Vampire Dreams: Smoke 2

By redvixen

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On her way home...
Zinna woke to a male body pressed behind her and smiled to herself. She shifted slightly and an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her solid against him.

"I have to go," she said.

He released her and watched as she slowly walked into the bathroom. Malachi watched her hips sway, hair moving softly on her silky skin. He grew hard. Again. Damn, his urges were getting the better of him. He didn't have much time but he wanted to hold her, kiss her, fuck her senseless. But he didn't have time. The crescent moon neared and he had to have them back at his estate by then or the consequences would be horrendous.

Zinna finished her duty and turned on the shower. She stood under the hot spray for a bit and stepped out to an empty bathroom. She walked into her bedroom to find him straddling the corner of her bed. He was just so damned big. Broad shoulders, thick arms, defined chest, toned hips, strong legs. His cock lay half erect on the sheet. She blushed

He looked up and smiled. "I deserved the slap."

"Damn straight you did."

He leaned back on the bed, gazing intently at her. Those deep green eyes made her shiver and she smiled. "I am Malachi of The Earth and Wind. I'm a vampire and I'm 249 years old. I have been looking for you for a very long time." He sat up and braced his arms on bare legs. "It wasn't my intent to drive you nuts but I had to find you somehow and dreams were the best way."

"I don't understand any of this," she said and slid down next to him, letting their naked bodies connect.

He leaned over and pressed his forehead to her. "I know. But haven't you noticed unusual things before I started the dreams? The hearing, light sensitivity, craving food but never feeling quite full, always knowing when things were going to happen before they did?" He said and cupped her cheek. Her eyes were glowing a slight red. He smiled and kissed her softly.

"But I grew up with normal parents. I mean, I knew I was adopted. They were German and I'm a pale redhead but they were good to me. I grew up happy, went to school, graduated, learned to drive." Her eyes clouded over, like smoke rising in the midst of her soul.

"And I'm glad you were taken care of so well but we need to go now."

Zin pulled back. "Go where?"

Malachi sighed. "To my home in Tennessee. Its the only place where we can be safe." He gazed into her eyes. They were lit up a bright red. He had only heard the lore on the women of Fire and Smoke and always wanted to meet one. She was the last of her kind. As he was the last of his.

She stood suddenly and yanked a dresser drawer open. "I don't suppose telling you I don't want to go is an option," she muttered as she yanked on underwear and a tshirt. He smiled, well, grinned and bared his fangs as he noted she didn't put on a bra. Damn, he wanted more of her.

"No." He growled and stomped into the bathroom to the shower.

She pulled on jeans, socks, sneakers, jacket. She walked into her closet and opened her safe. Inside was the only remaining photo album of her beloved parents. She grabbed a bag and shoved the album, tshirts and underwear in it.

When he came out she was sitting on the bed. She didn't look at him while he dressed.

"Ready?" He asked her softly as he stood in front of her and held out his hand. She stood, pulling the bag over her shoulder.

Damn, she was angry. Angry that for the umpteenth time in her life she had to leave what little home she had. Angry that her parents never told her there was something she needed to fear. Angry that she was all worked up and wanted to fuck his brains out again. She didn't answer him, only met him eye to eye.

"I'll take that as a yes," he said pulling her against him. "Hold tight," he said as he lifted his eyes to the ceiling and began to chant. She grabbed on tight to him and felt instantly dizzy. The room shifted and blurred, turned green, black, wavy. She could feel his arms around her. Just as she thought she was going to throw up, the world shifted again, became still, clear.

He released her. "We're home." She looked around at the green forest, manicured lawn and to the big welcoming house in front of her. All her anger subsided and left her feeling like she was... Home.

"Shall we?" Malachi asked softly. She walked with him to the front steps and into the house where the next several hours were a blur. Servants, large rooms, big dinner, and who she guessed were 'royalty' coming to greet her, hug her, talk to her.

She wasn't used to people paying attention to her, touching her, being up in her face. She slipped out onto the veranda and sat on a bench. The night was clear and smelled soooo clean.

Malachi appeared beside her and sat down. "Zinnia of The Smoke and Fire. What does that mean? What am I?"

"You- as I am are the last of a special breed of vampire. The last time a woman of Smoke and Fire was on this planet was well over a thousand years ago." He pulled her close. "You see. We were literally made for each other."

"Well what if we don't like each other? I hardly know you," she murmured against his shirt. He smelled so good. Earthy, clean and aroused.

"Oh I don't think that's going to be a problem, Carus," he murmured and kissed her softly. She groaned and wrapped her arms around him. He was solid, muscled.

Malachi groaned and pulled her up to their feet and ran his hands down her body. Oh he loved the way she felt. He kissed her hard pushing his tongue past her lips, tasting the sweetness of her.

Zin moaned and opened for him, pressing her body to his. She wanted him naked. Now. Malachi gripped her tight, making her feel momentarily dizzy then laid her down on soft grass. She whimpered when he pulled away and stood at her feet. He took off his shoes, socks. Then his shirt, leaving bare muscles that begged to be kissed and licked. He smiled and ran his hands down his chest to his jeans. One button, one zipper and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them and pushed them aside. His cock stood out, full and ready for her.

Zin started panting and held her hands out. He straddled her legs, pinning them to the ground. He slowly pulled her tshirt off and buried his face between her breasts, She tasted so good, so warm. His lips found her left nipple and he sucked it deeply into his mouth.

Zin cried out and clutched his head. She couldn't move. His body had her pinned to the ground. Damn, she couldn't even wiggle. "Malachi, dammit!" She yelled and gripped his shoulders. He growled but only moved to the other breast. Then he started rubbing himself on her jeans. She groaned in frustration and tried to push him off.

Suddenly he moved and pinned her to the ground, just hovering above her face. His eyes glowed a bright green. "Tell me..." he growled out, fangs bared.

"Do it. Take me here. Now. On the earth of my Carus," she said softly. He stripped the rest of her bare and pushed between her legs and buried his cock deep in her sex. They both cried out as they wrapped around each other.

He buried himself deep, grinding his hips against her. He had to get deeper, had to feel how good she felt gripping him so damn tight, so hot, so wet. He growled and pressed his lips to her neck.

Zin was on fire. She pulled her legs up over his hips and arched against him. She whimpered, and pleaded with him to go faster. She was so close. She felt his teeth against her neck and pushed his head down.

"Now!" She screamed as she came hard, breath being robbed from her and she she felt sharp teeth plunge into her flesh and she came again, harder, longer. Malachi hammered into her so hard, fast and he ripped his mouth away to scream as he poured into her. She swore she saw the trees shake as he screamed then collapse on top of her.

They both shook, gasped and held each other tight. She had never felt so alive, wanted, treasured and satiated. Malachi finally lifted his head and kissed her softly.

"Mine." He whispered on her lips.

"Mine." She replied. This was going to be so much fun, she thought dazedly and closed her eyes.