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A Three-Way Piano Bang

Nikki continues her revenge on the women in her neighborhood by fucking their husbands.
It’s Halloween night, I’m dressed as a sexy dominatrix, and I have three married men sitting in my living room. Paul has just brought me to an orgasm with his tongue in the kitchen, then I gave him a hand job and he came on my tits in front of Will and Mark. It has been a good night, but I’m not finished by any stretch. Besides being genuinely attracted to these men and being in need of some good sex to make up for some personal crises of my own, I’m out for revenge. These men are married to some of the bitchiest women I have ever encountered, who welcomed me to the neighborhood with a special delivery full of warnings and ultimatums. I am enjoying the process of becoming what they most feared: a sexual tornado whipping through the neighborhood, sucking in all of their husbands and loved ones.

I look at Paul, who has just finished licking his mess from my chest. “You can put your clothes back on if you’d like. If you’ll be more comfortable.”

“Thank you, Nikki. I enjoyed that, but I do need to be getting home.”

“Of course,” I say. I’ve already got my eyes fixed on Will, who is stroking his cock, hard from watching me playing with Paul. “We’ll play some more another day.”

“I’d love that,” Paul says, as he pulls on his pants and slips quietly out the front door.

“Now…what am I going to do with the two of you?” I muse, taking my hairband out and shaking my hair loose, letting it spill over my shoulders. I’m enjoying the lustful gazes of these two hot men as I look around the room for some sexual inspiration. My eye lands on the piano and my heart stutters for a second.

When I moved here three weeks ago, I brought nothing with me from my previous life. My plan was to completely forget my fiancée, Jason, who I had caught in the act of fucking my sister in our bed. I haven’t talked to either of the backstabbing cheaters since I left, but I still harbor a desire to lash out at them if given the opportunity. So, after moving here I used my legal contacts to hire a repo man to remove the piano from the house I once shared with Jason. Technically, it belongs to both of us, but I don’t play. He does, and it’s something I know he loves and I know he will miss, so it gave me great pleasure to have it shipped here to my new house thousands of miles away from him. Seeing it now, standing in the corner of my living room, I have a sudden, fierce desire to fuck someone on it.

“Stay right here,” I tell the Bensons, and I walk quickly to the bedroom where I pull some silk scarves from my drawer before returning to the living room. 

“Do you play piano?” I ask Will. He looks slightly confused at my question, but shakes his head no. “Well, I’d really like to see how you look sitting at mine.” I reach out my hand and take his, leading him over to the piano bench, pulling it out just slightly from the keyboard. Standing in front of him, I look into his eyes and kiss him as I pull off his jeans and boxers. His cock is semi-hard right now, but I know it won’t take long to get to full attention once I start with him. With my hands on his shoulders, I push him onto the bench and swiftly bind his hands behind his back with one scarf. Then I tie one foot to each leg of the bench, holding him in place with his legs spread a comfortable distance apart. I drop to my knees in front of him, crouched slightly under the keyboard, and take his cock into my mouth. I place my fingers around his shaft and stroke it as I hold his tip between my lips, teasing him with my tongue and sucking gently. I love the feeling of him hardening in my mouth and between my fingers, and I feel myself getting wet at the thought of taking him between my legs. 

I look over at Mark, who is still slowly stroking himself as he watches. “Come here, baby,” I tell him. He walks over and looks at me, questioning. I keep one hand on Will’s shaft as I reach out to grab Mark by the waistband of his jeans, which is around his hips. Putting my lips back to work on Will, I tug on Mark’s pants, signaling for him to take them off. He removes his jeans and his boxers, completely freeing his cock, which is hard and ready. I stop sucking on Will, and he groans in protest.

“Hop up on the piano,” I tell Mark.

He gives me a strange look. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. You won’t hurt it. And if you do, I don’t really care.” At that, Mark steps onto the keyboard, making a discordant, crashing sound with his feet, and hoists himself up on top of the piano. “Sit right at the edge,” I tell him. He slides forward so his hard cock extends out above the keyboard. I slide out from under the piano and maneuver myself onto Will’s lap, facing the keyboard. I position myself above Will's cock and begin to grind on him, moistening his tip with my wetness without penetrating.

“Oh, God…” Will groans. “Fuck me, Nikki. Ride my cock.” I know he’d like to grab my shoulders or my hips and pull me down onto him, but he can’t because his arms are tied. I feel his hips pushing upward, trying to thrust himself into me, but I won’t let him. I keep myself just out of reach…close enough to touch but not enter. Will resigns himself to doing something that he can control. He begins to lick and nibble on my neck, my shoulder, my ear. It feels really nice and the feel of his warm breath on my skin gives me butterflies.

I lean slightly forward and lick the tip of Mark’s cock, which is perfectly situated directly in front of me. “Oh, fuck, yes…” he moans. “It’s been so long since anyone sucked my dick.”

Hmmm…so his wife doesn’t do oral. I file that little tidbit away for another day. It helps my revenge plot to know what sexual tricks I can use to keep these men on a leash. Placing my lips tightly around the head of his cock, I run my tongue around the tip, then without warning I take him as deep as I can. Mark thrusts his hips forward, trying to go even deeper, and I have to pull back a little to keep from gagging. He is coming off the piano now, supporting himself with his hands while his feet continue to press down on the keys, making discordant sounds as he tries to force himself further into my mouth.

I pull away briefly in order to satisfy the other Benson brother, who is craning his neck forward to continue kissing the back of mine while I suck his brother’s cock. This whole scenario has me dripping wet, and Will slides into me so very easily as a result. I take him all the way in, all the way to the hilt, and moan with pleasure at the feeling of fullness that he provides. I place my hands on the piano keyboard and slide myself up and down Will’s shaft, slowly at first. Very, very slowly…feeling every inch of his hard cock as it disappears inside me, then resisting its loss as I move back up the shaft, almost to the point of it popping out before I descend once again. Leaning forward, I take Mark’s dick between my lips again, sucking gently, using my lips to massage along his shaft as I bob my head up and down his entire length. With my right hand, I reach out and finger his balls, running my fingernails gently across them, cupping them in my palm, massaging gently as I continue to suck his hard cock and ride his brother’s.

“Mmmm…” I moan, loving the feeling. I move faster on Will’s lap, keeping his cock deep inside me now and lifting myself up for short, intense strokes.

“Oh yes, Nikki…I love how you’re fucking me…” Will gasps. These men are worshipping me…I have both of them exactly where I want them. Nothing their little bitch wives can do in bed will equal the excitement they’re experiencing with me right now, and I know they will give just about anything to do this again. It’s that good, for all three of us actually, and I realize that I will give just about anything to do this again too.

That thought just about pushes me over the edge. “Ooooohhhh…yessss…” I breathe, with Mark’s cock still in my mouth, as the beginning of an orgasm becomes apparent. I’m riding Will’s cock mercilessly now, with the speed of a jackhammer, slamming myself down on him over and over again. He’s breathing heavy and struggling a bit, as I know he wants to use his hands to control the tempo and help himself take back a bit of control. But I like it like this. My orgasm builds…and builds…until I’m crashing down on Will repeatedly, writhing in ecstasy, screaming around Mark’s cock in a climax so intense it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My excitement triggers Mark’s and he cums without warning, his balls contracting as he shoots his load into my mouth. I gasp in surprise, but swallow while my orgasm continues, wave after wave, as Will’s still-hard cock continues to fill me up with every thrust. When I can talk again, I urge Will to finish.

“Come on Will…cum in me, baby…I want to feel you explode inside me,” I tell him, breathlessly. He’s panting hard and grunting. I want to watch his face, so I lift myself off him and turn around, straddling his lap again with my knees beside him on the piano bench, and taking his cock back inside me. I fuck him as hard and fast as I’m able to, looking into his eyes the whole time. “Cum for me, Will. Look into my eyes and cum for me.”

That does it. Will’s mouth drops open as his orgasm hits. He squeezes his eyes shut for a second, then opens them again to stare into mine as he cries out in pleasure and cums inside me.

I reach my arms around Will’s neck, planting a gentle kiss on his lips, then I hug him tightly to me. “That was amazing,” I whisper to him. “I’d love to do that again…next time just the two of us and we can really take our time.” He whispers back that he’d like that too. I untie him while I continue to kiss him gently, enjoying the feel of his lips against mine.

I know just how to read these men. Which ones just want hot sex, which ones crave intimacy, which ones want to be dominated, and which ones need to dominate. I’m finding it easy to discover what makes each of them tick, and I’m enjoying that discovery process very much.

I’m absorbed in that thought while Mark and Will are getting dressed, when the doorbell rings.

Who could that be at this hour? Perhaps more neighborhood husbands coming for a midnight treat?

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