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The World of Sexcraft

This is dedicated to all my wow friends.

The warlock had been running her dread-steed hard through the Ridge Mountains. The letter she carried was of the utmost importance, well at least that is what she had been told. Cara was nothing more than a messenger today she thought to herself as she made her way ever closer to Stormbreeze. All she knew for sure was that in the dying rouge’s last moments he that gave it to her saying it had to get to the king and fast or all our plans would be for not.

She kept looking over her shoulder as she raced through the hills and valleys of Ridge Mountains. She feared whoever killed the rouge couldn’t be far behind. Cara stopped for the evening in a quiet alcove near a stream. The mountains seemed so peaceful right now. But she could clearly remember fighting the Kich King’s minions here not to long ago. A lot of good warlocks had lost their lives that day and not to mention the druids. In the end they were victorious but the cost had been high. The blood spilled that day would not be soon forgotten be her or anyone else.

 She looked at the tattered letter and considered opening it but the rogue’s last words had been for the kings eyes only. She could see faint dried blood on the letter in the dying light. Her thumb stroked the letter as she thought so many had lost their lives fighting the Kich King and his forces so many. More friends than she cared to think about had died over the last few years of fighting.

 As the last of the light disappeared over the horizon she wished for a campfire but fear that whoever had attacked the rouge might be following her stayed her hand. So she settled in as best she could on the cold hard ground with Zilnar her minion taking first watch. The two of them had been in countless battles together. She knew he would die for her as she would him. She slowly dozed off knowing that Zilnar would watch her back.

 About an hour into his watch Zilnar thought he had heard fighting in the distance and went to check it. He crept slowly to the source of the noise and when he got there could do nothing but watch as first the men captured the giant cat. As he followed behind he saw them grab the hunter as well. He wanted to jump in and help the spell to call forth his fireball on his lips but he could see he was far out numbered. Instead he quietly got closer so he could hear what was going on for strangely the scourge didn’t straight away kill the hunter.

"Have you seen a courier with a letter to the king?" he overheard the wiry leader ask the hunter.

Damn it he thinks as he hears them ask about the courier. They are looking for my mistress. He turns knowing he must get back and warn her. He has only gone a short distance when he sees her cautiously making her way towards him. Zilnar hurries to her side informing her of the situation.

"Mistress the scourge are here we must flee. They have captured a hunter and her pet and are asking about you."

" I am not going to leave anyone to the hands of the scourge Zilnar you know what they do." Cara whispers to her minion shivering at the thought.

Sean who was back home for a much needed break from the war was delivering kegs for his uncle. It was brew fest after all and no war would stop the festivities the dwarves held every year at this time. He knew like all dwarves that even in these dark times that we had to find our fun were we could. So seeing as he was on leave he would help ensure fun could be had by all.

 The things he had seen and well never mind done in this war would haunt the hunter all his days but delivering kegs for the party goer was a nice distraction from the horrors of the war. And if he had a pint or two on the way what was the harm he thought to himself as he continues on to Stormbreeze.

He was letting his ram take a much needed break when hears what sounded like a fight deeper in the woods. He grabs his gun and he and his pet Jay head in to investigate. They walk cautiously in, senses heighten. The slight buzz from the barley brew gone as the fighter... no the killer instincts took over. He makes hardly a sound as he walks getting nearer to whatever he has heard. He sees a lock and her minion turn at his approach.

Cara and Zilnar were discussing the best way to help the hunter when she hears a noise behind her. She whirls a spell forming on her lips, her arms outstretched ready to let lose death on whoever thinks they can sneak up behind her when she sees Sean. She halts the spell quickly a second longer and her friend Sean would of been on fire.

"Damn it Sean you almost got yourself killed man. Don’t you know better than to sneak up on a lock? And besides aren’t you on leave?" she whispers backing away from the camp and closer towards Sean.

"I am I was making a run to Stormbreeze for my uncle. It is brew fest after all but then I heard something. I should of known you would be involved in it." Sean says lowering his weapon smiling slightly.

"You dwarfs and your brew fest, man it could be the end of the world and yall would be having a pint."

"Like you don’t keep Dwarven brew in your bags lock." he tells her with a laugh.

Cara laughs in return and says,

"You got me there dwarf.Now anyway listen we have a situation. " Cara quickly fills Sean in on what is going on.

Sean, Cara and her faithful minion Zilnar quickly plan the best way to save the hunter and her pet and escape with their lives.

 Quietly they circle the camp. Sean’s pet goes in stealth mode all but undetectable and enters the clearing first. Zilnar follows close behind his firebolt spell forming quick as lightening. His firebolt hits the one guarding the hunter’s cat. Jay and Zilnar rush in freeing the cat.

 Katt the captive hunter's pet goes straight for her mistress' captor's throat. Jumping on top of him all claws and teeth the leader has no time to react and Katt quickly kills him.

As soon as Cara sees Zilnar, her and Sean step out. She casts her reign of fire spell. Reining death down on her enemies. She sees them running and can smell their flesh burning.

 Sean draws his gun and quickly starts firing,so fast u can hardly see the motion as he drops one scourge after another.

Cara’s quickly follows with her fear spell sending a few more running in fear mindlessly heedlessly in all directions screaming as her spell causes their worse nightmares to be born, if only in their minds.

In a matter of moments the scourge are either dead or fleeing for their lives.
Katt protectively stands over his mistress growling at the three strangers who has saved them. He is unsure if these people can be trusted or not.

"It's ok we mean you no harm." Cara said walking slowly towards them.

"Be careful. Our pets' are very protective of their masters Cara." Sean warns.

Cara kneels down and looks at the night elf hunter and then the massive cat.

"Your safe now, you can trust us." she says softly.

The cat seems to relax and steps back. Cara taking that as a good sign steps forward to release the bonds holding the night elf.

"Are you ok hunter? " she asked helping her to stand.

"Yes, thank you for saving us. They were looking for a courier. I thought they were going to kill me." She replies with a slight tremor in her voice carefully hiding the knife cut she received. While they may have saved her left she is not certain they can be trusted not yet anyway.

"You are safe now. We will make sure you get to Stormbreeze safely. My name is Cara and that fellow over there is Sean."

"Thank you again for saving us. My name is Myra and that is Katt. I would welcome your company to Stormbreeze." Myra replies.

Myra cant help but look the warlock up and down. Even dressed in mostly leather Myra can tell this Cara has a nice body. Her black hair is cut short just above her shoulders. And the way she walks all confidant and sure of herself is very hot to Myra despite the pain she is in.

The trio quickly get there packs together and head to Stormbreeze. Every now and then Cara glances over at Myra. She is a very beautiful woman long blue hair and I bet soft to the touch Cara thinks with very full breasts if the tight shirt is any indication. Those breasts make Cara smile and lick her lips unknowingly Cara shakes her head yes she is beautiful but there is something familiar about her.

Sean ever watchful has seen the looks that Myra has given Cara as well as the looks Cara has given the night elf. He thinks to himself damn if only I could be a fly on that wall when those two get together. He smiles to himself with one last thought of maybe being the third in that soon to be party and if he knows anything he knows Cara will have Myra in her bed before long.
 Within a few hours they arrive at the majestic city. The large stone walls and massive statues always seem to make one feel small Cara thinks as they head through the gates.

“I have rooms at the Gilded Lily we should head there and then I must be away to the king.” Cara tells her companions.

“Perfect.” Sean replies, “ That is were this brew was headed.”

 They slowly make their way to the inn. There seems to be more and more people staying in Stormbreeze everyday.

Cara quickly sees Myra to her room. She notices the awkward way Myra is walking with her hand on her stomach but has no time to worry further on the matter. She shuts the door behind her saying,

"Just try and relax for now Myra. We should be safe here. I will have Sean keep his eye on you I must be away to the king."

Cara heads down to the stairs to the common area. It's very loud for this time of the day but then again it is brew fest. She finds Sean flirting with the barmaid, Carol an old flame of his and walks over towards him.

"Sean I need you to stay and keep your eye on Myra. I am not sure she wasn’t injured in the fight. Also there is something about her. I can't quite place my finger on it though." Cara tells him.

"Something about her huh? I have seen the way you look at her. She is attractive night elf isn’t she? “ Sean asks with a smirk.

Cara cant help but smile replying,

“Yes she is but that is not what I am talking about."

“I know what you mean Cara she looks familiar to me but from where I don’t know."

Cara grabs a drink from the bar maid’s tray and downs the drink in one gulp.

" I must head up to the keep. " she says letter in hand.

"Go go I will be here. I wont let Myra out of my sight." Sean says although he is staring at the sexy Carol the whole time as Cara makes her way out of the inn.

Myra removes her shirt slowly and painfully causing the wound to start bleeding again. She knows she needs help and gets up heading to the door to call the warlock back. She barely gets the door opens when she collapses.

 Katt seeing his master in danger pushes his way out the door. He heads down the hallway and hears voices in the next room. He scratches at the door and when it opens he jumps into the room. He looks from the man to the female and whines and walks out of the room then back again meowing and whining at the couple hoping the stupid humans will understand what he is trying to tell them.

“I think the cat wants us to follow Drake.” Tika tells the paladin.

“I think your right Tika come on let’s go.” He replies.

They follow the cat and quickly see the night elf on the ground. The get her back in bed and Drake seeing her wound knows just what to do. He cast a healing spell on Myra quickly closing the wound and healing her.

“I am going to the innkeeper and see if I can find out what is going on here.” Tika tells him.

 Meanwhile Sean, being the drawf that he is has in record time flirted his way into the bar maid’s bed yet again. While the dwarf may be small in stature he more than makes up for that in other areas. the young dark haired barmaid has quickly removed her clothing showing off her large breasts.

Sean’s green eyes couldn’t help but light up when he sees them.His hands going quickly to her firm breasts. His thumbs caressing the quickly hardening nipples.

She undoes his pants and he quickly steps out of them as he sits on the bed. Carol kneels down between his legs and smiles up at him as her hand begins to stroke him. Nice firm strokes quickly get a rise out of Sean and when he feels her mouth take him in he moans in sheer pleasure.

His hand going to the back of her head says,

"Yes...yes...that's it Carol."

Carol starts sucking harder. Taking more and more of Sean’s hard cock deep in her mouth. Marveling at his girth and width she tries to take all of him and cant without gagging slightly. She feels his hands in her hair urging her on. She pushes away slightly letting her tongue swirl around him. And then back to deep throating him as best she can. when she hears his breath quicken and knows he is close she pulls away,

"Not so fast Sean. I want this to last."

Carol pushes him down on the bed and straddles him. then leaning down to kiss him she whispers,

"You have been gone far to long my hunter."

 Rising up she grabs his cock and guides it inside her. Her body pushing down taking him deep inside. She feels his hands go to her hips and she starts riding him. Her breasts bouncing up and down slightly. She takes them in her hands caressing them as she rides Sean. Quickly they find their rhythm. Each seeking their own pleasure as well as their partner's.

Carol feels her orgasm building and rides Sean harder and faster then as her pleasure peaks and explodes she throws her head back and cries out,

"Yessss... oh Sean... yessss."

Sean’s feeling her insides contracting on his cock. He jerks his hip up once more and explodes deep inside her. Carol collapses on top of him saying,

"Damn Sean you as always were amazing."

Sean kisses her deep and long and tells her,

"No it was all you lover. All you."

They lay together for a bit cuddled together. Arms and legs wrapped together and just as they were about to doze off Sean sits up and says,

"Damn it I forgot I was suppose to keep an eye on that night elf."

Quickly he grabs his clothes and gear and heading for the door says,

"Sorry Carol duty calls."

"It always does." she replies softly as she watches him walk out the door.

 Cara rides hard and fast up to the keep. As she nears the castle she can see there is alot of commotion going on. And not just the drunken good time of brew fest. I wonder was is happening she thinks to herself as she throws her reins to the stable boy and heads inside. She hears bits and pieces of conversation. Something about a princess is all she can make out.She has no time for rumor and gossip she thinks and quickly seeks out a page.

" I have and urgent message for the king." she tells a nearby page showing him the letter.

"Have a seat warlock and I will let someone know." The page tells her as he heads through the double doors that lead into the waiting area for the king.

Cara can’t sit still so she paces back and forth wondering what could be so important to bring the scourge so close to Wynn forest and Stormbreeze. Also what was that night elf doing here. Sean better be keeping a good eye on her. Something was familiar about that hunter. Cara didn’t know what it was but her gut told her it was important. Finally the doors open and a page walks out saying,

"The king can see you now Cara."

Cara quickly strode into to the room and kneels down before her king.

"Rise Cara of Var Talon and tell us what news you have." the king says using her full name.

"Your majesty I don’t know what it is but men have died to see to it that this missive made it to your hands." Cara replies giving the letter over to her king.

Cara stood as the King reads the letter. She could see a flicker cross her king's face as he read it. It almost looked like a glimmer of hope crosses his face for a moment and is gone.

 Now his face is once again impassive and in control. The desire to know what was in the letter presses even more on her as she waits hoping King David would share the news.

"Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone else know you carried this missive to me?" King David asks her urgently.

"Not since the letter has been in my hand has anyone read it and only two others are aware I have this letter in my possession my king."

The king stood and motions for Cara to follow.

"Come walk with me my faithful warlock."

"Yes my king." Cara said following her king out onto a balcony.

The view is spectacular. You could see all the way out to the harbor where the great ships were docked. The men running to and fro ever busy loading and unloading.

"You and I have seen many a battle fought. Seen many lives lost in the doing. All to stop the darkness that threatens the very fabric of our world." The king says with a sigh.

"Yes my king we have. And we will keep fighting until the world is safe again. Until we beat the darkness back from where in came." Cara responding not sure what to make of her king.

"Aye yes we will. As long as we have good and faithful people like you Cara." the king says a sad smile on his face.

"Thank you my king. You know I will do anything. Go anywhere to stop the spread of this evil."

"Yes good and faithful servant.I don’t doubt you for a moment. And that is why I am afraid I must ask you to go out and do the impossible once more."

To be continued....

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