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Bi-Bi Summer Party

Members of the bi-Bi club enjoy a summer cottage

“Yes, it's here,” Jane said as she looked at the inbox on her tablet.

“What is?” Colin asked, looking up from the paper he was reading.

“It is our invitation to the first of this year's summer swingers parties, which is a weekend at a rented cottage deep in the country. It has got a sauna, Jacuzzi, and a secluded garden. Sounds great,” Jane glanced at her husband twenty-five years.

Her husband was still in good shape for a man in his mid-fifties, well-muscled body, flat belly, and a fully working seven-inch cock.

“One of the usual suspects I suppose?” he said, getting up and coming to stand behind his petite wife. He could see by the way her nipples were showing through her thin blouse that the thought of a weekend being shagged silly and sucking all the cunt she wanted was having its effect on her.

“Yes, it is the same as last year. It will be just the same four members of the Bi-Bi club. Pam is the organiser this year, so should be good. She knows how to get a party going,” Jane said, her fingers flying over the tablet as she typed out a reply.

“Not only a party, she's a fucking good screw as well,” Colin thought to himself, remembering her tight pussy and even tighter arse from the last time he had the pleasure of her body.

As well as Pam, Jane emailed the other members of their little swingers club telling them she and Colin would not be available this coming weekend. She knew they would all be making their own arrangements for parties of their own, and over the summer all of them would be doing the rounds with each other. She was quite proud of the name she had thought up for the group. The Bi-Bi Club seemed perfect; they had only a few rules. No fucking other members on the sly, never doing anything that was beyond the clubs limits, and all members are Bi... even the men.

Saturday morning found Colin and Jane on the motorway heading for the country manor. Suitcases in the boot of the car, two full of clothes, and one loaded with sex toys.

Colin smiled at his wife in the passenger seat. Jane was a natural blond and wore her hair long. He knew Pam's husband loved long hair and could remember the last time he had seen Jane up on all fours being fucked from behind as he held her hair in one hand and spanked her arse with the other. He had been sitting in a chair, his cock deep in Pam’s cunt as she sat on his lap and had laughed as she called out to her husband, “Ride her cowboy!”

“How far, babe?” Jane and licking said.

“Sixty miles, about an hour if the traffic stays light,” Colin said glancing at the satnav. “Have a nap if you like.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of sucking you off my love,” Jane said sliding a hand over Colin’s groin.

“Road's straight, traffic light, so go for it you sexy slut. Swallow my spunk, and get the taste for it. There will be lots of spunk coming your way over the next two days. Mine may as well be the first load. Colin said, using one hand to free his hardening cock from his shorts.

Jane had always loved sucking cock, her husbands, or over the years, several others from their swinging life. But now the only one on her mind was the one she was holding gently licking the head.

Colin kept his eyes on the road, but his cock was reacting to the warm mouth that was now slowly milking the spunk from it.

He had lost count of the times he had poured hot spunk down Jane’s willing throat. As his climax approached his mind moved to the weekend he was about to experience. There would be cunt and cock aplenty. Early on in his marriage, he had found that he was Bi. As long as he was getting sexual satisfaction it mattered little to him. He enjoyed both giving and receiving orgasms.

Jane also was happy with either, or both. She had always enjoyed group sex. She had three holes and was never happier than when they were all being used. But for now, her attention was focused on the cock in her mouth and the salty precum that was starting to ooze from it.

Colin glanced down at Jane's bobbing head, and as her tongue stroked the underside of his cock head he exploded into her mouth.

The feel of hot spunk filling her mouth Jane always found exciting, and sucking off her husband, in what was an almost public place, when any truck they overtook could see down into the car only added to the thrill.

“Well sir, that's you taken care of you, so my turn now,” Jane giggled. With that, she sat back in her seat, lifting her skirt to her waist. She plunged her hand inside her panties and started rubbing her, by now itching clit.

Colin always enjoyed watching his wife masturbate, and watching the movement of her hand inside her panties only added to the voyeuristic aspect. Her gasping sighs, the opening and closing of her legs as she climaxed was making his sucked cock stiffen again.

“We’re here babe,” Colin said as he swung the car up the long gravelled drive and stopped in front of an impressive country cottage.

“Hi guys, welcome to Nookie Hall,” Pam said, as she opened the door to meet them. “James is in the lounge, he can’t wait for the fun to begin. Colin looked on as the two women embraced each other. Pam was a black-haired version of Jane, the same petite figure and pert tits. He had often watched them kiss before, but usually, they had been naked.

“Come here you lovely man,” Pam said as she broke free from Jane’s embrace, and threw her arms around his neck. The familiar feel of her body pressing against his and her tongue darting into his mouth was causing his cock once again to harden. Pam obviously felt it pressing against her. As the kiss ended and they moved apart, she ran the palm of her hand over the bulge in his jeans.

“Someone seems pleased to see me,” she said with a laugh. “Now come on in and let's get this party underway.”

Pam led the way into the impressive hall and on into a huge, comfortable living room. “Look who’s arrived James!” she called out.

The tall man in the room turned to look at the newcomers. He was similar in age to Colin and Jane, and just as fit

Colin and Jane embraced James and Jane slid her tongue into his mouth. “Great to see the pair of you, we’ve been looking forward to it,” she said as she pulled away from him.

“Drinks everyone,” Pam said and pointed to a bar at the far end of the room. “Let’s get some booze inside us, then unpack and then it will ‘let our hair down time’.”

Two glasses of red wine later Colin and Jane made their way to the large bedroom that had been given them for their own private space. Although both knew the sleeping and fucking arrangements would change by the hour in every room.

“Fuck, just look at that bed. That was made with fucking in mind,” Colin said as he examined the huge four-poster bed that dominated the room.

“I don’t think that is its primary function,” added Jane. “Just look at the bedposts. Leather straps attached to each of them, and that mirror set in the canopy doesn't come as standard, I'm sure. Now let's unpack and go and join the others. Pam says there's a huge Jacuzzi in the garden and I want to check that out”.

Half an hour later they made their way downstairs, past the large living room and out to the secluded rear Patio. At the far end was the biggest Jacuzzi either of them had ever seen. It could hold a dozen adults without a problem. Pam and James were already relaxing in the warm bubbling water.

“Get those fucking robes off, and get your bodies in here guys. There's tits to be squeezed, a cunt to finger, and a cock to rub,” Pam called out.

“And Colin, no shooting your load in the water, it's unhygienic,” James chimed in laughing.

“Only place his spunk is going is in me,” Pam cut in.

“Or me, either directly or sucked out of your cunt,” Jane sniggered as she tweaked one of Pam’s nipples.

“Ouch you bitch, if I didn't have a cock in my hand, I'd fist that slutty cunt of yours!” Pam retorted, and both women dissolve into a fit of laughter.

“Fuck Colin, I swear that cock of yours gets bigger every time I see it, and your lovely wife's pussy gets more suckable by the day. I’m going to have to get my tongue in her cunt and your lovely cock up my arse before the day is out,” James chipped in.

“Come on Colin get in here and touch me up. I want those fingers of yours working their magic and Jane, I am sure there is a hard cock under this water that wants a home,” Pam said as both the new arrivals slipped out of their robes and slid into the Jacuzzi.

“Fuck your cock feels good,” Jane purred as she impaled herself on James’s fuck meat.” Spunk up me big boy, be my first fuck of the day.”

“What? Nothing on the way down? I don’t believe it, two horny fuckers like you,” James laughed.

Colin then related the suck and masturbation session they had had on the motorway as the four friends relaxed in the warm water. But the slow fucking Jane was getting from James soon led to a mutual climax and as Pam and Colin played with each other they watched the two happy fuck buddies cum hard together.

“Now, all out of here and lay on the towels. I want to see some really dirty sex,” Pam giggled. “I am going to lie down and Jane, I want you to sixty-nine me and drip my husband’s spunk in my mouth while that lovely husband of yours fucks my husband’s arsehole. This weekend is all about being members of the Bi-Bi club!”

With that, she eased her naked body from the bubbling water and stretched out on a large towel. “Come on slut, get your cunt over here before all that lovely spunk runs out,” Pam smiled as she beckoned to Jane to join her.

“Fuck that looks good,” James said as he watched the two women slide into a sixty-nine. “Now let's join them and bring that hard cock with you. I've only had a strap-on up my arse for the last six. "

A year ago Colin would not have considered himself fully Bi. Yes, he had wanked and sucked other swinger’s cocks, but had never fucked another man. It was Jane who had suggested he try it. She argued that he would happily fuck a female arsehole, so why not a male. Now he had, at one time or another, fucked all the other members of the Bi-Bi club and enjoyed every one.

Pam looked up from the dripping cunt she was licking at the two grunting male bodies kneeling beside her. “Go on Colin, fill my old man's arsehole with your cum. Your next load will be in one of my holes.” Then, with one hand, she reached out and grabbed James’s cock as it hung, semi-hard down. “And you, you fucker, get that hard again. There are cunts, mouths and arsehole waiting for that.”

All this was too much for Colin and his cock exploded inside James’s tight arse and he collapsed forward on top of him.

At the same time, Jane’s tongue was working its magic on Pam's cunt and bringing her closer to her climax. As Jane felt her friend’s legs tighten around her head, she pushed a finger deep into her arsehole and was rewarded with a flow of hot cunt juice in her mouth as Pam's orgasm swept through her.

Silence fell on the four sweating, exhausted lovers as they lay recovering under the warm summer sun.

Colin was the first to move. Pulling himself free of James he staggered to his feet and said, “Enough for now. Now it’s time for drinks, shower and food. There is a lot of fun left in the day, and we need our strength.”

Three laughing people agreed with him and the four naked friends made their way back into the cottage and the well-stocked drinks cabinet.

While Colin and James poured the wine, Pam and Jane headed for the kitchen to make sandwiches and natter together.

“How about this Jane? Reckon it would fit?” Pam giggled as she held up a large cucumber. “Lovely ridges and bumps on it should feel good. What do you reckon?

“Let's find out shall we,” Jane said and took the phallic vegetable from Pam. “Bend over the counter and see if we can get another cum out of that slutty cunt of yours.”

Only too willing to try anything sexual Pam leant forward on the wide counter and pulled her bum cheeks apart. “My cunt remember, don't want that fucker up my arse!”

Jane knelt behind her friend and ran her tongue from her clit, over her cunt, and up to her little-puckered hole. She felt her friend's body shake as the tip of her tongue touched the rosebud and couldn't resist pushing her tongue inside.

“Fuck girl, that feels good, but it's my cunt that needs the big green violator in it,” Pam gasped.

Jane slid her tongue from the tight arsehole and sucked the tip of the cucumber. “Okay, babe here comes your natural dildo, nice and slow.”

Pam groaned in pleasure as the cold vegetable slid inch by inch into her body. “Oh God, yes, ease it in babe, fill my whore's hole, so fucking good.”

As Jane knelt behind her friend and slowly worked the cucumber dildo into her cunt, she leant forward and pushed the tip of her tongue into her arsehole.

“Oh fuck, that's good, make me cum babe”,

Jane licking and cucumber fucking was soon rewarded by a flow of cunt juice, which ran from Pam's body and over her hand and arm.

“Cum girl, then do me, I want to cum as well,” Jane gasped and doubled her exertions on the naked woman, who by now, was at the point of ecstasy from where there was no return.

Pam ground her clit into the countertop as her cunt and arsehole were violated in an attempt to quell the itching in it and seconds later her world dissolved in flashing colours as a tremendous orgasm exploded in her mind and body.

The two women remained pressed together for several minutes as Pam slowly recovered.

“Now girl, it's your turn in this little lezzie party of ours, I have plans for you. Hop up on the counter, legs over the edge and lay back. I am going to do something to you I have always wanted to,” Pam said as she went to a cupboard and removed a bottle of olive oil.

Jane did as she was told, but had no idea what she was about to experience. “Can't think of anything that hasn't been done to me, but bring it on if you can.”

Pam smiled at her friend, “Open those legs wide, I need to see your cunt, the one that has been sucked and fucked by so many lovers. Lost count of the times I've watched my husband’s cock shoot its load up there, or the times I've sucked his spunk out afterwards. I have always loved dribbling it from my mouth to yours, but now for something different.”

Jane watched as Pam opened the bottle and let the oil drip on her fingers.

“First a little lubrication I think,” Pam said and slid the oiled fingers into Jane’s cunt. “Let's get that hole nice and slippery because it’s going to need to be.”

Jane loved the feel of her friend's fingers probing inside her willing sex slit and leaning back shut her eyes and surrendered to the feeling.

After five minutes of gentle finger fucking, Pam could see Jane was getting closer to cumming, and that was not going to be allowed…yet.

“Now my girl let’s see what this will do to you, “ Pam said and sliding her fingers right out of the dripping cunt poured more oil over not only her fingers but her whole hand and wrist.

“You think the cucumber filled you... you ain't had nothing yet girl. Now you are going to cum so hard you are going the think your cunt is on fire,” Pam said sliding first three, then four fingers into Jane’s lubricated cunt.

“Oh fuck that's good,” Jane whimpered, “give me more.”

Only too pleased to oblige Pam folded her thumb into her palm and pushed her hand into the dripping pussy up to the wrist.

Jane had never had her cunt stretched this far by anything before. But Pam knew there was more she could do. She had had a female hand buried deep inside her and knew just how to play the game.

First, she slid her hand back and forth in a slow fucking motion. Each thrust bringing a low moan from her naked friend. A few minutes of this passed and she changed the rhythm. Now she stretched out her fingers and drummed them on the inside of Jane’s cunt and at the same time used the fingers of her other hand to rub Janes swollen clit, which was being pushed forward by the thickness of Pam's arm as her assault of Jane's cunt continued.

When the orgasm came it was so hard it took both women by surprise. Jane’s scream was so loud the Colin and James both ran into the room. They were greeted by the sight of Jane writhing on the countertop, legs wide apart and copious quantities of cunt juice spraying out and running down Pam's arm.

“Fuck that's something, the dirty cows, we are so going to fuck these bitches mate,” James said to Colin as they both wanked their already hard cock even harder.

“Don't you fuckers dare cum,” Pam said, turning to look at them. “I have holes that need those lumps of fuck meat up them.”

Colin watched fascinated as Pam pulled her hand from his wife's open cunt and licked the glistening fanny batter from it. Smiling, she looked at them. “Which of you are first then?”

“Both… take them both,” Jane had pushed herself up on her elbows and watched the wanking men and her friend who was still licking the last traces of cunt juice from her fingers. “Let me take charge of this next fuck. You three just do as you are told. Now into the lounge everyone, we have a game to play.”

The two men and Pam made their way into the lounge as ordered. Jane slid her just used body down off the counter and followed. Even though she had just experienced probably the most powerful orgasm of her life, she felt the familiar itch in her pussy that told her she was by no means done for the day yet.

“Now James, lay on the rug, on your back. We need to find a hole for that hard cock you have there,” Jane said. Pam get astride your husband back to him and get that cock sunk in that pretty arsehole of yours.” Colin watched as Pam slowly impaled herself on James's cock and laid back on his chest.

“Now husband of mine, I know how much you like to fuck Pam. On top, you go and fill that slutty cunt of hers. Push that hard fuck meat up the bitch and fill her with hot spunk,” Jane instructed as she carefully choreographed the scene. She couldn't help rubbing her own clit in an attempt to ease the itch that was growing by the minute.

Pam gasped as she lowered herself onto her husband's hard cock. One she had had in her arse many times, but usually from behind with her on all fours. This way it seemed to push forward more and she knew that when Colin's cock slid into her cunt it would be a tight fit.

For James, the feel of his wife's hot, tight arsehole was nothing short of sublime. His hands reached for her tits and pinched the hard nipples.

“Now Colin, fuck her,“Jane ordered her husband

As Colin slid his cock into Pam's cunt he could feel the hardness of James hot fuck meat through the thin membrane. It was forcing Pam's cunt to grip his cock tighter than Colin had ever known before.

For Pam the feeling was intense. She had had both holes filled at once before, but always facing down with her arse in the air to be pounded. This felt totally different. She felt vulnerable and almost in bondage with the two horny males that were using her as a cum dump.

Jane was in a frenzy of lust as she watched the three building towards their inevitable climax. Her own climax was building in sympathy.

“Fuck the slut, shoot up her, and fill the whore's holes!” Jane was now kneeling beside them and Pam could see the cunt juice running from her cunt and dripping from her fingers as she frigged herself to even greater heights.

For the two men, the sensation of hot slippery fuck holes and their cocks rubbing together caused them to erupt at the same time into the writhing body trapped between them.

Pam could not describe the feeling as jets of hot spunk poured into her body and combined with the sound of Jane’s climax pushed her over the top into her own.

It was several minutes before Colin pulled his softening cock from Pam's gripping cunt and helped her off her husband’s cock still trapped in her tight arsehole.

Jane, for her part, had collapsed on the floor beside the sweating group and was absent-mindedly toying with her sopping wet slit.

Colin was the first to speak. “I think we could all do with a dip in the tub, a few hours rest, and maybe an evening in the local pub. What do you all think?”

Three exhausted people nodded in agreement and all four made their way to the hot tub to relax.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in chatting, relaxing, and snoozing. And as the evening shadows lengthened four happy friends made their way to a small country pub in the nearby village. Jane smiles to herself as they all stood at the bar. If only the locals knew what had taken place in their quiet village a few hours ago.

One of the rules of the Bi-Bi club was that the sex was open and all concerned were present. Therefore, when it came time for the nights’ sleep both couples retired to their own rooms, with their own partners to sleep. There would be plenty of time for more group fun the following day.

When Jane and Colin came down from their bedroom and walked into the lounge Pam and James were already there, in their robes each cradling a cup of coffee.

“I hope you two have had an early morning fuck,” Pam said, “Because there is nothing I like more than a little spunk cream licked from a freshly fucked cunt, and by the flush of your face Jane you have some for me.”

“Sure have babe, and by the look of yours you have some to share as well.”

As both women dissolved in a fit of laughter Colin turned to James, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I bet your cock would still have the taste of your wife’s cunt on it, and you know how much I like to taste Pam’s cunt. So how about we all sixty-nine it? Boy on boy and girl on girl.”

“Great idea Colin, but don't you boys dare shoot your loads. They belong in our cunts. If you want to eat spunk you can get it from there,” Jane giggled.

“Or our arseholes as they need spunk up them as well,” Pam chimed in.

A minute later all that could be heard in the room was the slurping sound of cock and cunt sucking and the low moans of the four fornicators.

Colin almost forgot his wife's words as he felt his balls tighten as the cum was manufactured in them. Only the taste of James's precum reminded him and the two men rolled away from each other.

Unlike the men, the two women had no intention of not cumming. With mouths full of spunk and cunt juice they continued to face fuck each other until their climaxes burst upon them.

“That's not fucking fair! You bitches cum, us guys have to go without,” James snorted as he looked at his wife's face that was glistening with the mixture.

“We can cum and cum. You guys need recharge time, so now you will be ready to shag your bitches and treat us as your whores. Come on boys ride the shit out of us,” Jane said, rubbing her pussy as if to emphasise the wanton behaviour.

“Okay bitches, up on all fours, facing each other as we pump a load up each of you,” Colin said, pulling Pam towards him. “Go on James, get stuck up my wife, any hole you like. I am going to use your wife’s arsehole.”

The idea appealed to James and a minute later the two women were looking into each other's eyes Soon a rhythm had developed and Jane watched her friends hanging tits sway in time with her own as the two men pumped their cocks in and out of the two tight arseholes.

James was pacing himself and called out for the others to do the same, “Say when you are close girls and we will flood you. We all need to cum together.”

All four knew it was not going to take long, so sexually charged was the atmosphere.

Pam was the first to call out. “Now cum, can’t hold on, for fuck's sake fill my arsehole, spunk up me!”

Only too keen to oblige Colin emptied his balls into her trembling body as James did the same to Jane. Once again all four climaxed at the same time and collapsed in a heap of sweating bodies on the carpet.

Totally satisfied for now they once again made their way to the hot tub and soaked, chatted and laughed together for most of the morning.

“Pub, lunch, and then time for one more fuck before we kiss goodbye and wind our way home guys,” Colin said and pulled himself from the water.

After lunch, the four happy and slightly drunk swingers made their way back to the cottage. James was all for getting into a full fucking mood at once, but the girls had other ideas.

“You boy goes in the lounge and give us girls ten minutes, then come into my bedroom. We will have something special for you guys, something you would never have thought of. With that, the two tipsy girls trotted out of the hall and into the bedroom.

Ten minutes later, James and Colin headed for the bedroom. The sight that greeted them was one they were curious about. Both women were naked on the Queen sized bed, and both had strap-on dildos in place.

“One I can understand, but two?” Colin said, puzzled.

“There is one for each of your arseholes guys. You like shoving cocks in our arseholes and now it’s our turn we are going to fuck you for a change.

James looked more closely at his wife and saw that the strap-on she was wearing was a double, with an equal fake cock buried in her cunt. “So I guess we are all cumming together again just our cocks won’t have a hole to shoot up.”

“True we are going to fuck and wank you and because it’s a nice bed cover you will be wearing these Jane said and tossed two condoms onto the bed. “Last time I saw you wearing one of these was last summer when I paid that French whore to let you fuck her. Hope you can remember how they go on,” Jane laughed.

“Now get them on, and up on all fours you fuckers and take what’s coming to you, or rather up you,” Pam said as she lubed up the dildo.

Colin slid the condom over his throbbing cock and watched James do the same. “Come on ladies. We are your bitches so use us,” he said.

The two men had done as they were told and were on all fours, to further increase the visual aspect of the fucking they were side by side head to toe so each could see his wife fucking the other man. Also, both women could watch each other’s faces as they ploughed the men’s bodies.

James had had a dildo in his arse many times before, but never by any other woman than Pam, just the thought of Jane sliding the fake cock inside him was a thrill in itself. But the sight of his wife pushing into Colin had his cock hard and throbbing instantly.

“Slow it down Jane,” Pam called to her friend. “Don’t want these male bitches to have all the fun, need to get worked up ourselves first.”

Jane was feeling a mixture of power and lust as she watched the dildo sliding in and out of Colin’s body,

“Getting close babe,” she said to Pam after five minutes of arse fucking. The half of the double dildo in her cunt and the raised pad rubbing on her clit was bringing her to the point of no return.

“Same,” gasped Pam. “Let’s milk those cocks babe, pull their spunk out, time for our men to fill those rubber spunk catchers instead of us for a change. Let’s wank these fuckers off!”

Both men felt totally out of control as warm hands pulled on their hard cocks and plastic fuck poles violated their arseholes. Seconds later the two women were rewarded by feeling the cocks jerk in their hands and jets of spunk poured into the waiting condoms.

Once again all four reached their climax as one and the room was filled with grunts and groans as each sought to gain every last drop of satisfaction from the four-way fuck.

“What a way to end,” Colin gasped as he felt the dildo slide from his arse and Pam pull the spunk filled condom from his deflating cock.

In a final act of depravity, both women held out the spunk filled condoms for the men to see them without a moment’s hesitation lifted them to their mouths and swallowed down the contents.

“Cheers Boys, just the protein we needed to end the weekend,” Jane said with a smile as she used her finger to extract the last drops.

An hour later, both couples had packed and stood outside the cottage.

“That was one fantastic weekend folks, I have enjoyed every minute,” Jane said.

“I have too. It was a perfect time. This is a wonderful club we have. Once every month, a different couple helps to keep the passion alive. We will be back together before the summer ends. Then into winter fuck time!” Pam said as she kissed the others and gave Jane’s hand an extra squeeze. “Loved fucking your old man and your pussy is as tasty as ever babe, looking forward to the next time.”

As Colin headed for the motorway Jane sat beside him. Her fingers flying over her phone keyboard.

“Who are you calling babe?” he asked.

“Ray and Sheila to book them for next month because I know how much you like Sheila’s lovely dark brown body, with those black nipples,” Jane said with a laugh.

“And you have always fancied that huge dark brown cock inside you. Great idea babe so book them. They are a lovely sexy couple.”

Jane suddenly burst out laughing as she looked at her phone. “Guess what they are using as couple name for the Bi-Bi club… Hot Chocolate!”

Colin laughed loudly. “Well, here’s to drinking our next hot chocolate!”


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