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Visitor in the Night

Visitor in the Night

A dream...or not?
His work roughened hands ran down her silky arm.

"I don't want to hurt you. My hands are so rough."

She leaned against him, "I love rough hands, it shows a man that's worked hard all his life."

His mouth nipped along her neck, while his hands pushed her hair out of the way.

"I love the way you smell and taste. I want you, need you and hunger for you; but I"m afraid.

"Afraid...of what."

"Afraid this isn't real."

She heard the catch in his voice and turned around to straddle him. Grabbing his hand she ran it along her naked body; over her breasts with their hard nipples and down her stomach to end at her moist pussy.

"Does this feel real?" she whispered.

She dipped her finger into her juices and brought it to his mouth.

"Does this taste real?" she said, rubbing his lips with her finger.

He licked her juice off her finger. She tasted sweet and tart. She tasted like her. He moaned and pulled her in for a kiss. Their tongues tangled in each other's mouth. Her hands ripped off his shirt while moving over his chest. His hands supported her back as he pulled her close and placed his mouth over her right breast; teasing the nipple with his tongue. Her hands moved to the snap of his jeans, releasing it. She reached in and pulled out his thick and long cock. Slowly rubbing him up and down; she elicited a moan. He's moved over to her left breast and is giving it attention now.

"I want you now," he said with ragged breath.

"No darling," she whispered, "I want this to last."

She stood up, dancing away from him.

"Take off your jeans."

He did, removing his work boots first.

"Sit!" she commanded, while pointing to a chair.

Walking over to the stereo, she turned it on and started dancing. Moving her body sinuously with the beat, she slowly moved him. She ran her fingers across his face and then moving out of his reach before he could catch her. She did this continuously getting him into a state of arousal with his dick stiff and hard.

"Please baby...I'm begging you...end this torture," he said as he reached for her.

She lay down on his suede couch, one leg on the back with the other falling over to the floor. Her pussy glistened with her juice as she crooked her finger at him. He got up from behind the desk and walked over to her. He sat on the couch between her legs and threw them over his shoulders. He pulled her pussy to his mouth, as his tongue started working her clit. His fingers spread her lips.

He inhaled her womanly scent and started to devour her. She dug her nails into the couch and began to moan and gasp.

"Oh ya...oh....oh...that's so good."

She watched his head move around between her legs. Feeling her orgasm coming on, she clenched her legs around his head and started bucking. He continued to pleasure her to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, he lifted his head with his face covered in her juices. She was exhausted and unable to move.

He slid on top of her and slipped his cock into her. She moved to the familiar rhythm. He flipped her over and they fell to the soft floor of carpet. She mounted him and started riding him hard.

"Oh...oh...mmmmmmm. Ya, ya, ya...aahhh!!!" she screamed out.

He covered her mouth as he looked furtively around. Seeing no one there, he looked back at her as they cum again. She gently kissed him and said, "I'll always love you."

He wakes...sweat pouring off his body. Looking over at the woman in the bed next to him, he sees she was not disturbed by his movements. He laid back and thought about his lover. The beautiful dancer that died three weeks ago.

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