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A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)

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I walked in the room, cum dripping from my satisfied cunt. I laid down next to Liz, if only she knew

A Weekend Full of Fun … (cum)


I was the dreaded of all weekends --- “The Family Weekend.” I hated those, all of my sexually deprived siblings and close family friends together in one small area complaining about absolutely everything! The only good thing out of all these family weekends was that I got a chance to see Mario (my brother’s godfather) and if I got lucky (which I almost always did) he would rock my world.


We met at Mario’s house early Saturday morning . The grill was burning, and the kids were all in the pool.


“Mara! Please make sure that the kids aren’t hurting themselves, and get me the meat that’s on the kitchen counter” my mom hollered at me through the safety fence by the pool.  


I just groaned and did what I was told. After that I made my way to the bathroom, I stood in front of the mirror and admired my beautiful face . As you may know (if you’ve read any of my stories) I love looking at myself. It’s not that I am conceited, I’m just convinced. I was wearing a tight yellow spaghetti strap and some booty shorts; I had my favorite white bikini underneath. I made my way out of the bathroom and out to the pool area.


I noticed that Mario was following me with his eyes, I could have taken my clothes off in the bathroom, but I’m never one to pass on the opportunity to put on a good show. I shivered; I pulled my shirt off slowly, my firm breast bounced a little, my booty shorts were a little harder to take off (they were skin tight) I had to struggle a little, and my boobs may have accidentally slipped out of my top. It was an accident I swear (wink wink.) Mario’s eyes were almost popping out of his head; my dad had to actually hit him on his arm to get his attention. I jumped in the pool the cold water felt wonderful on my hot body. Why did he have this power over me? The mere thought of his hands on my body made me wet. I envied his wife; come to think of it I hate her! She has the only man I have ever really wanted, may be I just discovered why I crave what’s not mine, why I love married men, and why I can’t seem to find love. Damn I’m fucked up!


Anyways, I swam around for a little while trying to get the picture of his succulent dick out of my mind.  Needless to say it didn’t work, my body was tired but my mind was going a 100 m.p.h. The food was ready, I got out of the pool and the fresh air gave me goosebumps and my nipples immediately got hard. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body as I sat down to eat. The rest of the afternoon I spent it sunbathing and swimming. Mario has a 15yr old daughter named Liz; she was a cute and bubbly young lady. She fancied me, may be because her parents were kind of uptight and when she was with me she got a chance to talk about less than traditional things.


-- Mara, do you want to spend the night with me. Maybe watch a couple of movies?

- I don’t know. I’m kind of tired.

-- Please… I really want to talk to you about a couple of things (personal you know.)

- Ok, then. I’ll stay, if it’s okay with your parents?

-- I’m sure it is, but I’ll go and make sure. Ok?

- Ok, I’ll wait for you here…


She jumped out of the pool, unable to hide her excitement. I wondered what she wanted to talk about… She got back to the pool and said her parents had agreed. It was getting late and the ladies were all in the kitchen washing dishes and gossiping, while the guys cleaned the grill and the BBQ area. I sat there starring at Mario while pretending to pay attention to Liz, just nodding and saying “uhmm huh” every couple of minutes. Finally!! After what seemed endless hours everyone was gone, after Mario, his wife, Liz, and her two little brothers had taken a shower and gone to bed, I got to take a shower. It has gotten too late to watch a movie, and Liz had drifted off to sleep. I stood under the cold shower , washing the smell of clorox from my hair. My desires got the best of me and I laid on the tub with my legs up in the air, as I positioned my hungry pussy under the cold stream of water. The pressure from the faucet sent shocks through my body, my hands now tugging at my stiff nipples. My orgasm building, all I had to do was picture Mario’s hard dick inside me and boom, I exploded… My clit now sensitive hurt under the water, I pulled away in a hurry. Unable to stand up I laid there for a while, just thinking about how thick and juicy Mario’s dick was, how good it felt inside me. GOD I WANT HIM! I got out of the shower and walked to the kitchen (with a towel wrapped around my wet body.) To my surprised I found Mario there looking in the fridge.


- Hi…

-- Uhmm hi, I thought you were asleep.

- No, I was taking a shower. Uhmm how are you?

-- Good, well uhmm better. I can’t sleep I uhmm god, I can’t stop thinking about how good you looked earlier. That white bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination, Mara why are you still here? Why didn’t you go home? Why do we keep doing this when we both know it’s wrong?!

- I don’t know, I think I love you…

-- You can’t! It’s not right! Get your clothes on, I’m driving you home.


I couldn’t help myself; with a quick move I removed my towel. I stood in front of him completely naked and ready.


- No Mario, I need you inside me. I need to feel you, please…


He kept trying to look away, but I could tell he was looking at me from the corner of his eye.


-- Mara, this is wrong, I’m sorry about what happened when you were just a child. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m so sorry.


I walked over to him, stood in front of him and placed his beautiful face in my hands. Tears were starting to form in those beautiful eyes that I loved. I pressed my naked body against his and kissed him passionately. At first he resisted, but eventually his tongue made its way into my mouth. He often told me that he felt guilty for taking my virginity, and that he thinks that he’s the reason why I behave the way that I do (and he doesn’t even know half of what I do.) Could it be his fault? I don’t think so; I’ve been “sex crazy” for as long as I can remember, WAY before he introduced me to the pleasures of penetration.


His hands were all over my body now, gently rubbing my back and my ass. I know he loves to spank me, but since we were in his kitchen with his wife and kids just a couple of feet away he resisted. My tiny hands rubbing the front of his pants furiously, I could feel the heat I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I pulled away and jumped on the kitchen counter spreading my legs, my sloppy pussy dripping my tasty juices on the counter. I began to rub my cootchie getting my fingers all wet, and then sucking them. Mario got between my legs and bit my lip; I couldn’t help but shake a little. Again I reached down and rubbed my clit, now I invited him to suckle on my finger (I joined him.) He kissed my breast, my nipples hard as a rock had grown to almost twice its original size. He licked around my nipple, torturing me. Finally he took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck and gently bite me. I arched my back a little; I was so wet I could feel a small puddle forming under my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever been so drenched in my life. May be it was the fear of getting caught. I felt his warm tongue on my belly, circling my belly button he kept going lower, and lower. Finally reaching my inner thighs, he was driving me wild. I grabbed his head and dug it in my crotch. His tongue immediately began to savor my sweet and delicious treat. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to come; my legs tighten around his head. He flickered his tongue against my clit. It took all of my strength not to scream as my orgasm reached full force.


He took me off the counter and carried me over to the table, I laid motionless in anticipation. He placed me legs on his shoulders carefully while rubbing my slit with his head. I almost came, his head now on the entrance of my swollen panochita. Oohh it felt so good…


- Mmmm god Mario, it feels so good!

-- You like that baby? Uhggg

- Yes daddy, fuck me!


By now he was pounding into me, I wanted to yell, holler, but I had to bite my lips. I loved how he knows exactly how to place himself on top of me in order to bring me the most intense orgasms. I kept contracting my vaginal muscles, doing everything in my power to stop the squirting. So far so good, but I didn’t think I would be able to hold on much longer. His trust became harder, longer, I could see it in his face --- he was close.


- Ooh yes daddy! Fuck me harder!

-- Mmmm ughhh yeahh ummm


He let out a loud groan, dug his fingers into me legs, and came inside me. It felt so good. I felt so guilty, but I felt whole. We heard a door creak, and I jumped off the table grabbed my towel and hurried off to the bedroom. I reached Liz’s door just as Mario’s wife came out of her room


“Good night Mara, see you in the morning.” She smiled at me, I smiled back. She had no idea I had just fucked her husband in her kitchen.


I walked in the room, cum dripping from my satisfied cunt. I laid down next to Liz, if only she knew…  

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