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Vampire Dreams 1, Smoke

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dreams do come true
Zin had no clue what she was doing here. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. But that was the last thing she would get. The dreams were getting worse. They were vivid, erotic, and she always woke up panting, sweating, her body screaming for release.

The music thumped in her ears, grating her nerves raw. Her two best friends were on the dance floor grinding with two random guys. She watched as she nursed her beer, noting they looked happy and carefree. Something she hadn't felt in forever it seemed.

All she ever did was work and school. When was the last time she got laid? Oh yeah, the guy in her study group. Sure, that had lasted all of 10 minutes but there had to be more to it than just spreading her legs and the guy getting on and off. Literally.

The vision of the man in her dreams wafted to mind and she shook her head against it. NO! She would not sit here and fantasize about some stupid dream but still, they distracted her during the day. Sometimes she could feel HIM rub her shoulder, run his tongue along her ear as she sat on top of him with this enormous cock buried inside her.

What disturbed her the most was that he always bit her right on the jugular when she came. She would beg him every time to bite into her flesh. The feel of his teeth tearing into her made her lose her breath as she rode out the most glorious orgasm on the biggest cock she had ever taken inside her. What scared the total shit out of her? It was that last night they had kissed afterwards and she could taste her own blood on his tongue and she absolutely loved it.

Her friends came back with their new guys and she tried to join in the talking, chatting, drinking of the night. Zin gave up after a few minutes, sighed deeply and closed her eyes. He came to mind instantly. He was tall and broad shouldered. Long black wavy hair that hung past his shoulders. Eyes the color of a deep dark forest. Tattoos that ran from his neck, down his arms, chest, stomach, stopping just short of those firm hard hips and thighs.

"Zin? Zin?! You ok?" One of her friends asked, shaking her hard. Her eyes popped open as she realized she had been moaning softly. She mumbled something and ran for the bathroom.

She hid in a stall, her head buried in her hands. What the fuck was wrong with her?! She was failing at work and class. The last three months she had been hiding from everyone because she didn't want anyone to see the changes in her, like the 'super' hearing she developed. It was so acute she could hear her friends talking at the table through the blare of the music and could hear them planning on dumping her and then leaving with their guys. Fine with her, she was a fucking mess anyways.

She left the stall, washed her hands and went into the crowd. As she made her way through the happy drunk people, the back of her neck prickled. She looked up to see HIM standing by the door. She gasped and felt her body flood with a driving aching hunger she only felt in her dreams. She blinked... And he was gone. Shit, she needed to get OUT of here now.

She bolted out to an inky night and lit up. Yeah, she shouldn't smoke but she needed one right now. Her body was screaming for a release which she sure as hell couldn't give it. She closed her eyes and took another drag. Her neck tingled again. Zinnia knew he was close by but didn't open her eyes.

"Zinnia?" A soft voice asked in front of her.

"Go away. You're not real." She whispered to the air.

"I assure you, I'm very real," the voice said. A hand grabbed hers and she stiffened but offered no resistance. It was placed on a hard chest. She could feel a heartbeat, heat, muscle and she shivered.

"If you're real then I'm fucking nuts," she said softly. Fingers lifted her chin and she opened her eyes. The cig fell from her hand. He was REAL! He smiled softly and moved his hand to her hair, pulling her against him. His arm wrapped around her, letting her feel every hard inch of him. Oh yeah, he was as fully endowed as she had dreamed. He even smelled like he should. Warm, musky, and all male.

She pushed back and slapped him hard. "Bastard! You haunt my dreams, turn me into a mess, drive me insane and NOW you expect me to walk right into your arms and fuck you? Fuck off!"

She yelled and walked away. "Oh and one more thing-" she said and turned back around to find him gone. "Dammit!" She screamed and stomped away.

She walked off her anger, occasionally lighting up to relax. It didn't work. She walked home and straight into her bathroom. She stripped and stepped under the hot water. She leaned back on the tiles, letting the water stream down her long red hair, over her shoulders, full breasts, stomach, hips. She wasn't a supermodel but she knew she was pretty in a classic way. Her hands traveled down her breasts, cupping them. They were full and aching. One hand slid down to her sex and she cupped herself, palming that sweet spot that pulsed against her. He came to mind as she rubbed herself faster. It didn't take long to climax and sagged against the tile as her release swept through her.

She stood slowly, shut off the water and stepped out. Zin wrapped the towel around herself and collapsed on her bed. She didn't know how long she had been asleep but woke knowing he was there.

"Why me?" she asked softly. "Why haunt me? Make me want a dream I can't have when I'm awake?"

The bed dipped as he crawled on the bed up her body. He pulled the towel away as he settled on top of her. Zin groaned in pleasure as his weight pinned her down. She opened her eyes to him smiling at her. His hair enveloping both of them in a dark cocoon. She wrapped herself around him, opening her body to him.

"You belong to me. You were hidden from me by those that seek to ruin me. Dreams were the only way I could find you, but I had to wait till you ready."

He brushed his lips across hers, hearing her whimper softly. "You are the one that will match me, complete me. Become one with me," he whispered.

"But I can't be yours, I'm not what you are," she said as her hips shifted under his, pushing up slightly. He growled deep in his throat.

"Yes you are Zinna of the Smoke and Fire. You always have been. You just need to be wakened," he murmured against her neck as he ground his hips into hers.

"Into..." she whispered. He lifted his head and stared into her eyes.

"Vampire," he said and kissed her softly. She tasted like honey, cherries, and pure female, ready to be taken into his world. Her world, where she should have been all along.

"I'm afraid," she said softly. He kissed her, growling softly. Letting his lips slide down her cheek, softly nibbling on her jaw, ear, and pause at the pulse thudding in her throat.

He sat up suddenly, spreading her legs wide with his knees. His eyes glittered in the soft light of the bathroom. His gaze raked over her. Soft peachy skin, full breasts, gentle swell of hips and the soft, full lips of her sex made his mouth water. He pulled off his shirt, exposing tattoos she remembered kissing, tonguing. She gasped. Damn, he was simply gorgeous. Thick strong shoulders, muscled arms, defined chest covered by olive skin. He slid off the bed and stood.

Zin watched as he stripped. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and stood nude, his cock fully erect. He pulled her down to the edge of the bed and caressed her thighs. He leaned over and mouthed her core, sucking her clit into his mouth, making her cum hard and quick. She was so ready, wet, and wanting him. Zin arched off the bed, unable to breathe as fire lit her veins and rode out the orgasm under his mouth. She collapsed on the bed, breathing hard but he didn't stop. He flicked her with his tongue making her twitch as he pushed her legs up higher, exposing her to him.

He pulled his mouth away and slid his tongue down between her lips, dipping into her core, tasting warm sweet juices. He growled and pushed her up on the bed. Her eyes traveled the skin, muscle, tattoos to the hard thighs and the enormous cock that stood straight in front of him.

"Oh fuck yes...." She breathed and pulled herself up on the bed. She opened her legs and held her hand out. "Um, what's your name?"

"Malachi," he growled and crawled on top of her, crushing her. She groaned in pure pleasure of his weight, heat and all male body pressing her into the mattress. His cock pressed against her sex. She wrapped her legs around his hips, trying to pull him in. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Zin opened for him, taking his tongue deep, running hers along his sharpened teeth as he pushed just the head inside her.

Zin moaned and shivered. Malachi pulled his head up and watched her pant and moan. He pushed in slowly, feeling her heat and tightness grip him and suck him deep. "Please...... " she begged. He hit bottom and held himself there.

"Look at me," he commanded. She opened her eyes and gazed into his deep green ones. "I am yours. You are mine." He pulled out to the tip and slammed back into her.

She cried out, arching against him. "Yes! Take me. Fuck me!" She screamed. He hammered into her. She kissed him hard as she pushed back against him. This was so much better than the dreams. He was here, inside her, making her feel alive for the first time in her life. He pushed one arm underneath her, cradling her head with his hand. The other held onto her breast. She felt exquisite underneath him.

Zin moved her legs higher over his buttocks, letting him feel every inch of her. Her body tightened as she trembled underneath him. He could feel her close so he shifted his knees so he could push on that sensitive spot.

"Malachi!" She groaned as she spilled over the edge. She gripped his cock so tight he had a hard time pulling back but it only made him growl and shove into her as hard as he could. He wanted to wait, to go slow but she was so incredibly sexual his eyes flashed red and buried his face against her throat as he climbed to the peak. Zin rode one orgasm after another, couldn't catch her breath and felt it.

Teeth. Sharp ones. On her neck. She managed to reach up and push his head into her flesh. She stiffened as flesh was pierced but heard him groan and press her down, hammering hard. She orgasmed again and whimpered as she felt him release into her, felt him drawing essence from her.

She didn't know how much time had passed but he was still on top of her, inside her. He had softened a bit and had let go of her neck. She couldn't move.

Slowly he lifted his head and kissed her. She tasted blood on his lips. Her blood but it didn't scare her. Not this time. This was real.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't wait. There's supposed to be an entire courting ritual but I've searched for you for so long, that I needed to feel you underneath me. Now."

She smiled and stroked her hand through his thick damp hair. "Yeah, well. You've found me and now you're mine. So get used to this, because we have a lot of catching up to do," she said softly.

"Indeed," he said, and kissed her deeply.

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