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Waiting for Sunset

The fun begins when the sun goes down

Sunset. The sky is on fire with gold, pink and red as the sun begins it’s decent into sea. The air is warm as I watch from the balcony, sea-birds dance in the last rays of the day and I can just make out lovers spread out over the beach as they watch the daily spectacle. I’m impatient, willing for the sun to be gone and for the last rays of the day to disappear so that she can join me. I sigh deeply and lean onto the glass barrier – not long now. The minutes pass and soon the sun touches the sea and the sky begins to darken making my heart quicken with anticipation. I stand up straight, fingers gripping the glass tightly and watch eagerly as the golden orb sinks further and further down. I feel the air cool slightly and with one last burst of fire, the sun is gone.

Silence. My senses intensify, listening for the slightest sound, feeling for the slightest movement in the air. I don’t have to wait long. The hair on the back of my neck suddenly stands on end and my skin tingles from an invisible touch. She’s here; she’s awake. I stare straight ahead, my eyes on the throng of people making their way across the beach and into the town, but I’m not really seeing. My heart is beating hard, but my breathing is steady. Fingers brush my arms, sending a ripple of pleasure through me. I can’t help but smile and close my eyes as I feel her strong, cool arms wrap around me and her lips press onto my neck. She turns me around, still holding me close, and I wrap my arms around her neck. Her waist length yellow hair is flowing down over her shoulder, shimmering in the soft electric lights of the house. Her bright preternatural violet eyes gaze into my own, the pupils a tiny black dot despite the darkness. Her marble white skin is flawless, showing none of the creases of a normal human being and when she smiles, her rouge lips separate to reveal a set of perfect ivory teeth, including the two razor sharp canines on either side.

I smile back and rise onto my toes to softly kiss her lips, breathing in her scent as I do so. She pulls me closer towards her, intensifying the kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth. My eyes are closed as I lose myself to her, but I feel a sudden rush of air and open them to see that we are now in her bedroom. She lifts me with ease and lowers me gently onto the bed and I relax into the soft covers. Running her eyes over my body she stares at the white linen summer dress I’m wearing. Looking back at me, her mouth works into a dangerous smile and her eyes flash. I hear a rip, but see only a blur of movement, and find myself lying in only my underwear, my torn dress gently crumpling into a heap on the floor. I stare at it open mouthed, then laugh as she leaps with the grace of a cat onto the bed beside me.

Bending over me, she presses her lips to mine once more, sliding her tongue back into my mouth. We kiss passionately for some time, and when she breaks away, her eyes are fierce and wild with desire. I know what she wants and very slowly push her gently over onto her back. She is wearing only a silk robe, which I untie and pull apart, revealing her beautiful marble body, including her firm breasts. I brush my fingers over her hard, sensitive nipples making her hiss with pleasure. Kneeling beside her, I run my hand down her cool skin towards a mound of soft golden hair. I stroke it softly and turn to see those deadly violet eyes fixed firmly on me. I hold her gaze and slide my fingers further down and into the warm silky folds of her sex. Her eyes roll back and she growls deeply, as her lips pull back over her teeth, exposing those killer glistening fangs.

I shift my position, placing myself between her legs, continuing to gently stroke her wetness. Her face is a vision of ecstasy, eyes closed and mouth gently parted with the tips of her killer teeth still visible. I lower my head slowly, breathing in her scent as I get closer to her. Keeping my eyes open and fixed onto her face, I press my lips to the delicate flesh and extend my tongue, tasting her juices. Instantly, her head snaps up and her hand grips my hair as she fixes her violet stare onto me. She’s wild with pleasure and bloodlust and I know one wrong move from me could be fatal. I hold still and soon she relaxes her grip and sinks back onto the bed once more. Breathing out shakily, I continue to pleasure her, my tongue working on her sensitive button, whilst my fingers massage inside her. It isn’t long before a long moan escapes her mouth and her back arches as she gently orgasms over my fingers. I lick at her juices, savouring the salty sweetness that I love so much.

I crawl up the bed and lay down beside her, leaning in to kiss her passionately. She responds, licking her juices off of my lips and wraps her arms around me, pushing me onto my back. Sliding one hand down my torso and into my panties, she slips her fingers inside of me, coating them in my wetness and begins to stroke my clit. At the same time, she lowers her head to my neck, gently nuzzling it and begins to kiss me. I know what is coming and feel my orgasm rising. Her kissing becomes frenzied as she presses herself down on top of me. Cradling my head in her left hand, with her right still massaging my clit, I feel her fangs press against the skin on my neck. I inhale deeply as she sinks them deep into my flesh and grip her robe tightly. She removes her teeth and cups her mouth to the wound, and I feel a strange pulling sensation in my veins as she sucks the blood out slowly. Almost simultaneously, her fingers bring me to an intense orgasm which has me crying out with pleasure. She continues to drink from me as I climax, and I find myself sharing a vision of colours with her; our minds briefly as one, dancing in red, gold and pink much like the sunset only a short while before.

All too soon, it has ended and she seals the small puncture wounds with a just a drop of her magical blood. My limbs feel heavy as I recover from my orgasm and sleep washes over me in waves. I force my eyes open to see her sitting beside me, her eyes now soft, but still retaining that preternatural brightness and a gentle smile plays across her face. She moves to lie down beside me, wrapping the covers around us both and kisses me softly. Holding me tight against her cool skin, she strokes my cheek with her silky fingers as my eyes close and I succumb to exhaustion.


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