We Cum In Peace

By steffanie

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All new adaptation of my miraculous alien encounter

Some years ago we rented a charming little stone holiday cottage in Wales, set in the picturesque Brecon Beacons. It's a region of mountains with scenic paths, enchanting streams and waterfalls to explore. Such a very peaceful and romantic place, perfect for my husband and I to enjoy our love for one another undisturbed.

We were celebrating our wedding anniversary and we wanted a retreat from the pressures of everyday city life. We wanted each other to ourselves for a while, to have the time to talk and to laugh and make love all day without the constant interruptions of work and well meaning friends and relations.

On the second night of our holiday, the actual date of our marriage, I had a little surprise for him. Well not much of a surprise, I knew he'd guess what I was up to by myself in the bedroom. I was putting on the sheer white nightdress and matching panties that I'd worn for our wedding night.

My Granny made that nightdress, or as good as. She completely unpicked it and put it back together how I wanted it to fit me. I had the image of a virginal nymphet in my mind like you see in renaissance paintings. I wanted to look sexy yet still innocent when I offered myself to him as his wife for the first time.

"Do I look like a virgin Gran?" I remember asking her at the final fitting.
"A very saucy one dear," she replied. "It's very revealing."

She was referring to my breasts and skimpy panties being clearly visible through the delicate, barely there fabric that now fitted me to perfection. She'd also made a good job of the long split I'd requested to reveal the top of my thigh and make my pussy more easily accessible. I didn't actually say that to her but I'm sure she guessed. She knew everything there is to know about lingerie, it was her life's work being a seamstress.

What she'd created for me was far better than any wedding present she could have bought. She'd fulfilled my little fantasy of a full length sexy nightdress with thin shoulder straps and lace trimmed cups to enhance my small boobs. Elegant and sensual but leaving very little to the imagination. I really did feel like a Greek Goddess wearing it.

"It's supposed to be like gossamer Gran, don't you like it?"
"You look lovely dear, it's gorgeous. I was only teasing."

Granny knew what I wanted and why, she understood me and my sister. She loved us both dearly and was always there to listen and offer help or advice if she could. She called us passionate little souls and we could tell her secrets about our love lives we could never tell our Mum. She shared in our highs and our lows and she was delighted when she got to know my man.

"He's the one," she told me, after interrogating him for ages about his intentions for me.

She knew how I'd struggled to find the right partner, someone who truly loved me and didn't want me just as a regular fuck. She kept my spirits up as I waited for a good man to share my life and hopefully raise a child with, she loved the thought of me being a mother one day. She worried about me though and always kept reminding my elder sister to look out for me, a task my sister took very much to heart and still does.

I do miss my Granny but I know she's in my soul and there in the heavens somewhere looking down on me. I have to pull myself together after getting all sentimental over her. She'd have wanted me to enjoy this special night as lovers and not be fretting about her passing on. I busy myself spreading rose petals around and arranging our bed. It's so hot and close in our little love nest, so I decide to open the French windows and let the breeze flow in.

Except there is no breeze, the night is so warm and still and so very quiet. I step outside onto the patio and look around at the countryside, it's night time but I can still see quite a distance in the moonlight. The only other light visible looks like it's on one of the mountains. We were at that spot only a few hours earlier, I know there's nothing there. I wonder what the light could be coming from.

As I look at it I realise the light's a lot closer than I first thought and it's coming towards me at a steady slow pace. I still can't make out what it is, it can't possibly be a car's lights and the shape is all irregular like a cloud. As it comes ever nearer I can see that it's lots and lots of little lights joining together. I feel drawn to them and start walking towards them. When I'm closer I can make them out much better, there's thousands and thousands of tiny lights all changing colour and dancing about as if they're alive. They're so hypnotic and beautiful to watch, I can't take my eyes off them.

We stop moving towards each other but they're still circling and dancing about before me, it's as if they're watching me like I'm watching them. I don't feel frightened, I'm willing them to come closer and suddenly they do. They come flying towards me and in a matter of seconds they're almost upon me, I close my eyes and it's as if they pass straight through me.

"Oh," is all I call out and my whole body feels electric. When I open my eyes they're behind me just a few feet away and I can feel myself smiling at them. These lights are definitely alive, they're some sort of wondrous tiny creatures and I can sense that they're intelligent and friendly.

Slowly they move all around me, above me and even below me. I feel like I'm floating on light. I keep spinning around and the lights respond to my movements and come ever closer. We're curious about each other, I reach out to touch them and they part like water when you run your hand through it, they even ripple like water.

I keep my arm held out and it becomes immersed in light, my skin is alive with them and I feel the lights inside the flesh of my arm. It's a glorious sensation as each tiny light acts like a probe examining me. Others explore my face, my other arm and my uncovered shoulders. Some find the split in my nightdress and seek out my bare legs. Any part of my body exposed to them is touched and entered by them and I'm glowing with light.

They're in my mind and we share a kind of consciousness, a communication not with words but with thoughts and feelings. I sense they want more of me and I want them to see me, so I take off my nightdress and the lights pour into my breasts and beyond. They're in my lungs, I'm breathing in light and when I exhale the lights pour back out of me. It's magical and so exhilarating seeing them dancing in rhythm with my body.

The lights find my heart, they can feel it's force and understand it's importance. I'm so aware of my own heartbeat that I can almost hear it pumping. They're drawn to it and with each beat they move into my arteries and veins and muscles. They're learning my anatomy and something tells me I must show them my all.

I step out of my panties to stand naked and defenceless before them. They react to my offering immediately and light fills my bum and my vagina. Soon my whole womanhood is filled with they're presence as they discover my ovaries and my womb. They're leaping about inside me all confused, they don't understand me anymore, but they definitely like me.

I imagine my husband for them, picture him naked in my mind. I think about his hard erect cock fucking me and cumming in me. Then I imagine a baby growing inside me and the lights are dancing and shooting straight through me ever faster. They're funny and sweet, the image I had in my head of being fucked has clearly made them more excited.

The light wants my pussy, pinks and purples and every colour you can dream off. I'm arousing them and they want to feel me as a woman, to know what I really am. A whole multitude of lights enter me and it's as if they're fucking me, there's so many that I'm forced to my knees then onto my back.

This is so wonderful and so extraordinary. Shafts of light, all feeling like cocks taking turns with me and my pussy is alive with the touch of each single one. I feel them pass through my womb as they have me and when I look up there's a whole sea of lights waiting their turn to fuck me. I'm being overwhelmed by them, how can I possibly let so many take me?

"Please... please stop."

But they don't know words, they only know thoughts and feelings. They know this is pleasure and they want to give me so much more. As I offer them my body I open my mind and they learn about my life as a woman. They know my joys, my dreams, my fears and my sadness and as they fuck me they try harder and harder to please me.

They understand me completely now, they know exactly what I am and what I need. Their heavenly touch becomes ever more beautiful and it's making me cum, a wonderful soft explosion deep in my womanhood that's nothing like a normal orgasm. They like that, they feel it too and when I cum they glow brighter.

I lay there content as they calm down and let me gather them in handfuls. I look so closely at them but they're so tiny I just see light. I feel I'm holding stars from heaven in my hands, each one with a soul and personality. We share a happiness to have known each other and when they go I watch them until they gradually fade in the distance...

I'm standing naked in the garden staring up at the stars in the night sky. Something about me feels different, I feel pure and cleansed, I feel glowing and healthy and so feminine and sexual. My vagina feels wonderful but empty and needy to be filled.

"You look radiant," I hear my husband's voice telling me.

I turn around and he's standing there by the French windows looking at me, he's as naked as I am. He's so hard and erect, his cock looking much bigger than usual and his balls seem bigger too. He's always big but now he looks simply magnificent with that massive erection between his legs. I want him, I'm aching for him.

I gather up my precious nightdress and panties and walk up to him. We neither of us question why we're both naked, it seems only right that we should be and my memory of the lights is already a blur and seems absurd.

We stand looking at each other, there's a sparkle in his eyes that's beyond anything I've ever noticed before. When we kiss it's more than our lips simply touching, it's like our whole bodies are uniting and his hard cock feels so huge and glorious in my hand. He shudders with pleasure when I squeeze his erection and I shudder too. I feel it, I swear I feel it myself what it's like for him when I'm pleasing his penis.

There's matching sensations for him when he tenderly cups my breasts and then gently fondles my wet pussy with his fingers. He knows exactly how I feel as his woman and what I want and need from him. What I need is his big cock and I grip him tighter to pull hard up and down on his thick swollen shaft. It's almost too much for us both.

"Oh suck it Babe. Please, please suck it."

I love sucking him and never before has he ever had to plead with me to do so, but his hard on feels so amazing to him that he's aching for my mouth to provide some relief. I drop to my knees to take the throbbing head of his cock between my lips and begin sucking on him straight away.

"Oh yes suck it Babe, keep sucking it," he mutters in delight.

Under the moonlight, outside on the patio, I suck on my man's cock like I'm his concubine. I'm performing the duty that comes with my love for him, offering my mouth like a pussy for his use. He stands hands on hips, sighing with pleasure as my moist lips slide up and down on that proud manly organ.

I'm so enraptured by the feel and taste of his hardness that I can't suck hard enough on his cock. His constant sighs urge me on and my head is bobbing faster and faster back and forth on him. There's so much cock in my wide open mouth and I want him to cum, shoot his sweet creamy nectar on my tongue to be savoured and swallowed. I keep on with my sucking but the need to fill the void in my pussy is becoming too strong. I simply must have him fuck me.

We don't speak, there's no need to, I simply kiss his cock a few times, then stand and lead him by his erection back inside to the bed and lay on my back to offer myself with open legs. He's kind and considerate and aware of his size and how I'll be struggling to take him at first. He eases into me and as he delicately enters my pussy every nerve in our bodies is screaming with the joy of our intimate union.

We move as one, slowly writhing our groins as he pushes deeper, I'm being filled and stretched so very open by him. My pussy feels so wet and the pain of his entry is more than masked by the excitement she has in her hunger for his cock. There's so much love and desire in this one simple act and he soon has that thick girth of his buried balls deep in me. I'm feeling ecstatic and I'm ready to be fucked as hard as he wants me.

We fuck for eternity, never changing position with him repeatedly penetrating me. The steady rhythm of his entries and the joy of being so filled and forced open is all that we need. I just want him to keep fucking me and burying that big cock up my pussy to screw me.

"Oh Baby fuck me, use me," I cry out to him.

I'm so spread and so easy for him that he can't resist my plea to pound himself ever harder into my wet cunt. He's fucking me for all he's worth but it's still love that we're making and not something soulless, it's a powerful and passionate kind of love that we're desperate to share.

My pussy grips his cock as finally we cum together and I feel every last one of his sperms shooting and swimming up inside me on their mission of creation. The sex we're having is incredible, we can't believe the strength of the orgasms we've just shared together and he's still erect as he lays motionless in my body.

"Oh don't stop, keep screwing me," I implore him.
"You feel so good," he says, as he resumes slowly pumping his cock in me.

We're both feeling far beyond good, it's as if we're floating in space but only aware of him having my pussy. I'm already filled with his cum but that's only adding to the remarkable sensations we're enjoying. I can still feel his sperms as he stirs and pushes them around with his cock as he screws me.

We both soon cum again and I'm almost delirious as yet more of his spunk is pumped up inside me. There's so much, it feels like gallons and it's pouring out of me as he still stays erect. He keeps on going with his screwing and easy penetrations of me. He can't seem to stop and now I'm laying in a growing pool of his cum beneath me.

"Again, Let me fuck you again," and he's still so turned on and has to keep having me.

I don't answer, I simply spread my legs wider to show him he can fuck me forever if he wants. He has to pound harder into me, try and relieve the aching desire in his cock to keep cumming in me. Each time he thrusts into my gaping pussy more and more spunk floods from me and I'm being covered in his cum, my thighs and tummy are all being drenched by him.

It's like nothing I've ever experienced before, he always fucks me hard and always cums plenty but never anything like this. My vagina is so full of his cock and his sperm and my mind is sent flying through space each time he drives that huge erection deep into me. He's fit and he's strong and he's giving me all that he's got, he's fucking me like crazy but I'm taking him easily, I'm so wet and so loose and so aroused.

He can't fuck me hard enough and I'm shoved up the bed as he slams into me. He's wearing himself out, he has to stop and rest awhile with his cock still pulsing in the wife that he's already so very well serviced and satisfied. I'm totally his woman more than ever now, spread as I am submissively beneath him, all covered and filled with his spunk. I hold and stroke him as he lays there recovering while I marvel at the act taking place deep inside me.

"I love you," we say together. We really are as one and those words seem inadequate.

"I'm pregnant," I tell him, as his cock throbs in me.
"Since when?" he thinks I'm talking crazy from being fucked so hard.

"Since now, I just felt you impregnate me."

"I swear it, and I know it'll be a girl."
"Oh Jesus," he says.

He doesn't argue, he feels something too, some sort of miracle is happening to us both that we can't explain. All I know is that all those years of waiting and hoping are over and now we've finally been blessed. All those tears and despair are finally done with.

I'm carrying our daughter and she's our gift from heaven, she's been sent from the stars and given to us to cherish. She'll be the joy of our lives and everybody who sees her will say the same thing.

"She has such beautiful lights in her eyes."

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