensation as he tongued his way down, closer and closer to the juncture of her thighs.

“Your babies will grow in here,” He growled nipping her quivering abdomen. His words brought back the strange dream she’d had of something alive wriggling inside her. A baby?

“Please. I don’t understand what this baby is?”

“Alluna, we were all babies once. It’s how a humanoid starts his or her life. You are born from your mother as a baby, nourished by her breasts until you grow.”

The thought of something alive inside her made her feel fear. “How does the baby get inside there? How does it get out?”

Zak’s hands pulled her legs apart as he settled between them. “Through here, Alluna. Through your vagina.”

She opened her mouth to voice another question. It was soon forgotten when he pressed his mouth against her. The first swipe of his tongue between her legs set her body afire. She couldn’t help but feel shock at what he was doing. His naughtiness knew no bounds, to lick her…there. Oh, he was such a bad-bad dirty boy, but it felt so…so good.

Of its own accord, her body arched and bucked against his face. Alluna’s hands flew over her head to clutch the coverlet as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. She didn’t understand what was happening to her, it was as if a coil were tightening up within her, the cries issuing from her open mouth was something she could not stop. The pleasure built up to unbearable. She tightened her fingers on the coverlet, her body arching, and she took in a deep gasping breath, which held, her eyes wide as something…something was going to happen and the intensity of it scared Alluna.

And then it happened—there was no holding the series of shudders that broke over her body as she let out a piercing scream. Surely she was dying. She felt herself convulse and contort as the intense feeling she couldn’t name ripped through her body. She was sobbing, tears streaming down the sides of her face as jolt after jolt left her weak and trembling.

Zak’s hands released her legs and gripped her waist. He pulled her down to him and wrapped his arms around her. Alluna shuddered and cried against him, unsure why. All she knew was that she needed to cling to him and cry until she was so spent she fell into a deep sleep surrounded by his warmth. Safe. At last.


Zak stared in wonder at the girl. She’d come apart like a dream under his control. Her musky scent and taste still lingered all over his face. He licked his lips, savoring the evidence of her pleasure, and pressed her closer to him. Mine.

He felt, more than heard the protests of the others, and Zak knew he wasn’t acting rationally. But he couldn’t help himself. 

His hand came up to wipe away the wetness on her cheeks. She made a whimpering sound and snuggled against his caress, like a kitten seeking solace.

Every protective, dominant instinct within him growled possessively. Unfortunately, the scent of fire and cinnamon made him stiffen. Alluna and he were no longer alone in his quarters.

“Just to let you know, Seth is already raising stink about the LOS.”

Zak felt himself bristle at Remi’s voice. His gums throbbed and he couldn’t help the unholy growl that erupted from his chest as he looked over his should to glare at Remi.

The red-haired weredragon merely crossed his arms over his chest and cocked his head to the side. “Easy, bro. I’ve got my own mate.”

Shock tore through Zak when he felt more than just his pseudo vampire fangs in his mouth.

“Fuck,” he hissed sitting up and rolling his shoulders. His back burned, especially between his shoulder blades.

“You know,” Remi drawled, “when you find your true mate you won’t be able to control shifting. Anything will trigger it. Anger, jealousy…” Remi’s eyes swept over Alluna’s naked form, making Zak’s hackles rise behind his neck again. “Getting over-excited when you fuck,” he finished looking back into Zak’s eyes. “It’s why I preferred to take a submissive role in sex. Rowie’s the only one who can make my dragon roll over and wag its tail.”

Zak scoffed. “I have my animalistic side well under control.”

Remi snorted. “It’s raging to come out, Zak.”

Zak shook his head, turning away from Remi’s piercing green eyes. “No.”

But Remi would not be ignored. He got right into Zak’s face, poking a finger into his chest. “You can’t hide from what you are.”

Zak slapped his hand away with a sneer. “I’m a man.”

Remi frowned. “You’re a weredragon.”

Zak clenched his fists. “Get out.”

The idiot ignored him.

“You’ve gotta do it, Zak. You can’t keep your beast locked away like that.”

Zak gritted his teeth, the feel of his skin itching ominously. “Out,” he hissed.

“If you don’t let it out once in a while, the day it does take over, it might never let you be human again.”

“Never. I will never allow myself to turn into that…monster.”

Remi flinched, a look of hurt crossing his face before anger tightened his lips. “We’re not monsters, Zak. I’m damn proud of what I am,” he finished, jerking his thumb at himself as he puffed out his chest.

He hadn’t meant to hurt Remi. Remi grew up knowing what he was and his family accepted him. It was a different story for Zak. He opened his mouth, unsure of how to apologize to the man he loved like a brother despite being irritating as hell, but Remi disappeared with his usual flash of red-gold fire.

Zak blew out a puff of breath as he hung his head, casting the beautiful girl in his bed a sideways glance.

What would she think of him if she knew he was part dragon? Would she be terrified? Repulsed?

He buried his face in his hands with a groan. The answer scared him shitless, but any relationship had to be built on truth and trust.

Relationship? Was this what he really wanted? To have someone of his own? A mate? Could he settle on just one female for the rest of his existence when he was already so used to engaging in orgies, fucking until he literally dropped from exhaustion?

Zak, slow down. Devon managed to whisper into his mind.

Zak frowned, ignoring him as his gaze slid back to the sleeping girl by his side. Her nose was still red from crying and a little snotty, she had a bit of an over bite, making her upper lip appear fuller. She made the perfect picture of innocence with her hand curled under her chin. Jet-black hair spilled across the coverlet like a glossy flow of satin, so pretty he had to stroke it.

Something twisted in Zak’s chest. He leaned toward her and summoned his hand held hygiene unit. Waving the egg shaped hygiene unit over her countenance, he cleaned up the watery goo from her adorable face.

Was it a spell? Did it matter?

Yes, he wanted this—a woman of his own, someone to love and protect, to build a family with. He smiled as he pictured lots of little ones scampering around causing mischief.

“God, I’ve truly lost my mind,” he sighed.

Chapter Six

The scent of food lured Alluna from slumber. With a yawn, she sat up rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and then frowned at her surroundings.

The coverlet she sat on was deep, dark, gold satin. Her eyes widened as she gazed at the floor, which was a glossy black. It reflected the sunken lights in the pearl colored ceiling. The bed was round—enormous—and sat on a pedestal that glowed a soft white. To either side of the bed were frosted glass walls. Alluna made out the flicker of fire in the room beyond the partition to her left, but none of the simple luxury of the room could compare to the breathtaking beauty of space yawning out into eternity beyond the thick glass wall that seemed to run the entire length of the living quarters. Stars, trillions of them, winked and sparkled in the absolute black void.

The glass showed her reflection and made her frown. Alluna looked down at herself, realizing she was still naked. Pushing her fingers into her hair, she blinked in confusion, wondering where she was.

She took a deep breath and the scent of citrus and sunshine made her remember....

The angel…or demon.

Eyes wide, she looked left and right, but no one else was in the room.

With a whimper, she hugged her middle and bit her lower lip.


The deep voice made her squeak in surprise, putting her hand over her racing heart. Her gaze darted to where she could see the flames dancing through frosted glass partition.

“Alluna, come to me.”

Swallowing, she hesitated a moment before crawling off the giant round bed.

The shiny black floor was warm beneath her toes, to her surprise; she’d expected it to be cold. Nibbling her lip, she headed to where the frosted glass wall ended, about seven paces from the glass wall that held back the vacuum of space. The black gloss of the floor continued across another room beyond the sleeping chamber. A circular seating area surrounded a fire pit in the middle of the large room.

Alluna’s eyes were immediately arrested by the sight of her golden angel lounging on the thickly cushioned seat the same shade of gold as the coverlet. His arms were spread out to either side of him, resting on the seat’s backrest. His thick hair fell over his shoulders in a cascade of dark blond waves and his sapphire eyes stared straight at Alluna.

He looked regal, she thought as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I said come here, Alluna.”

The angel frowned, his eyes burning in their intensity.

Her thighs trembled as she took the steps necessary to reach him. There were two steps leading down into the sunken seating area. The fire burned in a wide hole in the center. The warmth of it heated Alluna’s backside when she finally stood before…Zachariel.

He held his hand out to her, his gaze softening.

Alluna’s gaze ran over the display of muscle and sinew sitting before her. His thighs were as big as her waist, his chest and abdomen sculpted, arms corded. A light sheet laid casually over his loins. Other than that, he was completely naked and beautiful, the fire casting a golden glow to his tanned skin.

The sight of one brow arching, reminded Alluna that he was still holding his hand out to her. The second her hand was engulfed in his, he pulled her to sit on his lap.

With a gasp, she pressed her hands against his chest when he fisted a handful of her hair and crushed her mouth to his.

He devoured her, tongue delving in and out, tasting every inch of her mouth. She could feel his teeth. They were sharp, like fangs, and the heat of his body felt hotter than the fire dancing in the fire pit before them.

Alluna felt breathless, her nipples tightening, and a slow throb coming to life between her legs again. She remembered how he’d licked her there, and she trembled.

Zak released her--or rather, using his hold on her hair, pulled her head back to look into her eyes.

“Are you hungry, Alluna?”

That deep voice sent shivers down her spine as she stared at him, her mouth still agape from the hungry kiss.

Her stomach rumbled as if trying to answer him. She clapped her hands over it, feeling her cheeks heat. The corner of his lip kicked up a bit in amusement.

Turning his gaze from her, he looked over to his left.

Alluna gasped in shock when she saw a tray laden with bite-sized food hovering toward them. It settled softly on the golden cushion next to his left thigh.

He picked out an orange cube and popped it into his mouth. Once again, his splendorous blue eyes contemplated her as he chewed. Alluna blinked, wondering if she could eat too. He didn’t say if she could share the meal with him. Tentatively, she reached out for one of the morsels.

Zak’s hand shot out and gripped her wrist.

Alluna stared into his stern face as her heart sped up.

“I asked you if you were hungry,” he stated.

She frowned at him. “Well I guess you must have not heard my tummy rumble.”

His eyes narrowed. Keeping his eyes on her, he popped another bite past his lips.

Alluna’s stomach rumbled again. She pouted, feeling her eyes moisten.

“The proper response is 'yes, I’m hungry',” he instructed softly.

Alluna’s eyes widened. She swallowed, letting her eyes dart to the tray laden with delicious smelling food before looking into his eyes again. “Yes, I’m hungry,” she whispered.

He smiled. “Good girl.”

Grinning, she reached out to grab a treat, only to have her wrist grabbed again. Stunned, she looked up into his stern visage.

“I’ll feed you, Alluna.”

She tried to pull her hand back but he wouldn’t let her go. Anger began to stir inside her. “Why?”

Zak’s eyes narrowed. “Because it pleases me.” His gaze raked over her before looking into her eyes again. “I want you to place your hands behind your back.”

Confusion and a bit of apprehension replaced anger. She shook her head.

His hand smoothed over her back. “Trust me.”

Alluna chewed the corner of her lip searching his eyes. All she saw was tenderness. Slowly, she pulled her hands behind her back, as he’d instructed. It made her swollen breasts jut out.

His eyes smoldered as one hand reached up to caress her breasts, fingers stroking up the rounded flesh to tweak an erect nipple. A delicious shiver coursed through her body at the sensation.

“Beautiful,” he growled.

His head dipped and suckled each nipple, before turning her so that she sat facing away from him.

Alluna gave a little gasp of surprise when he spread his thighs and let her settle between them. Reaching down, he pulled up her knees so that each of her legs draped to either side of his meaty thighs, spreading her out completely.

“W-what are you doing?”

He hushed her, brushing a kiss to her temple. Alluna opened her mouth to protest, but found it full of a bite of food he’d pushed past her lips.

The morsel had a light crunchy outer layer. The inside was a gooey, almost salty substance that tasted very good. She’d never tasted anything like it but found it very pleasing.

“These are my favorites,” he said behind her. “They’re pizza bites.”

She chewed as he stroked her arms. It gave her chills. No one had ever touched her so much.

“Such soft, pretty skin,” he sighed. “The color of milky caramel.”

As she swallowed, she wondered what this milky caramel was. Milk she understood, which made her frown in confusion. She was not white, although she wasn’t as dark as Mama or the villagers, who were deep brown.

He pressed another morsel of food to her lips and she opened for it.

“Mmmm. Such a good, sweet girl.”

Alluna shivered at the appraisal. All she was doing was eating from his fingers. She closed her eyes in rapture as sweetness bathed her tongue.

“It pleases me, Alluna, to feel your sweet lips accepting food from my hand,” he said as if reading her mind.

As she chewed and swallowed the juicy, sugary, morsel he’d fed her, his hands cupped her breasts and stroked. Having her breasts caressed was strange for her, but she enjoyed the sensation. She almost wanted to arch into his touch, but refrained feeling embarrassed.

“You like when I touch you?”

“Y-yes,” she breathed.

One hand abandoned the sweet torment he gave her nipples to press another tidbit to her lips.

This time he gave her a piece of meat, dripping in a tangy sauce. Mama rarely ever gave her meat, so Alluna savored the luxury.

As she savored the moist morsel, his hands stroked down her ribs to caress her thighs. His legs spread farther apart, opening her wide as he slid forward a bit. The feel of his hard erection was evident at her back.

This was a first for Zak. He had a naked female sitting between his legs, they were both naked, and he wasn’t fucking her yet. He was hard and ready for sex, another first since he hadn’t tied her up or spanked her. He loved kinky sex. Straight sex was boring for him, still.... More than anything, he just wanted to lay Alluna back, snuggle up between her caramel thighs and rock them both into rapture. Straight vanilla.

Good God, I’ve totally lost it. Dreaming of kids and vanilla sex.

The feel of her lips and tongue at his fingertips as she accepted another bite from his hand sent jolts of pure agony to his cock.

But this was Alluna. He couldn’t just bend her over and fuck her. She was a virgin, for one. She had no idea he was into D/s, two, and no idea he was… a dragon shifter.

Of course he could just tell her. Eventually he had to tell her.

Alluna, I’d love to fuck you. Do you mind if I tie you up first and pinken your pretty ass? And, by the way, I might turn into a forty foot golden dragon if I get too excited, so that’s why the whole big, bad Dom crap. It helps me stay in control.

“Right,” Zak muttered with a sullen sigh.

Alluna turned her head to gaze up at him with wide golden eyes. “What?”

He gave her another pizza bite. “After you’ve had your fill, I’ll clean us up. You can either rest a bit or I can take you around the space station and show you around.”

“Space station?”

“Alpha 7.”

“Are we near Arboria?”

Dread filled him. What if she demanded he take her back? He frowned. That was just not happening. “No.”

Her lip jutted out defiantly, making Zak want to snarl at her. “Where am I? I need to go home. Mama will be angry with me.”

He kept his temper under control like a good Dom. Right. “You were locked in a tower, Alluna. The people in the nearby village tried to kill you.”

She glanced away with a shudder, obviously remembering the horrifying experience.

Good. She ought to be afraid of those crazy sons-of-bitches. He turned her face back to him. “Why did they hurt you, Alluna?”

“Th-they blamed me for the rains.”

Zak closed his eyes and counted to ten. Ignorance. They almost succeeded in killing a young, innocent girl with their stupidity. He fixed her with his stare. “You can never go back there again.”

Alluna gasped. “But I must. Mama will become angry and punish me.”

Zak couldn’t help but scowl. “Your mother locked you in a tower all your life and left you alone in the midst of dangerous, hostile people.”

“But I must go back. She’ll beat me…”

The surge of possessiveness that streaked through him was staggering. His hands wrapped around her upper arms and he had to remind himself not to accidentally bruise her soft skin in his anger. “No one will beat you,” he rasped. “You’re mine now. This is your home. The people who live here are your family.”

Alluna stared at him in shock. Mama would find her and beat her. She would hurt him, too. Hurt all of them. She needed to get away. But how?

She closed her eyes in misery, cupping her throat. That’s when she felt the chain with the golden dragon pendant Mama had placed around her throat.

“Alluna,” he sighed brushing a kiss to her shoulder. “I’ll take good care of you. You can roam free in the space station and we’ll travel to other worlds.” His fingers traced down her arms. “You’ll be happy with me… with all of us.”

Alluna knew that if she entranced him, sang the Dragon’s Lullaby, and placed the charmed pendant around his neck, she could enslave him to do her bidding. She’d order him to take her back to Arboria and then order him to return to his home and forget her very existence.

A sob caught in her throat as her eyes filled with tears. She would never see him again.

“Alluna?” He turned her face to him as the first tears rolled down her cheeks. With a concerned frown, he turned her to sit sideways across his lap. “Don’t cry, baby. Everything’s going to be fine. You’ll see.”


He smiled even as he stroked away more tears. “It’s an endearment.”

His hands slid under her and scooped her up into his arms as he suddenly stood. “Let’s get cleaned up. I’m going to put a Gorgison cap on you. It’ll help you understand they way we speak, and put you up-to-date in things a girl your age should know.”

He strode through the sleeping chamber into another room as she clung to him. The feel of his skin felt so wonderful. More tears welled in her eyes. She wanted to kiss him again and feel all the wonderful things he made her body experience.

He chuckled. “You’ve got the sweetest expression right now. Your lips are all plump and red from our kisses, and your eyes are dreamy.”

He set her down in front of him after stepping onto a circular disc in the far corner of the room beyond the bed chamber. There were flat metal buttons on the wall before them as well as a small rectangle. The rectangle blinked to life and flashed a series of symbols she did not understand. She remembered Rayne’s stasis cylinder showing similar symbols.

“Activate,” Zak stated after touching a few of the buttons on the wall as well as upon the glass of the rectangle. A beam of blue light engulfed them, and Alluna had the sensation of tingling pinpricks along her entire body, including her scalp.

The light disappeared as she stared up at Zak. His hair looked glossier, the waves gleaming and more pronounced. The light sheen of sweat he had before had dulled away, showing fresh clean skin.

Alluna shifted her legs and looked down in amazement.

“My hair,” she exclaimed noting all her body hair gone. She looked up him in alarm, her hand coming over the now bald area between her legs.

“I like my women bare.” His fingers nudged her hand out of the way and she shivered when he pet her vulnerable flesh. Zak’s teeth dented his bottom lip as he stared hungrily at the juncture of her thighs.

She sank her fingers into her hair, hoping it was still all there, although she could still feel it brushing her waist. Thick satiny strands surrounded her hands, the feel of it the softest thing she’d ever felt.

He knelt before her and nuzzled her. Alluna could feel him sniffing her deeply. He backed her to lean against the wall just before his tongue darted out to lick her again. Alluna cried out at the jolt of immediate pleasure.

“Spread your legs for me. I need to taste you,” he growled. “ Can’t get enough of you. So sweet. So innocent.”

Alluna obeyed, spreading her feet apart. He gripped one thigh and draped her leg over his shoulder, opening her up even more.

Oh, this was naughtier than anything she’d ever done to herself in the past. Alluna arched her back, sighed, and moaned as Zak’s mouth feasted on her aching flesh. Panting, Alluna gripped his hair as she felt him use his teeth and tongue on her. How could he enjoy such a barbaric thing? She didn’t understand, but the sensation was driving her mad. Her hips bucked and rolled, his hands kneaded her ass. He was such a bad boy.

Say 'lick me, Master'. She heard his deep voice growl in her head, startling her. Say it, he demanded.

Alluna thought she must surely be losing her mind and whimpered.

Obey me, Alluna.

She bit her lip and whimpered louder.

Zak pulled away from her. “Hmmm. Someone’s being a stubborn little girl.”

Alluna trembled before him, unsure of what to say. All she knew was she wanted him to continue being a bad, dirty boy with his naughty tongue.

He cocked his head to the side, a little smirk playing about his lush mouth. “Alluna?”


I know you can hear me, his voice growled in her head again.

Better answer him, sweetheart. She heard another masculine voice chime in, making her gasp.

A strange pressure built against her head. There were whispers around her.

“Open yourself up to us,” Zak said, rising to his full, towering height.

She shook her head, rubbing her temples with the tips of her fingers.

Listen closely. Open your mind, his voice said in her mind again. Don’t be afraid.

I don’t understand. What does he mean? she thought, pressing herself tighter against the wall.

I hear her, Zak. Impressive.

Good. Now get lost, Remien.

Alluna just stared at him.

“My thoughts are being heard?”

Zak’s eyes narrowed a bit, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as his deep voice crooned into her mind. Part of them. We don’t go too deep into each other’s minds. It’s not nice.

Panic gripped her. No. Stop. Don’t.

“Easy,” he frowned.

I’ll sing him the song. He’ll like it. Mustn’t think anything else.

“Alluna?” He gripped her arm, his eyes narrowing to slits.

He suspects.

His eyes widened in surprise at her thoughts, making her panic rise.

Without allowing her mind to dwell on anything else, she began the Dragon’s Lullaby.

Or, at least she tried to. The moment she sang the first few words, the silver-haired angelic one appeared out of thin air and covered her mouth with a scowl.

“She’s trying to put a spell on you,” he snarled.

Zak let out an unholy growl, his hand shooting out to grab the angelic young male by the throat and slam him against the wall next to her.

Two more people appeared out of thin air, a dark-skinned woman and the god-like raven-haired male she’d seen earlier. They struggled with a snarling, aggressive Zak. It was only when a pair of gold bat-like wings suddenly protruded from Zak’s back, did Alluna scream in terror and run out from the room.

Alluna raced across the bed chamber and into the sitting room. There was a large, round door at the far end of the room standing open. The blood-haired devil leaned casually against its frame.

“Looking for a place to hide?” He arched a brow at her as his lip kicked up in one corner.

Alluna looked back toward the bed chamber, but another beastly roar had her running toward the red-haired male.

“He’s a demon. I saw his devil’s wings.”

The male laughed. “Zak is harmless.” The male stuck his hand out. “Come on. I believe he wanted to use the cap on you. We can kill some time while Dev, Seth, and Annie take care of Goliath.”

Alluna frowned as he hauled her out of the room. She covered her breasts in embarrassment, trailing reluctantly behind him.

“Goliath? Who’s Goliath?”

“It’s what we call Blondie. Long story, sweetheart.”

Blondie? Alluna stared at the back of his red head perplexed. And why did he call her "sweet heart"?

Terror gripped Alluna as he dragged her farther away from Zak’s quarters. Was he going to eat her heart out?

The red-haired male threw his head back and laughed. You are so funny, he snickered into her mind.

The hallway beyond the doorway had the same glossy black floors, and the walls were a pearly grey so pale it was almost white. More round doorways lined the long corridor, but these were closed.

At a bend in the corridor, a door opened on their right.

The quarters he pulled her into were similar to Zak’s, except that the color scheme was red and black.

“Here. Have a seat here,” he indicated the circular red velvet sofa.

Alluna sank into the soft cushions as the strange male disappeared into the next room. He appeared a moment later with a silver cloth.

Stepping close to her, he placed the cloth, which turned out to be a hood, on her head.

“Now,” he began, “close your eyes and relax. At first it’ll be a bit confusing, but eventually you’ll make sense of it.”

Alluna leaned back on the cushions, staring warily at him as he grinned. She frowned. He had a somewhat wicked grin, like he was thinking really naughty thoughts. For some reason, it made her want to slap him. He only chuckled.

“Take a number,” he drawled.

The minute she closed her eyes, images began flashing in her mind...many,many images.

Chapter Seven

Zak knew they were no longer in his quarters. One moment he’d been listening, mesmerized, to Alluna’s beautiful voice singing to him, the next a curtain of red rage had fallen over his eyes when the weretigri had dared touch his female.

The thirst to kill was overwhelming. His skin felt unbearably tight. He needed to be free, to burst free from the human form that bound him. Pain slashed his back, enraging him even more. Another female gripped him, her scent familiar. He didn’t want to hurt her.


He was suffocating; couldn’t breathe. Body feeling crushed. He roared in pain, even as his vision blurred, glowing blue eyes staring into his.

Zak. Remember who you are. Devon’s voice in his mind.


The feel of the metallic floor of the transport hangar under his palms, a heavy weight on his back, his body afire.

“Do it, Zak,” Remi’s voice shouted, the echo of the demand reverberating around him. “Shift.”


Again, the beast stirred beneath his skin. Zak snarled, his eyes focusing on his hands…only they were no longer human hands. They were scaly claws with sharp, gleaming talons that looked as if made of pure gold.

“No,” he screamed, terror and revulsion filling him. “No.”

His face hit the floor, his body shaking in a fit of convulsions.

“Easy, Zak. I’m here.”

Devon was in his arms, Zak almost crushing him, his fingers burying into the mane of black gloss that was his commander’s hair—his beloved brother.

“Please don’t let it happen, Dev,” Zak panted. “I can’t stand it.”

“I’ve got you,” Dev replied smoothing his hands over Zak’s back.

Devon’s voice sounded strained and Zak eased his hold reluctantly.

Terror was replaced by anger; anger at being so damned weak, pathetic, and undisciplined.

“What the fuck just happened?” he snarled, disentangling himself from Devon.

As he stood, he looked around. The sight of their gleaming black Vipers lined about one hundred paces away, as well as Angel, Remi, Anniel, and Seth, made him blink in confusion.

He’d been in his quarters before—hadn’t he?

Zak rubbed his burning eyes, his mind fuzzy.

“I had to teleport you here,” Devon said.

Zak lowered his hands and fixed him with a cold glare.

“You were going to push me to shift?”

Devon crossed his arms over his chest, his look just as stern, but there was more in his commander’s glowing blue stare. Love. Devon loved him. The heat of that love sizzled over and through Zak’s very core, making his eyes grow moist for a second. “No one was pushing you, Zachariel. You lost control of yourself when Seth kept Alluna from entrancing you.”

In two blinks, the tears that had welled in his eyes were gone as he scowled at Devon. “She wasn’t entrancing me.”

Devon’s eyes narrowed. His Alpha Angel brothers and sisters now appeared, surrounding them. “What were you feeling when she began to sing?” Devon asked.

Zak looked around at the faces surrounding them. Seth, as usual, was frowning. Anniel’s brows were drawn together, her hand curled against her chest as if trying to keep herself from reaching out to him. Angel clutched Devon’s meaty bicep, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, and Remi....

Zak scowled. Remi had a smug smirk on his face. Zak’s hand itched to slap it away, but it would be a useless gesture since the annoying weredragon loved being slapped.

And spanked and whipped and paddled.... Remi directed into his mind with a snicker.

“You’re sick,” Seth said, curling his lip in disgust at Remi.

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, boy-o,” Remi answered, his grin broadening.

“Enough,” Devon snapped when Seth growled. His glowing eyes regarded Zak again. “You haven’t answered me yet. What were you feeling as she sang to you?”

Zak’s skin prickled with goose bumps and his chest tightened as he remembered that beautiful, angelic voice singing to him.

His eyes closed, his entire body flushed hot. “God help me. I’m in love,” he rasped trembling.

He heard Devon curse under his breath as Seth spat “I told you so.”


Alluna’s head throbbed. Her eyes watched the glowing fire flickering in the fire pit before her. She was on Alpha 7. It had once been the farther-most defensive space station the Edenian government had circling their solar system. Their first line of defense. For millennia, Master Guardians inhabited the space station—different species of beings at first; it had become a necessity because Earth-dwellers were too violently savage and tended to abuse their powers, once developed.

The last alien race to Guard the Edenian solar system were the Seraphs, the white-winged humanoids from Seraphia. Most humans regarded them as divine angles. Although they weren’t, legend had it that they were a race descended from a real divine angel that had been cast from Heaven by Lucifer. She’d crashed upon Seraphia, her newly acquired humanoid body mortally damaged. A male from the planet had tended her injuries and she’d fallen in love with him. Together they had spawned the Seraphian race, a race of winged people.

Alluna rubbed her temples, marveling at all she knew now.

The Seraphian’s were divided into many different varieties of colors; most predominantly had shades of white to blue to cream colored wings, none were so striking as the reapers whose wings were jet black.

Alluna looked around the room she was in. The black and red shades in the room let her know that these quarters belonged to Remien Fyre and Rowie Enoray, once one of Edenia’s elite Master Guardians. They’d been trapped in suspended animation orbs for three hundred years. The entire galaxy suspected they were at fault for the galactic war that broke out at the time of their disappearance. They were regarded as demons by most, others revered them as gods or angels. They’d called themselves Alpha Angels, like the legendary seven angels of love Lucifer had thrown from Heaven into their realm.

Devon appeared before her. His hair was blacker than pitch and his blue eyes glowed as if the fires of Hell burned within them. Alluna felt a mixture of terror and mind-numbing awe at the beauty of his face.

When she would have fallen off the couch to her knees, he reached down and hauled her up against his body.

Black lines of lacey veins appeared at his temples as his rose-kissed lips pulled back in a sneer.

“I won’t let you hurt him,” his deep voice hissed.

Alluna’s mouth dropped open, her eyes roving the milk white of his face. He was terrifyingly magnificent. Too beautiful.

Harsh hands gripped her tighter, making her wince as they shook her a bit.

“Snap out of it, damn you,” he spat.

Angel appeared behind him, her eyes wide as she looked at him and touched his shoulders. “Baby, take it easy.”

They loved each other; were mated.

Alluna’s gaze lowered to look at Angel’s distended belly. The girl was pregnant, part of her long white hair spilling over her shoulders to rest against the round bulge of her belly.

Devon and Angel’s baby.

Visions of Devon mounting Angel filled her mind—the pretty blonde girl down on hands and knees, moaning and crying out in pleasure as Devon worked himself in and out of her.

That’s what Zachariel Wilder wanted to do to her too. It was called sex, among other things, and it was how babies were made.

Alluna let out a strangled cry, her mind trying to wrap around all the new information filling it.


Zak wiggled his toes within his black boots, the snug feel of the leather comforting. He still couldn’t believe he’d almost killed Seth, had almost shifted into....

He shuddered and cursed his disease. Next to him, Remi snorted.

“It’s not a fucking disease.”

“My parents were human,” Zak snapped. “I was born in southern California on Earth. I’m not supposed to be this. I’m a fucking freak of nature.”

“Yeah, I know, Zak-o,” Remi sighed as if bored. “You were some fancy-pants rich kid. An only child.”

Zak shook his head, taking a deep breath to calm himself. “My father hated me because of…” he glanced down at his hands, remembering how they’d looked scaly and clawed. “My parents were both blond, blue-eyed. They were tall, willowy people. The whole family was. Even before I started working out, I was…” he trailed off, flexing his pectorals as he gazed down at all his muscles.

“Built like a star freighter?” Remi supplied for him.

“Yeah. Even as a kid, I was head and shoulders above all the other kids around my age. My mother was ecstatic over me, but my dad…he hated me.” Zak’s memories flashed in his mind.

So many times, he tried to make his father proud. He’d taken up playing instruments, the piano, violin, cello and guitar. When that hadn’t worked, he’d taken up fencing and would have tried to join the polo team, but the horses were terrified of him. He felt like a freak of nature.

Most boys his age hated him because all the females were drawn like a magnet to him. His first female was turned on by being submissive and Zak discovered the dominant side of his nature.

“Heather was a senator’s daughter. She was a spoiled little thing and I fucking got her pregnant. She told me she wanted to run away with me, and I’ll admit, I wanted more than anything to just go off with her, far from my father’s disapproval and hers.”

“Her dad hated you, too?”

Zak nodded, remembering the looks of cold disdain the silver-haired male would cast him when he came to pick Heather up.

“Well, you can’t blame the dude. He must’ve known you were bangin’ his little girl,” Remi chuckled.

Zak sneered. “His little girl was a little slut. She’d banged half the state, trust me. I’d forgotten how much she liked rape play. I couldn’t stomach it, can’t even pretend to take a female against their will, so I guess she found someone else to act out her darkest fantasies with. We went to the academy fair together one night. Our school always held this annual fair to raise funds for charity. My band was playing that night. I was on stage when I heard her screams. I took off, running off stage. The little slut was out in the parking lot, in a Sliver Comet transport, her clothes ripped, legs around this asshole jerk who was fucking her like a mad dog.” Zak clenched his fists, remembering the smell of sex.

“You lost it then,” Remi said in a low voice next to him. “Your mind saw another man fucking your female, and it flipped your switch.”

Zak nodded. “Her face was all full of his hand prints. He’d slapped her black and blue, bitten her breasts, but she was loving every minute of it.”

“You shifted.”

Zak shuddered, remembering the killing rage that had overtaken him back then. “I lost touch with my humanity. There was fire, and I would have crushed the Silver Comet beneath me, but I remember batting it with a…claw. I just started crushing transports beneath my claws, throwing them with my tail, spitting fire on everything. Everyone was running and screaming... and then Devon and Anniel were there. I don’t remember how, but I was kneeling before Devon, crying. He was holding me, telling me everything was going to be alright and then we were in his Viper heading…here.”

“He told me the Edenian government wanted you executed.”

Zak nodded. “Devon appealed to them, and when that didn’t work, he threatened. They backed off after that, but it was the beginning of their hatred toward us. We became a threat. I tried to sneak back to see my parents....”

Zak remembered hiding in the shadows of his mother’s favorite shopping mall, waiting for her to come out to her transport. She’d been talking and laughing with their chauffer as they approached, making him ache for her. Didn’t she miss him?

He stepped out from behind another transport, towering over her. The chauffer gasped, turning white with terror as his mother’s eyes traveled up Zak’s six-foot-seven body. When her big blue eyes locked onto his, they looked upon him as though he were a stranger.


Her eyes searched his for a moment. He saw compassion there and almost fell to his knees when she reached up with a smile to caress his cheek. “You’ve got me confused with someone else, sweetheart.” Her eyes had gone over him again, the way a female does with a male she finds attractive. “You certainly are a very big, sexy, young man. Your mama must be so proud of her handsome boy.”

The memory made Zak recoil. His father had wiped his mother’s mind clear of any recollection of him.

“That sucks,” Remi sighed beside him. “Ever thought that maybe the man you called father wasn’t your sperm donor?”

Zak shook his head, although when he was a young teen, the thought had crossed his mind plenty of times.

“Your parents were loaded, Zak. I’m pretty sure that if your old man was shooting blanks, he probably tried to cover it up by buying your mom some frozen—“

“Enough,” Zak snapped, not wanting to imagine his sweet mother inserting some anonymous male’s sperm into herself. God, but that’s probably what happened, he thought miserably, scrubbing his face with his hands in frustration.

“My mother got her shit fresh and from the source.”

Zak turned to gape at Remi. The red-haired weredragon only shrugged. “She was a whore.”

“Geez, Remi.”

Remien only smiled. “You think I give a shit my mother was a whore? I was one of about twenty kids she had. Some were black, some white, others Asian. Hell, I had a Lizdrac brother and a Fey sister, so she didn’t even stick to allowing just Edenians between her legs. But you know something, Zak, that woman loved all of us. She got food in our bellies every night and kept a roof over our heads.”

Zak swallowed, turning his gaze from Remi’s flashing green eyes.

“Ever wonder who your father is?”

Remi shrugged. “I used to. Really don’t care. He was a weredragon, obviously. I’m grateful for the genes like you have no idea.”

Zak turned with a frown to Remi. Pride shone in his green eyes. His Alpha Angel brother had piercings and tattoos all over his body, but nothing identified Remi more than his pride in being a weredragon.

Remi grinned, the silver snakebite piercings he sported on his lower lip glinting in the lights of the transport hangar. “One day, you’ll get over your ridiculous fear of your beast and you’ll be proud too. We’re special—magical. Legend has it that the first Alpha Angel Lucifer tossed from Heaven created us to find and guard the other angels.”

Zak snorted. He didn’t believe in those fairy tale legends like Remi.

Remi only rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Whatever, dude.” He then crossed his arms over his chest. “What are you going to do with the witch?”

“Her name is Alluna.” Zak jumped to his feet. “God! Where is she? Did she see me shift? Is she okay? Where is she?”

Remi pursed his lips, regarding him with his enormous black-ringed green eyes. “Devon is talking with her right now.”

Zak clenched his fists, anger zipping through him. Devon was part cambion; Incubus, mixed with Seraphian and human, his blood tainted with demon’s blood. He didn’t do it on purpose, but Devon emitted a pheromone that made people desire him, find him fascinating and too beautiful to bear not to touch.

Zak still remembered having to fight the urge to crush Devon to him and take his mouth the first weeks aboard Alpha 7. Zak wasn’t gay, bisexual, or remotely curious, so the confusion and torment to fuck his commander had been his private hell those first few days. Eventually, Zak got over it.

Alluna. Would she fall in love with him when she gazed upon his inhumanly perfect features? Would she no longer want Zak?

“I’ll beat him black and blue,” Zak snarled.


Alluna savored the sweet cup of hot cocoa Anniel had given her. They sat on a furry white rug inside Anniel’s bed chamber.

The visions she’d had in Remien’s chambers had left her nearly fainting in Devon’s arms. He’d called upon Anniel to take her away to her quarters and soothe her.

Alluna couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful female. Her skin was a deep, rich, golden brown, her hair, lit with fiery tones, fell in a mass of thick curls to the middle of her back. Her pouty lips smiled as she sprayed a cool substance onto Alluna’s toes.

“You’re going to love this,” her throaty voice purred.

Using a silver pen-like wand, she touched Alluna’s big toe on her right foot. The nail turned a deep metallic blue, almost the same shade as Zak’s eyes.

“You like?” She grinned at Alluna.

Her eyes were a mix of green, gold, and brown, like the autumn leaves in the northern hemisphere of Earth. Alluna’s eyes lowered to the girl's breasts. The twin swells pushed against her black tank top, twice the size of Alluna’s. Now she knew males found these mounds of flesh extremely enticing. Did Zak like this splendorous female with her cinnamon skin, mane of fire and eyes of autumn?

“Hey, if you don’t like the color I can make it different. You don’t have to cry,” Anniel pouted.

Alluna shook her head, wiping her cheek. “No. It’s a lovely color. It’s just…” Alluna bit her lip, keeping her traitorously teary eyes on her toes.

“Just what?” Anniel urged in a soft tone. “You can trust me. I want to be your friend. Zak likes you…a lot.”

Her soft giggle had Alluna looking back up at her. “Do you…do you love him?”

The female’s eyes blinked, her full lips parting. “Of course. I love Zak with all my heart and soul.”

Alluna’s face crumpled.

“Hey, what gives, cutie?” Anniel scooted up next to her, her arm sliding around Alluna’s shoulders in a hug.

Alluna wanted to hate the woman, but it wasn’t her fault she was so pretty while Alluna was a plain little nobody from a backwards, uncivilized planet—a stupid girl to have fallen head over heels in love with Zachariel Wilder; Alpha Angel and intergalactic rock star.


“I have to leave. You must help me get back home.” Alluna beseeched..

Anniel’s eyes widened apprehensively. “Oh, honey, that’s not a good idea.”

“But I must return home. I refuse to be held captive here like some…some pathetic little pet for Zachariel to throw scraps to.”

Anniel frowned in confusion. “He’d never… You’ve got it all wrong, cutie. He really has feelings for you.”

Alluna shook her head. She had to leave before Mama found them all, and hurt them. Her mother was a powerful sorceress. Alluna had been witness to all the terrible things she could do. The memory of the petrified vampire made her shudder. The poor thing was slumped over a headstone and someone had embedded angels wings deep into his back, making him look like the sculpture of a weeping angel.

Mama was searching for another dragon, a wolf and tiger to complete her list of elements for her black ritual… the one where she drew the fallen angel, Davariel’s other self from the world of reflections.

Alluna gulped as she looked into Anniel’s concerned face. Anniel was a werewolf, Seth a weretigri, and Remi and Zak were dragons.

They were doomed if Mama got a hold of them. Everyone would be doomed.

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