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The Witch's Grove

A young girl is initiated into a secret coven.
Her breath came in gasps and shuddering sighs, as her breast rose and fell with every quivering sensation. The young girl’s arms and legs were held each by a beautiful woman; completely naked except for the velvety purple shrouds that draped over their lithe figures.

Those who held her hands, caressed them against their bodies, allowing the eager finger’s of the prostrate girl to explore freely while, the lower arm was held fast with both hands. Her legs were restrained from the thigh and both women there were moving in a rhythmic motion, their soaked nether-regions rubbing against her virgin skin.

But it was the fifth woman, the one with the raven hair that kneeled in between the girl’s spread legs that made her overwhelm with pleasure. This dark haired, white skinned vixen met her womanhood with luscious red lips that kissed and slurped; her mischievous tongue that ran the course of her slit and played within her folds.

But by the time her hips began bucking without control and her eyes began to roll back, thrusting with everything she had into the greedy mouth below, the temptress stopped. Sitting up on her legs, she threw back her black flowing locks and gazed down at the writhing youth below her. Only sixteen, she thought as she swallowed the accumulated juices in her mouth, and yet she has the passion and fire of a dragoness.

“Behold!” she cried out, arms raised into the dark wood and starry sky above, “Our newest initiate has about come to climax!” She stood now and shifted her gaze from the girl to a congregation of twenty and three women all wrapped in with each other in a female orgy.
A bed of flowers.

“Now, sisters, the chosen one is nearly at her peak! Climax now in unison! Shout the incantation! Summon the grove walker!”

At once, all the women who held her down moved from the young girl and chanting around her wriggling figure. The air was charged with energy and the congregation below screamed and convulsed with ecstasy. The dark haired woman swayed and rolled her head with erotic movements, feeding on the energy generated around her like only a true master of the craft could do.

The power of the coven drove into her, bringing her own juices flowing and splattering the tender virgin’s face below her until at last she came with the force of an avalanche, screaming a high-pitched, impossible note that resounded off the trees of the thick surrounding forest.

All at once, every woman fell over. Utterly exhausted and spent from the ritual. Every woman, that is, except the newest acolyte. There she lay, so suddenly left alone in consciousness. Her naked form still spread out underneath the sparse canopy and starlight above. She lifted her head up ever so slightly and realized that the five women assisting her were spread out evenly about her, their legs spread touching each others’ in what, amazingly, was a perfect pentagram surrounding her.

And then the wind came. It seemed as if it materialized out of nowhere, blowing and buffeting her on every side. She wanted to get up and run to the cover of a nearby tree but was unable to move, as if the very wind was driving against her. And just as fast as the whirlwind picked up, it vanished. The girl breathed heavily; bewildered by what had just happened when she heard a faint sound in the total silence. It was a drum, or at least it began like a drum. As it drew closer the sound grew, vibrating the ground with each beat. That’s when the young woman realized, it wasn’t a drum but footsteps of some gigantic creature. It grew and grew, the timing of each step matching the rhythm of her pounding heart.

She looked up, glancing between her own supple breasts to see two oak trees bend opposite each other as if they had a will of their own. Betwixt them, in the sheer darkness stepped out what one would guess to be nothing other than a giant. The man stood nearly the height of the surrounding trees as he stepped out into the clearing. With purpose, he then marched his long legs toward the girl.

She wanted to scream, but her voice was just as paralyzed as her body. Tears rolled down her face as the young virgin tried in vain to escape her invisible bonds. She felt something, smooth like velvet, but with weight to it, which silenced her instantly and put her mind in an unnatural calm, start from her bosom and trail down her length until departing at her belly. It was no velvet, she thought, it was a match! For as soon as the hand of the giant man left her skin, her body was a flame with sexual energy.

The girl’s breathing transformed into quick, capricious gulps of air, followed by an intolerable itch deep within her womanhood. It was unbearable! Something, or someone had to quench the blaze or she thought she would die right then and there. It was then she remembered the giant man. She looked up at the strange being, realizing he was not exactly as human as she thought. He was lean and muscular but his body was spiraled with veins that twisted up from his legs and across his green colored body. What really took the girl’s breathe away though was the thing in the creature’s hand. It was his organ. Bigger than any member she’d ever seen. No bull or horse could ever hope to compare to it.

He was rubbing it and it grew until it curved upwards. It was monstrous but she didn’t care. She’d gladly be split in two if it meant the itching would finally stop. She raised her hips, offering the forest deity her precious flower, petals opened wide.

The giant, his gentleness belying his size, grasped each side of the young woman’s lower body, fingers wrapped from her buttocks all the way down to her thighs and thumbs pressed along her hips and belly. He then lowered his enormous member down to where the head touched against her vertical lips. But just when she thought the awful penetration was about to commence, a pleasant sensation grew within her.

Somehow, by powers beyond here comprehension, the penis of the creature seemed to melt within her vagina, painlessly folding away the hymen, and shooting back into the recesses of her sanctum sanctorum. Pleasure like she had never before experienced filled her body and mind with exuberant passion. The molten mass swirling in her womb solidified, perfectly molding to her inlaid shape.

The being began rocking his hips in and out and in again to the woman below him. The girl cried out a strangely surreal sound that was high and yet melodious. Each thrust dealt by the walker was the equivalent of an orgasm; and they just kept coming, faster and stronger. Her clitoris was a bulge and her nipples secreted milk as their genitalia clapped together uprising, undaunted. The great mound of muscle and sinew then raised her upwards with both hands still holding her lithe form.

Unbeknownst to her, the veins that covered the forest walker’s body came to life and swarmed across her own figure, raising her up to be drilled upwards. And then the beast roared! Every tree in the whole forest shuddered from the blast as the lord of the forest released his essence into his consort. The energy of life pulsed from the conjoined couple until the girl knew now that she would die but that she wouldn’t want it any other way.

She was reaching a level of ecstasy that no other human alive would ever be able to comprehend. His essence was unlike any mortal seed. It was not quite liquid nor was it air, but something in between that knew no physical boundary and shot forth beyond the walls of her tube and filled her entire frame with radiance.

This was not death, this was apotheosis! With his immortal energy swarming throughout her system, nothing could harm her; nothing could bind her, nothing could deviate her path to divinity! The forest god removed his member from the woman’s flower and kneeled down to bring his face to hers. Leaves bore along his jaw line like a beard and his hair was a flowing green mane, but it was his eyes that held the girl’s gaze. His shining silver eyes that bore the semblance of the moon in each pupil kept her hypnotized within his power.

“Sleep now my bride,” he said, in a primal deep voice and kissed her for a long while, their tongues dancing in one another’s mouths until he drew back. Her eyelids grew heavy and the young woman turned to her side and slipped off into a dreamless sleep.

The great being then lowered down to her left side, to where her thigh met her abdomen and kissed her gently there as well. A spiral mark appeared where his lips met her skin.
With effort, the giant stood again to turn again into the deep forest, knowing he would not see his new consort of many years come.

Meanwhile, the other women would soon awake and carry her back to her home in the village. Everything that had transpired this night will be forgotten to the youth and it will be the sisterhood’s responsibility to watch over her until the slow return of the night’s occurrence seeps back into her mind. She will find that she is different, and not know why, nor can she know in full until many cycles of the moon pass.

But the chosen one will rise through the challenges and trials foretold. And one day claim her rightful place as queen of the witches and lady to the god of the forest, known only to mortals as the Green Man.
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