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A Catholic Education

A good Science teacher passes on the facts of life...
Kieran Logan leant back in his chair, satisfied that he had finished marking his Year 11 Chemistry tests. Finally, he sighed to himself, just twenty minutes until... He grinned at the thought of the school bell - and his after school activities. It had been an uneventful day at his work, with piles of correction in his free classes, and immature Year 8s in his teaching periods. To make the day just a little more tiresome, a fellow teacher had decided to make her move at morning tea. She was short and skinny, with mousy blonde hair and unrimmed glasses. She snorted when she laughed at her own jokes, and altogether reminded him of a naked mole rat. Not a very alluring image. Still, it had to be said - he was, probably, the best available talent at St Francine's Catholic Girls College. John Bosgrove, the history teacher, was probably older than many of his essay subjects, and it was whispered that the young male art teacher had been spotted at the Gay Pride March with someone who was either an enthusiastic reveller, or his devoted boyfriend. Kieran shook his head in disbelief. Why would you go for a fellow man when, all around, there was so much sweet pussy to be had?

He wasn't, of course, talking about his female colleagues, but the student body. At the mere thought of his Year 11s, his cock began to swell. As always, in the back of his mind, his conscience echoed - You're a 34-year-old man, for God's sake! - but he just couldn't resist that forbidden flesh. Perhaps there was just something about the luscious young women that he taught that got him raring to go. Although, it had to be said, his wife had a hand in it too.

Kieran had been a late bloomer and a bit of a nerd in high school, and thus had only been chosen by the lonely and outcast girls. His loss of virginity was not something to be trumpeted about - his third girlfriend, he was 19, neither of them liked it very much. He got a lot more pleasure wanking off over the popular girls. But when he reached his twenties and suddenly became the ''tall, dark and handsome'' of many women's dreams, he resented the once popular girls who now came up to him with a gleam in their eye. So when he met 42-year-old Giulia at a bar when he was thirty, it was a godsend - she was more experienced than the loners he'd been with, and yet he felt that she was not one of those ''populars'' who wouldn't have gone near him in high school.

Giulia wanted marriage - she was a divorcee with a young, thirteen-year-old daughter - and Kieran had no particular objections. But now, four years on, he was starting to have niggling feelings of resentment toward the woman he shared his life with. Firstly, what was her problem with uncircumcised men? He had a nice cock, thick and veiny. Yet his foreskin was a constant source of argument. He had converted to Catholicism before their wedding, and yet she steadfastly believed that he would never be a proper Catholic until he cut off a third of his genitals. Furthermore, their age difference was becoming more pronounced. At 46, she was nearing middle age, and her saggy bosom and lumpy butt showed this to be true. Whereas he was still practically a young man, with a damn good body and a racing libido. Really, he was more suited to the fresh young things here than the aging Italian woman who shared his bed.

His cock head hit the underside of the desk as he released it from the confines of his suit pants. He wasn't that long - about average at 7 inches - but he was almost 3 and a half inches wide, nice and thick for any girl who wanted some.

He hurriedly zipped his cock back into his pants - he wasn't going to masturbate in his office. Not now. He was saving his cum up. For later. But... Just a look. No wanking. Just a look... Out my window.

Kieran gazed out the window, down to the volleyball court below. He grinned. He had memorised her timetable, as soon as she had asked for chemistry tutoring. And Wednesday afternoon was Dominica Macchiavelli's sport time.

There she was, with her cute tits and shapely ass, in her tight school issue shorts and white polo shirt. Her waist length chocolate-brown hair was tied back in a high ponytail, and it flicked as she jittered around in her position. Her mother-of-pearl rosary, a family heirloom from her mother, apparently, was worn around her neck - although she wasn't supposed to strictly, but it was a beautiful thing and she hated having to store it discreetly in her pocket.

Dominica, or Dee as her friends called her, was the Perfect One of Year 11 - excelling in every subject except Math and Chemistry, and yet popular with most people. Being a good Catholic girl, she didn't have a boyfriend, but allegedly could twist her Mamma round her little finger with her sweetness, and was thus permitted to go to all the parties in the suburbs - even the crazy booze-ups and blaze-ups.

She was tall and beautifully toned, not muscly but with enough definition in her legs as they flexed, and buoyancy in her perfect breasts. He was entranced as she leaped in the air to hit a set, loved the way she leaned forward as she waited for the ball. These positions gave him a perfect view of her firm ass and, he estimated, C-cup breasts. She was slender and youthful, yet had a womanly definition to her curves. And this incredible 17-year-old, exemplary of intelligent design, seemed to actually be interested in him!

He spent the time gazing aimlessly at the game. And then the bell finally rang.


He decided he wouldn't want to appear too on time; that would make it seem like he was eager. On the other hand, too long and she might change out of her school uniform, and that would be equally awful.

He sat in the car, deliberating about the emphasis she used on her words when she asked him to home tutor her. Did she say ''I need some HELP'' or ''I need some help''? Every little sign mattered. Was she inferring what he thought she was? And would her mum get home early? She said her mum worked late on Wednesdays.... But... But... But he finally plucked up the courage to ring her bell.

''Hi, Mr Logan.'' He hadn't gotten the signs wrong. Dominica was still wearing her school dress, which she'd changed into after the game; but she was also wearing lipgloss - vanilla, by the scent. And two top buttons were undone. Her rosary had slid right down into her... Oh. Ohhh, good Lord. His cock tingled in his satin boxers - an afterthought which he now regretted. ''Sir?''

''Oh, sorry, Dominica. My mind wandered. Is there... Any chance of a cool drink?''

''Sure, we've got some water. It's a hot day, huh?''

It was - perhaps more than Dominica realised.

As she walked to the fridge, Kieran walked up behind her, so close that she spun around and accidentally poured water all down him, from his chest to his crotch.

This did nothing to lessen Kieran's libido, but he pretended to be upset. ''Oh damn.''

''Mr Logan,'' gasped Dominica, ''I am so, so sorry, can I towel you off?'' ''Thankyou Dominica, that's very kind of you.''

As she dabbed at his chest, she asked demurely, ''Mr Logan... Do you just teach Chemistry, or other subjects as well?''

''I teach both Chemistry and Biology, and I know some Physics, Psychology and Maths, just for the purposes of teaching the younger grades, Dominica. Why do you ask?''

''Well... I'm glad you teach Biology, because I have some questions, Sir.''

''Why don't you ask Miss Decland, Dominica? Since she's the Year 11 Biology teacher...''

''I'm sorry, Sir...'' Dominica said calmly, ''but I just think you would be able to explain better... I've got some questions about human reproduction.''

Kieran gaped, as Dominica hastened to explain. ''Well, in fact, it's not quite Biology, Sir... More Health...''

''That's fine, Dominica.'' Kieran regained his composure. ''I haven't had a chance to teach Health at your school.''

''It's not offered, Sir. Since we're good Catholic girls, we're not meant to know anything until our husbands teach us... Oh...'' Dominica covered her mouth with embarrassment.

''Well, I understand your predicament, Dominica. But since I don't have any diagrams or pictures with me, I might have to improvise.'' Kieran smiled at the thought. ''Can you get a mirror for me please?''

Dominica trotted upstairs and returned with a little hand mirror. ''Now raise your skirt up and sit on this chair.''

Dominica's white panties had a small spot of moisture on them as she sat down, her legs spread wide apart. As Kieran slowly eased her panties down her legs, he was expecting to see the proof of her hair colour, but instead... She shaves? Maybe Dominica wasn't as ignorant as she claimed.

He placed the mirror between her legs, so she could watch the action - ahem, explanation.

''This is your vulva - you might know it as your pussy. It emcompasses the labia majora-'' he caressed her smooth, pale, fleshy outer lips- ''labia minora-'' reaching his fingers slightly deeper, he felt the slick wetness of those sweet pink petals - ''clitoris, which is a very important pleasure organ-'' he slid his finger over its sticky peak, making Dominica shiver slightly - ''and of course, the vagina.'' He went to slide a finger inside, but suddenly came to a halt.

He smiled up at Dominica, who was blushing and trying to look the other way. ''Dominica, beautiful, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. Being intact is something to be celebrated. You are exquisite, and your virginity adds to your pricelessness.'' Dominica turned her head and gazed at him from underneath lowered eyelids.

''You think I'm beautiful, sir?''

''I know you are,'' he whispered, taking the plunge, and leaning forward, kissed her clitoris. She gasped loudly. He pulled back and started to kiss her legs. ''You - are - to - be - treasured -'' He took a lick of her snatch. ''Dee, oh Dominica, you beautiful girl, your pussy tastes like Turkish delight. Mmmmm, I want to - eat - you - all - up!'' He licked and slurped up her juices until she was writhing on the seat. But he backed back just before she came, and released his thick, uncut cock from his pants and boxers.

''Sir... Your cock looks so... Different.'' ''I'm uncircumcised, Dominica - it means I have a foreskin.'' He slid the smooth fold of skin back. It was slick with his silky precum. ''What I did to you just before is called cunnilingus. When a girl licks and sucks a man's penis, it is called fellatio. I would love to - aaaah...'' For Dominica had just taken half of Kieran's cock into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled, and started to bob her head up and down. ''That's right baby, just do that, yes, oh damn you lick good, oh YEAAAHHH!!'' Kieran grabbed Dominica's ponytail, wound it around his hand, and began to thrust shallowly into her mouth, enjoying the suction that came from her wet mouth and pursed lips.

''Damn, for a Catholic, you're a slut, baby Dee, my little Dominica, oh fuck YES, drink it! DRINK MY PRECUM YOU WHORE!! IT TASTES GOOD HUH?? OH YEAAAH, SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD, SUCKING MY DICK!!''

Dominica pulled back, looking ashamed. A sticky ring of lipgloss was left around Kieran's cock, where she'd had her mouth. ''Am I a slut, Sir?'' Tears welled up in her eyes. ''I can't help that I love your cock... It tastes so good, and looks so big and hard...''

Kieran internally shuddered with pleasure at Dominica's naively dirty talk. ''No baby, you're a beautiful girl, and so pure. It's just it's hard to know what you're saying when such a beautiful young girl like you is sucking my cock.''

Dominica had wiped the tears away, and now had a look of lust in her eyes. ''Sir... I don't want to be pure anymore. I want you to... Fuck me.''

Kieran ached with longing. ''That's alright... I have one condition though. I want to defile you in your room.''

Dominica's room was everything Kieran had hoped for. Painted pale lilac, with posters of all the latest pop sensations on the wall. She had a flowered bedspread, a rainbow clock and a white desk, scattered with fluorescent stationary. He turned around from this achingly innocent scene to see Dominica standing there in her socks, panties and white lace bra. Kieran couldn't take his clothes off eagerly enough. His thick juices were dribbling off the head of his cock as he lay down on Dominica's single bed. Dominica straddled him and hovered her pussy above his cock. He looked into her eyes and saw a tiny glint of fear. ''What's wrong, Dee?'' ''Sir... Will this... Will it... Hurt?'' In answer, Kieran placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down onto his shaft. ''Holy MARY!!'' screamed Dominica. This only served to turn Kieran on even more.

He pulled her forward to kiss her roughly.The remaining lipgloss on her mouth smeared over his, making his cock throb inside her. His shaft was clamped by Dominica's hot cunt in a vice-like grip as he fished her warm breasts out of their confines. He slowly ran his fingers around her big, brown nipples, making them stand out, and just enjoying the feel of being sunk to the balls in such a beautiful, tight young girl.

As he began to pump her steadily and suck her nipples she began to whimper, ''Mr Logan, oh, Sir, I'm such a bad girl, I've wanted my teacher for months, I shaved my pussy specially for you, even though I'm sinning, God forgive me!!'' Kieran sucked her whorishly puffy nipple urgently and played with her rosary as his cock swelled ever more inside her.

He eventually manouvered her into a doggy style position, her whimpering with pleasure. Getting into position, he placed his cock at the entrance to her wet vagina. He moved his hips forward slowly, giving her pussy time to encase his thick, meaty shaft. He was going to make this good for her...

She ruined it by letting out a whimper and the word, ''Sir...''

And then he pumped her, hard and fast with wild abandon, fondling her tits and the rosary with little concern for Dominica's feelings. He was swept away by her sweet young cunt, by her immaculate body, by her blasphemies.


After a point, all Dominica could manage was grunts and groans as her teacher fucked her, and she managed to keep her hips thrusting steadily back and forth, her ass engulfing and exposing his thick cock. ''Uhhn... Ahh... Uhh. Urrrnnnn. Mmm...''

He started pumping her harder, deeper, faster. ''Sir - oh Sir - your cock - is - enormous - Jesus, what is this feeling - AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHRGGGGHHH!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!! I THINK I'M CUUUUUUUUMMMMING!!! AAAAH! OHH! UUUHNN!! UH - UH - UH - SIRRRRRR!!''

He was about to cum too. He twisted her rosary around his hand, and gasped, ''Dommi, baby, little - ah - DOMMI, I'M GONNA CUM BABY... UHHHH - OHHHHHH YEAAAH!''

They lay twisted together for a few minutes, then Dominica stood up. As she did so, her muscles contracted and semen spurted lightly down her inner thigh and onto the floor. ''You'd better go, Sir. Mamma will be home soon.''

They tidied up as quickly as possible, hearts beating in their throats. Kieran got out of there as soon as possible, darting across the road to his car. He unlocked it quickly, and jumped in the driver's seat, sweating with nervousness.

He waited a few minutes, and then stepped out again, walking up to his front door as his wife got out of her taxi.

They kissed abruptly on the cheek. ''How was your day, bell'uomo?'' asked Giulia playfully.

''It was excellent.''

''You going to tell me what happened?'' Giulia frowned. She trotted up to the door and, unlocking it, stepped in, holding it open for her husband. ''Dominica, cara? Are you home?''

''Here, Mamma,'' said Dominica, trotting down the stairs, her long legs showcased by pyjama shorts, and her hair freshly washed. She'd just had a shower.

''Well, I enjoyed some fantastic roleplay today with your daughter.'' Giulia turned around menacingly, hands on hips, as Dominica blushed. ''What's that supposed to mean, Kieran?''

''Oh, I took her English class for an extra.''

''We're doing King Lear, Mamma. I played Regan.''

Giulia turned around, satisfied. Kieran caught his stepdaughter's eye and grinned. Sure, they'd just sinned by telling lies. But then again, they'd been sinning all afternoon. And Kieran couldn't wait for next time.
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