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A Very Dirty After school Detention To Remember.

One Incredibly Horny Teacher Takes Eric's Virginity In Detention. One Dirty Story!
This is my first ever story, So if some of you guys could give me feedback on things you liked and things that need to be improved on. Thank You!

I'm Eric, I'm 16 years old and I'm a virgin...

Well I was until yesterday.

It was a damp rainy day and I had been kept behind on after school detention and I didn't know it yet, but that detention was going to be the best moment of my school life.

I was instructed to go to our school library and do some homework until 4PM, The school felt empty and as I entered the library I began thinking how amazing it would be to masturbate in this very room right now. Yes, I'm one of those people that find masturbating in public places quite thrilling.

So I put my hand down my trousers and began to feel my cock, it grew harder as I rubbed my hand over it.

Eventually, I couldn't take it any more and had to pull down my trousers, I began to pull on my dick faster and found myself becoming more excited by the second.

Suddenly, I heard foot steps outside!

They sounded like high heels, I didn't know what to do but I reached down to pull my trousers up but didn't make it in time. I looked up to see a young woman staring at me, she had long blonde hair and beautiful eyes and her boobs were quite big. I remember seeing her around the school. She was an assistant.

Some of the boys in the school and I would get quite excited when we would bump into her in the corridors as she usually wore no bra and her nipples were constantly visible. None of us knew her name, or her age for that matter, but I would say she was about 21.

I've always wanted to speak to her but never knew what to say, the silence that filled the room was horrifying, I didn't know what she was going to say.

As she stood there staring at me with my trousers hanging down, the silence was finally broke.

'What are you doing?' she asked.

'I'm um, just on detention, that's all,' I mumbled.

She walked slightly closer. 'Detentions aren't meant to be fun, you know,' she said to me. I could feel myself going bright red and went to pull up trousers to cover my huge erection

She put her hand on my knee. 'You don't have to stop, you know.' She stared at my boxers that covered my cock. 'Go on, get it out again. Pretend like I'm not here,' she said in a sexy tone.

I really didn't want to stop masturbating, and she did seem pretty fine with it, so I took off my boxers and trousers and began to pump away at my cock. She sat on the chair facing me and watched me. I could feel myself becoming nervous but at the same time very aroused. As I looked up at her I noticed she was rubbing her boobs and found it hard to sit still.

She didn't hold back at all, she took off her high heels and put her legs up on the small table that separated us. 'I could get in alot of trouble for this, but I know you won't say anything, because after all, you were the one that was caught masturbating, right?'

I nodded, she told me to take off her tights. I pulled them down and rubbed her legs and feet. She slowly climbed over the table and sat beside me, removing her bright green shirt and revealing the amazing pair of boobs me and my friends had dreamt about everytime we saw her in the halls.

Straight after I began to laugh slightly, she looked straight at me. 'What's funny?' she asked.

'Nothing. Just it's strange seeing you wear a bra, Miss. I see you without it alot of the time,' I said whilst taking off my shirt.

'Does it turn you on? Do you think about seeing my tits?' she asked in a very sexy manner.

I moved closer to her and nodded.

'Well then I suppose you better see them then!' She undid her bra and an amazing pair of tits dangled infront of my eyes. I was still a virgin and didn't know exactly what to do, so I went to take off her knickers when suddenly she pulled away.

'If you want to get down there, you're going to have to do some work up here,' she said.

I assumed she was talking about her boobs, I began kissing them, and licking them.

'You can do better than that. C'mon!' she said.

I started to suck on her hard nipples, she moaned slightly. When I pulled away I went in to kiss her. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and we began swirling each others tongues about until she pulled away.

'You're a great kisser. You deserve a little reward too!' she said. I sat up on the side of the desk, and she got down on her knees. I could feel her warm breath breathe over my cock, and suddenly she had my entire dick in her mouth.

Sucking in and out wildly and then spitting on her hands before rubbing them over my hard cock. After a few minutes of that, she walked over and sat on a chair close by. I followed her over, and she put her feet on two small separate tables, spreading her legs out revealing her shaved pussy to me.

I came closer and the smell of her wet pussy became stronger. I stuck my tongue directly into it and began moving it about, getting more and more into it as I did it. I put one of my fingers into her, she moaned loudly and told me to keep moving it. So I did as I was told and began to shove my finger into her as fast as I could.

'Oh yeah, lick my pussy too baby!' she shouted to me. I licked her pussy whilst fingering her and then she called out for two fingers. I stood up, and stuck two fingers up into her gorgeous pussy. I shoved them in faster and faster and she moaned and groaned.

She suddenly got up and we walked over to the tables in the centre of the library. I laid down on top of one them, and she got on top of me. 'Wait, I don't have any protection!' I said. I was quite worried as this was my first time.

'Fuck it! We started this, we're going to finish it, now c'mon. Fuck Me!' she replied. She sat down on my hard cock, and I could feel her juicy pussy covering it. She bounced up and down and began to shout, 'YES! YES! Like that, oh fuck me! YES!'

The more she shouted and groaned, the closer I came to cumming all over the place. But it wasn't me that ended up cumming first.

'I'm going to cum, FUCK YES!' she yelled. She rubbed her pussy quickly, and squirted everywhere. When she got off, we began kissing again. We began exchanging saliva, licking tongues and then realised the time.

The last thing we wanted was to be caught. We ran over to our clothes that we'd left scattered everywhere. She picked up her knickers and handed them to me and winked. 'Think of it as a souvenir.'

She walked out of the library.

I looked at her orange knickers and then smelt them, they smelt almost as sexy as her. I put them in my bag and noticed that her cum was all over the library carpet. I laughed slightly and walked out of the library.

It was one detention I'll never forget.

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