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The Witch and the Dragon Part 7

The Witch and the Dragon Part 7

Master Zak, the intergalatic rockstar
Chapter Thirteen

Alluna stared at her reflection in disbelief. Angel, Rowie and Anniel grinned behind her. 

“You look totally hot.” Anniel clapped her hands, excitement making her eyes shine.

Angel folded her arms over her belly with a nod. “Yes. I do believe Zak is going to be quite pleased.”

Rowie had her fingernails in her mouth and squealed out a laugh. “Holy shit, Goliath’s gonna cum in his pants.”

Rowie held up her hand and both Angel and Anniel gave it a smack over her head.

“It’s called a high five, Alluna.”

Rowie remained holding her hand up, obviously waiting for Alluna to repeat what the other two women had done.

She turned and high-fived Rowie. They all cheered.

In that moment, Alluna felt…like part of the family.

Her eyes welled. She had a family. Her smile grew and she turned back to the mirror.

Her bustier was a piece of art made of a mirror-like alloy carved with intricate designs and held in place with a stretchy fabric that wrapped around her back. She wore an undergarment that consisted of a small triangle barely covering her sex, held in place by rhinestone-studded straps that curved over her hips and joined in the back to disappear between her buttocks. A filmy white material draped from her hips to her ankles, open in the front to show her long legs and high-heeled strappy stilettos. The sparkling straps of her undergarment peeked naughtily over the top of the low-slung skirt.

Anniel and Rowie had designed her make-up, making Alluna’s eyes look sultry and lips kissable with a shimmering gloss. Angel had finished the beautiful effect by pulling the front of her hair back with diamond-studded pins, to tumble down her back in a fall of spiral curls.

“A few more touches,” Rowie said, draping a choker of diamonds around Alluna’s neck. The diamonds dripped down her cleavage ending in a single black onyx nestled between her breasts.

Anniel and Angel secured diamond bracelets around her wrists.

“There.” Anniel grinned as they all stepped back to admire her. “Now you really look like a princess.”

Rowie placed her hand on Alluna’s shoulder and looked at her grimly. “Alluna, whatever you do, make sure you’re around one of us at all times. Don’t trust anyone that isn’t one of us.”

“Don’t drink anything that any stranger gives you,” Anniel added.

“Don’t talk to reporters. They’ll twist everything you say,” Angel also advised with a frown.

Rowie stroked Alluna’s cheek with a smile. “Don’t worry about anything. Zak will watch over you.”

“As well as the rest of us, Luna,” Anniel smiled hugging Alluna from the other side.

“If anyone tries anything, they’ll taste this…”

Alluna’s eyes widened when she saw Angel reach up and pull a flaming sword from thin air. The pregnant girl adopted a battle-ready stance and swung the sword in a perfect arc. The blade whistled through the air, fire dancing alone its lethal looking edge.

“Oh, my,” Alluna said in awe.

Angel’s full lips turned up in a wicked smile, her enormous blue eyes staring at Alluna from beneath dark lashes. “You’ll be well protected, Luna. You’re one of us now.”

Alluna’s throat tightened with emotion. “Th-thank you.”

The girls converged on her with a heart-felt hug.

The story of O helped her understand what Zak wanted…and what she also wanted—to belong to him. More than anything, Alluna wanted to belong, to feel cared for and cherished. Loving Zak as her Master would give her that. She knew it would.

Alluna sighed, looking at her reflection once more. Her body ached to feel the heat of his, bury her face and nose in the wealth of blond waves spilling to his waist, and feel the strength of his arms holding her.

They piled into Anniel’s Viper. Since Rowie and Angel would return with Remi and Devon, they left their transports in Alpha 7.

Angel still didn’t quite have the grasp of using her powers to travel and fold space, so she talked with Alluna while Rowie and Anniel concentrated on taking them to a planetoid called X.

“I’m of Crystalian descent, but was born and bred in Grei captivity.”

Alluna’s eyes widened. “How awful.”

Angel looked down at her belly, her hands covering it protectively. “It was. A nightmare.” Her eyes rose to meet Alluna’s once more, and Alluna saw the haunted look they had. “I was trained to be a whore. They’d put us in holo-sim tanks and virtually mated us with every compatible species there is.” Her eyes became glazed, her look far away. “S-sometimes… they weren’t compatible.”

Alluna’s heart sped up when tears appeared in the other girl’s eyes. Reaching over, she put her hand over Angel’s, making her start and focus on Alluna again.

Angel attempted a smile. “The first time I bled, they pulled me from my cage and took me to the Xenar slave market. There I was put up for sale.” She swallowed. “That’s where Lady Serena found me. She’s the high priestess of the Venushtian temple on Venushti. She’d had a vision and came to rescue me.”

“That’s… amazing,” Alluna said sincerely. “How did you meet Devon?”

Angel grinned. “I was to become a priestess and my task in proving my worth was to retrieve a holy relic that belonged to one of our defiled shrines. A demon that had been locked away in a frozen black orb.”

Alluna felt terror shimmy up her spine. “D-demon?”

Angel nodded. “Devon.”

Now Alluna’s jaw dropped. Devon was a demon? The image of his inhumanly white skin, impossibly black hair, and glowing blue eyes came to mind.

“We’re almost there,” Anniel interrupted.

Alluna looked at her and then the swirling kaleidoscope of stars beyond the glass top of the Viper.

“Why did your mother have you locked away in a tower?”

Angel’s question startled Alluna. She turned back to her, her brows furrowed as she thought. “She said the villagers would hurt me if I ever ventured out.”

Angel’s eyes narrowed. “But she went out, didn’t she?”

Alluna blinked. “Well… um… yes.” Mama never stayed with Alluna.

“And she slept in the tower with you?”

“N-no. She only came to bring me food every few moon cycles.”

Angel just looked at her. “Did you put a love spell on Zak?”

Anniel and Rowie looked at Alluna this time.

Alluna shook her head. “No, I—I … um…” Alluna frowned. She’d been practicing her Echize di’ Drakkur, Dragon’s Lure. “I don’t know exactly what it’s supposed to do other than lure a dragon to me,” she finally admitted.

“You almost had Remi too,” Rowie cut in.

Alluna stared at her wide-eyed. “Remi?”

Rowie nodded. “It was his fault Zak was near your tower in the first place. He opened a portal and Zak fell through. We came looking for Zak—Seth, Rem and me. When we were close to the tower Remi started acting strange…” Rowie rolled her eyes, “more than usual. He started walking like a zombie toward the tower. If it weren’t for Seth, he might’ve broken his neck by falling into a secret tunnel a few paces from the bottom of the tower. We found Zak inside your tower, but he wasn’t himself, and hasn’t been himself really ever since that day.”

Alluna nibbled her lip, worry clutching her innards. Did Zak want her because of a spell she inadvertently put on him? How could she break the spell? Her heart began a frantic staccato against her ribs. Did she really want to break the spell? What if he didn’t want her anymore afterwards?

“Incoming communication,” Anniel said breaking the tension.

The Viper’s only electronic equipment blinked to life. The pale face of a male appeared on the com-unit screen. His hair was deep red and eyes a grey so light they looked white.

“Ah, Midnight Rose. We were expecting you.”

Alluna bit back her gasp. The handsome male was a vampire, his fangs glinting pure white between rose-hued full lips.

“The boys are already there, I’m assuming,” Rowie answered.

The vampire nodded. “You assume correctly. Your escorts are waiting. I’ve already signaled them to meet you. Do you have a relay?”

Anniel looked at Rowie with a raised brow. Rowie laughed. “We’re in our Viper’s coming from Signus. No relays in here.”

The vampire smiled, his fangs showing even more. “No matter. I’m sure they will find you. I’ll tell them to open their minds to you. Try to make contact.”

There was a moment of silence.

“I think I feel them,” Rowie whispered.

More silence.

“Yes,” Anniel nodded. “That’s them.”

Alluna saw Angel peering out of the glass and looked also. At first, she saw nothing, but then eight silver dart-shaped pods appeared before them. The pods surrounded the Viper all around. One stopped in front, two hovered over them, two more flanked either side, and two lined up behind them. The last one dipped below their Viper.

They moved forward in perfect formation. After a few minutes, Alluna saw a cluster of planetoids. They circled a small yellow star.

“Haddasha is on Ibannia. A small planetoid about the size of Earth’s moon,” Anniel informed Alluna. “Its atmosphere is artificially generated, and, like the moon, the same side is always facing the sun.”

“Haddasha was built on the dark side of Ibannia, on an extinct volcano,” Rowie added.

Alluna watched mesmerized as the planetoid loomed closer. The rays of the sun behind it gave it the illusion of a black sun. It was beautiful. The closer they flew in the more details Alluna saw. Like the fact that the entire dark side of the planetoid was peppered with thousands upon thousands of lights, twinkling like space around them.

“Haddasha isn’t the only establishment here,” Anniel continued. “Ibannia’s dark side has restaurants, luxury hotels, clubs and a small city were those that either work or own a business here live.”

“What’s on the other side where the sun shines?” Alluna asked.

“Nothing,” Rowie answered. “It’s an inferno. Nothing could ever survive there.”

They dipped lower, until the formation of cities and transports were seen clearly.

The lights were blinding. Buildings made of glass and metal soared high twisting into fascinating shapes she never could have imagined in her wildest dreams. More transport pods surrounded them.

“Reporters,” Angel snorted.

The view was blocked. There were too many transports surrounding them, but then they melted away to reveal a large, dark grey castle. Its’ windows glowed red and golden strobes lit the dark sky from its towers. Alluna saw that the ground around the castle moved, flashes of light flickering like lightning from the strange mass. When they finally landed, she realized the mass was alive. There were millions of beings clamored together around the entrance to the castle. The girls settled the Viper on a red disk about one hundred paces wide.

“Alluna, keep your eyes forward all the time until we get in,” Anniel told her.

“And keep your head up high,” Angel added.

Rowie sighed. “Whatever you do, don’t look scared.”

Alluna gulped. She was actually terrified.

“Zak is in there waiting for you, honey,” Anniel smiled giving her fingers a squeeze. “Think of that.”

Alluna nodded. It definitely helped to think of Zak waiting for her.

My master— she thought, feeling a shiver race through her. She hoped he liked how she looked.

“Everybody ready?” Rowie asked taking a deep breath.

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” Anniel answered.

The top of the Viper rolled half way open.

“We gotta keep Row hidden until the last moment,” Anniel confided into Alluna’s ear.

The beings were roaring and cheering so loud it almost left Alluna deaf.

More vampires stood in a line to either side, creating a path into the castle. Anniel helped Angel and then Alluna out of the Viper. They walked a few steps ahead and then stopped. Four vampires, wearing long black cloaks approached the Viper and extended their hands to Rowie.

Alluna thought Rowie looked like a beautiful queen with her black lace and velvet gown. She pulled back her hair in a mass of twisted braids. It fell to her waist in a tumble of glossy black curls. Rowie placed her gloved hands into the vampires’ and stepped out.

Alluna jumped in alarm when the roaring of the crowd grew louder. Lights were pointed at Rowie and Alluna could hear the name Midnight Rose chanted within the multitude.

“Who’s Midnight Rose?”

Anniel nodded at Rowie. “It’s her stage name as lead singer of Angel of Retribution.”

Alluna’s lips formed an O, her brain bringing to the forefront the information of AOR being an intergalactic rock band composed of vampires. Zak had supplanted the guitarist Imo for a while in another band called Draconius Imorteus, but had also made a name for himself in the music business.

They walked to a flat silver disk in the middle of the long red-carpeted entrance. Once they were all standing on the disk, it rose a few feet in the air and floated forward. The red carpet flowed like a river of crimson over a stone bridge. Alluna gulped when she caught sight of the fiery lava that filled the moat around this castle. The gargoyles she thought were decorations perched around the castle, watched with glowing yellow eyes. One transport hovered too close and two dozen of the demonic creatures attacked it, sending it hurtling out over the crowd. Alluna shivered in terror, hoping they wouldn’t attack them.

Anniel threaded her fingers through Alluna’s, looking down at her with a wide grin. Don’t be afraid, Luna. They won’t hurt us.

Alluna tried to smile back, but the glowing eyes of the snarling gargoyles had a shudder of terror running through her.

The disk approached the arched entrance. Doors were one hundred feet high by fifty wide creaked open a sliver, allowing the red glow from the interior to reflect upon their glossy black surface. Thousands of metal spikes covered the doors and two muscular Orgwards pulled them open wider to allow Remien to step out.

The multitude seemed to grow wild. This time Alluna clapped her hands over her ears.

Remi smiled, helping each one of them down from the disk. He wore black pants layered with metal-spiked belts and chains. His shirt was more like a clingy mesh that showed off his tattoos and nipple piercings, and over that, he wore a long glossy black trench coat that reached the floor.

The breeze ruffled wisps of his red mane. He grinned at Alluna offering her his hand. She grasped it gratefully and stepped down from the disk.

“Holy shit, Luna,” he growled looking at her from head to toe. “Baby, you look totally hot.”

Alluna gave a little start when he brushed his lips over hers.

Remi released Alluna and extended his hand to Rowie. His female accepted his hand and stepped down and into his body. They wrapped their arms around each other and fused their mouths in a fiery kiss. More lights flashed.

Anniel and Angel tugged on Alluna’s hands. She followed them into the castle a little dazed.

Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. Lights flashed over a writhing, swaying multitude. The music was unlike anything she’d ever heard, the beat pounding through the soles of her high-heeled shoes.

The interior of the castle had multiple levels, spiraling stairways, and jutting balconies that rose to the high-arched ceiling. Large chandeliers made of polished brass and dripping with crystals held thick candlesticks. Golden flames flickered from their tips, casting a soft glow upon the vaulted ceiling. Crimson curtains drifted down around the ribbed columns that supported the vaulted ceiling. Lights of every color imaginable flashed around the cavernous interior.

“We’re at our usual spot,” Remi called out over Alluna’s shoulder.

She turned to look back at him. Remi had Rowie tucked in front of him with his arm wrapped protectively around her waist, his hand resting on her small rounded belly.

Rowie’s face was flushed, her fangs gleaming in the flashing lights as she smiled and gestured Alluna to follow Angel and Anniel’s lead.

They wove their way through the throng of alien beings, deeper into the mammoth stone structure.

Alluna could feel the floor sloping down. There were raised pedestals where only a few beings lounged. A red force field kept everyone else out

“Those are the VIP areas,” Rowie said over the loud music. “The closer the VIP area is to the center of the club, the more important the patron.”

Alluna narrowed her eyes and looked toward the center of the vast dance floor. A flash ahead caught her attention. Devon was grinning and waving at them. She could see his bioluminescent eyes. There were other dark figures with him, but too many for her to make out.

It seemed like forever before they reached the circular VIP area of the Alpha Angels. It was in the dead center of the club. Two gargoyles stood watch at the entrance of the sectioned off area. It was a few feet higher than the rest of the dance floor and had a spectacular view of the entire club.

Devon stood at the entrance of the VIP area and greeted them when they stepped up onto the pedestal.

Alluna watched when he brushed a kiss over Anniel’s smiling lips and then wrapped his arms around Angel. The pretty blonde melted against him as his mouth engulfed hers. Angel’s arms went around his neck while Devon’s hands roamed her back and cupped her ass to pull her into his groin. He moaned as his hips rolled against hers.

The feel of Remi’s arm going around Alluna’s shoulders startled her for a second, making her glance briefly at him. Remi still had his arm wrapped around Rowie, his eyes glinting in amusement at Angel and Devon who looked as though they were about to crawl into each other’s clothes at any moment.

“Hey, you two,” he snickered, “get a room for fuck’s sake.”

Angel jumped, tearing her kiss-plumped lips from Devon. She looked dazed for a few seconds before her face turned pink and the leg she’d wrapped around Devon’s legs lowered to the glowing glass floor. Remi barked out a laugh making her frown and then stick her tongue out at him.

“Ha,” Remi scoffed. “I dare you to bring that over here.”

Angel sneered at him as Devon laughed and lifted his middle finger at the red-haired weredragon.

Rowie swatted Remi with her tiny fist, her giggles like tinkling bells. “Behave, you brat.”

Devon’s hand touching Alluna’s arm had her snapping her gaze back to him. She tipped her head back, her eyes going round when he wrapped one big hand around her waist and drew her close. Just like Remien, Devon dipped his head and brushed his petal-soft lips over hers.

“You look beautiful, Luna,” he said straightening with a smile.

“Th-thank you.” Alluna couldn’t help gaping at him. She still thought he looked like a god, inhumanly beautiful.

His head tipped to the side. “Go say hi to Seth.”

She blinked, her hand going to her mouth. Seth. Alluna gasped, remembering she’d turned him into a toddler. Glancing in the direction Devon looked, she saw Seth rising from a high stool at their private bar. There were a few dark-haired males congregated there she didn’t recognize, but it didn’t matter because Seth had all her attention.

It was obviously going to be a night for staggering surprises.

He was no longer a toddler. Her eyes ran over his tall, lean, broad-shouldered length. Seth wore a long glossy black coat, its’ collar high and tight around his neck with metal buttons marching down his torso in two rows to just below his waist, fitting him like a glove. From there, it flared out to sweep the floor, the split center revealing black velvety pants and tight boots laced up to his knees.

But it was not his eye-catching attire that had her jaw dropping. As he stood, his hair, that once just barely brushed the back of his shoulders, now spilled forward in a silken fall of platinum blond to his waist.

He stepped right up to her. She stared up at him suddenly feeling very tiny in front of the six-foot-six Alpha Angel. His eyes .held no warmth and his brows drew closer the slightest bit, making him look stern. “You and I are going to have a little talk on how to restrain impulsive outbursts of power.” Seth’s eyes narrowed as he waited for her response.

Alluna winced with a gulp. “Y-yes sir,” she replied feeling chagrined. He had every right to be angry with her, but to her surprise, Seth leaned down and put his mouth over hers in a soft kiss that had her sighing.

“Welcome to the family, Luna,” he said when he lifted his head to look at her.

She didn’t know what to say. Her eyes went from his unsmiling face to gape at his beautiful hair.

“Zak and Devon told me what happened.” He looked down, taking a few strands of his white hair between his fingers. “When I was turned back to my normal size, it grew with me.” His eyes darted back up to hers with a frown. “I had to rid myself of all my facial hair again.”

“I’m…so sorry, Sethaliel.”

He stood taller, rolling his shoulders farther back. “We’ll discuss this tomorrow. For now, Go to Zak. He’s waiting for you.”

Seth stepped to the side, urging her toward the bar where he’d been seated.

The group of raven-haired males had turned, and were now looking right at her. Their skin was pale and there golden eyes glowed strangely. They parted away from the bar to reveal…


Alluna sucked in her breath at the sight of him. He sat on a high stool looking regal. His arms rested on the armrests and his sapphire eyes blazed into hers. Pleasure shot up her spine as she took in his loose tresses streaming down his chest to his lap. He also wore a long black coat, but Zak’s was open, revealing him bare-chested. Nothing but a silver chain with a blue pendant hung between his pectorals. His wide belt had an intricate silver buckle and metal studded his boots. One enormous foot rested on the stool’s rung and the other on the floor.

Zak’s eyes narrowed making a shiver of awareness shimmy up her spine. She wanted desperately to run into his arms, but felt apprehension. Was he angry with her for what she did to Seth? Zak had warned her that the weapons weren’t real. Seeing Devon plunge the holo-sword through Zak’s gut had made her lose her mind, and forget it wasn’t real. If only he could understand that. Remien’s arm going around her waist startled her.

She gasped when he began pulling her toward Zak.

He smiled, his green-gold eyes twinkling. “He’s not going to bite you, baby,” Remien’s deep voice chuckled. His grin grew broader as he leaned closer to her ear. “Yet.”

She stared at Zak’s unsmiling face in trepidation. His eyes blazed, staring light into hers and his lips were pressed tight. He looked angry. Her eyes welled making his brows draw closer together.

By the time Remi brought her right between Zak’s spread thighs, her tears were already spilling down her cheeks.

She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and stared up at him wanting to throw herself into his strong arms and sob for forgiveness. Would he send her away? She’d been disobedient.

She waited for his expression to soften, but Zak made no attempt to touch her. He just stared down his nose at her. “Why are you crying?” his deep voice growled.

Alluna let out her pent up breath in a tumble of words. “I-I’m sorry, mas—“

His finger shot up to rest against her lips, silencing her. He stared at her for long moments before wrapping his big hand around the back of her neck to drag her forward.

Relief flooded her senses. Alluna opened her mouth for his kiss, letting his tongue stake its claim. He tasted her thoroughly, his other hand wrapping around her waist to draw her completely against him.

She whimpered, melting against his hot torso, and ran her fingers up his velvety skin. The muscles on his chest flexed beneath her exploring hands. She pressed her fingernails against them to test their firmness just before sinking her fingers into the long blond hair at the nape of his thick neck. His hand fisted tighter in her own hair, tipping her neck back so he could ravage her mouth more thoroughly.

Alluna moaned and knew that if he hadn’t had her so tightly enfolded in his arms, she would have melted into a little puddle of pleasure at his feet.

“Geez, Zak. How about some introductions.”

Alluna kept her eyes on Zak when he pulled his lips away with reluctance.

He looked to the side and smirked. His eyes turned back to Alluna. “Alluna, meet the Teus brothers.”

Zak’s arm pressed her tighter against him as she turned her head to peer at the five black-haired males shyly. He pointed each one out, saying their names.

Draco looked like the eldest, tall and reed thin. Although compared to the other brothers, he had a bit more muscle in his upper body. Oni was the second eldest and the youngest was Morte who looked like a gangly fifteen year-old boy. The twins were barely older than the youngest. Iusi and Imo smiled flirtatiously with Alluna making her gasp when she saw their fangs.

“Yes, Alluna,” Zak said into her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. “They’re vampires.”

If the runes would have told her a mooncycle ago that she would be dressed as she was, standing where she was, surrounded by two weredragons and five vampires, she might have been tempted to throw those old runes away believing they were no longer dependable for foreseeing the future.

He brushed a kiss to her temple and lifted his head to glare at the others. “All right. I made the introductions, now everybody get lost and let me have some privacy with my girl.”

The brothers made sounds of disappointment.

“Damn. You’ve become such an ass ever since the serum stopped working on you,” Oni complained.

Alluna frowned up at Zak, her hand smoothing over his bare chest. “Serum?”

Remi, who still stood next to her, leaned closer to be heard over the loud music that had started in the background. “Our personal physician developed a serum with Rowie’s DNA that temporarily turned Seth, Zak and me into vamps. Zak still has his fangs.”

When he nodded at Zak, Alluna turned to look at her beautiful master. The corners of his lips turned up a bit, but he kept them closed. She’d felt and seen his fangs before, but now she was curious to get a better look at them.

Alluna lifted her hand tentatively to poke her index finger in the corner of his mouth. She jumped with a start when he suddenly nipped her finger, keeping it trapped between his white teeth.

Remi chuckled next to them. “Now what are you going to do, Luna?”

She tried to pull her finger from between his teeth, but Zak closed his lips around her digit and began to suck, sending jolts of arousal straight through her.

“Mmmm,” Remi growled. “That’s looks hot. Shit, Rowie. We can’t let them look hotter than us.”

Remi pulled Rowie against him and took her mouth. Alluna groaned when the tugs on her finger increased. She saw how Rowie fisted Remi’s mane with both hands and kissed him back ferociously.

Zak released Alluna’s finger and pulled her against him. One hand buried in the hair at her nape, he took possession of her mouth again.

“Aw, fuck this,” Draco exclaimed. “Let’s get out of here and find our own females.”

Zak began to laugh and drew his lips away from Alluna’s.

The Teus brothers shuffled over to the other side of the bar to flirt with Anniel.

Remi’s arm going around Alluna’s shoulders had her head turning back to him. Rowie had thrown her arm around Zak’s neck and Alluna caught when they parted from a brief kiss. All four made a perfect tight circle, their faces mere inches from one another.

Remi grinned, his eyes darting from Rowie to Alluna to Zak. “We are the luckiest bastards here.”

Zak chuckled. “That we are.”

Remi’s arm tightened around Alluna drawing her closer as well as Rowie, who also pulled Zak in.

“Our women are the prettiest in the galaxy,” Remi growled as his tongue darted out to touch Rowie’s lips.

Alluna closed her eyes when Remi’s muscular arm pressed her so close, her cheek rubbed against his. Hands, because it was more than one, sank into her hair, and lips and tongues danced against her lips. Her heart beat frantically against her ribs. They were all kissing… a four-way kiss. Her head was turned from side to side until she couldn’t tell who’s lips ate at hers.

Her hands rose to fist Zak and Remien’s hair and felt how they alternated kissing her and Rowie. Alluna opened her eyes a sliver to see Remi’s glittering green-gold eyes watching her in amusement. They all back away a few inches.

Her mind reeled at what they had just done. Zak continued to stare at her and she felt her face flush from excitement as well as a hint of shyness. She licked her lips still tasting the subtle hint of Zak as well as Remi and Rowie. A quiver ran through Alluna. Rowie giggle and tweaked Alluna’s nose.

“Get used to it, Luna. That’s the way it is between us. Nothing but love, baby-girl.”

“We have to initiate Luna,” Remi said with a smirk.

Zak stiffened and pulled Alluna away from the circle of their embrace. “She isn’t ready for that, Rem.”

“Says who?” Remi challenged with a laugh.

Zak scowled.

Rowie gripped Remi by the edges of his coat and pulled him against her with a grin. “Ease off, Fyre.”

He looked into her eyes and snorted. “Whatever.”

Alluna frowned. “Initiation?”

“Just a stupid ritual our ex-second in command came up with.”

“Ritual?” That certainly perked her interest.

Rowie wrapped her arms around Remi’s waist and smiled at Alluna. “It’s a way of commemorating becoming part of the family.”

Alluna’s eyes widened. She looked at Zak pleadingly. “But I want to be part of the family. Please?”

Zak frowned. “You are part of our family now, Alluna.” His hands caressed her back in soothing sweeps. “The ritual isn’t important. It’s just a part of our dark past. Not even Seth has done it.”

“Hell no,” Rowie protested with a scowl. She looked back to where Seth sat by himself in a big lounge chair, a drink between his hands. “He’s just…”

“Don’t you dare call that overgrown jackass a baby,” Remi snarled.

Zak chuckled, but Rowie glared at her mate. “We’ve had him since he was just a little thing.”

Remi snorted. “Are you kidding me? Just look at him, Row. In case you haven’t noticed when we swim in the enviro-level, the weretigri has grown a pair and he’s screwed more females than—“

Zak’s snarl had Remi’s head snapping in his direction.

Alluna blinked, looking from Zak’s glare to Remi’s chagrined one in confusion. What was going on?

“Watch what you say, Fyre,” Zak growled through clenched teeth.

Remi’s gaze darted to Alluna before he smiled sheepishly at Zak. “Oopsie.”

Zak’s eyes narrowed, and Alluna wished she knew what they were talking about. One thing was clear. She wanted to participate in the initiation ritual.

Taking a deep breath, she pouted and allowed her eyes to well up, turning her face away from Zak.

“Baby?” He tried to turn her face up to his, but she sniffed and kept it turned away from him.

“Alluna,” he sighed. “Don’t.”

“You don’t want me to be part of the family. I understand, Master.”

Zak stiffened. “Alluna, look at me.”

His stern tone had her peering up at him from beneath her lashes.

His hand came up to her cheek. “You don’t understand. When we use Liquid X, it sends a person into… a sexual frenzy.”

Alluna’s eyes widened. “You were initiated this way?”

Zak’s face flushed. He swallowed and then nodded. “It was a long time ago. Devon, Lucien and I started the whole initiation ritual in Heaven’s Pearly Gates.”

“What is this place?”

“It’s a strip club,” Remi interjected.

Alluna winced, knowing exactly what that was. The thought of Zak in a sexual frenzy surrounded by many beautiful exotic dancers had her feeling jealous. She scowled and looked away.

He pinched her chin to make her look at him. “It was a long time ago.”

Devon calling Zak and Rowie drew his attention. He stood and lifted her up onto the stool he’d just vacated. “We’ll continue to talk about this later.”

Alluna sighed and looked down at the floor until he tipped her face back up. His sapphire eyes bore into hers. “I don’t want to see you unhappy. It upsets me. Don’t upset me, Alluna.”

A shiver went through her. She gripped his hand before he had a chance to pull it away and pressed a kiss to his palm, closing her eyes before looking back up at him. “I don’t want you to be upset with me. I’m sorry.”

Zak frowned in confusion, his eyes darting to Remi, who shrugged.

“Stay here with her,” Zak told him, extending his hand to Rowie.

“We’ll be right back,” Rowie smiled blowing Remi and Alluna a kiss.

Alluna watched them walk over to Devon and Angel, who stood with a tall white-haired male with piercing grey eyes.

Remi slid into the stool next to Alluna with a pout.

“Who is he?” she asked.

“That is one of the owners of this place,” Remi replied. “He doesn’t like me too much.”

“And why is that?”

“Long complicated story.” Remi turned to face her. “You’ve gotten good at twisting Zak around your little finger.”

Alluna blinked at him. “What do you mean?”

Remi leaned back, resting his elbows on the edge of the bar behind him with a knowing smirk. “I don’t want you to be upset with me, master,” he mimicked a feminine voice, almost making her laugh at how silly he sounded.

“I didn’t call him master when I said that,” she sniffed turning her nose up.

Remi leaned toward her with a wide grin. “Sneaky little witch,” he snickered giving her a peck on her cheek. “You are going to be fun to have around. I’m glad Zak and you found each other. Now I need to get Seth and Annie hooked up.”

Alluna turned to look at him curious. “Hooked up?”

Remi was gazing at Anniel. He narrowed his eyes and Alluna also shifted her gaze to Anniel. She was tip-toeing down the steps of their VIP area. Anniel then squeezed her way past the horde of creatures surrounding their area and slinked away to a dark little alcove that had less occupants.

“She’s still hurting,” Remi said drawing Alluna’s attention. “And she’s lonely. She’s too beautiful to be lonely.”

Alluna looked back to Anniel. She’d settled on a stool and held a glass of amber liquid in her hands. Anniel ran the tip of her finger around the rim and sighed. Yes. Anniel looked very sad and lonely.

“Sweetheart.” Zak’s deep voice startled her. She turned wide eyes to him. “The owner wants me to take the stage with the Teus brothers and Rowie.” His hand cupped her cheek as he smiled down at her. “Just one song, baby, and I’ll be right back. Promise.” He swooped down and kissed her, turning to Remi afterwards. “Keep an eye on her, Rem.”

“I’ll guard her with my life, Goliath.” Remi grinned and snaked an arm around Alluna’s waist.

Zak scowled. “No liquid X either. I will tickle you until you pass out from agony, Fyre.”

Remi scowled. “Trust me, man. You said no, so its no. I get it.”

Zak kissed Alluna again and then turned. His long coat swept the floor, billowing out as he walked away. She admired the way the candlelight and multicolored strobes glinted off the thick golden waves of his hair. He walked with an aggressive swagger, his ropey arms swaying at his sides.

“You’ve got it bad, girlfriend,” Remi chuckled next to her, before his hand gripped hers to haul her off her stool. “Let’s go harass Sethaliel awhile,” he announced with exuberant glee.

Chapter Fourteen


The need to go back to Alluna was overwhelming. Zak parted his lips to drag in a harsh breath before clenching his teeth and forcing himself to continue forward. He was only going to perform one or two songs at most. Why did he feel so anxious and edgy?

The Tues brothers joined him and Rowie as they stepped away from their VIP area. It took all his willpower not to turn his head to search Alluna out. If he looked at her, he’d run back. He knew that. He kept his eyes facing forward. A growl rumbled in his chest.

Rowie looked up at him over her shoulder at the same time her hand gripped his and wrapped it around her waist. Immediately, he reined in his emotions. Zak gazed down at Rowie’s worried frown, resting his palm over the slight bulge of her pregnant belly.

“I’m okay,” he assured, his fingers stroking the sweet bulge beneath his fingers. He did his best to squash his absurd anxiety to run back to Alluna.

She raised her brows, one side of her mouth quirking up showing her doubt, but thankfully turned away without pressing the issue.

He sighed with relief.

Zak held her protectively as they marched toward the stage, an entourage of gargoyles escorting them.

The snarls and growls of the gargoyles rumbled over the loud music being played by the DJ and the aliens immediately parted to let them through. Draco and Oni were to either side of him, the twins leading the way in front of Rowie.

“Zak.” A masculine voice called out. “Zak!”

Zak turned his head, a pair of ebony wings catching his attention. The reaper used his enormous wings to work his way through the sea of moving bodies.

Zak recognized Natanael as he drew closer. The once blond reaper had shorn his locks into a Mohawk and dyed it bright fuchsia. Hoops, from tiny to large decorated the shells of his ears, and, just like Remien, another pair pierced his nipples. Natanael’s silver eyes looked earnestly at Zak.

“Let him through,” Zak told the Gargoyles escorting them.

The creatures parted, letting Natanael approach.

“I need the help of your Angels,” he pleaded.

Zak paused with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Eriel. He’s been missing for three moon cycles.”

Draco snorted. “That slut? He’s probably gone off with some high born official who’s keeping his ass full of cock.”

Natanael scowled at Draco, his eyes turning completely black.

“Woa, buddy,” Zak blurted putting his hand on the enraged reaper’s shoulder. “Take it easy, okay?”

Natanael blinked a few times before his eyes returned to normal. “Erie would have called me by now. We share the same cruiser and agreed to look out for each other. He never disappears for so long. I fear for my friend.”

“When did you see him last?” Rowie asked.

Natanael sighed. “He had ingested Liquid X.” Natanael’s eyes rose to look past them. Zak turned to see what he looked at and saw one of the dancers’ suspended cages over a VIP area. There was a pretty Fae occupying it now, writhing and undulating her naked body for the Endoreen council members surrounding her.

“They’d enticed him to dance for them. He drew such a crowd that night that we had to get him out. One of the Endoreen women caught his eye and he took off with her.”

“Took off?” Imo questioned.

Natanael opened his wings causing a stir of alarmed gasps from the aliens around them. He stretched them out to their full expanse, making Zak grimace. He hated when they did that. Even with his crazy fuchsia Mohawk, the death angel looked terrifyingly beautiful. Natanael pointed up. “He flew away with her into the night. I haven’t seen him or the woman since.”

“Iusi snickered. “Woman?”

Imo elbowed him with a frown.

Natanael frowned at the insolent boy. “Eriel likes women as well as men, you little snot-nosed brat.”

“All right,” Zak snapped when the twins snarled. “Everybody just calm the fuck down. Look, Natanael, this is something you should personally tell Devon. If anyone can figure out what to do and where to start, it would be my commander.”

Natanael shoved Oni out of the way and hugged both Zak and Rowie despite the threatening growls of the gargoyles. “Oh thank you,” he sighed.

Zak hesitantly patted the reaper’s feathered wings. “No sweat, man. We’ll help you. Go talk to Dev. He’s just back there.”

Remi settled Alluna between Seth and himself.

“I can’t believe Zak let the likes of you watch her,” Seth murmured with a frown in Remi’s direction.

Alluna stiffened. She hoped they weren’t going to fight.

Remi grinned at the weretigri with a shrug. “At least with me she won’t be bored to death.”

Seth grunted, gripped the glass he held and downed the liquid in one gulp. He pushed the glass out and it was quickly replaced with another full glass.

“Fuck, Seth. How many have you had?”

“Not enough,” he mumbled again.

Alluna pouted, feeling her heart tighten. Poor man seemed so tormented. She clenched her fists in her lap, fighting the urge to touch and soothe him.

Remi leaned over, placing his forearms on the glossy, grey stone bar top. “Did you see who’s over to your right?”

Seth stiffened. “Don’t care.”

Alluna look out over the crowd of dancing aliens wondering whom Remi meant.

There were so many beings slithering and sliding against one another, A pretty Chidadent female with a head full of braids, three Gruesh girls undulating against a silver-haired Merulian, a dark-skinned Fae with bright pink hair and pale blue gossamer wings.

“Aw, come-on, Seth,” Remi cajoled. “At least go out and dance with her. What better opportunity to be able to slide up behind her and show her what you got, man.” Remi’s chuckle was pure evil, making Alluna blush.

Seth grabbed his glass of liquor, swallowed it in one gulp and then slammed it with a snarl on the bar. Alluna jumped and backed away until she felt Remi’s chest against her back. Seth’s pale blue eyes stared daggers at Remi. “Fuck off, Fyre.”

Remi’s arm went around Alluna’s shoulders. “Hey, asshole. What kind of fucking language is that to use in front of little Luna here.”

Seth slid off his stool without another word and stalked away.

“He’s such an idiot. After all the trouble I went through to hook him up with that pretty red-haired reaper.”

Remi waved at someone in the crowd. Alluna turned to see and gasped when she saw a breathtaking girl with silvery grey eyes and coppery hair waving back. She spun in a circle, her black wings spread out a little behind her to maintain her balance. A reaper.

“She is a riot. Old sour puss can certainly use someone like that to cheer up his sorry ass.” Remi sighed, shaking his head and then turned back to look at Anniel. His eyes narrowed. “She’s going to be easier to hook up. Annie’s pure sweetness. I already have the perfect match for her too.”

Alluna’s heart sped up, the prospect of seeing Anniel happily mated making her smile. “Who?”

Remi’s grin widened as he lifted his hand and pointed. “The big bastard leaning against the column over there.”

Alluna looked to where he pointed. Her smile vanished from her face as she gaped at the man Remi intended to hook up Anniel with.

He towered above everyone around him. Alluna noticed everyone gave him a wide berth. Who wouldn’t? The reaper exuded raw power. His hair was long, dark, his eyes like steel, and his skin sun-kissed bronze. One unfortunate Chidadent bumped into him and the imposing male straightened, black wings spreading out behind him threateningly. The Chidadent cowered a moment before he ran away.

“Oh, Remi, no. Not that one,” Alluna exclaimed in alarm.

Remi only grinned. “Why not? You gotta admit, he’s a handsome dude. And talk about presence.” Remi barked out a laugh. “I do believe that Chid pissed his pants.” He nodded decisively. “Yeah. We can definitely use that son-of-a-bitch on our team.”

“But he’s so scary looking,” Alluna argued.

“Nah, he’ll grow on you, Luna. Come-on.” He gripped her arms and hauled her out of the stool. “I’ve got an idea.”

Somehow, his words caused a great deal of unease in her.

Remi leaned over the bar and spoke to the lizard-like female there in a hissing language she didn’t understand.

The lizard-girl handed him two glasses and five tubes of a red glowing liquid. Alluna was aware that all of the bartenders were now watching Remien with dread on their faces.

Alluna gulped. “What are you going to do with that?”

Remi poured one tube in the left glass and the other four in the right. A murmur of alarm broke out behind the bar. Remi only snickered.

“Let me have a Black Wrquild.”

The lizard-girl handed him a pretty, purplish-black bloom. He tucked it into the left glass and took them both, holding his elbow out for Alluna to take. “Stay close to me, Luna.”

They made their way through the writhing mass of beings until they approached the tall, dark angel.

His attention was riveted to something behind them and Alluna turned in curiosity. Her eyes widened when she realized that the tall reaper was staring at Anniel.

She turned surprised eyes to Remien.

“Told you I know what I’m doing,” he murmured under his breath. “When we get close, look at his crotch, and tell me that bastard isn’t interested in our girl.”

When they were a few paces away, the reaper noticed them and straightened with a frown. He crossed his arms over his chest, the muscles in his bare arms bunching up bigger than Zak’s. He was huge. Alluna faltered in her steps, wanting to flee the other way. Remi definitely had a death wish. Remembering what Remi had said, Alluna let her gaze drop to the front of the reapers black pants. Sure enough, the outline of the death angel’s cock strained against the laces of his pants.

“Hi. Ashriel, right?”

The reapers eyes narrowed, his eyes going over Remi before looking at her as well.

His eyes softened when he looked down at her, but iced over when they looked back up at Remi.

“Remien Fyre,” the reaper’s deep voice rumbled.

Alluna’s knees began to shake regardless of the fact that the giant death angel hadn’t looked at her with animosity.

“Anniel is dying to invite you over for a drink, but she’s a bit shy.”

Alluna’s eyes went round at Remi’s outright lie. The reaper’s eyes also gaped, darting to where Anniel sat before narrowing to look at Remi suspiciously. He shot Alluna a hard glare and she just grinned hoping he didn’t strike them dead.

Ashriel snarled at Remien. Uh-oh.

Remi held up his hands with a frown. “Look, I’m just trying to do her a favor, man. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Ashriel looked back at Anniel. Alluna saw clearly the look of longing in his eyes and for a brief moment, felt sorry for him.

Ashriel shook his head.

“No?” Remi scoffed incredulously. “You’re going to turn her down?”

Ashriel took a deep breath through his lips. “I’m here on official business. I cannot consort with… I shouldn’t…” He stiffened and frowned at Remien. “I am a high priest.”

Remien nodded. “I get you, Ash. It’s okay.” He shrugged. “At least don’t turn down the female’s drink. That would be totally rude, man.”

Remi pushed the glass into Ashriel’s hand.

“B-but I don’t… I’m not used to…” Ashriel stammered.

“Aw, come-on, Ash. Seriously? No sex, no drinking? No wonder you’re always frowning, man. Live it up a little. Even Ama drinks.”

Ashriel scowled and took the drink from Remi’s hand.

He stared at it unsure.

“Just remember, dude,” Remi said gripping Alluna’s arm to walk away. “She’s watching what you do with that drink. If you take forever to sip it down, it’s like an invitation for her to come down here and flirt with you.”

Alluna’s brows rose and she darted a glance back at the big reaper.

His mouth was still in a little O of frustration, looking from the drink in his hand to Anniel.

Remien practically ran to Anniel, dragging a stumbling Alluna behind him.

“Annie,” he blurted, slamming the glass of red liquid in front of her. “Ashriel sends you this. He wants to talk with you.”

Anniel looked behind them and gasped. “Remien Fyre, what are you up to?”

Remi pouted. “Me? I’m only bringing you this drink he told me to give you. He’s a little shy, Annie. Give the guy a break. Go talk to him.”

Anniel scowled at Remi. “I am not going to talk to that Seraphian reaper. You know better than to ask me—“

“Hey, I’m only the messenger. Don’t shoot me. If I were you, I’d drink whatever it is he sent you, give him a smile and a wave, and turn away before he get’s the nerve to sashay his feathered ass up here.”

Alluna winced. “They have feathers on their—“

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Luna.” Anniel rolled her eyes. “Don’t listen to Remi. He’s just being a smart-ass.”

Alluna winced, totally confused with all the anal references.

She watched wide-eyed as Remi leaned over and planted a big kiss on Anniel’s mouth, grinning the whole time. “Gotta go, gorgeous. Zak and Row are going to start onstage. Luna and I don’t want to miss a thing.”

He yanked her behind him. “Hurry up, princess. The shit is about to hit the turbines.”

She gasped, her gaze darting about the ceiling as she gripped Remi.

He only chuckled, “It’s just a saying, babe.”

Alluna groaned with dread. Remien Fyre was one naughty angel.

The feel of a power guitar in his hands made him feel better. Bodies pressed against each other around the stage as it rose a little higher. Imo was pressing the micro-dots on Rowie’s face and giving the sound tech a thumbs up.

Screams of glee went around the cavernous interior. One Gruesh girl standing on the dance floor in front of Zak opened her dress to show him her four blue breasts. She bounced up and down screaming “Zak Wilder, I love you.”

A chorus of screams repeated the girl’s words, making him grin as he fine tuned his power guitar. There was a time when those shouts of professed love had filled him with excitement, but now all he needed was Alluna.

His eyes searched her out. He frowned when he didn’t see her in their VIP area and scanned around the area before him for her.

Rem, where the fuck are you? Where’s Luna?

“Where’re right here, Sasquatch,” Remi yelled. Zak looked to his right and saw them standing in front of Rowie. Amaranth stood next to Remi, waving at Zak too.

Zak laughed, handed his power guitar to a stage tech, and removed his coat. Playing always made him work up a sweat. Last thing he wanted was to pass out from heat stroke.

The screams rose in intensity when he bared himself. He looked at Alluna and winked at her. She just gaped at him, her eyes going over his exposed body. Zak grinned and flexed his pecs, shaking his hair back. The screams in the castle grew deafening. He frowned when Alluna looked around, her shoulders hunching over as she took a small step back and bumped into Remi. The red weredragon wrapped his arms around her, talking into her ear before giving her temple a kiss. Alluna smiled shyly up at his grinning face.

About to take an angry step forward, Imo appeared before him, pressing his power guitar into Zak’s chest.

“Where are you going, dude?” he said with a crooked smile. “We’re going to start now.”

Zak nodded, gripping his guitar before glancing back at Alluna and Remi. Her eyes were back on Zak, Remi stared up at Rowie with a lascivious grin. Amaranth was directly behind Alluna now, black wings slightly open as if to protect her. She gave Zak a thumbs up sign.

Zak nodded appreciatively at the reaper, internally reeling at the fact that he’d almost walked over to punch Remi. Why the hell? He’d never been territorial before. None of them were between each other. The spell? Damn.

The lights dimmed and a red-haired vampire appeared on stage.

“Patrons of Haddasha, as you requested, we present to you… Midnight Rose and Draconius Imorteus.”

The roar of applause was staggering. For a long moment, they were unable to begin, but Imo strode to center stage and began to play. Zak walked over to him followed by Iusi. The three stood center stage, their fingers flying over the laser strings on the power guitars, the music rising ever louder until, with a crash of Morte’s cymbals, they began to rock the entire castle with their powerful riff.

Goose bumps rose on Zak’s body as he saw arms and tentacles in the air, keeping time with the driving rhythm.

Rowie began to sing, her voice echoing in the castle to further give Zak the chills.

The three guitarists and Oni, who played bass, flanked either side of Rowie, tossing their heads to the beat as she belted out the powerful words to a song.

Zak felt himself grow aroused. Playing onstage always did that to him. He bent back, tossing his hair, twisting to the side, letting the music posses him. Something bumped his legs and he opened his eyes to see Imo almost crouched over him.

The boys fangs were completely out, his grin almost a sneer.

Zak bared his own fangs and straightened until his face was inches from Imo’s.

They were playing the same riff and Zak decided to switch it up a bit.

The guitars wailed in harmony causing the aliens in the castle to go into an ecstatic frenzy.

Another body pressed up behind him. Zak glanced back to see Iusi. They’d sandwiched him and were now bowing back the way they always did when they played, their bodies defying gravity as their heads almost touched the floor.

Zak shook his head from side to side, knowing his hair arched around him like a golden veil.

Their audience loved it. Rowie’s body swayed and undulated, her voice mesmerizing. People tried to touch her, but she kept a safe distance from the edge of the stage.

Zak noticed Alluna dancing with Remi and Amaranth. In their VIP area, Devon and Angel also moved together to the powerfully sensual song.

Zak approached the area where Alluna danced. Beings rushed there to try to grab at him, pushing Alluna back.

Disappointment washed over Zak. He’d wanted to kiss her… Show everyone she was his… and he was hers.

Amaranth opened her wings, gripping Alluna’s waist and moved through the mass of bodies until Luna was right at the edge of the stage, staring up at Zak with wide eyes.

He laughed, dropped to his knees, and played for her a few minutes before leaning over and taking her mouth.

His cock grew harder at the taste of her. More than anything, he longed to toss the power guitar aside, throw his female over his shoulder, take her home, and fuck her through the mattress.


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