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What Happens in the Dark: part 1.

Girl goes to a gothic night club in search of a missing friend and ends up being fucked by vampires
All the common sense in the world told me not to go. But I had to.

I had laughed when Damian first told me he was a vampire and I had found it hilarious when he had told me about the vampire club down town. None of that is funny now. I should have listened to Damian. I knew he only came to me when he was in trouble, but I couldn’t take it seriously, I mean who would believe in vampires? And even if vampires were real why would they choose a small town like mine to crash in.

If common sense was something I was lacking (and it was) I should have at least called the police. Damian went missing three week ago. They could have gone looking for him but no, this was something I had to do for myself.

My footsteps echoed loudly as I made my way down the darkened ally. My black leather knee high boots didn’t do well for stealth and I was glad I decided to go the rout of party go-er than spy.

I reached the door of the club where a tall and pale male stood wearing all black and a leather chocker around his neck.

“Haven’t seen you here before,” he spoke as I walked up and handed him my ID.

“New here,” I stated and this was true, I had just moved to this town about three months ago, around the same time I met Damian.

“Are you looking for someone?” he asked. “There are always girls like you coming here, they are always looking for someone and they never leave the same.”

I tried to analyze his words but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his cold laughs and then the sound of the thick metal door opening.

“Have fun.”

I nodded my head and made my way inside.

Inside was a magical place. Not in the conventional sense of the word. All the walls were painted black and on them were words spray-painted in red that looked like blood. The dance floor was crowded by bodies of pale Goths moving, dancing and gyrating to the sound of the music as fog moved across the floor. Around the dance floor were tables all decorated with red silk table cloths and black roses.

I moved around the dance floor and to the bar where I noticed several eyes follow me.

“Haven’t seen you before,” the bartender stated just as the security guard did.

“I’m new.”

“Must be,” he said, his voice surprisingly seductive. “You must be looking for someone.”

I looked up.

“And would you be able to help me if I were?”

He smiled flashing a pair of long fangs.

“I know everyone who comes in here, if there’s a person you want to find then I can point them out to you.”

I thought about it. What could be the harm in asking if he knew where Damian was? If he didn’t know then I could continue my search on my on my own.

“I’m looking for a guy named Damian.”

The look on the bartender's flawless face suddenly changed. It was no longer playful as it had been seconds ago, he looked more serious now and something inside of me started to curl onto itself.

“I know two, you’ll have to give me details.”

I sighed and began to describe Damian.

“He’s about 6’1, he has shoulder length black hair, and it’s straight. He’s very pale, white, has long finger nails that are normally painted black, and blue eyes.”

“Oh that one,” he looked up to a balcony I hadn’t seen before, slightly overhead. Standing at it was a figure of a man glaring down at us. In the darkened club I couldn’t make out any details and before I had time to get a good look he moved out of my viewing range. “He’s up there.”

I thanked the man and moved to the left, up a pair of winding stairs. My heart began to race as I hoped that it was true that this was my Damian. Or at least would lead me to more clues about where he went.

When I reached the top of the stairs I was greeted by three pairs of red eyes and one pair of blue.

“Damian!” I practically shrieked with joy as I recognized him sitting on a leather couch. I began to run to him but stopped as I realized he wasn’t as happy to see me as I was to see him.

“Who’s this fine little rose?” the man beside him asked.

Damian barely raised his head from its down position.

“Alice,” he spoke.

Although there was something hollow about his voice I felt some warmth in it. Something that reminded me of the last time I saw him, reminded me of the love I denied him.

“Alice, huh? That’s a pretty name,” the other man continued. “Why don’t you come take a seat with us darling, we won’t bite, much.”

I ignored the other man's advances and spoke directly to Damian. “Damian we should go, I was so worried about you.”

He lowered his head again.

“Alice, you shouldn’t have come here,” Damian spoke and I could feel a hint of a warning. Something told me to run but I couldn’t move.

“That’s a nice little corset you’re wearing,” someone said from behind me.

I tuned quickly around to see a male with curly blond hair standing a little too close to me. When I had first entered this area he was sitting to the left of Damian. I hadn’t seen him move at all.

“I’d love to get you out of it,” the blond continued, looking at me as if I was something to eat.

“John,” Damian called out, his voice suddenly changing to something harsh. “Back off she’s mine.”

Damian rose and walked over to me as the others moved, retreating into nearby darkness. “Damian come home,” I whispered, when he was close enough. My voice wouldn’t raise any louder than that.

“Do you believe me now?”


“Do you believe what I told you?”

I shook my head at first them managed a weak, "Yes."

Just then as the yes left my lips I felt Damian's move over mine. His tongue slipped inside of my mouth and wrapped itself around my own, then much slower than it had happened, he pulled away from me and stared down into my eyes.

“Why is it now you care so much about me?” he asked. “You never seemed to care before, you were always with some other guy. Why do I matter now?”

Yet again I could feel a harsh tone rising out of his gentle voice. “Come on, let's go home,” I repeated again.

“Why?” he asked. “So I can watched as you get fucked by every other guy who comes along?”

I heard the others snicker from the darkness.

“You were always a slut I just couldn’t see it before now.”

“No it’s not like that.”

“Really? It seemed like that when I had to sleep on the couch and I could hear you moaning each night."

Just then the other two came to my side, each one taking my hand as if leading a child.

“You never wanted me,” Damian said.

“That’s not true!”

“It’s not? Then prove it.”

“Prove it?”

Before I knew it I was on my knees with little clue as to how I got there. I looked up to the others and realized that one’s hand was on my head while the other was holding me and that I must have been pushed.

“I don’t understand,” I stated.

“Oh you don’t?” Damian spoke as if talking to a child who was playing dumb. “Well I guess I should make it a little clearer for you then.”

His hands traveled to the zipper of his pants and unzipped them, while with his other hand he pulled out his dick. I looked up, no longer confused.

“Well go ahead.”

I took one last look up at Damian, then I gripped the shaft with my hand and slowly moved the head of it into my mouth, realizing shortly after that is was a whole lot bigger than I had imagined it. As soon as I got the tip of the head into my mouth, I began to lightly suck it as emotions began to flood me.

“Do it like you mean it,” he stated, more kindly now, his voice breaking off into a sort of moan at the end of the sentence.

I moved a little faster, taking more of it into my mouth. I closed my eyes as my hand moved ever so slightly up it as my mouth moved down. I let the back of my tongue rub against the underside of his head and I heard a soft moan as I started to move faster, slowly beginning to like this myself.

I tightened my lips around him, making greater suction as my head bobbed up and down slowly, taking him in and out at a steady pace.

I opened my eyes just as the blond wrapped my hair around his fist, holding it tightly. He pushed my head, forcing more into my mouth than I was prepared for, making me gag for half a second on Damiain's cock. The other, who earlier was holding me down, now stood next to me jacking off.

The blond gave me a few seconds to get over the gagging by yanking my head back up and then continued to push my head. After the first shove I grew accustommed to how deep Damian's cock was going inside my mouth and eventually forgot about the blond pushing my head as I tightened my grip on his cock and sucked harder.


With this command the blond discontinued, as Damian removed his dick from my mouth.

Damian walked over to the leather couch and sat down while the other two pulled me off the ground and walked me over to Damian.

Damian smiled as they presented me to him and ran his hand down my side to my hips and reached under my skirt, feeling my pussy through my silk thongs.

“Well that’s shocking, you’re all wet,” he stated semi-sarcastically.

He leaned forward. Lifting up my mini skirt, he brought a fang up to the thong and broke the thin string it was held up with with one bite. It fell to the ground, leaving my pussy bare.

When it seemed he was satisfied with this he leaned back. As the others moved me closer to him, they released me.

“You know what to do; god only knows how much practice you’ve had.”

The others took a step back and waited for me to move.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, my voice coming off a little more seductive then I meant it to. A smile came across Damian's face.

“Is this what YOU want?” he said, but I caught a hint of mixed meaning in his words.

I came to him then, as he reached up and grabbed me by my hips. His touch felt surprisingly warm for someone who was supposed to be undead.

He placed me on top of him. His cock was throbbing and my pussy could feel it, only causing me to get wetter. I wanted him so bad I would have begged if he wanted it, but as I looked at him I thought to myself that this must be what he wanted. My lips were surrounding his cock as I went up and down, my clit met the tip of his cock and his eyes widened just a little with some sort of surprise. I saw him open his mouth to say something but he must have changed his mind. I lifted my hips up and grabbed his cock to straighten it up, then slid my body down it, pushing his whole cock inside of me.

“Leave,” he commanded in a growl, as his hands yet again found my hips.

I couldn’t hear them walk away because of the loud music, but I was sure they followed his orders. I rested a bit, becoming less tense. It felt so amazing to have him inside of me, I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this for so long. I just sat like that for a few minutes not able to move, just feeling how perfectly his cock fit inside of me, like our bodies were meant to be together.

Damian let his head fall back, his long hair moving away from his face, and with that he started moving his hips up and down.

“Uhh...” was the only sound I could make at first, as for some reason the feeling of him being inside of me was a pleasurable shock to my senses.

My body tingled all over and for short moments I forgot to breathe while my eyes refused to stay open. I could feel his breath was against my neck as he began to move faster, in and out of me, then he abruptly stopped.

“Why?” was the only thing I could ask as I leaned my body against his. He looked at me with love in his eyes.

“Because I wanted you to be fully aware.”

“Aware of what?”

“Of this.”

Just as the worlds left his lips I felt something sharp crawl under my skin. It was painful at first but the deeper the sharpness went, the better it felt. It clicked then, after all he did tell me he was a vampire and isn’t biting people what vampires do?

To be continued…

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