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Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale? - Part Two

Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale? - Part Two

In Search Of The Truth.. Are Vampires Real? ... It Seems They Are..
Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY!

Vampires, are they real or a fairy tale?

I awaken with my head a bit fuzzy; I’m not in any pain. I can remember clearly what happen but confused to where I am. I rub my eyes and search for Louis, he is sitting at the far end of the room watching over me but reading at the same time. I sit up and see I’m once more dressed in just a gown. I do a scan of the room, it’s dark with no windows, no light other than the candles that are on either side of the bed I’m on and on near him. He takes notice I’m awake a smile crosses his lips and he sets his book down, coming to my side.

“How are you feeling, Kippy? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I think. I feel fine. I’m thirsty.”

“That’s natural.You've been in a slight coma for two days. You did great though. However we’re not finished. You need to feed off me and since you’re thirsty it works well.”

I feel my nose wrinkle up at the thought of having to drink blood. I never truly let myself think of that part but knew I had too. I look up at him with questions in my eyes.

“What is it Kippy? What are your concerns? I can see it in your eyes.”

“I just, I want to know… I want to know is there if at all going to be any changes in me. Will I still be me?”

“That’s a normal and fair concern. I’ll be honest; it always depends on the person. I have heard some people change a lot when they turn vampire, and some barely change. We do however all change enough to no longer look exactly as we were as humans. I think it’s so if we ever ran into people we once knew it keeps our identity a secret. Other vampires just say it’s us being re-born into who we’re truly mean to be in this life. They both make sense.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Some vampires are given gifts, the extra sense I have is because I always had such a knack for it when I was human. I believe that’s why it’s increased as a vampire. Others get powers that are completely different from what they were as humans.”

“It truly is just like a big chance of luck isn't it?”

“It is. A lot of vampires are happy with the outcome, some of course aren't. I suppose as the saying goes you can’t make everyone happy it goes for vampires too.”

“Tell me why me though, Louis? Why were you drawn to me?”

“I told you, it was my senses. It brought me here, to you. I knew you were in search of this.”

“I might be, but does that mean you are, are you in search of me?”

“What I’m in search of is to possess someone as I said before. I plan to make you mine, as of now you are. We just need to finish. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Sir. I haven’t changed my mind.”

“Good, this is the last step and you’ll have what you want. And I shall have what I want.”

He bites into his wrist gently, I hear the sound of his flesh snap breaking just enough to form a pool of blood. He moves his wrist towards me; I lean up looking at him for a moment than smell the taint of metal in his blood before wrapping my mouth around his wrist. I begin to feed softly at first until I truly get the taste of his blood in my system, I start to drink deeper on him. I feel his blood course through me fast and hard. I can feel the changes in me without even seeing it. My eyes are closed tight and I let out a whimper, I can’t stop drinking. I take my fill before he takes his wrist away from me.

I lay back and let out a light whine. The changes taking form over me. My once dark near black hair suddenly turns a crisp white, like the moon. My eyes turn a deep red that mixes hints of my once dark green eyes. My skin grows the pale tone of Louis which isn't a big change from the pale I was once before. My frame and height seem to stay the same small and doll like. My breasts are fuller though maybe a large C rather than a small C. My sight, hearing, senses, touch, and smell, all heighten to a new level. It’s like nothing I have ever felt before. I can see clearly even in the dim candle light, I can hear for miles. I however only hear a river not far off, birds and random animals. There are no humans of any kind near us. He must have traveled with me far when I was in my coma state self after he had bitten into my skin.

“How do you feel, Kippy?”

“I feel fine, I feel amazing actually.”

“That’s good.You've changed a lot. However you’re as stunning as when I found you.”

I blush to his words and love that he finds me beautiful. I however don’t find myself feeling the same towards him. I felt like I didn't want to be with him. I thought that I’d want to move on and break from after he turned me. The more I grow to know him the more I want to, I enjoy the thought of becoming his. It dawns on me that I know almost nothing about him outside the fact he is a vampire.

“You’re too kind Sir. I can’t believe how much I changed. How old are you, Sir? I mean in both senses.”

“When I was turned from human to vampire I was 24, so I have the body of a 24 year old. However I have been in this life for well over 300 years, Kippy. Why do you ask?”

“I ask because you said it’s only been two days for me to wake up. That of course means I’ll forever be in the body of a 16 year old. I’ll never grow to become an adult.”

“No, you won’t but your adult enough. You’re legal.”

“I just didn't think I’d find someone so fast. I was thinking I’d make it to at least 17 years old, that’s all.”

“Do you have regrets already, little one?”

“No, not at all... I’m truly happy just shocked at how fast it all went.”

“It just must have been to be set this way, little one. Don’t worry yourself over your age, in time you won’t even feel just 16.”

He pulls me to him and kisses me deeply, our tongues meeting for the first time with me in this new form. I’m now officially a vampire and have everything I ever wanted. I smile lightly through the kiss and relax into him. He climbs on top of me, my gown pulling up as he moves closer. I feel his fingers skim over my body making it sing lightly I feel the new touching sensation a bonus like never before. I gasp out parting my legs and welcome him in between me. He moves to undo his pants freeing himself of his own clothes I pull off my gown remembering what he told me before. I want to obey him and make him as happy as he makes me.

Our bodies naked and inviting to each other I tremble excited for what’s to come. I lean up and push him back he lies down for me. He’s so beautiful looking, the candle light making him glow softly. His cock is hard and firm standing proud and begging to be touched. I move between his legs lying on my stomach I look up at him knowing I’ve never done this but know I can please him. It all seems to want to come naturally to me. My sister of course giving me tips when I was at home.

My mouth locks around the head of his cock and I suck on it hard pulling him into my mouth, my tongue flicks along the tip of his cock head. He growls out from how hard I am with him. I lock my teeth around the head of his head and move my tongue back and forth over him, soaking him with my saliva. I move my jaw back and forth lightly to grind my teeth just enough to add pleasure. He growls out again, almost warning me but I don’t give in. I tease him to no end just like he did with me days ago.

His hands find my head and twist his fingers into my hair; I suck more of him into my mouth now. His hips begin to buck up at a nice slow pace in my mouth. I take him deeper opening my mouth for him; I can feel the length of his cock slide along my tongue. My lips are locked tight on him, his moans are so incredible, and he craves more of me. I feel him begin to move faster up in my mouth before he slams me down onto the bed flat on my back climbing on top of me. He lets the head of his cock dance lightly over my hungry lips; he thrusts down into my throat and fucks me fast. He takes every last inch of my throat like I have done this all my life. I have no gag reflex and can take the whole 8 inches of his shaft in my throat no problem.

He is squatting over me and I can see the wicked grin on his lips curling over his face once more, he owns my mouth. He takes his cock deep into my throat, I can feel it expand like swallowing a large piece of meat, and I suck on him hard. I moan as loud as he growls while he fucks my throat. I reach up and graze my now sharpen clawed nails on his balls, tickling him just right feeling them pucker up. He reaches down and twists and pulls on both of my nipples yanking me up towards him forcing his cock to go further in my throat. I whine out a long moan loving the way my nipples are forced to the max. I grind my hips on the bed feeling how wet I’m becoming and wanting to feel him back buried inside me. I must have been thinking it loud and clear because he gives me a wink before sliding his cock out of my mouth.

I feel him reach for my legs and pin the up over my head by the ankles and set his cock against my clit. He moves his hips forward and backwards over my clit which is growing harder with each stroke. I’m pin to where I can’t wiggle free; I’m locked in his embrace. Though we hardly know each other the way we look at each other it’s like memories fly between us. We grow to know each other through the way we look at each other. He sees the way I lived my life for the last 16 years and sees why I made the choice I did to become a vampire. I to now can see his life flash ahead of me as if it were my own life. I can see him as a human, moving into the world of darkness. Our worlds collide together and we become two no longer needing to be one, but two. He’ll forever be at my side, and I at his. It was as if it was destine to work out this way. Destiny is a funny thing.

Once our memories flash by I feel him graze the head of his cock down from my clit to my tight hole, he pushes into me. He thrusts with all he has sinking balls deep into my pussy. I’m spread wide and far apart, he begins his treatment in me. He allows no space between us and bucks his hips wildly inside me. My legs are still pinned up over me but he squeezes himself between my legs to kiss me, the space that lingers between us is just when he bucks his cock into me. I hear the groaning pressure of the bed taking the force of him moving in me. It doesn't take long until I shiver a long needed orgasm out. I coat his cock with thick juices of my orgasm, I pull him in deeper. I grab him by the ass and force him in deeper into me. The head of his cock fills my womb as I ripple out my orgasm on to him. He’s as trap by my embrace as I am his and I don’t release him until my orgasm finishes.

I let go of him and he begins to thrust wildly back inside me to make up for the time I held him. He growls out needing him, I can feel how thick he is. He doesn't even seem to slow his pace but with one quick movement I’m on my hands and knees. He's behind me and has his cock ready for me. He doesn't give warning which I’m finding to be his common goal is to surprise me with each passing moment. He forces himself balls deep inside me and grinds the head of his cock back in my womb. I can feel every inch hit all the right spots at the right times. One of his hands comes around and works my clit gently which gives just enough tease to the powerful blows I feel him force into me. I whimper out knowing it won’t take long at this rate to orgasm again. He senses it and picks up speed but lighter touch on my clit. It’s almost like he is running more than one finger over my clit back and forth. It’s all I need the new heighten touch makes me quiver hard, I orgasm. I squeeze my pussy around him like a vice grip while I orgasm on him. He growls out taking it. He doesn't let up on me wanting to make my orgasm last. He moves from his grinds to his thrusting again taking me nice and deep.

He moves his hand away from my clit and curls both his wrists with my hair like hand bars and uses them to drive into me deeper. I lean back into him as I begin to bounce my ass for him. It naturally bounces with such a cute little tease to drive him mad. His balls are slapping up onto my clit now with such eased effort. It hurts but hurts so perfect on my tender clit. My ass bouncing a little faster wanting to tease him more, it doesn't take long for him to explode is milk deep into me once more. Unlike last time I felt it and the power behind it. He blows so hard it nearly knocks me forward but I keep myself leaned back for him. His milk is filling me deep in my womb. He finishes and crawls down on to the bed once more, I move to clean him. I want to be a good little one and please him with being asked to do it. I know it’s something he’d want done. I take his cock into my mouth and begin to suckle on it. I can feel he is growing soft but I clean him anyways. He moans out for me and relaxes into the touch of my soft mouth. I suck him clean and crawl up into his arms.

He explains to me that where we are is only one of the many homes he has and that we can travel. It’s best not to stay in anyone place for too long because we still need to feed properly. He laughed and joked about how the village people thought there was a clan nearby when it was him all along. He had been sensing my plan even before I knew it I was going to do it. It was as if we were somehow connected at my birth. He told me he had been waiting for me for 16 years and knew that it would take place almost as it did. He allowed me to grow up and never planted the seed in my head. He never wanted it to sway otherwise. He didn't want me to want him because he put the idea in my head. It was the village and the myth. Everyone always wondered are vampires real or are they a fairy tale that we make up to pass the time.

I’m one of the few who are blessed to find out the real answer. Louis went on to tell me that even though my appearance has changed I can never go back to my village when I still have kin alive. It’s too much of a risk. I begged him when it did come time for my sister’s wedding to go and spy on them but he forbids it. Other than the wedding I was able to easily submit to him. I guess being a follower all my life it was easy. I’m not sure; maybe it was just how destiny wanted it to be. I found that Louis had been in love with me all my life and had 16 years on me. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with him. I was forever his and he treated me exactly as promised. I was his pet, slave, maid, sex toy, and of course his everything.

I know I made the best choice the night I ran away from home in the hopes of becoming a vampire. The night I met Louis was truly the night I started my life. The life I was meant to live. Of course he was right, years later it didn't bother me I was in the body of a 16 year old. It didn't faze me in the least.
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