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A Family History Chapter 4

The children had been born in early April, but both couples were still separated geographically. Jim and Pat were still in Tampa while Jim finished working on the ground work for the new subdivision. Steve and Beth were in Maryland waiting for the warm weather to return before they went back to the camp.

The phone rang in Tampa, “It’s a boy Jim. We named him Christopher.”

“That’s great, you must be so proud. We had a girl. Her name is Helen. We named her after Pat’s grandmother.”

“We sure do love him, but you’re the one that should be proud. He’s your son, not mine.”

The news hit Jim like a ton of bricks. He knew Beth had been impregnated in the time that the two couples spent together, but he never thought it was him that had planted the seed in her.

“It’s OK buddy. I never wanted kids before, but now that he is here I can’t imagine life without him. We are going to raise him as our own, and he never has to know the truth as far I’m concerned.” Steve’s reassurance of secrecy was a welcomed reinforcement to Jim that his marriage to Pat would not be put in jeopardy.

Jim did not get much sleep that night. He did not want to hide this from his wife, but with her in an emotional state he didn’t know if now was the best time to tell her that he had fathered a child with Beth.

When he woke the next morning, Pat was already up with their daughter. He watched as Pat nursed Helen. The smile on his face was a calming force for Pat. She felt the warmth of her family in his smile.

“Did you talk to Steve about Chris?” She asked.

“Yes, have you talked to Beth?”

“She called be a few hours after she gave birth to him.”

“Oh, I didn’t know the two of you had talked. Did she say anything else?”

“You mean that Chris is your son? Yes, we talked about that. I knew that she was pregnant with your child when we left the club.

“She asked me to keep it from you incase Steve didn’t want to have it.”

Jim was shocked. His own wife had kept the fact that he had fathered a child outside of their marriage from him. He took a seat on the couch and wondered how much his wife was willing to accept in their marriage.

Jim was brought back to reality when his wife told him it was time for him to get dressed and go to work. He showered and shaved, and then got dressed for another day at the office. Jim sat in his office motionless for most of the morning. Then he got a call from the contractor.

“Jim, we wanted to let you know that we will be putting the finishing touches on your cabin this week. You should be able to start moving in next week.”

Jim called Pat at home to let her know that the cabin was finished.

“Great!” She replied. “I’ll call the decorator and let them know it is time to move in.”

Pat called the decorator and gave the instructions to furnish the cabin. Parts of her instructions were to outfit the nursery for twins. Pat then made the call to the camp to let them know that the movers would be coming with the furniture for the cabin.

The couples met at the club at the first of summer. Jim was introduced to his son, and they renewed their friendship as one big family. Over the next few years the family became closer as they vacationed together at the camp. Many times the men would leave their wives at the camp as they attended to business matters, but they always rejoined the family as soon as they could.

The time came for Helen’s sweet sixteen birthday party. She had grown into beautiful young woman. Helen inherited her mother’s red hair; however, she did not take after her mother in bosom department. She had very little breast to speak of.

Helen was truly a flower child. Her long red hair hung to her waist, and she often braided flowers into it. She would have preferred to stay at the camp all the time, but she also enjoyed her life in Tampa.

“Helen, I want to talk to you about having a birthday party for you when your dad gets back from his trip.”

“I don’t really care about that kind of stuff mom, you know that.” Helen replied. “Besides, my birthday was last week.”

“I know honey, but your dad and grandparents really want to do this for you. Besides, it’s just one night, and it would make them all very happy. Could you please do this for them?”

“On one condition, I will do this hear if we can have a party when we get back to the cabin.”

“I think we can make that deal. It’s been a while since we had a party with everyone at the camp. I will call your father and clear it with him, but I’m sure he will agree to it.

“Now for the part you’re really not going to like, the party here is going to be a formal affair.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before? You know how I hate that stuff.”

“Because I know you sweetie. So start putting together a list of whom you want to invite, and we will go find you a dress this weekend.”

Pat left her daughter and went to call her husband. He agreed to the party at the cabin, and asked Pat to take care of making the arrangements for his daughter’s coming out party. Pat picked a date early in June and booked a hall and caterer.

“Helen, I need your guest list, and get dressed so we can go find you a gown.”

“OK, I only have a few people I really want to be subjected to this farce; but here you are.”

“Good, on put some clothes on and let’s go. And Helen, undergarments please; I don’t think the ladies at the store would be OK with us without them.”

“Us?” Helen asked.

“I am getting a new dress for this shindig too. Unlike some people, I do enjoy getting all dressed up from time to time.” Pat answered.

“This deal keeps getting worse by the minute.” Helen disliked wearing clothes, and truly hated wearing underwear. Her usual mode of dress, when she had to, was a long hippie skirt and loose top. Helen and Pat went to their rooms to get dressed for the day of shopping. Helen grimaced as she pulled on her panties, but decided to go without a bra.

“Brazier please!” Her mother called from the other room.

“Why do I have to? There is nothing to hold.”

“Decorum dear, it wouldn’t be polite. I don’t like them either, but it is only for a few hours, and then you can forget it for a while.”

Mother and daughter finished dressing and left the house. They spent the day trying on dresses and shoes. Nothing made Helen happy. Nothing is the only thing that she would have been happy with. Finally, it was up to Pat to select a dress and shoes. With their new outfits picked out, the two ladies returned home.

Helen was barley in the door when she started to take her clothes off. Her panties were the first to go. She took them off in the kitchen and threw them into the garbage can. She walked into the mud room and removed her skirt and top. She took off the bra as she walked back into the kitchen. Her mother held out her hand to take it from her before she could throw it away as well. Helen went to her father’s office and picked up the phone.

“Who are you calling honey?” Her mother asked.

“My date for this waste of money that you all feel the need to throw on my behalf.”

Helen dialed her best friend. There was no other person that she wanted by her side to support her while she suffered through the night.

“Hi Beth, its Helen. How are you?”

“I’m fine, how are things in Florida?”

“Ok I guess, my parents and grandparents are throwing me a sweet sixteen and I want you all there.”

“We would love to come, when is it going to be?” Beth asked.

“The first weekend in June. Is Chris home?”

“He is out by the pool; let me get him for you.”

Beth walked out to the pool where is found her son sunning himself. He had fallen asleep lying in the grass. Chris was a handsome young man. He stood just less than six feet tall, and maintained a muscular body. He started playing football in junior high, and began to run and lift weights on a daily basis.

Beth placed her hand on her son’s knee and shook it gently, “Baby, Helen is on the phone for you.”

“Huh, what?”

“Helen is on the phone. She wants to talk to you.”

“Oh, OK.” He said as he got up and ran into the house.

“Hey you, happy birthday.”

“Same to you man, and that’s the reason I am calling.”

“What’s going on down there?”

“My folks and grandparents are throwing me a big birthday party in June, and I need a date for this thing. That means you man. You have to come down here and help me through this thing.”

“Of course I will. I would love to see you all dolled up.”

“I look like Scarlett O’Hara in this dress mom picked out for me.”

“I bet you look great in it.”

“Yeah, it’s going to be a formal. So get your tux out man.”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“Nope, but I made them agree to a party at the cabin too. One night in the textile world and we can party like we want to.”

Helen and Chris chatted for a while about their lives for a while. The conversation ended after dates were put into place.

Chris hung up the phone and was going back out to the pool. As he reached the door to the back yard he saw his mother kneeling in front of his father. Beth clearly was taking Steve’s cock in her mouth. Her head moved up and down as her hand held his balls. Steve sat in his chair smoking his cigar as his wife moved her lips over his cock.

Chris’s hand moved to his own dick as he watched his parents fornicated in front of him. He watched as his mother moved her mouth over his father’s shaft. He felt his own cock become hard in his hand as he watched his parents.

Steve put his hand on the back of Beth’s head and pushed her down into his cock. It was clear that he was climaxing into Beth’s mouth. Beth’s hand moved down between her legs and rubbed her clit as she received Steve’s release. After Steve was finished unloading in his wife’s mouth he pushed her away. She rolled off to the side and continued to rub herself until she reached her own climax.

Chris could no longer contain himself, and released his own orgasm onto the floor. He propped himself against the door as we watched his mother come down from her own climax. She lay on the patio with her legs spread and her arms thrown to either side of her.

“So, Helen’s folks are throwing her a sweet sixteen. She wants us all to come down to Tampa for the party.” Chris announced.

“Fine, your mother will book the trip in the morning.” Steve replied.

As the weeks pasted, Chris, Steve, and Beth prepared for the trip. The men got new tuxedos, and Beth bought a new gown. They boarded the airplane and set in for the trip to Tampa. Beth wore a sun dress with nothing underneath, while the boys were dressed in slacks and polo shirts. They were greeted at the airport by Jim and Pat.

“Welcome back to Florida. Did you have a good trip?” Jim asked.

“It was fine. It’s so good to see both of you.” Beth answered as she moved into Pat’s arms. The two women hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.

“It’s so good to have you all here for the big birthday bash. We are celebrating your birthday too Chris, but don’t be upset that your name isn’t on the invitation.” Jim said.

“It’s OK. I’m here to make sure Helen has a great time.”

“I know she will now that you all are here. Let’s get your luggage and get out of here.” Pat said.

They loaded the luggage into the car. Chris sat in the front seat with Jim. While Pat, Beth, and Steve sat in the backseat. The further they got from the airport, the farther Pat’s hand moved up Beth’s thigh. By the time they got to the house, Pat’s fingers had found their way to Beth’s uncovered sex.

They unloaded the bags and settled into the guest rooms. As soon as they were all comfortable the clothes came off and they joined each other by the pool.

“So when is Helen going to get home?” Chris asked. He wanted to see his friend and catch up with her.

“She should be home around three o’clock.” Jim answered. “Her school lets out just after two.”

Chris could hardly contain himself as he waited for his lifelong friend to get home. He removed his clothes and joined the adults out by the pool.

Jim and Pat had followed the lead of their friends and purchased the lots on either side of their house. They had a fully private back yard at the end of the cull de sac. There was no need to hide from the neighbors in their backyard.

“Hey y’all!” Helen exclaimed as she entered the back yard.

Chris watched as Helen shed her skirt and removed her top. Within seconds of arriving at her home, his best friend was nude in front of him. She stood there in front of everyone. Her flat chest and patch of fire between her legs caught everyone’s eye. As her arms stayed above her head Chris could see the hair underarm hair that stood out like the rest of the hair on her body.

“Hey man, did you bring your tux?” She asked Chris.

“Yeah, are you really going to dress up like a Barbie doll?”

Helen plopped herself down onto Chris’s lap and whispered in his ear, “Almost” as she said with a laugh.

Chris laughed too as he gave her a tickle on her lower ribs. Helen jumped up and straddled her friend and dropped back down on him. All of the parents knew of the taboo unfolding before them, but none said a word. They wrote it off as childish flirtations between friends. The kids jumped into the pool and continued to play kid’s games as they swam. They splashed and dunked each other while Jim fired up the grill and prepared dinner for everyone.

They all ate dinner together and caught up on the months that had pasted since they had last been together. After dinner the drinks started to flow. Steve made cocktails for everyone. Helen and Chris were surprised to have drinks offered to them, but they did not reject them. The families drank and celebrated together more a while. Once it was clear that the children had enough to drink, they were sent to bed.

Pat pulled her daughter to the side. “Honey, why don’t you show Chris to his room. Then you should go to your room too.” She suggested.

“But I want to stay out here with the rest of you.”

“You have had enough to drink baby, now go to bed and get some sleep. We all have a big day tomorrow.”

Helen walked over to Chris and took him by the hand. “Come on, they say it’s time for us to go to bed.”

Helen led Chris up to an upstairs spare bedroom. “This is your room. Mine is just down the hall.”

“I know where room is. Remember, I’ve been here before.”

“I just thought I would remind you.” She kissed him on the cheek before she walked down the hall to her room.

He walked into his room with the images of Helen’s rear end as she walked away from him. He tried to sleep, but his mind was racing with thoughts of what could have happened between himself and Helen. He also knew what was most likely going on downstairs between his parents and Helen’s parents. He had known for some time that his parents were lovers to Jim and Pat. He had seen them together a few summers ago while they thought he was asleep. He had been awoken one night by the sounds of pleasure come the family room.

He crept out of his room to find the source of the moans, and found his father making love to Pat. She was sitting astride his father as he pumped in and out of her. He also saw his mother kneeling between Jim’s legs as she took him in her mouth.

Chris had this in mind as he sneaked down the stairs to spy on the two couples together. He reached the foyer of the house and could see his mother and Pat in the mirror of the coat rack. The two women were holding each other as they danced to the music on the radio. Their hands moved over each other’s bodies without shyness. As he watched the two women started to kiss. At first just small pecks, and then they hovered over each other’s lips. They moved together as repulsed by electromagnets of the same charge. When their lips met the charge was equally electric.

Chris’s hand moved down to his own crotch just as he his mother moved her hand down to Pat’s sex. He began to rub himself watching his mother and her lover together in the mirror. He soon became hard as he watched. It did not take long before he was fully hard.

Beth and Pat continued to move together as Pat moved down her friend’s body. She moved her mouth to Beth’s neck, then to her breast, and belly. Chris saw his mother lower herself to the floor and lay on her back. Pat lowered her head between Beth’s thighs and started to move her tongue over Beth’s labia and clitoris.

Chris continued to stroke himself as he watched in the mirror until he felt a touch behind his ear. He looked up to see Helen standing over him. He took her arm and pulled her face down to his level. The two friends were now face to face.

Helen peered into the looking glass to see her mother lapping at her best friend’s sex. She looked back into her own friend’s eyes as she squatted before him. She felt Chris’s hand on the back over her head as he pulled her closer. He pressed his lips against hers, and the two friends met in a long awaited kiss. It was deep and wet. They fumbled lips and tongues together for the first time.

Helen looked again into the mirror to see her mother lift her back side into the air. Helen watched as her mother positioned herself between Beth’s legs and opened her own backside to Steve and Jim. Helen pushed Chris lower on her body. At the same time she raised herself up off the floor.

Her pubic area met Chris’s mouth just as her mother raised her head from Beth’s lap.

“Take me back there.” Pat said.

Helen watched as Steve lined up his cock behind Pat. Helen pushed her pussy down into Chris’s mouth. As Steve entered her mother, Helen grabbed Chris’s hair and pulled him into her. His tongue penetrated deep into Helen just as his father probed deep into Pat.

From the view in the mirror Helen could tell that her mother was being taken in the ass. Helen moved her own body back down to meet Chris’s groin. She continued to watch in the mirror as her mother was taken from behind, and Helen lowered herself to Chris.

She grabbed his cock and pointed it toward her opening. She was inches away from felling her life-long friend inside of her. She lowered herself onto Chris without hesitation.

The feeling encapsulated the two of them. Neither where virgins, but their coupling awakened a new since of desire in the both.

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