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A night out turns premediated

Refusing to give Steve head, He embarks on getting even legally

It was a typical hot tropical summer Friday afternoon, and I was busy working around the pool. In my usual fashion, I was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. The heat of the sun, felt great on my bare skin as I lost tract of time and pondered over what to do tonight.

Reclining in my chaise as I sipped a glass of wine, thoughts of my recent birthday adventures past through my mind. Recalling the two black ebony lovers my husband carefully picked out for me to act out my fantasy with. Oh god, I could still feel their mega cocks inside my tiny vagina, stretching me as they plunged their black poles inside of me.

Within moments I was naked, with both legs draped over an arm rest. The sun glistened over my now wet pussy, as I guided the base of my wine glass between my labia lips. My dark nipples, now hardened ached for a touch as my glass continued to indulge on the slippery trail.

Lifting the glass to my breast, I pressed it forward until my areola was surrounded by the rim. Swishing the glass around, the cool liquid sent a shimmering chill throughout my body as it splashed over my nipple. Lifting the tainted nipple to my mouth, I slowly placed it to my lips and sucked the essence into my mouth.

Setting the glass down, I started stroking my heated pussy while tenderly keeping the erect nipple lodged between my clinched lips. I could not hold off any longer, as my fingers slipped inside, first one then another as I began sucking the nipple harder.

My teeth began to penetrate the bullet hard flesh, as i pressed them together while finger fucking my pussy into a frenzy.

"Mmmm" I heard myself moaning as I was about to get off. "Mmmm" as I inserted a third finger while clamping down even harder on the pressed nipple until I felt my insides quivering. My pussy tightened up on my fingers as I released a flow of my sweet juices upon them.

I was ready to go out and have some fun with my husband, when he called.

"Hey do you want to go out tonight" he asked knowing full and well I did

"Sure, what's on your mind" I replied

"Ok, let's meet at Swanks for drinks. dinner and dancing" he responded. "And dress to kill" he added, knowing that this is one of our favorite places to engage with other people sexually. It is not uncommon to walk into the restroom and see somebody giving head, hell I've done it a time or two myself.

"Ok, I'll see you about seven o'clock" I stated. I knew that I was to take a cab there, have a couple of drinks and be flirtatious. I knew that he wanted to walk in and see me having fun taunting and teasing others sexually.

"Yep, seven it will be" he replied, knowing that I would be there by five thirty sipping drinks and having fun while I was waiting for him to arrive. Sometimes he would sit at the other end of the bar for a while, allowing me time to fulfill our playtime needs.

Looking at my watch, I saw it was already three thirty and I had better get a move on it. Grabbing my discarded thong from the ground, I headed to the shower thinking about what I was to wear tonight. Jumping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and preceded to the walk in closet, seeking a hot sexy outfit to wear. Moving the row of skirts and dresses back and forth, I found just the thing that will blow everyone's mind as I held it up.

Yes I thought, this will be perfect as I held up the strap less black mini eyelet dress. Looking through my collection, I found a pair of four inch open toed heels that would go well with the hot little dress. I sat in the easy chair and began painting my nails in a tempting shade called fuck me red, as it will be very sexy set against the black outfit.

With my nails now dried, I slipped the snug fitting dress over my head and wiggled it over my hips. Yes I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing the hot daring outfit now covering my bare body. The top fit like the old tube tops did, using your breasts to keep it in place, while the snug fitting dress portion hugged your curves. The hundreds of eyelet holes gave little to the imagination, without revealing everything clearly.

I didn't have to worry about hiding my identity, because we didn't know many  people from that side of the town. We have gone there several times, and have actually had a couple of sexual encounters where I was enticed to giving head to a couple of guys in the men's rooms.

I saw the cab pull into the driveway, and out the door I flew as if I was on a mission. I noticed the driver eye balling me, as if he wasn't sure of what he was seeing.

"Hello" he said politely as I slithered into the backseat, with his eyes following my tiny dress.

"Hi" I replied, as I attempted to tug the dress underneath my ass cheeks while he got into the drivers seat and adjusted the rear view mirror.

"Where to Miss" he asked while gazing at me in the mirror with a smile on his face.

"To Swanks Dinner Club" I replied

"A night of dinner and dance" he stated before asking "if I was going there alone", while he strained to get a glimpse of my upper legs.

"No, I'm meeting my husband there in a little while" I answered as I eased my legs apart a bit, to tease his view a bit more.

"That sure is a hot dress your wearing" he said with his eyes focused into the mirror

"Thanks, I want to give my husband a special treat tonight" I told him as I spread my legs further apart. "He likes special treats, do you" I asked as I slowly slipped a finger between my now saturated lips.

"Yes, I do enjoy treats" he chuckled, knowing that my finger was buried inside my raging pussy for his viewing pleasure. "And you are one fine looking treat" he added

Pulling in to Swanks parking lot, he turned his head for a full look at my fully exposed pussy and said "I hope you guys have a fun night tonight"

Removing my finger and placing inside my mouth, I replied "I'm sure we will" as the club door man opened my door and extended his hand for me to grab.

He knew exactly where to stand when helping a female out of a car. He got a full view of one leg, my hiked up skirt and then the other leg. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he enjoyed the view as he smiled at me from ear to ear. He escorted me to the door, then into the club where we were met by the hostess who was clad in a micro mini skirt and tank top.

The bar area was booming, as people were drinking and mingling as she sat me on the corner of the bar asking "if this was ok"

"Sure, its good" I replied as I climbed onto the barstool, unaware that my dress was barely covering my ass in the back as I ordered a glass of wine. Looking around, I saw several good looking men checking me out as the bartender delivered my wine as it was now six pm.

I figured I needed to play some hot tunes on the jukebox, and strut my stuff so they can all get a little peak at me. I could feel the snug dress creeping upwards as I steeped forward, but that never bothered me. I played several songs on the jukebox and slowly swayed to the beat as i walked back to my stool, where a group of four men were sitting behind me.

I heard one say, "did you see her ass when she bent over the jukebox"? Another one replied, "oh hell yeah, and she looks fucking hot" when somebody tapped me on the shoulder softly. I looked up and saw this guy I had given head to several months back.

"Hey, how are you doing" he asked, adding "do you remember me"

"Oh hey there, how are you" I responded, remembering that I had polished his knob in the men's room some five or six months ago. "So how have you been" I asked, noticing that two of people at his table were dressed in police uniforms.

"Good" he replied, "can I get you another wine" he asked as he motioned the bartender to bring another round.

"Wont you join us" he asked, "they don't bite, well not as much as you do" he chuckled lightly. I wondered if he had told them about what had happened here before.

Sitting at their table, they all eagerly introduced themselves as they didn't hide the fact that they were checking me out.

"That's a cool dress" one said as his eyes were attempting to locate my nipples through the eyelets, as I sipped my wine casually.

I knew that the entire contour of my breasts were visible, but only a minor amount of flesh was visible to their eyes. The bartender delivered my third glass of wine, and I knew I had better slow down a bit.

I excused myself to go freshen up in the ladies room, as I was catching a quick buzz and needed to remain in control. I stood up and tugged my dress down, realizing that the cop in uniform caught a full view of my nakedness as I got up as he smiled at me. The others were content in watching me as I walked through the crowd with my ass in motion.

Once in the ladies room, I splashed water on my face and blotted it off with a soft towel. I touched up my makeup when the door opened and in walked the man from the table holding his crotch as he approached me.

"It is really good to see you again" he acknowledged as he made his erection visible to me. "You really know how to suck a cock, and was wondering if you be so kind to do it again" he added as he unzipped his fly.

Regaining my composure from the three downed glasses of wine I replied "uh, well not right now as I am waiting for somebody" as he removed his semi hard penis and locked the door.

"That's ok" he replied "I wont tell if you don't" he chuckled while stroking his cock, "adding nobody has to know, not even your husband"

"I, sorry Steve, but I really cant, that night before was just something we did on the spur of the moment" as I felt my pussy raging while his cock gained full erection status.

"Well then, what if your husband does find about it then? I remember you on your hands and knees sucking my cock while he waited at the bar last time. So what's the difference waiting at the bar, or you waiting here and giving me head" he asked as he stepped closer.

"You sucked my cock like no other, and I just want that feeling again" he stated as he grabbed my hand and placed it on his swollen member.

"Really, I cant" I said, but the feeling of his hot throbbing cock in my hand was making me crazy as I tightened my hand around it firmly.

"That's tight, squeeze that dick" he whispered while pulling me towards him as my hand listened to his voice.

"Now pump you hand up and down the shaft" he instructed, as my hand followed suit and was stroking the length of his cock at will.

"Dress like a little slut, and I'm going to treat you like one" he announced as I stood there jerking his cock off in my hand.

"Uh huh" I whispered, "I'm not your little slut, and I'm not sucking your cock" I remarked as I yanked my hand off his throbbing cock and turned for the door.

"You will be sorry you just did that" he protested as I unlocked the door and left the ladies room and went back to the table. I noticed that one of the officers had left and the chairs seemed a bit closer together. I knew the waiter had returned as my glass had been refilled. I sat down and we toasted to a fun time when a hand soon found its way to my upper leg and began stroking it lightly. The owner simply smiled at me, as I realized that it was the one who got a good look at me when I stood up.

Playfully, I nudged his hand away while we were all making small talk, but he returned it immediately and continued on his journey. His thumb and forefinger were sweeping my inner legs while softly attempting to spread them apart as I joined in the conversation. I gave way to his advances, allowing him to part my legs slightly when Steve rejoined the table.

The advancing finger tips had made the slow trek to my outer lips. His touch was light and deliberate as he caressed the wet trail slowly. Pulling his hand backwards, I felt the palm of his hand resting on top of my vagina and an extended finger between my lips. He eased the finger forward slowly, until it was nuzzled at the opening before attempting to press it inside.

I saw him looked to the guy on my other side and nod his head while pushing his finger tip just inside my burning entrance. Taking the approval gestures, the second hand was on my opposite leg, working its way towards my raging furnace. The original hand now rested on my left upper leg, while the new explorer rested on my upper right leg as each had a finger inside my wet lips.

Each of them had work their extended finger to my entrance, and were sharing the gateway as they slowly entered together. I could feel my juices running rampant as they both pressed their finger tips inside and back out again. Each reinsert allowed their lubricated fingers to plunge deeper into my love canal, as I sat there enjoying the advancements. I wanted to cum so bad, but not right there, as Steve was right across the table with an aching erection.

I reached under the table, and gently eased each hand away from my burning box as they looked at each other with a confused look when I saw my husband sitting at dark corner table. I looked at him and smiled, noticing the movements underneath the table he nodded in approval. Casually one of my hands were placed on a bulging cock while I allowed their fingers another teasing entry. From each side they again penetrated me further than before as I willingly spread my legs for deeper entry, while I fumbled with a stubborn zipper.

They began fingering my pussy, one at a time and then together, often stroking my budding clit without other patrons knowing what was going on. The erection in my hand was quite large, as the owner offered a second hand in releasing the zipper. Freeing his engorged cock, I was surprised by its size as I peered at it in my hand. Stroking the entire length, I felt the huskiness growing in my hand as the my other hand was directed to the opposite side.

Moments later, I was stroking off two swollen cocks, as their owners skillfully finger fucked me to an organismic release. I must have cum two or three times as all I could do was squeeze their cocks to keep from screaming out. My ass was now saturated and these two cops wanted more than I was wanting to, as one leaned into me and began kissing my neck and whispered "come on, lets get out of here so you can suck our cocks".

With two hard cocks in my hands, I squeezed them and replied "sorry, no can do" and released my hold on them. I glanced around and saw my husband talking to a beautiful light skinned black woman with the longest straight hair I have ever seen. She was whispering something in his ear, while his hand was hidden beneath her skirt.

One of their phones rang, and the other one announced, "come on, we have to roll now" as they tucked their throbbing cocks back into their pants.

"This ain't over yet" the other one whispered into my ear just as he was about to leave. I took the opportunity to walk over to join my husband who was preoccupied at the moment. The black woman was leaning into him, as he had his hands all over her swaying big breasts.

"Hey Baby" I greeted him as he looked up with a hand full of beautiful breast. Her nipples and areolas were dark, like choke cherries as he continued to fondle them.

"This is Sasha" he said as I slide in on his other side. "This is Tai, my wife" he advised her as he pulled both of us close together. Its been a while since we played with another female and she was fine as hell. His hand quickly went to my breast and teasingly played with the strap less top until Sasha smiled after flashing my own dark hard nipple.

We ordered tequila shots and beer chasers as he had a hand on each of our breasts, and I was ready for more. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips and flicked my tongue towards Sasha while outlining his bulging cock with my finger. Her eyes followed my finger path as he began stroking our breasts and lifting them upward in each others direction as I looked at her and smiled. We downed the next set of shots and everybody got loose as he pulled us even closer, while lifting her round breast toward my face, and mine towards hers.

I could feel her hot breath on my titty, as I lowered my face close enough to kiss her choke cherry nipple. I tongued her stiff nipple before allowing it into my mouth while he explored inner thighs at the same time. Grinning at me, Sasha took my whole dark areola into her mouth and sucked on it rather hard.

Sucking on her areola, I moaned "mmm" as I stroked her hand along his swollen erection and moaned "umhmm" while his fingers were busy exploring our wetness.

"Mmm" she moaned, as she skillfully removed his cock for inspection, "mmm" as she gazed at his erection.

Placing my hand firmly around the base of his thick shaft, I looked at her and again moaned "umhmm"

He buried a second finger deep inside our fuck holes, making her bellow "mmmm" as she starred at his cock. Releasing the mouth hold from each others areola, our salvia  followed in strands as she kissed me on the mouth softly. We kissed passionately for minutes as I took her hand in mine and placed it on his swollen cock knob.

With her tongue in my mouth she moaned "Umhmm" as I felt her hand wrap around his cock.

"Umhmm" I whispered as I slowly pumped my hand up and down part of his shaft, leaving room for her to do the same. Squeezing the shaft and pulling up over the head, she revealed a large drop of his mammoth pre cum oozing from the tiny slit. Lifting it with her forefinger to my lips, I redirected to her own hungry lips as a sample of what was to come.

"Mmm" she whispered, "he tastes so good, and I bet you do to" as her finger probed around my entry as well. She began tempting my box with her sleek petite fingers while I slowly pressed her head towards his hard cock, until it was at her mouth.

"Mmm" it looks so good, and it's so hard" she whispered, "Umhmm" she softly whispered as her drool covered his purplish knob while her finger continued to play inside my hotbox.

"Mmhmm Sasha" I replied as I stroked his cock against her waiting lips. "Mmmhmm" I moaned to her as I pressed it to her now opened mouth. She descended over his erection, until I felt her lips pressing against my hand as I continued stroking his throbbing vein thickened shaft

Her drool flowed onto my hand each time she bobbed her head up and down, lubricating the shaft of steel as she stretched her mouth forward. Oh god, she was good and he was loving her ability to suck cock. She swallowed the shaft, taking time not to gag as he started to press it down her throat as her nose was pressed into his patch of pubic hair. Her lips jetting forward, were gnawing as the base, as I pressed his engorged nut sack to them.

I couldn't hold back any longer, I was at the point of no return. My labia was throbbing madly out of control as she maneuvered her fingers inside of me while I watched her suck my mans cock skillfully. I had no choice, as she brought me to that point and I wanted to cum again.

Reaching down and tweaking my swollen clit, I moaned " ah Sasha don't stop", as I began slapping my rock hard clit. "Ah shit, yes that's it" as I felt her fingers pressing into the roof of my honey pot while she bobbed madly up and down his slick cock.

"Ahh.." as I lost control, flood my juices all over her hand, when I saw his cock erupting in her mouth, shooting his creamy lava into her mouth. His cock was coated with the sticky mixture of her salvia as she lifted off the head and kissed me with a mouth full of his spunk.

"Mmm" I moaned as we remained mouth locked, swapping tongues that were bitter sweet in taste. We finally devoured and remnants of his discharge and promptly went to the ladies room to freshen up.

On the way back to the table, I asked Sasha "if she would like to join us at home for some extended drink and play time"?

Grabbing my ass she replied "as long as I can have some time with you while your man does us both." "Do you guys have any restrictions as to what can or cannot be done" she further inquired.

"Deal, and we are able to do as we please" I replied, knowing that she wants to play together. I was hungry for us to play together as well. I knew my man would be ready to give us what we wanted, whenever we wanted it.

"Cool, this will be fun" she replied as we joined my husband and prepared to leave. The three of us walked arm in arm with him in the middle as we went down the alley towards the parking lot a couple of blocks away. We laughed and joked as we walked, until a cop car pulled up behinds with his spot light shinning on us.

"Stop right there" a stern voice commanded as we immediately stopped and turned around and saw a middle aged plain clothes cop starring at us. "Hands where I can see them" he added

"What the fuck is going on" Sasha remarked in a shakier voice as I recognized the cop from earlier this evening.

"Identification cards, one at a time" he demanded as he stepped towards us, instructing my man to step aside.

"What is wrong officer" he questioned as the cop took his id card

"Please remain quiet and stand over there" pointing towards the second cop car arriving he instructed. Taking Sasha and my id cards, he advised "us to stand in place and remain silent while he checked us out with the authorities. Asking if either of us had ever been arrested, we both replied "no".

He replied "Never" as we both again said no, never.

"Well ladies, it seems that we have a slight problem tonight, now don't we" he stated, not knowing what he meant when a voice came across his radio, He stepped away and said "ten four come to the alley at Tenth and Jones. I heard him tell my husband "sir you are going to have to wait in the cruiser until this gets sorted out" as he shut him inside the cop car out of my sight.

Another cop car joined him, facing us from the other direction with his spot light on us as well. Two officers in uniform walked towards us with their batons in hand, as if they were expecting a problem. "What going on here tonight" the taller one asked?

"Seems as if we have a couple of street walkers working our neighborhood" he replied as we listened carefully as he talked to the other officers. "It seems as though they enjoy being lewd in public as well as being indecent in public."

"Lewd" I questioned, "indecent in public, where" I asked

Lewd, were you not perpetrating manual sex in the dinner club as you stroked our cocks under the table" he explained. "Public indecency" he announced as he took his baton and lifted my dress over my ass, " and further more he continued" as he placed his baton on my chest and forced my strap less top down over my breasts when Steve walked up. 

"I think we had better bring these two downtown, and determine if charges are in order" the original cop told Steve quickly as they starred ay my exposed breasts, while fondling my skirt with their baton.

"Wait" I pleaded, "cant we talk about this" as I felt the baton pressing between my closed upper thighs, while another cop looked on with a look of desire.

"See, I told you it wasn't finished yet" he whispered in my ear as he began feeling me up and down claiming to be frisking me for weapons. "What's this" he whispered as his finger penetrated my vagina, " a place to hide a gun" he cracked as he pushed it in deeper while another was searching Sasha.

"You two could get six months in jail" he advised, or "we can work out a deal and not press charges. You would simply get a ticket for a minor offense" he continued as his hands were all over my breasts while lowering my skirt to the ground.

Looking at Sasha, she was already stripped down as we were walked over to a brick wall in the dark shadows of the building. They had us naked and spread eagle with our hands on the wall above our heads, with their batons tracing the contours of our bodies.

"Strip search them he instructed, we don't want to get hurt, now do we" he laughed as the other two hands roamed and penetrated our orifices at will. "Turn around" he ordered, to which we followed his instructions while they fondled our breasts and exposed vaginas with no regards for anything. "On your knees sluts" he commanded, to which we immediately lowered ourselves to the wet muddy ground and watched as they removed their cocks and stepped to us.

"Lewd in public" he said, as the two pressed their erect dicks into our mouths, "is exactly what you are right now. "Soliciting is what you are doing right now". He further explained that "we were engaging sexual favors to avoid prosecution" as we were busy taking their rough thrusting cocks. Like street whores, they violated our mouths in a manner in which they seemed quite comfortable, as they grabbed us by the hair.

"Do you agree that you are being lewd in public" he asked as we continued sucking cock for their own pleasure.

"Mmmhmm" we responded as they continued assaulting us with their throbbing swollen cocks until each of them withdrew their weapon from our mouth. Standing before us, they continued jacking off their manhood until each had sprayed a massive amount of spunk all over our face. After cum ming, they continued slapping their cocks against our face in attempts to humiliate us further.

"Now turn to the wall, and place your head against it" he snapped in a gruff tone. "Now take your hand and capture all the dna evidence and smear it all over your assholes" he continued as he stood behind us. Scooping all the sticky goo from my face, we deposited as much as we could around our tiny brown holes, awaiting their next self imposed punishment as the prodding of the baton continued between our labia

Another officer stepped between us, and manhandled us by the hair until his erection was hanging at both of our faces. The stiff round tip of the baton was pressing my labia lips apart as we were ordered "to suck his cock together". As directed we wrapped our lips around his meaty shaft until it was no longer visible when I felt the first penetration of his stiff baton.

"Mmm" I bellowed out not wanting to release the cock from my lips as he pushed it forward, then back out. I could feel my juices releases in a pleasurable manner as he continued parting my entry hole with slow deep thrusts. God I was actually enjoying being treated like this, as I saw another about to mount Sasha from behind as our salvia dripped off his cock. Our tongues managed to flick at each other, acknowledging that each was ok.

"Ahh" Sasha moaned out loud as the invader spat on his cock head and firmly pushed it into her tight anus. On the second thrust, he drove it home with his massive balls slapping her ass cheeks wildly. "Mmm" she bellowed as his cock bottomed out deep in her bowels and began pumping his thick seedy cum into her while I watched her take the cock into her throat as the assault on my pussy ended.

My face felt as though it was about to crack from the dried semen, when he pressed the baton against my barely lubricated asshole and pushed. It seperated the tight muscles causing me pain as he deliberately pushed it in and held it in place as Sasha face took a solid jet spray of thick cum. I could see cum seeping from her fucked asshole as she was repositioned in a bent over position with her hands on the wall. Her face looked like a cum rag as she looked back at me being ass fucked by a baton as Steve approached the scene.

Steve remarked, "I bet you wish you had sucked my cock earlier, now don't you" he asked as the sticky baton was reinserted into my pussy for his enjoyment. Taking his cock out, he began jacking it off while my pussy was being so fucked. I felt a sensation as it began tapping against my cervix, as if I was going to pee.

"Ah shit" I screamed as I began grinding back against the advancing baton, while another officer held Sasha by the waist and inserted his cock into her pussy. I watched his ass cheeks clinch each time he thrust his cock into her. Her hips were pressing back for a deeper penetration when Steve stucki his thick cock into my mouth and demanded "I suck it good"

My pussy was erupting in sexual satisfaction as I tooled his cock in my hungry mouth and I replied "mmmhm" as I took his entire length. Sasha was bucking back against her invading cock as he dumped his erupting semen into her thirsty cunt. Withdrawing his cock, I could see strands of cum oozing from her pussy.

"Swallow every drop" Steve ordered as his throbbing cock signaled he was ready to let loose. With deeper thrusts, he blasted several spurts of thick seedy cum into my throat until he pulled out. I swallowed all I could before he placed his sticky cum coated cock back into my mouth, telling me "to suck it clean". After polishing his knob, he walked away, along with the two back up officers.

We were naked and dirty when the other cop handed us two citations that required us to appear in court when my husband was unlocked from the cruiser.

Citation 1. we were charged with spitting in public
Citation 2. we were charged with littering (our clothes on the ground)

"I wonder how we should plea I" asked Sasha as my husband helped us get dressed and into the car.


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