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Bon Jovi

Fun with a friend from the past

Well this journal entry even shocks me that it happened but, in order for you to understand it all, I have to go back a few years.

In the swinging lifestyle, you meet and sometimes play with a handful of people you continue to stay in touch with or develop a bond with. We have a small group of friends that, when we see each other, we can do vanilla stuff or get down and dirty.

We have a few couples I love seeing because both members are awesome in bed. But some couples break up and then it’s hard to stay friends with both — or it’s easy because one is a ‘wacka doodle’.

So, there was a couple we both loved, Victor and Jennifer from the South Shore. We made contact online, chatted, then met and played a bunch of times before becoming regulars at weekly parties. They also became friends in the vanilla world: kid’s birthday parties, dinners, and other regular friend’s activities.

Jen was a very aggressive tall and thin Bi girl with dirty blonde hair whose fingers and tongue had been inside me many times — and mine in her. She wasn't very sweet but made up for that by being smart and she could always get a party started. 

Victor was tall and a little heavy with a bit of a belly. In his late forties, he had salt and pepper hair, was funny and very lovable. I loved having sex with him because he always got me off with his beautiful eight-inch cock. It had a very large mushroom head and his huge hanging balls you could pick out in a line-up. He was a very skilled lover and Jen was definitely a very lucky girl. 

Unfortunately — and we didn't see it coming — Jen left Victor. I try not to pry but I think it was because she wanted more kids and Victor stopped at one. It was very sad to see it go down as he loved her and tried to keep it together. 

As I say, when these splits happen, we often lose touch with both of them. Mostly, we hear from one side but not the other, and sometimes they reinvent themselves with another partner. 

In this instance, I haven't heard from Jennifer in over a year but Victor has stayed in touch with us in a vanilla way. Even though he wanted to get back into the lifestyle, single men have a hard time doing that. Victor was a gentleman and, other than a longer hug than is considered normal, he never asked to do anything with me or act in any annoying way.

Two weeks ago, Victor posted on Facebook that he’d got a pair of tickets to a Bon Jovi at the Boston Garden and was looking for somebody to go with. I have no idea why — I'm not a fan of the band — I wrote that if he couldn't find a date, I’d go with him. My husband posted about teasing up my hair and how bad the music was and I replied with other funny posts. 

As the day grew closer, Victor asked via a message if I was serious as he hadn't found anyone and he would love my company. I repeated that I’d go if he couldn't find a date. And, two days before the show, I confirmed I would be going. Of course, I was teased at home and on the Facebook thread. 

Victor was excited that I’d accepted the invitation and I was happy to be going to a concert — and a few Monday drinks wouldn't hurt, either! The day came and, after a boring time at work, I decided to push every button I could. Victor wanted to do dinner and drinks first so we agreed to a five-thirty pick-up, but that didn't give me much time to get ready. I wanted to look good in an eighties sexy yet slutty mix. I ran into the bathroom and began my ritual of showering, shaving, and general prepping as if I was going to a swingers party not a concert.

I heard the doorbell but I wasn't ready and heard “typical woman” mentioned. But I was putting on something special — garters under a leather mini-dress I don't wear too often. No panties, of course, and my hair was brushed out in an eighties style. When I finally emerged, I was greeted with open jaws and a “Holy shit” comment. 

Victor wasn't dressed in any way different from what I’d always known — but he looked super handsome and sweet. He said I was “hot as fuck” and I kissed my man, then Victor, and said, “Let’s go.” 

I turned back to my man and said, “Don't wait up, dad.” 

We laughed but I don’t think he was ready to hear that as the texts began before we’d even pulled out of the drive. 

‘I hope you’re joking. Are you gonna fuck him? You staying out?’

My replies were, ‘Kinda… I hope so… No, I have work in the morning.’ 

I also told him that I didn't think Victor would try anything but if he did, I would be nice to him. And I promised my husband that, if something did happen, I’d owe him one. He replied, with an understandable hint of jealousy, that he wanted a threesome with a black friend of his. I agreed — but only if something happened. 

Victor was very complimentary about my outfit and also apologetic that he hadn't dressed for the occasion. He’d come directly from work to get me. 

At the first traffic light, he told me how much he missed me and I just went for it and kissed him passionately.

“Wow, this is the best date I've been on in a year,” he said, laughing. 

“Have you missed this, too?” I asked, leaning against the door and spreading my legs high to show him my garters and bare pussy. 

“Oh yes, I miss that more than you know,” he said and petted my pussy a little and rubbed my legs until we arrived at the restaurant not far from the Garden. He paid for parking in a garage, kissed me one more time, and we went to eat. 

It was a beautiful new place called City Winery and we ate well and I got a buzz on a very nice bottle of wine. We made small talk and, of course, Jennifer was mentioned. She was with somebody new and vanilla and I brought up parties and other former friends of Victor’s. Having paid the bill, we walked over to the crowed show. On the way to our seats, I got many looks cast my way, which I loved. I didn't know most of the songs but we sang along to the Bon Jovi hits and, before the encore, I began grinding on Victor and I felt him get hard. 

We kissed a few times and he said I was killing him and it wasn’t fair. 

“How is it not fair?”

“I respect your marriage,” he said, "and I wouldn't want to lose that friendship.” 

“Oh, you see a ring on this finger? But who am I with right now? Do you see a husband here?” I kissed him, then said, “Vic, I'm with you which means I belong to you. I will do anything you want or say. Do you understand?” 

“But — “

“But what?” I interrupted

“Okay,” he said, “let’s go.”

We left as the encore started and made it to the car, kissing at crosswalks. He offered to get a hotel room but I said I wanted to be in his bed. 

Victor drove to his condo as fast as he could and led me straight to the bedroom. He immediately pushed me on the bed and shoved his face in my ass and began licking it and biting it, pausing long enough to tell me how much he missed my ass and fucking me.

“I’ve really missed you, too,” I said. 

He asked if it was okay to do what he was doing. “What about your husband and those rules?”

“Do you see my husband in the room? No, course you don’t. I belong to you right now, Vic, and those rules ain’t here, either.” 

He began undressing and when his hard cock sprung out of his boxers I also began to disrobe. It didn’t take long.

“What if I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours?”

“That’s up to you, Vic,” I said and he didn't hold back anymore.

He dove right between my legs and began licking me. We maneuvered to the sixty-nine position and I greeted his swollen mushroom head with a kiss before I gobbled and licked it with passion. He was so eager to lick me, I came within minutes.

I let him know I wanted to fuck. He’d always said he liked to edge and I made sure he was brought close but didn’t cum.

I didn't let him reach for a condom but straddled him and felt that head pop inside me. He was so happy as I rode him and I came again on his long and thick stiff cock. He was so horny, he went right to doggy, grasping my hips so he could pound into me while occasionally giving my ass a slap.

I said, “Cum in me… go on, cum now,” and he sure did.

In the past, Victor had always been a man to fill a condom like ballon and I really felt it when he went balls deep then let go, pumping and spurting, filling me till I was too sensitive to go on. Out of breath, we fell on the bed, grinning and gasping.

Vic suggested we have an affair but I counter-suggested he get a girlfriend who is lifestyle friendly so that he could get back into the swing of things,

I asked to use his shower as his cum was running out of me and he seemed ready to sleep. I found the shower but it was a little gross as he was a bachelor again. Midway through my shower, Vic came in and went straight for my ass. It hurt at first and the liquid soap he used as a lube stung a little. But he came quicker this time and we washed properly as I now had semen seeping from my vagina and ass. 

He drove toward my home in almost total silence and we stopped a block away to kiss one more time before he dropped me off.

When I got in, my man was half asleep but he asked if I’d had fun.

“Yes, I did,” I said, knowing what would be the next question.

Sure enough, he asked, “Do you owe me?”

I nodded, he pinched my bum and said, “I hope it was fun. Vic's a good guy.”

I agreed and he said, “Threesome this weekend?”

“Yes, as long as I don't get my period,” I said and we both blacked out.

I felt great in the morning and decided to write my journal. And that’s what I did while humming the tune Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi. 

Yes, bad medicine is what I need!

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