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Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale? - Part One

Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale? - Part One

In Search Of The Truth.. Are Vampires Real?
Written By Poppet:For Lush Stories ONLY!

Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale?

The myth about vampires has always intrigued me but in a small village I live in, no one truly and openly admitted in believing in them. We all speak of them in hush tones in the safety of our homes. I however think the idea of being a vampire is exciting and fun. I want to meet one, if not become one. I know I can’t tell anyone, not a single soul. If I did I’d probably be hanged.

My name is Kippy and I’m 16 years old. I live with my mama, papa and three siblings. I have an older sister, her name is Jenna. She’s 18 and engaged to a local boy. All the talk lately is of their upcoming wedding. I don’t even think anyone realizes my birthday is four days away. My two younger siblings are boys, Conner and Toby. They’re twins and just barely 11 years old. They’re trouble makers who wreak havoc on the village. My mama is a home maker and raises us. My papa works as a wood worker; he has the most successful shop for miles.

I have wanted to run off and find myself for almost a year now. I knew I wasn't ready being so young. I’m now almost 17 and do believe I’m ready. I have been doing odd jobs here and there for people saving all I could so I can set off. I've decided that I want to become a vampire. There isn't anything anyone can do to stop me.

Here is a little to know about me. I have long dark brown hair that falls to my waist. I have the deepest green eyes that shine bright in the sunlight. I’m about 5’6” tall and have a small frame. People say I look a lot like mama. I’m about 100 pounds with small breasts. I’m about a C cup. My skin has always been naturally pale and smooth. It’s flawless and always gets compliments on it. I've always been a little shy but I’m strong. I've never been the leader type. That’s always been my sister’s thing.

That ends tonight. I plan to leave tonight. I know no one will remember it’s my birthday in a few short days and I want to start my life, or my new life that is. I don’t know where I even go to find a vampire but I plan to search for one. I hope they are willing to change me freely and want to take me in. I guess I’m being foolish things will work out so easily, I can’t help but be hopeful.

It’s about 10:00 and everyone has made it to their own rooms. I plan to wait until midnight before leaving just to make sure no one is awake. I’m lying in bed trying to figure out what the plan is. I know some of the locals say there is a coven of vampires not far from here. That is my first stop to see if it’s even true.

I hear the big grandfather clock in the living room strike twelve and I slip out of bed. I put on my coat and wriggle my feet into my shoes. I share a room with my sister and have to be as quiet as I can to not wake her. Once I grab my bag that I packed just a few hours ago I head towards the door and quietly leave. I leave no note or anything explaining where I've gone. I know that if I do my father will have me found and brought home.

Once I’m out of the house I jog out towards the woods and take the back way to the coven where I’m hoping there are vampires. I can’t believe how cold it is out here in the woods. I shiver and wrap myself tight in my jacket. My mind wonders about what it would be like to be a vampire. If it’s all that it’s cracked up to be like others seem to talk about. I think to myself be this worth it, I’ll never have the chance to meet a man and marry and have a life with him like mama and papa has. I’ll never even get the chance to kiss a boy, hold his hand, and have sex for the first time. My pace slows down and I begin to have second doubts about it all and I worry I have made a horrible mistake.

I hear a twig snap and my first thought is oh its papa and he has found me already. I look up and see a dark figure off in the distances but not behind me, ahead of me. He’s tall, like really tall. I can’t make much else out its too dark even in the moon light from as far away he is. I notice how far away I have made away from my home and how deep in the woods I actually am. I look back at him and he’s suddenly only about a foot away from me. He is still just as tall, if not taller. He has dark almost black like eyes with such pale white skin. It’s not like chalk white just haven’t ever been in sun white. He has black long dark hair that flows around him. He’s handsome and when he smiles it’s almost like a spell is put on me. He speaks first and I can’t help but stare at him.

“Shouldn't you be safe in bed at home so no one hurts you little girl?”

“I’m not a little girl first of all, and since you’re not my papa I suppose I don’t need to explain myself to you, now do I?”

I feel myself become a little bit braver than I've ever allowed myself but I think it’s coming more from fear than being brave at all. I shiver and keep my stare up at him. I don’t look away not wanting to show fear or doubt.

“Aren't you a cheeky little thing, Missy. No need for you to be rude to me. Aren't you a little nervous since I could be a vampire and steal your soul?”

“I’m not being cheeky. I’m standing my ground. If you’re a vampire, I ask you to take my soul and make me one of you.”

He looks at me with a slight confused look on his face and cocks an eye brow. I’m guessing to absorb what I just said to him. I can’t tell if he thinks I’m joking or serious. The thing is, I don’t even know if he is even a vampire or not. I have never met one before and don’t think I’d know if I stumbled on one.

“Why would you want to be a vampire? Have you lost your mind?”

“I have not lost my mind. I've never been so sure about anything in all my life. I want to because the idea of it amazes me.”

“And if I were to tell you, I was in fact a vampire and could turn you but if I did than I would own you until I saw fit.”

My mind begins to race. Is he telling me he is in fact a vampire and is willing to change me? What does he mean own me, as in forever? My body can’t help but shiver out goose bumps, my gaze locked on his; I hold my ground not wanting to seem weak in front of him. If he is in fact a vampire I want to prove to him I’m worthy of keeping.

“What do you mean ‘own’ me until you saw fit?”

“Well, you’d be come anything I wanted. If I saw it for you to be my partner in crime you would. If I wanted you as a maid, you would be. If I wanted you as a sex slave, you would be. If I wanted you just as a simple pet, you would be. Anything I see fit. Like I said before.”

Partner in crime, maid, sex slave, pet? My mind racing I adjust my weight from one foot to the other looking at him still. I bite my lip and take a deep breath.

“Umm, well the thing is, I’m still a virgin I've never done anything with anyone ever.”

“How old are you little one?”

“I’m just 16, Sir.”

“So young… You think at such a young age you can know this is what you’d want? You can’t change your mind. This is a forever choice……. What’s your name?”

“It’s Kippy, Sir… And I know it is, I truly want it... Are you really a vampire? What’s your name?”

I rushed out the questions feeling the cool air become even more. I begin to shiver a little harder knowing the later it gets the colder it’s going to become. I wrap my arms around myself almost wishing I was home.

“Yes, Kippy... I’m a vampire. My name is Louis. I don’t take on new vampires unless I plan to own them. Especially ones as young and beautiful as you are, Kippy. I can tell you hold much potential as a vampire but I don’t understand why you’d want to leave your life for this one.”

“I want to because it’s all that’s ever been spoken of under hush tones in the village. I want to because I feel as though I don’t fit in where I am. I’m meant to be more than what I am. I truly believe I am destined to become a vampire. If you won’t help me, I’ll find someone else.”

“Oh who says I’ll let you go? I can just make you a little meal, leave your corpse to sit here and rot. Don’t you dare threaten me! I hold what you want.”

“I wasn't trying to threaten you, just making it clear. Please don’t kill me. I truly want this Louis.”

“The question is, are you willing to do as I stated before, if I was the one to do it.”

“I’m not sure why you’d want me as a sex slave, I’m a virgin. I’ll be no good.”

I can feel myself blush deeply unsure if that is even the one he wants but my guess it is more than likely the one he’d want if he could pick. He might even make me all of them, he seems like the type. My sister started fooling around with guy’s right as soon as she could. I always envied her, I was to chicken. Now here I stand almost giving myself to a vampire.

“You’ll do just fine. I’ll train you right. However if you do become mine, you’ll call me Sir from now on and do as I say when I say. There will never be questions or even hesitation to what I ask. You do them because you know it’ll please me. Do you understand me?”

I let his words flow through me like silk wrapping around my skin. I inhale softly and nod almost agreeing. Could I really do this? Could I really give myself up completely to a man, No, a vampire I don’t even know? I want to scream yes and tell him to take me then and there. I feel the surge blow inside me so strong that the lust of having someone wants me makes me weak to the knees.

“Yes Sir, I understand and accept what you’re offering me. I do have one request. If I may?”

“What is it, little one?”

“I want my first time to be as a human, to be able to experience in this life.”

“Is that all you want, little one?”

He asks stepping closer to me. He runs his cold pale finger down my jaw line and strokes my lip with the pad of his thumb, smiling down at me.

“Yes Sir, it is. Please, is it too much to ask?”

“It might be, I’m not easy. I like it rough and I don’t plan to be gentle with you just because you’re a fragile little human, or a virgin.”

His words soaked into me so deep, so hard. I felt my body reacting to his simple touch. I could feel my breath breathing against his thumb as he stroked it once more looking at me. I felt myself submitting to the idea of being his. I was going to allow myself to be all of his until he saw fit. That might mean until the end of time, I will forever be his.

“I submit to you, Louis... Sir… I’m yours to do as you please.”

“Spoken like a good little girl. I’m pleased already. I want you to strip for me. We’re going to do it right here under the moon light.”

“Here? You want to have sex with me here?”

“Did you not just say I could do as I please with you, and you’re already questioning me?”

He grabs a hold of the front of my jacket with one hand, picking me up enough that I’m in the air with the motion. My long dress floats around my legs. I let out a soft whimper and slide my hands around his one hand.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. Please, let me down I’ll do as you asked.”

“That’s a good girl. Let’s go little one.”

He sets me down gently, I can feel the ground under me once more and I stumble a bit surprised he has such strength. I remove my jacket and let it drop to the ground; I can’t make contact with him anymore I feel myself blush. I slowly unbutton my top with shaking fingers; I slide out of my dress and look up at him. I stand there with just my bra, panties and boots on. My hair falls around my breasts; I can feel the goose bumps form over my skin.

“Mmm such a beautiful body you have Kippy. Don’t stop I want you fully naked. You’ll find out quickly I expect just that. For you to always be fully naked when we have sex. I plan to use all of you to make me feel good so you need to be naked.”

I can only nod at him and kick off my boots. I feel the cold ground under my feet. I stand back up and slip my panties off and let them drop to my ankles. I toss them aside and remove my bra. My long dark hair hides my breasts; my nipples are rock hard from the coldness of the night. I look up at Louis and he has somehow managed to get naked without a sound. He too is as naked as I am. I've never seen a naked man and just look. I don’t even hide the fact I’m looking at him. He looks taller when he’s naked and it turns me on. I scan down his body, he is fit and lean. The curves in his body look like they've been chiseled in place, breath taking perfect.

He moves to take me into his arms, he holds me close. I don’t get comfort of warmth from him, his body is ice cold. It almost hurts to be so close to him. He leans down and kisses me hard on the mouth, taking my first kiss. I kiss him back it feels as though I have done it all my life. His hands roam down and squeeze my ass hard pulling me into him hard. I can feel his hard cock pressed on my stomach near my mound. He grinds himself into me and I let out a soft moan, he takes us down to the ground. I can feel his weight on top of me. The cold ground under me feels like a sheet of ice that makes my body near frozen. He moves down me, I can’t help but lay still not wanting to do anything wrong. His long hair falls down around him kissing down between my perky breasts. He moves his mouth, kissing lightly towards my nipple. I stir under him and he places his hand on my hip to keep me still. He runs his tongue over my nipple; the wetness meets the cold in a split second and forces it to become even harder than it was. I let out a gasp.

His warm wet mouth takes my hard nipple in and begins to suck on it so hard it forces my breast up off my chest. I arch my back wanting to give it support but the more I do the harder he sucks pulling it upwards. I can feel his teeth pinch into my flesh and I begin to whimper out. The pleasure is unreal and I want more. I feel the surge of all the sexual tension one can with hold let it pour out into this very moment. I know he can feel how much I want more. He catches my very taunt nipple in his teeth, letting it slide out until the very tip of his teeth and begins to flick his tongue over the wet tip of my nipple. His other hand easily finds my other nipple and pinches it hard, making me cry out in the night air. I gasp almost wanting to beg for him to stop but the pleasure is too great. I feel him let his mouth pop from my nipple and moves to the other one, doing the same thing. I grind a bit under his weight but he is still on me holding me in place. My hands run up into his hair finding it a silky smooth touch and hold his head where it was. He suckles on them a great deal longer. He keeps switching back and forth on them each time is like a new shock wave of excitement.

He finally stops and kisses his warmth mouth down over my slender little stomach. His lips are leaving a little wet trail that causes more goose bumps on me. I yearn for more, I don’t know what more I want but I want it all. I’m drunk with the lusting pleasure that he is offering me. I’m at his beck and call and can’t hold back anymore. He lightly licks and kisses over my bare mound before looking up at me with a smile. My mama taught us girls it was easier to keep clean down there if we keep ourselves shaved so both Jenna and I have both shaved. Jenna told me how much the boys like it clean too, that it makes it silky smooth. This of course gave me more reason to keep it shaved.

His tongue finds my slit and probes me gently working down slowly. I lift my legs parting them, my feet flat on the ground, He moves in further. I can feel his hands move under my ass giving me on hard tug towards him, with that his face lunges inside my pussy. His tongue violates my insides and begins a fast hard torture of bliss inside me. I can feel every last inch of his tongue shooting deep inside me working against my walls forcing me open, tongue fucking me fast. He comes up over my clit, covering his whole mouth over it and sucks my clit hard into his mouth. He gives me no warning sucking hard on me. He shakes his head side to side while sucking on my clit sending me in to a convulsing powerful rage of an orgasm. I let out the deepest growl I can muster up I feel like I've lost all control of my body and orgasm hard on his face. He doesn't let go of my clit for a long time than does just long enough to reattach himself on it to prolong the orgasm. I feel myself begin to slow down, but my heart is thrumming hard in my chest, I grab at what I can of the ground pushing my hips into him. He begins to tongue fuck me once more, cleaning my tight pussy up from its first orgasm.

When he seems satisfied with my orgasm being over he leans up, he grabs me by the throat. He does it in such a way to show power and control but not pain. He grips me tight and lifts me up, into the air as he stands holding me by the throat.

“You are defiantly the right choice for this, Kippy. My senses lead me to you and thus far I’m pleased. Let’s see what else you can offer me.”

“Yes Sir… But what do you mean your senses?”

“It’s a vampire thing… You’ll find out soon enough.”

He moves us to the large tree and presses my back against the hard bark of it. I can feel the still very coldness of his body pressed against me. He leans himself into me allowing me to wrap my legs around him. A sly grin curls his lips into a viciously sexy smile as he places the head of his cock against my pussy entrance I know now I’m going to lose what I've held onto for almost 17 years. My blood burns with fire wanting it, I crave this almost more than becoming a vampire. His body is like hard marble so smooth and perfect.

I feel as though he’ll never embrace me with his cock, I want my silken walls to grip a hold of him tightly. It’s like he is teasing me, almost wanting me to beg for it. There is an unspoken whimper that escapes my lips that says it all, and with that with one powerful hard force of a thrust he slams into me. I feel the power behind it knock my breath away. I scream out as I feel the tightness of my walls being forced open for the first time, spreading to fit him like a perfect glove. My silken walls do in fact take him tightly. I feel my pussy suck him deeper into me. The harder he thrusts into me the more I cry out, the blows inside me makes the tree I’m against shake. Leaves are falling down around us almost perfectly. He takes me harder, gripping his arms around the tree, my legs around him. He moves into me with a fluid ease in me. He’s growling out moans of desire as my screams turn into whimpering shaking moans wanting more.

He doesn't ease up on me; I can feel his hard cold body slam into my soft tender unused body. He’s marking me as his so that no other will ever lay their fingers upon me. If I hadn't submitted to him already I know now I have, I’m forever his as he makes me his. His mouth moves to mine, our kiss deep moaning over each other’s mouths. I hear the cracking sound of the roots of the tree forming, the harder he fucks me the more he begins to uproot the tree. I feel myself coming to another orgasm, I can’t hold it back. I try but my body trembles wanting to release around his thick marbled cock. The tool he uses to offer me undying pleasure. I feel my walls begin to squeeze tighter around him. My breath hitches and I begin to orgasm hard around him. My fingers find his hair once more as I feel him somehow pick up speed inside me, making my orgasm harder. I drench his cock with my juices; they run down over his balls and over his thighs. It seems nothing can stop him he’s in a fury of desire to fuck me.

My orgasm not even over he lets go of around the tree, I keep my legs and arms around him, he moves to slam into another tree pushing his cock further into my womb. He moves to just hold me mid air and thrust his hips upwards into me. I can feel the bouncing of his cock moving in and out of me quick and hard, giving no sign of slowing down inside me. His balls are slapping hard against me as he does, snapping against my wet skin. The wet coldness of my juices on my skin against the snap of his balls hurts and leaves small welts on my tender skin; I love the pain it causes me.

With each stroke of force he pushes up inside me leaves me wanting more, I whimper out his name in the night air. Having him take me in the middle of the woods where no one but anyone could walk upon us makes me crazed for more. His mouth breaks from mine, moving over my jaw to my ear, sucking on it gently at first. I love the gentle sensation of his mouth on my ear with the raging thrusting inside my pussy. I feel the cool air of his breath whisper against my ear and neck without a slowing beat of his cock ramming into me.

“Are you sure this is what you want, little one?!?”

“Oh God, Yes!!! Yes Louis, Yes Sir please yes I want this. I want it all!!!”

“There is no going back, you’ll be mine.”

“I want it, I want it Sir, and I don’t want to go back.”

I whimper out the words as you can hear the jolts of my voice each time he thrusts into me. He seems to have no issue fucking me with each thrust and having a conversation, I struggle like a mere human would. I know without doubt this is what I want, not knowing what I’m truly about to get myself into. I feel him smile on my ear and neck, his lips move down over the curve of my neck. He starts to kiss me gently licking lightly on the dip of my neck. I quiver feeling him not slow down inside me, I feel light headed from all of the pleasure. With one single piercing moment he sinks his teeth into my neck hard, I let out a blood curdling scream of pain and pleasure so mixed I’m unable to tell which one is over riding it. I can feel the blood trickle lightly over my neck as he sinks in further. I feel the hot coal of the burn of his venomous poison surge into my flesh it is the most painful thing I ever felt but he doesn't slow his rhythm inside me either. It’s such a mix of emotions I can’t differ the two. I’m lost and I cry out.

I feel the sudden thickness of his cock widen inside me, spreading me apart a little wider. He lets out a grunt and begins to fill me with his milk. He pours all he has into me, growling out still sucking on my neck, feeding from me as he milks himself into me. He’s offering me his milk as I offer my blood to him. I feel the loss of blood take over, my head goes light headed, everything around me darkens. I let out a low groan and slip off into what seems like a warm death...

To BeContinued.....

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