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A to Z in the Mall

A promise to a friend to make her next shopping trip memorable
Walking through the mall last Friday, I thought of you. I thought of how much fun it would be to go shopping with you out of town, as a friend. As a fellow shopper.
I thought of how much fun it would be on a day when you can get away without time constraints. On a day when I will play hooky from work - because I can. And because I would. And because I will.
A promise. To go shopping with you. To leave early - and to be able to spend the day in Target, and in the mall, and then to share some time and smiles and conversation, reflecting on the day of shopping, while having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. And then to hit a different Target on the way home, just because we can.
A promise. Made to a friend.
And then as I walked through the mall, I came upon a mall directory.

" mall has a directory."

But I looked at it. And thought. Another promise. An A to Z tour of the mall, but in a different perspective.

"I don't follow you..."

Read on...and you will read my other promise to you. Read on, and let your mind wander to another time, when we may be together in a different place...
We are together in the mall. It was a long hour and a half drive - every minute felt like an hour to me, the anticipation of shopping with you. The anticipation of sharing some time with you as you do something you enjoy. Some time to be with each other in a different place, away from watchful eyes. Away from our own situations.
We are together in the mall. I tell you that I have an idea. You ask me what it is.
How about, I say, if I am your shopping slave today? How about if I make you a promise...that we go through the mall, and for each store we go in, I will give you some form of surprise...and I will base it on either what the store sells, for a theme, or I will simply use the first letter of the store's name to give me the theme or specific idea for the surprise...
"How about it? Give me an example..."
Well...where do we start? Let me call it my A to Z Tour of the Mall for Consenting Adults Only. That's a start.
"I think I see where this is headed..."
Do you? So let's say we start at Lord & Taylor. That's the letter "L"...ok...let's see...I lead you up to the second floor, to the women's lingerie section...and since we are using the letter "L", your surprise will involve your "lips" for example. Each time you touch a piece of clothing, I will kiss you on your lips.
"Oh...and what if I don't touch anything...that's kind of lame..."
Fine. Skip the hard and fast rule about letters and themes. Let's just do an alphabetical tour. Let me tell you what I will do, then...let me give you something more concrete...and keep in mind, since we don't have all day, I'll skip some it's A to Z with a few exceptions...let me tell you what your shopping day will be like...
Abercrombie & Fitch
We enter the store, and find a blouse that you like. I want you to try it on, because the colors will complement your hair and your skin. I want to see it on you, but I don't want you to simply try it on and come out to show me. I follow you to the fitting room, and discreetly go into it with you. I am your shopping slave, so I will unbutton what you are wearing and help you try it on. I undo the buttons on the blouse you are wearing, and slide it off you to reveal you in only your bra. I lean forward and kiss your nipples through your bra, and I do this to make them even more erect than they already were...I slide the new blouse over your shoulders, and then do up the buttons. It looks beautiful on you, and to see how the material hugs your body, I run my hands over your breasts and then stand behind you and cup your breasts in my hands. I can feel your nipples harden under my touch.
I undo the new blouse, and take it off of you, and then put the one you had worn today back on. While you stand there only in your bra, in between blouses, I again kiss your nipples through the bra, and take a small nibble on them.
We go back outside and as you pay for the blouse at the cashier, your nipples poke against the fabric of your blouse.

Bath & Body Works
We go into the store, and I find a body wash with a scent that I say would be lovely. You open it up and smell it, and it pleases you. I touch my finger to the top of the bottle and find a small drop of the body wash, and it is slippery. I notice you are wearing the skirt I love on you (yes, THAT one!), and it is short enough that I can reach down and touch your leg. I pretend to drop something on the ground, and I bend down and reach over and touch the inner part of your legs, and run the slippery body wash along your skin, as I move my finger upward on your leg.
I stand up straight and look at you directly in the eye, and say that I have another slippery liquid that I think would feel good upon your skin.

The letter "C" - as you look at the purses and wallets, I turn you around, gently guiding you with my hand, so that you are facing the wall display at the rear corner of the store, away from all eyes, and I do the same. I take your left hand and place it over my hard cock (yes, that is the "C" word for this store), straining within my jeans, and guiding your hand, I rub your hand over my cock, so you can feel its contours and its hardness. Just briefly, and then I move away and you turn back toward the store, wondering if anybody saw your hand on my cock.

Dick's Sporting Goods
You look at some running gear. A new pair of shorts. I follow you into the fitting room, and again, I am your shopping slave, so I do the work. I help you slide your skirt off, and see you standing there in front of me in your panties. I take my hand and touch your ass gently, and then slide my hand down between your legs and trace the outline of your labia with my finger through your panties. I can feel your wetness, but I don't penetrate you with my finger. I simply trace my finger up and down your slit, until your panties slide into your wet slit, and my finger is up against your bare skin. I slide my finger some more, to get it moistened by your pussy, and then I bring my finger to your lips, and insert my finger in your mouth, fucking your mouth with my finger and your pussy wetness, as if it were my cock entering you.
After this, I pick up the new shorts and help you try them on, and when you take them off again, I repeat my touch of your wetness, but this time I fuck my own mouth with your wetness on my finger, and I taste you.

You look at some sandals and instead of letting the salesperson try them on you, I crouch down between your feet, and I put them on you. As I do, I caress your feet, giving attention to each toe. I stroke your toes the way you would stroke my cock during a handjob. I slip the sandals on your feet, and run my hands up your legs, caressing and stroking your calves.

Frederick's of Hollywood
You find a pair of crotchless panties in black lace, and again I follow you into the fitting room. I again slip your skirt off of you, and although you are not supposed to try items on over bare skin, I slide your panties down and stand facing you. I then kneel down in front of you and move my face to your pussy, and begin to lick the outside of your labia, sliding my tongue up and down your wet slit. You never do try on the panties - you pull my head closer to you, and tell me not to stop tonguing your pussy. I don't stop until I feel your body shudder, and you squeeze my head closer still, and all I can do is enjoy the moment, as I inhale the lovely scent of your pussy and taste your wetness as you cum.

I find some cargo pants that I want to try, so you follow me into my fitting room. But I am your slave today, so I don't want you to help me. I will put on a show for you instead as my task. I undo my pants and slip them off, and standing before you in just my briefs, I begin to dance for you, suggestively and in a way that you cannot escape seeing how hard I am inside my briefs. I slide my briefs off as I dance, and let my fully erect cock bounce for you, as I move closer to you, I tease you by touching you casually with my hardness.

Hollister and J. Crew
We skip these stores.

Kay Jewellers
We skip this store too.

Le Gourmet Chef
You and I go to the cookware section, and I find a rolling pin made out of marble. Cold, grey stone. It has a handle on one side, but on the other, it is just the cold, grey cylinder, perhaps three inches in diameter.
As I hold it, I stroke it as if jacking off the rolling pin, and I lean over and whisper to you that when we get to a store that has a fitting room, I will see if I can fuck your pussy with it. I tell you that I will stretch out your pussy first with my fingers, one finger, then two, then three, then four, and when you are good and wet, and spread open, I will see if the rolling pin will fit, and I will fill your pussy with it, and fuck you while you hold your hand over your mouth, so the people in the other fitting rooms don't hear you as you cum.

Mrs. Field's
You and I just buy some cookies. Not everything in the mall has to be about sex, although buying you cookies and sharing them with you is pretty damn sexy. I think back to the first time I saw you eat, when we had our first lunch together. You are a very graceful woman, and even watching you eat a cookie is a pleasure. Plus, I can see that you really enjoy the chocolate when it melts a bit, and leaves a bit of a glob on the outside of your lip. I nearly cum when you wipe the chocolate off your lip with your pinkie finger, and then slide your pinkie into my mouth to taste the chocolate.

Nine West
Another shoe store, and this time you choose a pair of basic black pumps. I once again kneel before you, as your shopping slave, and put the shoes on you. I again caress your inner thighs, as I reach up to your seat to balance myself as I kneel before you, and my finger goes up to, and then in your pussy, as my hand reaches up your skirt. It is a brief penetration, but your pussy is tight around my finger.

Old Navy
We both pick out some clothes and go together to a fitting room - not unusual for a couple, and the staff have no reason to doubt that we are together. We go into the room and lock the door, and I undress you completely and quickly, and then I do the same to myself. We stand naked before each other, and I tell you that we have only five minutes and as your shopping slave, my only purpose is to help you, and now, I will help you cum. I bend you over so that your hands are on the small bench in the fitting room, and your ass is displayed for me. I stand behind you and firmly insert my cock into your pussy from behind, and I reach forward and grab you around your waist, and pull you and your ass closer to me as my cock penetrates your pussy. I fuck you hard and fast from behind, holding tight onto you and pulling you deeper onto me, impaling you with my cock. You feel my balls slapping against your ass, and you hear me telling you how much I want you to cum, and how I don't care if I cum or not, but that you have to cum...I begin to talk dirty to you, and tell you how I am your fuck-slave and that you can do anything you want with me, and that my cock serves only one purpose, and that is to be at your command, day or night. I keep on fucking your pussy hard from behind, and eventually you do cum, although not in five minutes - it only took four. I pull out and replace my cock with my tongue, and I suck your clit in between my lips and tongue your pussy.
After a few minutes, I turn you around and hold you close to my body, in an embrace of affection, not of passion. I whisper something in your ears, and you look at me and say "what the fuck?" --- I ask you if you are surprised, and if you are angry at me for whispering what I did, and you say no, and I ask you if I should not say those words again, and you reply "no, I didn't say that..." I whisper those words to you again, and you smile at me.
We end up leaving without buying anything at Old Navy.

Piercing Pagoda
As we pass the kiosk, I mention to you that if you ever pierce your pussy lips, I will get a piercing on my cock head, in the hope that our piercings get locked together someday, and we are bound to fuck each other for the rest of eternity.
Or until someone has the balls to call 911 and have us transported to the hospital with my cock locked to your pussy.
You laugh nervously, and we quickly pass the kiosk.
Radio Shack
I pick out a display model of a digital camera, and in a bold move, ask you to flash one of your nipples for me, and as you do, I snap a picture of it. Nobody can see your face or know who it is, but I leave the shot of your nipple in plain view as I put the camera down on the display case.

No sex in the store. But I find a small crystal piece, a figurine of a dog, and I buy it for you in spite of your protests not to get you anything. I buy it for you as much as I buy it for myself, with the figurine making me think of all the times you called me while walking your dog. I tell you how hard I get whenever you call me and talk to me, and just how thankful I am for you having a dog, simply as a reason for you to go out sometimes for a walk, and while doing so, for you to give me a call.

The Body Shop
We look at body lotions, and find one with the scent of coconut, and I again sample a drop with my finger and massage it into the back of your neck. As we leave the store, I ask you to bend down, and as you do, I kiss you on the back of your neck and whisper to you that I promise to kiss your pussy the way I just kissed your neck, when we are alone together.

Urban Outfitters
We skip this store.

Victoria's Secret
We go in to the store, and you find a sexy pink t-shirt that you want to wear to bed. We go together into a fitting room, and I again, as your slave, take off your blouse and leave you standing only in your bra. I remove your bra too, so that you can properly try on the t-shirt, and as I do, I take your nipples into my mouth and suck them hard and steadily. At the same time, I reach up under your skirt and start to feel your wetness grow again. I continue to suck on your nipples, and the one that is not in my mouth at any given time is subject to the steady pressure of the palm of my hand rubbing them into hardness.
I ask you if you know what Victoria's secret is, and we go back and forth joking about it, with me saying that her secret is silicone, and you saying that her secret is that she is a she-male, and that she also has a cock in addition to tits. We laugh together, and between laughs and jokes, I continue to suck on your tits, and to massage your nipples.

Wet Seal

Yankee Candle Company

We are done shopping, and it has been a lot of walking through the mall. You have to pee very badly, especially after all the stimulation. We return back to Lord & Taylor, where the bathrooms on the second floor are discreetly tucked away, and where there are only two or three stalls, so it is not too crowded. I am able to sneak in to the ladies' room with you, and into a stall, and I again am your slave. I pull down your skirt, and your panties, and as you sit on the toilet, I reach down and using my fingers, spread your pussy lips apart and hold them open as you start to pee. I feel a warm gush as your pee flows over my hand and into the toilet and you look at me as to how I can do something like that for you.

You finish peeing, and I wipe off my hand with toilet paper - I will wash it when we get outside the stall - and I look at you as you look at me, and at that moment, you understand what it means for someone to be willing to do anything for you. You smile at me, somewhat in an embarrassed fashion after having peed into my hand, but you are very aroused by how I spread open your pussy while you peed.
You say it is my turn, so I open my zipper and as I start to pull out my cock, you reach in and pull it out through my fly, and you aim my cock down into the toilet. I didn't really have to go, but I strain and squeeze my bladder, and then a flow begins to emerge from the head of my cock and down into the toilet, into your pee still sitting there in the bowl. You hold my cock in position as I pee, and instead of feeling shy about this, I am beginning to get very aroused by how you hold my cock as I pee.
I finish peeing, and you begin to stroke my cock. We are together in this tight stall, and you are stroking my cock. You tease me and stop before I can cum, saying you want to save that for later, in another place.
Yes. Fuck. That is what...
"No...fuck...that is too think I'd let you do all that if we went shopping? You think I'd let you do any of that?"
I'm only making you a promise. You have to decide whether you want it fulfilled. At all or in part or all of it. It's up to you. I can only make the promise. But it is a promise. Not just some fantasy. I will be your shopping slave, and I will do whatever I can to serve you. And to please you.
A promise. I want to go shopping with you, because it would be fun. Friends can do that.
Beyond that, it is up to you. It is your choice as to whether or not you want to remember the mall for anything other than the shopping.
That is my promise to you.
I always try to keep my promises.

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