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A Moving Experience

I help move my wife's mother and aunt closer to where we live. We're now much, much closer.
Linda and I have been married just over five years and about a year and a half ago, her mother's husband, her second husband, died. He was rather older than Linda's mom, Betty, and he left her quite well off. Still, it was a tough time for her and she came to rely a great deal on her sister, Helen, who, two years earlier had lost her husband in the military. It's become something that we don't speak about because of the residual anger our whole family has over the situation.

Any way, Linda's mom and her aunt were now widowed, rather young, her mom being forty-nine, her aunt two years younger and the experience had brought them a lot closer as sisters though they've always lived fairly near to one another.

They had been discussing just what they might do to get back together and had decided to buy a house together in North Carolina on the seacoast. Linda and I certainly thought that was a good idea and, once they had moved, Linda would be quite a bit closer to her mother and her aunt. We only would be about an hour from them inland and a bit north. So, it looked like everyone would be pleased.

Next was the two sisters actually buying their new home and with Linda and I both busy working, well, that happened sooner than we expected. They signed the papers and began preparing to move, each one listing her old house for sale.

The way we decided to do this was for me to fly one-way to where her mother lived, rent a large truck, large enough for both their belongings, hire some day people to help pack and load her things, then drive to Linda's aunt's house; she lived only about thirty miles away, and have the crew load her things on, then head for the new home. I would drive the truck with my mother-in-law's car towed behind it and they would be in Linda's aunt's car which, after a few hours on the road, would, no doubt, get several miles ahead of the slower, more cumbersome truck so they could scope out places to eat and stay the night. It may sound complicated but it wasn't really.

It was fairly late in the afternoon when we left and we were also rather tired so we agreed that we should stop by seven and break for the night. They had a couple of possible towns to spend the night and they would call me when the time came where we would stop.

So, when I got the call, they told me the hotel and everything, they had already booked it by phone and when we pulled into the parking lot, I had to drop the truck in the back where there was more space and when I went in with my overnight bag, they already had the room keys and we went up.

They had decided on a suite with two king-sized beds and I figured that would be okay. As I was rather grimy after helping to load the truck so they went off in Helen's car to get pizza and bring it back to the room while I showered.

I was showered and redressed by the time they got back with the pizza and two bottles of wine. While they were getting the pizza out of the box, I was pouring the wine and we sat at the table by the window and had our rather soggy pizza washed down with a rather average red wine. But it helped keep body and soul together.

Then they both went to shower so I sat there finishing my wine, not even bothering to turn on the television. When they came back out each had on a cotton robe and I told them they could each have one of the beds and that I'd bunk-out on the couch.

"We wouldn't hear of that, Howard," said Betty, my mother-in-law. "You drove that truck and you deserve one of the beds. Helen and I'll take the other bed, after all, we are sisters," they said and then they both took off their robes and Betty pulled the covers down on their bed as I sat looking at these two sisters.

Now, I already knew that were both attractive women. Neither was fifty yet and that, these days, isn't what it was even twenty years ago.

The younger sister, Helen, was an ash blond with a nice figure, pretty face and well, what I was seeing now, her standing there in an ivory teddy that came to just above her knees. She was the taller of the two and her legs were beautiful. The nighty was lacy and showed the tops of her breasts which were gently supported in a lacy bodice held by two spaghetti straps.

My mother-in-law, Betty, a brunette, was in a white nighty, one that let the darker color of her nipples show through, as they both passed a bottle of body lotion to one another, applying it to their arms and legs, hardly paying attention to me though I was certainly paying attention to them. Most of all, my cock was taking this all in with great interest especially noting that I could see that each had a lovely tuft of pubic hair.

My wife resembled both these women and, truly, either of them could passed as her older sister rather than her mother and aunt.

They both seemed nonchalant about being dressed so scantily but I quickly got in bed to hide the erection they were giving me and turned on my side to watch them as they got ready for bed. I slept with a hard on that night, for sure.

When we all got up in the morning, they made no effort to cover themselves with any more than their nighties and we were soon dressed and grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and were on our way.

It was about one in the afternoon when it happened…the truck had a flat tire. I called my mother-in-law to alert them, then immediately called the rental company who arranged for tire service. What a pain in the ass.

It was almost five when we got the truck back on the road and we decided that since we were already behind for the day, we'd just find a place to stay the night, then see how we did the next day.

But this time, they found a hotel and booked another suite and we ate in the restaurant. After, they sent me out for a couple of bottles of wine while they said they'd go to the room and clean-up.

So, I bought three bottles, just in case we wanted more and went back up to our room. I went in and there they were, all freshly showered and sitting there in their negligees as I opened and poured the wine.

I couldn't help but notice that Betty seemed to be showing rather more of her breasts than the night before even though she was wearing the same nighty. She also had her wine on the coffee table and kept bending over to get it and put it back down, each time, dropping the neckline open exposing her boobs to the edge of her pink nipples.

I opened the second bottle of wine and was standing over Betty, pouring her glass as she looked up to me looking down at her mostly-exposed breasts.

"Oops, I'm giving you a bit of a show, Howard."

"I certainly don't mind, they're just as nice as Linda's," I told her.

"Really? My daughter's?"

"Just as pretty, Betty, every bit as pretty."

"Well that's nice to hear."

I added, "Well, that's nice to see," and she leaned forward and put her hand inside and pulled each breast right up out of her nighty for me to see.

"Maybe not as nice as my daughter's?" she asked smiling up at me.

"Yes, they really are, they're just beautiful," I told her as her hand reached out to press against the bulge in my shorts.

"I still seem to have an effect on men it appears," she said grinning as her fingers closed tighter. "Let's see what we have here," she said as she pulled my shorts down, then slid my briefs down with my cock flopping out almost in her face. She leaned forward and I watched her mouth open as I felt her lips slide over the crown and down my shaft as she began sucking me so softly.

Her sister sat there watching as my wife's mother gave me a blow job, a wonderful, hot and sensuous blow job.

I gently held her cheeks as she sucked, her eyes looking up at me, seeing that she was giving me great pleasure until, finally, as her tongue slid around the head of my cock, it began spurting my cum while she eagerly swallowed it. She sucked a minute longer, then stood up, took me by the hand and took me to bed.

"I think we'll be sleeping together tonight," she announced and pulled the covers back and we got in together, arms around each other, kissing. Her sister got into the other bed, on her side facing us. Then Betty pulled the covers off us, got up on her knees and began sucking me again. Wow.

She sucked me hard then rose up, levered a leg over me, reached under to hold me steady, then pushed down driving my cock up inside her, saying, "I'm not stopping now, Howard, not until we're finished," and she began slowly rising and falling over me, fucking me up and down, as my hands rubbed over her breasts. Maybe I shouldn't admit it but she was just like my wife fucking me.

She fucked me while her sister watched, rather incredible, I thought and after a bit, she pushed down on me hard and began twisting her hips back and forth keeping my cock buried deep inside.

"Mmm, mmm, yes, YES, OMIGOD, YES, umm, mmm," she cried out as she dropped down to kiss me, her tongue probing my mouth while she began fucking me again.

She rose back up over me to begin scissoring straight up and down, urging me, "Cum, Howard, cum in me."

Then she bent down over me, her hips pumping up and down, and whispered in my ear, "It's okay, Howard, go ahead and cum. Linda knows. She told me to go ahead and do it. She knows the whole thing."

Well, well. She got her wish as I shoved my hips up and began cumming deep inside my wife's mother as she scooted back and forth on me.

"Mmm, I can feel your cum, Harold, oh, have I missed a man's cum inside me. Mmm, we'll sleep well tonight," she said and she rolled off me and we were soon asleep in one another's arms.

I woke the next morning with the feeling of my cock being sucked. It was still pretty dark in the room and I could hear the shower running so I figured that my wife's aunt was showering while her mom gave me a little morning wake-up suck.

So I just enjoyed the soft, slow sucking, dropping my hand down to her head, as I saw a bright light come from the bathroom door opening, looked over and saw my mother-in-law naked with a towel wrapped around her head. It had to be her sister sucking on me. I lifted my head up and, yes, it was Helen, naked, sucking my cock and just then, she pulled up from me, got up over me and gripped my hard cock to push her pussy down on me and begin fucking me up and down.

"She told us both, Howard, so it's okay. She said for both of us to keep you entertained during the move," Betty said as her sister sweetly fucked me.

"What a wife I've got, huh?" I said to them both and they certainly agreed.

"This is the nicest thing my niece has done for me in a long time," Helen said as she rose and fell over me while I enjoyed her breasts in my hands. I looked over at my mother-in-law and she was sitting on the edge of the other bed, legs spread wide, her fingers sliding over her pussy back and forth.

"Would you believe, this is the first time my sister and I have had sex in front of one another?" she said.

"Well, it's a lot more than I ever thought would happen. But I'm loving it. And Linda said it was okay. What a wife."

"She did. She told us to make you a happy man. She was very specific about that, Howard. She told us to fuck you all we wanted. That she was fine with it. So, here we are," Helen said as she moved up and down on me, delighting me with how sexy she was. "I just love fucking younger men. I had a guy for a few years who would call me whenever he got horny, I loved every minute of it. He was twenty-three and could fuck all night long. I loved it, every minute of it."

"I'm sure loving this, you two are something else. I sure have to make this up to Linda, she's just the best to let us do this," I panted as my wife's aunt fucked me slowly up and down.

"Mmm, oh, yes, close, I'm getting really close," she said as she began moving faster over me. "Oh, YES, YES, UUH, umm, mmm," she groaned as she pushed down on me, swiveling her hips back and forth, then she rose up and fucked the tip of my cock real fast making me cum as much of it dribbled out of her running down my cock onto my balls and the bed underneath.

"Well, now that we've finished the important business of the day, we can get a quick breakfast and get on the road," my mother-in-law said and we packed up and were soon back on the highway. But this time it was different. She rode with me in the truck and played with my cock for hundreds of miles, just keeping me hard, not letting me cum, talking dirty the whole way.

"Helen told me she was gonna suck you hard so you could fuck me doggie-style like I love so much. Think you'll like that?" she asked as her thumb went around over the head of my dick spreading my precum around.

"Oh, I'd just love that," I told her as we drove along. Betty looked down at her phone, clicked it on and it was from her sister who was now about five miles ahead of us.

"We're fine. I was just playing with his nice cock. How's it going with you," she asked her sister. She listened for a minute then added, "Yeah, I can drive the car after lunch. I think Howard might like a different hand on his cock. Wait, I'll ask him."

I didn't wait for her to ask, just went ahead and agreed that it would be lovely any way they wanted it.

"So, when we stop, you can ride in the truck. It's not as comfortable as the car but there are benefits," she said giving my cock a squeeze.

She soon put the phone down as we drove along, her hand keeping me company.

Then, she loosened her seatbelt, looked around and dropped down on the seat between us as she positioned her head in my lap and began softly sucking me as I drove on.

"Oh, wow, Betty, you are rather distracting the driver but the driver is loving every second of it," I told her as my right hand went over onto her ass rubbing as she slowly sucked me.

We drove on for quite a while as she softly sucked me, again, not to the point where I got off, just keeping me rock-hard with her soft, warm mouth. I was seeing my mother-in-law in a whole new way, one I was rather dazzled by.

Her hands were loosening her top so I could slip my right hand down inside to hold her breasts as we drove along, her soft sucks pleasuring me as we went.

We got to their new house about four-thirty, too late to get a crew to help us unload but we had already decided to stay in a hotel one more night, then move everything in the next day. We left the truck and Betty's car at the house and drove to the hotel and checked-in.

Again, they had reserved a suite, this one with a hot tub which we were all in as soon as we got to the room, now more comfortably naked and playful with each other. They sat next to me, each playing with my cock, trying to decide which one would get me first.

"You did suck him and play with him in the morning, Betty. Then I had him until we got here, so, maybe you should get him next."

They were both leaning into me, their hands on my cock and balls, kissing me, tonguing my mouth, as I enjoyed the attention of two, obviously very horny, women.

So, Betty got up, standing over me, and swung a leg over to straddle me, facing me, reached down to grip my cock and lowered herself on me right there in the bubbling, swirling water to begin fucking me up and down.

I was playing with her boobs while my aunt-in-law sat there next to us watching us while she rubbed her hand across my chest taking soft pinches on my nipples while her sister slowly fucked me. They also took turns kissing me as it was now obvious that my relationship with my wife's mother and aunt had taken a sharp turn, quite a wonderful one, at that.

"It's nice that all the driving is over, at least that part is behind us," Betty said as she rose and fell on me and I agreed.

"But, I wouldn't have missed helping you two with this move for the world, not in a million years," I snickered.

"You just like the fucking, Howard, tell the truth," my wife's mother said. "I've known you're a pussy-hound ever since Linda first started dating you. You don't know this but she's told me everything you two ever did, right up to your doing her doggie-style he night before you flew out to come help us move."

"And I thought I could trust her, well, now I see just what it's gotten me," I laughed as these two kept me busy.

"Well, at least we know some of the things you like and she's told us that fucking in a hot tub is one of them. You'll see the one we have in the new house tomorrow. But we've got work to do before we use it like this," Betty huffed as she went up and down. "Oh, mmm, yes, oh, good, good," she panted then pulled me real tight and began moving faster on me.

"Mmm, mmm, UUH, UH, UMM, mmm, oh, I love younger men, oh, yes I do," she squealed as she kissed me while her hips continued moving over me. And that's all it took as I shoved my hips up and released up into her as she pushed down.

"You two looked so hot doing that, oh, you both looked like it was great," Helen said. "But we need to get out of the water and cool down, why don't we take a cool shower and I can see if Howard likes to fuck in the shower as much as my niece says he does," Helen said as Betty pulled up off me and got out.

The shower in this suite was large enough for the three of us, yes, even if two were fucking, that we know now for sure.

We all slept together that night in the king-sized bed, though sleep was interrupted several times.

Then, in the morning, it was checking-out, a quick breakfast and meeting the crew we had arranged to unload the truck and move everything inside.

Of course, that took several hours and Betty and Helen went out to get lunch for everyone and the job was done by shortly before two. We paid the crew and went back inside, tired but, amazingly still horny enough that we stripped naked, the three of us, and unpacked boxes and put things in their place for the rest of the afternoon.

Then we all showered, I went in with each of them, for their facilities wouldn't accommodate three people at once. We all agreed that the showers were also too cramped for anything more than soaping one another and that left our fun until after supper.

We went out for supper, they had already found a small Italian place nearby and we were back at their house by eight and out of our clothes for the night.

It was my mother-in-law's suggestion, telling me that they loved having a naked man around, it kept them 'juiced-up,' she said.

So, as I sat on the sofa these two sisters took turns sucking me, just having their fun with me, keeping me rock-hard but not letting me cum. They had me let them know whenever they were getting me close so they could just pleasure me as long as they could then I would go off to bed with Betty, then in the morning, get up and come take care of Helen while Betty made breakfast.

They each teasingly sucked me and played with me while I had my fun with them and, finally about nine-thirty, Betty and I went to her room and she spread out wide for me to push my swollen, hard cock down into her and I fucked her until she had a screaming orgasm and I dumped a huge amount of cum into her.

I woke up not long after sunrise and got up, went down the hall and got in bed with my wife's aunt who was quickly down sucking me good and hard, then up on top fucking me slowly as the room brightened to a new day.

Betty poked her head in and told us she was up and would get breakfast started but leave the eggs until we were finished, then she wished us happy fucking and Helen went on pumping up and down on me while I played with her boobs.

I was rather loving this arrangement but didn't know exactly what the future held as my wife was driving our car up this day to help get everything straightened out, pictures hung, all the smaller stuff of getting them settled-in. Then on Sunday, after three days for her to visit her mom and her aunt, we would drive ourselves back home.

So, Helen and I finished up our lovely fucking and went to have breakfast, a nice, naked breakfast with my mother-in-law and her sister.

We knew that my wife, Linda, would be here about ten or so, it wasn't all that long a drive and we, all three, thought it might be best of we did dress for her arrival even though she knew about all the sex we'd been having. After all, Linda and her mom seemed to have no sexual secrets between them.

Linda drove into the driveway about ten forty-five and was ready for a coffee break so Betty made a fresh pot and the four of us sat down to catch up.

"So, other than the move, tell me what you've been up to, Howard?" she asked me coyly.

"Oh, just screwing around, mostly," I said knowing that she knew anyway.

"So, is my mom good?" she grinned.

"Oh, hon, your mom is very good. Very good indeed, just like her daughter, I might add. And, well, like her sister, your aunt," I told her as her mom and aunt sat there smiling happily.

"So I've heard. You three did get everything moved but from what mom was telling me, the three of you sure had plenty of extracurricular activities as well."

We, all three, laughed, then Helen told her niece, "Oh, we sure did. I hope we still have a chance at that even now that you're here, Linda, after all, you'll have him all the time when you two go home and we're just left with our fingers and our vibrators."

"Anyone think I should ask my grinning husband if he wants to be shared between us all when we're together?" Linda asked.

"No need to ask, hon, I'm all in, this has been lovely."

So, Linda's mom and her aunt both decided that I would sleep with Linda for the night and then they could each share me during the next few days before we left to go home.

Well, that's how it all started and Linda's certainly happy about it. The whole situation now has me so horny and grateful that I hardly ever leave her alone, and she's loving it.

And her mom and her aunt visit quite often now that we're only an hour apart. But while they're here, I'm not apart from either one of them for very long. I've done a lot of connecting with my wife's aunt and mother; we're all pretty close these days.

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