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A Chance Encounter

I entered the bar and spotted her. I knew she would be mine.
A company trip had me staying in a very nice, downtown hotel. I decided to unwind in the bar after a long day of pretty tough negotiations. I entered the bar and when I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I crossed the room and was approaching the bar as this petite, brunette beauty started to climb onto her bar stool.

Her wrap around skirt split from stem to stern giving me a brief glimpse of her smooth mound. I was already hooked but now I had a need to meet this sexy brazen lady.

“May I join you,” I asked her.

“Might just as well, my asshole husband has ditched me yet again,” she said sourly.

“His loss is my gain, I am D.J.,” I said offering my hand.

“I’m sorry, I am Jayne,” she said apologetically.

“Let me get you a fresh drink and you can tell me the whole story,” I offered waving at the bartender.

I ordered our drinks and listened to her woeful tale. She had gussied herself up for a romantic get away with her husband in an attempt to relight the passion they had lost over the years. I found it hard to believe any man would let this pint sized beauty alone long enough to feel so abandoned. I told her as much. She said how she was not as young as she used to be and that she was not as sexy as she once was.

“Bull shit little lady, what I saw as I walked up was hotter than Hell to me,” I said rather enthusiastically.

She blushed crimson red and held her skirt closed.

“Let that go and show off those great legs,” I instructed.

She shook her head no but she released the skirt allowing it to open up again. It was not nearly as high as it was when she climbed up on the stool but it would do for now anyway. I let my hand rest on her covered thigh as we continued our small talk. Every now and then I would inch my hand closer to the slit in her skirt. She noticed it and ignored it.

I moved to where no one else could see her lap and I slid my hand into the slit in her skirt. I slid my warm hand up her thigh and cupped her soft pubic mound. I squeezed gently and leaned over and pretended to whisper in her ear. I stuck my tongue in her ear, backed up a bit and told her tonight was going to make up for many years of neglect.

I slid two fingers up and down her slit getting them nice and wet. She took a big drink of her wine then opened her legs some more. I slid those fingers inside her and just held them there. I eventually started wiggling my fingers inside her. Jayne moaned softly. I wanted to ravish her but I knew she needed the seduction tonight as well as the animal sex that I hoped would follow.

I fingered her slowly as we pretended to chit chat. When she finally did cum, she clamped her thighs closed on my hand and closed her eyes tightly. I felt gentle spasm on my fingers but I wanted a bigger climax. When she released her thigh clamp from my hand, I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers clean.

“I am going to fuck you now, where is your choice,” I said quietly but assertively. “In the bathroom, in my hotel room, in your car or right here works for me,” I added.

“Your room,” she said looking into my eyes.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the elevator. When we entered the elevator I grabbed her and kissed her deep and hard. I slid my hand inside her skirt and clamped my hand on her curvy round ass. I slid my tongue into her mouth as I slid my fingers down the crack of her ass. I let a finger sit at the entrance to her ass and tapped her tight orifice twice letting her know what was coming.

She grabbed my dick through my pants and squeezed roughly. I pushed into her letting her know I could handle it. We only broke our kiss when the elevator stopped at my floor. I dragged her down the hall and fumbled with the room key. She grabbed it and slid it in the right way, unlocking the door for us.

Before the door was open I scooped her in my arms and carried her inside my room. Her skirt opened allowing me my first look at this gorgeous woman. I laid her on the bed, and then I snatched up the phone and called room service. I ordered strawberries, whipped cream, bananas, coffee and a bottle of wine. I crawled over her and started peeling off her clothes.

“What about room service?” she gasped.

‘That will be part of his tip, just roll over face down when he brings in the tray,” I told her.

“I could never do that,” Jayne said in a shocked expression.

“Won’t it make that pussy tingle thinking about another stranger seeing you naked?” I said softly as I kept removing her blouse.

“Well… maybe it will,” she said playfully.

We got her naked and peeled down the covers and had her face in the pillows just as the knock happened on our door. I crossed the room and swung the door wide open. I showed the direction where I wanted the trolley. The young man’s eyes almost jumped out of his head as he saw Jayne’s naked ass. She was radiant. He started the whole time he tried to set out the trays.

“Would you like to touch it?” I asked him.

“It/ he asked questioningly.

“Her ass boy, that magnificent, perfect round ass proudly displayed before you,” I replied.

“YYyes,” was his stuttering reply.

He crossed the room and slid his hand over Jayne’s ass. She wiggled and giggled but kept her face hidden.

“I have an offer for you, you can have a ten dollar tip or you can eat the strawberries and whipped cream off of her ass,” I said with a sly grin.

“I love strawberries and whipped cream,” he said in answer.

“Great choice,” I told him.

His name was Michael but he preferred Slim. I told him to strip and wait while I got Jayne ready. Jayne looked at me with questioning eyes and I just patted her ass and kept going. I put the whipped cream all up and down the valley between her luscious ass cheeks. I added several strawberries before sitting down and having a cup of coffee.

“Go ahead Slim, if you get her hot enough you will be further rewarded,” I said.

Slim’s dick was standing out dragging on the bed as he climbed between Jayne’s legs. He licked and kissed his way up to her ass. He dived in to her ass like he was starving. He ate and licked and sucked. He stuck his tongue deep into her tight anus causing her to squirm.

“Oh god that is so fucking hot,” Jayne said grasping the pillow tightly.

Slim kept up the assault on Jayne’s ass but I saw him sneak a hand under her and start teasing her smooth pussy. Jayne lifted her ass and gave him better access to her neglected pussy. Slim shoved three fingers into her hot wet hole as he continued cleaning everything off of her ass. Here was no indication anything was ever there when he looked up at me.

“Go ahead son, you earned the right to fuck her,” I added still seated nearby.

He grabbed another pillow and shoved it under Jayne’s stomach. He climbed back between her legs and inserted his throbbing dick. He buried it balls deep in one stroke. He started pumping his dick faster than I thought possible. Jayne started cumming almost immediately. He fucked her deep and quickly until he pulled out of her pussy and shot his cum all over her ass. He rubbed his cum into her flesh as I slowly started to get up.

“Done already?” I asked Slim.

“What else do you have in mind?” he replied.

“I promised this lovely lady an epic love making session and you can help or be on your way,” I explained.

I started stripping my own clothes off as I got up and walked over to the bed. Jayne was breathing hard but she looked so content. I moved near her face and she licked my rock hard dick several times before she wrapped her lips around the throbbing head. Jayne worked on my dick for a few minutes before I backed away from her.

Slim walked up where I had been and Jayne reached out and cupped his growing dick in both hands. She sucked one ball into her mouth and sucked before repeating that with the other ball. I moved behind Jayne and scooped up some more whipped cream. I slathered her ass crack again and managed to get some inside her tight asshole.

I started fingering in more and more whipped cream getting two fingers into her tight opening. I covered my dick with some more then moved into position behind Jayne. I spread her cheeks as I teased the opening with the tip of my dick. It felt fantastic as her ass swallowed the tip inside her ass. I pushed gently and watched as her greedy ass eventually had my entire dick inside her.

I picked Jayne up and spun her around. Slim saw what I was offering and moved in front of Jayne. He slipped his erect dick into her pussy and we started pumping into her from both sides. Jayne was whimpering and moaning and kissing Slim. She wrapped her legs around Slim’s waist and she started fucking him. I reached around her and found her rock hard nipples and gently rolled them between my fingers.

“Harder. Treat them roughly. My prick of a husband never gives me a good fucking. I want to be treated like a piece of property,” Jayne growled. I tried to twist her nipples off. I was rewarded with a moan and a gush of lady cum. Slim’s veins were bulging in his neck as he came deep inside Jayne’s sloppy wet pussy. Slim staggered back and sat on the bed. I carried Jayne over to the easy chair and bent her over it.

I started pounding her ass as hard as I could. I slapped her ass with each downward stroke.

“Yes, yes, yes, finally,” Jayne was screaming under my assault.

“I am going to cum deep in your ass then make you lick me clean, “I grunted.

“Please do,” she cooed.

Her wanton lust fueled my fire. I started cumming and pulled out and moved to her head. She swallowed my cock as the next several blasts hit the back of her throat. She reached up and fondled by balls as she licked me clean.

I picked her up and tossed her on the bed face down again. I crawled between her legs and started licking and sucking any trace of whipped cream from her ass. Slim grabbed the wine and opened the bottle. I had my tongue shoved in Jayne’s ass as he neared the bed. He started pouring wine down the crevice of her ass. I quickly drank it all.

“I want some too” Slim said handing me the bottle.

Jayne rolled over and scooted down the bed then sat upright. She took the bottle from me and took a huge draft before saying; “OK big boy, get on your knees before your queen,”

Slim quickly climbed between her open legs as Jayne started pouring the wine down her belly and through her pussy lips into Slim’s waiting mouth. He licked and slurped and drank her mixed fluids. I moved in and finally got to suck her heavy full tits. She leaned back and almost dropped the wine.

I grabbed the bottle and poured slim another mouthful. When he drank that he started licking all traces away from her soft flesh. I continued my feast of her breasts but added three fingers to her sopping wet pussy. I started ramming my hand into her as she squirmed under all of our efforts.

“I am going to cum again,” Jayne screamed.

I moved down and sucked her clit hard while still ramming my fingers in her sloppy pussy. She started squirting and I lapped and sucked getting as much of her hot sweet cum as I could. I kept a mouthful and pulled Slim up towards Jayne’s open mouth. I let her lady juice flow down into both of their mouths. My dick twitched again.

I was getting hard again. This amazing, sexually deprived woman was the hottest fuck I ever had.

“Oh god I need a break,” Jayne said breathlessly.

“I guess this will have to wait for the next room service order. I am asking for a girl next time,” I laughed.

“Ask for Frankie, she is hot and always horny,” Slim added.

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