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The Thrill Of A New Fuck Toy

I fuck a new toy while I'm out of town, and now she wants my girlfriend.

When I wake up, my cock is in Emily's mouth. I smile down at her.

“Good morning.” She hums around me, giving me sad eyes. She's still not happy that I'm leaving. “I'll be back before you know it, and this dick will be all yours,” I say while she sucks me.

I rest my hand on the back of her head and leave it there for a while. She keeps her mouth on me the whole time. It's one of the many ways she willingly gives me control of her. If my cock is in her mouth and my hand touches her head, she isn't allowed to pull off of me until I move my hand away.

This morning, I keep my hand in her blonde hair for a good ten minutes. Emily dutifully sucks me the whole time, keeping her jaw lax, letting my slowly fuck her face. When I finally pull my hand away, she keeps my cock in her throat.

“Mmm you love sucking this cock, don't you baby?” I ask, lacing my fingers behind my head, watching her. She moans on my too-full sex organ. “How about you lick my balls for a while?” I ask, and she finally pulls off my dick. Without hesitating, Emily takes one of my testicles at a time, and moves them around in her mouth.

She spends minutes licking my sack, just like I asked her to.

“Alright, get my dick wet again baby, I need to fuck you.” Emily moves back up to my cock and salivates all over it. “Good girl, now climb on top of me, sweetheart,” I say. She comes up to straddle me as I lay propped up on the pillows, and I guide her above me, hands around her tiny waist.

She sits on me, and I fill her up to the brim.

“Damn, you're wet, baby.”

“I woke up thinking about this,” she says, lifting and lowering herself on my hard length.

“Good. This is my favorite way to wake up,” I say, and she smiles, her white teeth biting into her lip. She rides me, her body tight, blonde hair swirling around her shoulders and breasts. “You are fucking perfect, Emily.”

“I'm all yours,” she says, and I reach for her clit. I fuck her for a while, then roll us over so I can be on top. Right about now is when I notice the time. We've been fooling around for more than an hour.

“Fuck baby, I'm gonna be late,” I say picking up my pace. I pound into my slutty, always horny girlfriend until she cums, then I join her. She is the perfect cum receptacle.

Immediately after filling her up, I pull out, and she whimpers.

I get ready in a rush, and when I'm fully dressed in my lawyer's regalia, I walk to my still naked girlfriend and pick her up. Her hands hold my shoulders, my large torso between her legs.

“Will you miss me?” I ask.

“You know I will. I already do.”

“I know baby. But it's only for two nights.” She nods. “I love you, Emily,” I say, and she smiles.

“I love you.” I kiss her hard, then set her back on her bare feet.


I get to the firm and meet up with Isaac to nail down our talking points. I find out my assistant has a spot on this trip, too.

“Mandy had to cancel, so Ashley is filling in,” he says.

We get to Philadelphia, and I start playing with an idea - fucking Ashley. She’s beautiful and friendly, but I never allowed myself to think about it before now, mainly because now I’m out of town… and so is she.

We get to the hotel and each branch off to our own rooms. “Dinner at six, then?” Ashley asks us first. We both agree, and she gives one more friendly smile before she turns and walks down the hall.

My assistant is classically pretty. She has thick, dark brown hair that stops at her shoulders, and a sweet face with nice teeth. Her body is amazing, too. Always wearing tight shirts and fitted skirts that show off her hourglass figure.

When I get to my room, I message Emily.

I ask how she would feel about me fucking Ashley.

I don't fuck other girls when I'm home in New York. I don't need to. The only time I have sex with other people - with Emily’s blessing - is when I'm away working. She gets to fuck other guys when I'm gone. It's part of our agreement. The only difference is she only fucks guys she already knows, guys that I've met. And I only fuck women I don't know. I meet women when I'm out of town, fuck them, then go home to my slutty girlfriend to fuck her.

I've never actually considered fucking Ashley before, but now that we’re both out of town, I need my cock serviced, and she's just another woman. Emily likes knowing I'm being satisfied, but will the fact that I already know Ashley be breaking the rules? I wait for her reply to find out.

When she responds, asking if Ashley made advances on me, or did I come onto her, I tell the truth. Neither happened, I was just asking her opinion first. I know that will make her happy. She says she's okay with it if that's what I really want. And if it gets weird, I can just find a new assistant. I smile at her message.

I spend dinner with Isaac and Ashley, thinking about what Emily said. She is leaving the choice up to me. If I want to fuck her that badly, then there's nothing stopping me, assuming Ashley wants to fuck me, of course. Emily has told me she's a little intimidated by Ashley. I don't know if that equates to jealousy or not, because she has also mentioned how beautiful Ashley is.

I'm pulled from my thoughts when Isaac announces he's going back to his room. This should be easy tonight, then.

No one knows about mine and Emily’s open relationship, so I always have to be very sneaky around my coworkers. I assume Ashley will retire shortly after Isaac, but when she invites me to the bar for a drink, I smile and join her.

We sit beside each other, sipping iced liquor from short glasses, chatting about work some more. After a while, Ashley opens up a little more. She turns her body toward me, rubbing her neck, being utterly charming.

“It's late,” I note. “I can walk you back to your room,” I offer. I’m going to need to find somebody to fuck soon.

“Wow, you're right. Yeah, we should head back.” She slips off the barstool, and we walk in loaded silence to the hall housing our rooms.

“Thanks for walking me back.”

“Of course. You gonna be okay?” she nods.

“Yeah, I'm just going to take a shower.” She glances at me with her almond brown eyes. I don't think I need to go hunting. I have perfectly good prey right in front of me.

“… Do you need any help?” I ask, my intention in my expression. Ashley stares at me for a moment. She knows about Emily. I wonder what she's thinking. A second later I find out.

“Yeah… I could use a hand.” I smirk and follow her into her room.


I am completely buried in Ashley’s tight, welcome pussy. I just made her cum with my mouth, and she was immediately ready for my cock. She's on her back as I hold myself above her, fucking her as fast as she's begging for.

She never made it to the shower. I stripped off all her clothes, then buried my face between her legs before she had time to object.

I didn't spend a large amount of time debating this. I was standing in the hall, an invitation having been accepted, and my cock did my thinking for me. Technically Emily said this was okay, but it still feels naughty. I’m fucking my insanely hot assistant.

When she cums on my dick, I join her, unloading my seed into her. We catch our breath, both staring at the ceiling.

“You know, I'm mostly into girls. I haven't had sex with a guy in a while,” she says.

“Really?” I ask with interest. She sure didn't seem out of practice.

“Yeah. I broke up with my last girl a few weeks ago for…”

“For what?” I ask when she doesn't continue.

“For, uh… cheating on me.” I can tell where her mind just went: to Emily.

“I'm sorry,” I reply, and sensing her guilt, I do something I've never done before. I tell someone about mine and Emily’s secret. “I'm lucky that Emily lets me fuck other girls,” I blurt before thinking about it.

“… So… you're going to tell her we had sex?” Ashley verifies.

“I am, yeah.”

She's silent for a moment. “… You're in an open relationship, then?” I nod. She relaxes back on the bed, guilt lifting. “Wow, I've never met a poly couple before.”

“It's only when I'm out of town.”

“So she fucks other guys, too?”

“Only when I'm away.”

“And it doesn't bother you?”

“No. Emily has a… higher than average sex drive. I know she has needs, and when I can't be there to satisfy them, I let other guys do it.” She nods slowly, processing my words. I really hope this doesn't backfire. I have no idea where this urge to share came from.

“Has Emily ever been with another girl?” Ashley’s question makes me pause.

“No…” I’m sure she would have told me. But now I'm thinking about it, and the pictures in my head are making me hard again.

“She's not into girls?”

“Not to my knowledge.”

“That's too bad.”

I look over at her. “Is it?” Ashley smiles.

“Emily is insanely hot, Justin… I hope you're okay with me saying that.”

A grin at the thought. “You'd get with her, then?”

“In a fucking heartbeat.”

Gears in my head begin turning. “Well… can I ask you something?”


“Emily asked for pictures tonight. This is the first time she ever has. Would you want to send her some?”

Ashley lifts off the bed to look at me, resting on her elbow. “What if she’s not happy about… us? Is it weird that we work together?”

“I already asked her if I could fuck you. She said yes. Just doesn’t know I have yet.”

She smiles. “What kind of pictures?” Ashley asks.




I take a breath and send Emily her first photo. It is Ashley lying on the bed, her dark hair covering part of her face, naked breasts on display. Ashley could be a model. The next one is her with my cock in her mouth. After that is one of me inside Ashley as she lies on her back, and the last one is her bending over for me.

“Did she respond yet?” Ashley asks an hour later.

“Not yet. But give her time.”

I have come to understand my girlfriend very well. She’s usually quite collected, and if she’s ever upset, she likes alone time to sort things out. I just hope that she likes the pictures. I set my phone down, roll over, and ask Emily if I can put my dick in her one more time.

She lies on her stomach, letting me fuck her from behind. I hold onto her ass, pumping in and out of her for a good forty-five minutes before I fill her puss with my spunk.

“I can see why Emily wants you. You can go forever,” Ashley pants, catching her breath. I give her an open-mouthed kiss before I go back to my room in the middle of the night.

The rest of the trip is all sexual tension during work. The next night, we get rid of Isaac, then go to my room. We take turns swapping oral, until she begs me to fuck her again. I pick her up and slide her on and off me, then lay her down and pound into her. I make her scream my name repeatedly, suck and fuck her until she can’t take it anymore. I miss Emily.

I talked to her earlier, but she was in a rush, going somewhere with her friend. I couldn’t tell if she was upset, but I plan on finding out.



I get home at noon on Sunday. I enter my apartment, and Emily is waiting for me on the couch. I drop my bags and go to her. She meets me halfway, standing up and wrapping her arms around me.

“I missed you,” she breathes against my lips.

“God, I missed you baby.” I kiss her hard, hands beginning to unfasten and unclothe her.

I get her fully naked, not even a tie in her long blonde hair. Wearing a crisp button-up, pants and Italian shoes, she unzips my zipper. My cock is raging hard, hanging out of my clothes, her admiring it before it goes into her mouth, and we both hum with relief.

“I missed your mouth,” I say.

She can only hum a reply. My hands are on her head, giving the command of constant pleasure on my meat. I let her go and watch her suck me enthusiastically. She could still be upset with me, but our fight will have to wait until after we both get some relief.

After fifteen minutes, she pulls her mouth off me and lies back on the couch.

“Eat my fucking pussy,” she orders in her sweet soprano voice, and I drop to my knees.

I lick her like a starving man stuffing his face. Because I am. I missed her pink slit, her smell, her taste. I missed her moans and her hands in my hair. I missed her eyes watching my every move as I suck on her clit, slurping up her sloppy pussy. She is perfectly neat and clean for me, like she always is. I pound this fucking pussy every chance I get, and it’s still a work of art.

I turn her over, and she starts to object, until I begin eating her from behind. I bend her over the couch, mouth on her hot hole, then move up to tongue her ass, too. Emily gasps, asking for more. I lick and suck on her pussy and ass, encouraged by her sounds. She is completely accessible to me, letting me take my time on her.

I move my fingers into both her holes and fuck her with my hand for a while. She loves it so much, she cums, writhing on my arm, mindlessly humping for more friction. After she comes down from her high, I push into her dripping cunt with my cock.

“Aaahhh yes,” she moans, a shiver escaping her.

I fuck her from behind, pressing her face into the cushions for a while until she asks to be on top. I keep all my clothes on at her request. Even my Cartier watch is still on my wrist as I help guide her pussy onto me. I sit on the sofa, all dressed for work, and fuck my naked, model worthy, sex bunny girlfriend. She is a little fuck bunny, eagerly humping up and down on my lap.

“I don’t wanna stop, but it feels so good,” she moans.

“Cum if you need to, honey. I can make you cum again,” I promise, and she hums, licking my ear.

“Cum with me, daddy,” she says, the hairs on my neck at a stand.

“You want me to cum in you like this?”

“Yes, please baby, I need you to cum in me.” She picks up her pace. I slam up into her, feeling her depths squeeze me. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

“That’s it baby, cum on that cock. Are you ready for mine?” She screams yes, and I join her in heaven. Her contracting muscles brought on my own contractions, and now my powerful vein is pumping her with thick cum, my long awaited load. My cock loves her the best.

She lies on me for a while, until she gets off and sucks my dick and balls clean for me. She spends her time on my soft, still thick cock until she can’t taste our sex anymore.

I go to our bathroom with her, talking with her as she stands in the shower, washing from the waist down.

“So how was she?” Emily asks as I unbutton my shirt.

“Not as good as you,” I say first, and she smiles beautifully at me. “I really wasn’t sure if I should…” I confess.


“… It doesn’t upset you, does it?”

She purses her lips and looks down. “Well… I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it.” I nod, coming in the shower and shutting the glass door. She comes into my open arms and we stand under the steaming spray. I wonder if my idea will work. I brace myself to find out.

“What did you think of the pictures?” I ask her. She’s quiet for a minute.

“She’s really pretty…”

I sigh and lean back, lifting her chin to look up at me. “Emily, you know I love you, right?” I ask, and she nods. “That didn’t change over the weekend. I promise. It was an opportunity, that’s all. If you say the word, I’ll never see her ever again,” I vow, and I can see that she believes me, though she still doesn’t speak. “I would do anything for you.” She finally smiles at my pledge.

“Okay… I’m trusting you.”

“Good. Now I want to know, how did you like the pictures?”

“They were… really hot.”

“Did you masturbate to them?” I ask point blank, and Emily actually blushes. It takes a lot to bring blood to her cheek - via embarrassment, that is. I smile widely.

“Are you attracted to her?” Emily shrugs her shoulders, face still hot. “You’ve never been with a girl have you?” I ask, just to be sure.

“No, never.”

“But you like Ashley?”

“I like the way she looks,” Emily clarifies.

“Well… she did say something to me… about you.” I drop the bomb, and she meets my eyes, looking for a motive.

“What did she say?”

“How ‘insanely hot’ you are,” I tell her, and she bites her lip. “… Would you ever get with her?”

“… Would you want me to?”

“Only if you want to,” I say with pure sincerity. Emily smiles and turns away to rinse herself.

We get out of the shower, and she still hasn’t answered me. When I lay her on the bed and make her cum with my mouth, she finally talks.

“Would you be there? With Ashley and I?”

“I think I’d like to be. The thought of you with her… mmm…” Emily giggles.

“Well, I don’t know… maybe we could try it,” she says, still on the fence.

“You don’t have to touch her if you don’t want to. But she’d love to touch you. I’m sure her mouth feels just as good as mine.”

“Hmm… Maybe you’re right.”

“And I won’t touch her if you don’t want me to. She could be just for you. Your own little toy,” I say, and Emily turns to me, smiling with all her neat teeth.

“That does sound pretty yummy,” she says. I kiss her on her full pink lips.

“You have such a beautiful mouth, baby. Let me cum on those pretty white teeth,” I say, forgetting about Ashley for a minute. Emily climbs from the bed and kneels on the floor. I stand before her, heavy dick hanging.

She starts with her lips, wetting my tip. Then she lightly teases my skin with her perfect teeth. I watch her work my length, leisurely sucking me until I can’t bear it. I put both hands on the back of her head and force my dick into her throat. She relaxes her esophagus for me, letting me make room in her most easily accessible fuck hole.

“I love fucking your perfect face,” I say, looking down at her. I fist her beautiful blonde hair, nuts swinging, and finally, the stimulation is enough to wake up my cum.

“Here it comes baby,” I warn her, keeping my hands on her head. I let the first huge throb of my sperm go straight into her throat, then pull out and finish stroking myself onto her open mouth, her waiting tongue, her pearl white teeth.

“Fuck honey, that was so good,” I groan, shaking the last of my jizz on her face. Emily licks her lips, smiling. Her pink nipples are hard, she enjoyed it as much as me.

When she’s all cleaned up, she redresses in a string thong and a tank top, hair piled on her head. She does a little homework while I finish organizing my own chaotic paperwork. Emily loves that I’m a lawyer. She doesn’t like the long hours, but she knows it makes me happy, and she loves fucking me in my finely tailored suits.

She knows it means I can take care of her, too, not that she is the leech type. She wants to work for herself, studying to be an architect, but has no problem being at home. She wants to be here for me as much as I want her here. We make each other happy.

When I walk to her with my dick hanging out of my shorts, she sucks me again, making me quickly cum, and swallowing it down. I thank her, then get back to work.

In the evening, we decide to go out for dinner, and when she emerges in a tight black dress hugging her perfect curves, I have to drop to my knees and eat her pussy right there. I bury my face in her thighs, and lick her through her panties until she cums, then she adjusts her outfit, and we’re on our way.

We sit beside each other and talk over dinner. She is in a much better mood. I can’t help but slip my hand under her tight dress and rub her still wet pussy, trying to be as discreet as possible. Before dinner is over, Emily gets a call from her friend inviting us for drinks. We walk hand in hand a few blocks and meet up at a bar with a handful of her friends.

We all sit and drink, laughing and unwinding for a while. My eyes are on Emily all night. She is charming and beautiful, and her heart is all mine. None of these people sitting around us know how fucking freaky she is, and I love it. She’s the girl you want to bring to meet your parents, then take her home and fuck all her holes until she can’t walk.

My little fuck toy.

When my thoughts start driving me bug fuck crazy, I lean over and whisper how bad my cock needs her. After a minute, she announces our departure, and we say goodbye to her friends, thanking them for the invite. The sun just went down, orange cast over the New York buildings, and I hail us a cab. I have my arm around her, trying to be good in the back of the car. It’s hard with her biting my neck.

When we finally reach the front door, she drops to her knees, unbuckling my belt, right in the hallway. I fumble with the keys. When my dick goes in her mouth, I try to control my moan.

“Fuck Emily,” I growl, shoving the key in the lock.

I get the damn door open and put my hand on the back of her head, backing up into the house. She crawls forward on her knees, mouth still around me. I shut the door, hoping no one saw us losing control in the fucking hallway. That would be one hell of a conversation with the neighbors in the morning.

Emily sucks me until I cum in her throat, then I bend her over and eat her pussy, licking her wet string panties until she cums. We close all the blinds and get rid of all our clothes. I have to go back to work tomorrow, even working this weekend, and she’ll go to a shift in the morning at her part-time coffee gig. We both want to spend the rest of the night in each other’s company - alone.

She’s reading a book, sitting on the couch naked when I come up and kneel before her. I put my wet mouth on her smooth cunt, and let her read her book while I eat her. I fucking missed her so much, I want to show her. I worship her pussy. She looks down at me every now and then, moaning a little, then keeps reading her pages. I suck on her clit until she has no choice but to focus on me. I make her cum, keeping my mouth on her until she starts to shake.

“Thank you, honey,” she says, and I come up so I can put my tongue in her mouth and let her suck it, tasting her own orgasm.

She licks and bites my lips, and sucks on my tongue, and I love it so much I go back down and eat her again so she can suck on my mouth some more. We do that a few times, me licking her cunt, then coming up so she can clean my tongue and taste herself. The last time my mouth comes up to meet hers, she tells me to fuck her, so I line myself up and slide into her, ass on the edge of the couch, me on my knees.

I fuck her so slowly, that when I finally pound hard into her, she cums on the spot. I keep fucking her anyway, making her take my length in her still throbbing, sensitive pussy. When my dick jerks inside her, shooting my load in her, she cums again with me.

“Who did you fuck this weekend?” I ask a little while later.

“John. He came over Friday and Saturday… and this morning.”

“He fucked you this morning before I came home?” She nods. “Couldn’t wait?” She shrugs.

“I was still anxious about… you and Ashley. I needed to relax.” I crawl up between her legs.

“You mean you’ve taken two different cocks today?” I ask, mouth on her neck.


“You are such a slut, Emily.” She smiles.

“I was so messy after he left I had to wash my slutty pussy before you got here.”

“Thanks for cleaning it up for me baby. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, but I’m glad your slutty pussy is happy.”

“It is,” she smiles.

“Let me fuck that little pussy again,” I say, already pushing into her.

“Ahh yes, please, daddy.”

I push and pull in her whore cunt until I’m so engorged I could pop. “Did he cum inside your little bitch cunt?” I ask, humping her deeply.

“Yes, after he came all over my pretty white smile.”

“Oh god baby, you are my naughty little toy, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she moans. “I’m your fuck toy, Justin.”

“Does my toy need to cum?”

She nods as I fuck her into the bed. “Make me cum baby.”

“You always need to cum, you slut.”

“Oh yes,” she cries out, her orgasm building.

“Cum on daddy’s dick, baby,” I coax her, and she tightens around me, cumming hard. I follow suit, filling up my slutty girlfriend. Who knows how many loads she’s taken in her holes today. I haven’t been able to keep my dick out of her since I’ve been home, but she always needs more. She’s perfect for me.

When we’re laying in bed, naked and intertwined under the covers, she speaks.

“I want to do it.”

“With Ashley?” I ask. She nods against my chest. “Okay baby. We’ll do whatever you want. I just want you happy.” I feel her smile.


I fuck her while she sleeps again, licking her sleeping beauty pussy without waking her, then shoving myself into her slut hole. As much as I want to be the only man fucking her, it is so arousing knowing she was already fucked earlier today by someone else, then I came home to finish her off with constant, sloppy sex. My baby girl always needs cock.

As I'm fucking her, she wakes a little, but is still too out of it to participate. I know she doesn't mind that I use her pussy while she sleeps. I do this a few times a week after she's passed out for the night, and I haven't had enough. I thrust into her well used pussy, using it as a place to put my load. My cum pools around my dick inside her as I grunt quietly into her neck. She fell back to sleep and I don't want to wake her. I pull out and lay beside her, falling asleep and leaving her pretty pink pussy full of me.

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