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A First for Grace

Grace sits in her car, looking at the diamond encrusted “Gracie” pendant around the white gold necklace that Ryder had given her. She plays with the pendant between two of her leather gloved fingers, absent mindedly, like she always does when lost in deep thought. Tonight was going to be different, a change, something new and hopefully exciting for both her and Ryder.

She steps from her car and softly closes the door. Grace feels like a new woman, different, being clothed in all black; a mixture of leather and silk. The five inch stiletto heels of her new black leather boots click softly as Grace makes her way nervously up the stairs of Ryder’s apartment building.

“Hello, Ms. White,” she says to one of Ryder’s neighbours in the lobby of the building.

“Grace,” the woman asks, “Wow, you look, well you look stunning. Heading up to see Ryder?”

“I am,” replies Grace, as her gloved hand opens the door to the stairwell.

A few minutes pass as Grace makes her way up the stairs to the third floor of the building. Ryder’s apartment is right beside the doorway to the stairwell, perfect for Grace’s plans for the night. She pulls out her iPhone and types a quick message to Ryder.

“Home?” she asks.

“Yeah, enjoying a beer and the game,” is his quick response.

Smiling to herself, perfect, she thinks, before sliding her phone in the pocket of the black leather blazer. She takes the zipper of the blazer in her gloved hand and slowly pulls it up. Her gloved hands go to her mid-back length dark brown hair; quickly tying it into a pony tail. She leaves it to hang down the middle of her back, lying against the soft leather.

Well one last step, Grace thinks to herself, before reaching into her pocket. Her brown eyes glance through the window of the door and down the hallway. Smiling when she doesn’t see anyone, she pulls out the last part of her outfit for the night, a thin black balaclava. Grace quickly pulls it down over her adjusting it perfectly.

The only way Ryder is going to recognize her is the “Gracie” pendant he gave, and that’s exactly what she wanted, what she needed. She never had the courage to tell him, how she felt about him, their friendship being what it is, and the years it had spanned. Tonight though, was going to be different, hopefully in a good way.

Taking one last deep breath, Gracie steps out into the hallway and quickly to Ryder’s door. One quick knock, her usual knock, and she steps back and to the side so Ryder won’t see her.

Ryder sets his beer down and stands up from his couch and takes the four or five odd steps to the door. Peering through the peep hole he can’t see the person so he unlocks the door and opens it.

Grace moves quickly, forcing her way into his apartment. One of her gloved hands go to his mouth, silencing him.

“Don’t,” she growls, trying to make her voice sound menacingly, as she shoves him back.

Grace’s booted foot kicks out behind her, slamming the door shut.

“Living room,” she orders, pushing him back with her other gloved hand on his chest.

Ryder’s eyes scan up and down the woman, clad very sexily. God who is she, he wonders. His cock involuntarily starts to swell as his eyes room up from the knee high leather boots, across her fishnet covered legs, to her extremely short and tight black leather skirt. His eyes continues they way up towards the woman’s masked face, her dark red lips, her dark brown eyes. Something’s familiar about her he thinks.

Seconds later Ryder’s legs bump into the back of the couch and the woman makes her move. Her lips find his, and just like that, they are kissing, madly, passionately. Their tongues fight, at war with each other. Grace takes Ryder’s face in her hands, the black leather pressing against his cheeks while they kiss, her dark red lipstick cover lips leaving their mark across his lips. He can feel the soft fabric of the mask against his face and he continues to swell as this dominant woman has her way with him.

As they kiss, her gloved hands move their way down his chest, feeling every pectoral muscle, every abdominal muscle that press against his tight white t-shirt. They moan passionately when they briefly break between kisses.

Unable to continue herself, Gracie rips open Ryder’s pants and pulls out his swelling cock. Glancing down she notices his Prince Albert ring. “Well, well, well...”

Grace kneels and pulls out his cock, tracing her gloved fingers along the shaft and playfully flicks the ring at the end. She glances up and notices Ryder’s eyes are closed in pure ecstasy and bites her lower lip. She slowly starts to kiss his shaft, another new for her, having always been too shy and lacking the confidence until now to suck a man’s cock.

She cups his balls, having seen it done many times online as she watched videos to prepare for tonight, and spreads her lips. Her masked face goes to his cock and swallows it, taking too much at first and gagging on the ring as she tried to take all of him in her mouth.

Within a few seconds she hits her stride, bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Her one gloved hand instinctively grasps his shaft and follows her mouth up and down along his cock. Faster and faster she moves her head, her hands squeezing his shaft and playing with his balls more vigorously, as he grows. She can feel the warmth and taste his pre cum in her mouth as she continues the blowjob. Minutes pass until Ryder can no longer hold off and his head starts to bounce and throb inside her mouth. His hands squeeze down hard on the back of his couch and Gracie’s pulls his cock from her mouth. Just as she pulls him out, he explodes. His white and hot fluid flies from the tip of his penis and lands all over the black ski mask that covers her face with force.

Grace slowly stands and places one last kiss on Ryder’s cheek. Smearing him with his own sperm, she smirks and turns, walking towards the apartment door.

“Wait, who are you?” he asks, watching her walk away.

“A friend,” is her soft response as she peels off her mask. She drops the mask to the floor as her dark brown hair spills out across the shoulders of her black leather jacket. Her gloved hand turns the door knob and she steps out into the hallway and walks away.

Standing there, doorway wide open, his now flaccid penis hanging out of his pants Ryder stands dumbfounded. A minute passes and then he realizes, the necklace!

Gracie!” he shouts, running to the doorway, fumbling to get his penis back into his pants. Ryder reaches the doorway and looks out into the empty hallway; Grace is nowhere to be seen. He turns, closing his door behind him and sees her black ski mask laying there on the floor.

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