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Age Play

A roleplay story..

“Do you trust me babes?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then let it go then!”

I’m not sure if you’re talking about the duvet or my inhibitions, not that I have many of those, not by the standards of so called ‘normal people’ as I like to refer to them.
Anyway, I do trust you and I let go of both the duvet and my fears.

“Tell me what you want” you say and my response is that I want to be everything you want me to be, to do and enjoy everything you want to take! That’s what really does it for me, I tell you. I suppose I’m a people pleaser.

“Come on babe! Open up” and you aren’t talking physically.

“Okay” I take a deep breath and begin.

“I want you to treat me like a little girl” my tone is unsure because it’s the first time I’ve said this out loud.

“Go on”, you say with a serious air about you that unsettles me.

“I want you to abuse your little girl, I want to be used to satisfy your every sick fantasy” and instantly I feel so aroused and liberated for sharing this with you.

“Okay babes, I understand” and I wonder whether you really might.

“There’s more!” I say quickly while I have the courage,

“I want to pretend I don’t like it and I want you to do it anyway.

“As in rape?” you ask,

“Well erm all of it!”

“Okay, go and get dressed let’s do this properly”, you tell me and I do exactly as I’m told.

I dress myself in a short pleated skirt, knee high socks and a short sleeved white blouse. You get dressed too and make yourself a cup of strong coffee you bring me a glass of orange squash, which makes me laugh out loud.

“Thanks Daddy” I mock with a grin whilst realising that actually I quite like it.

I’m not used to playing a role and especially one I am so unsure of so I don’t say too much, I just sit on the couch quietly.
You switch on the kids programmes and I raise my eyebrows, I really do start to think that you’re taking the piss out of me. You sit at the other end of the couch and pat the space next to you.

“Come and snuggle” you say and I feel excited at the prospect of making physical contact with you while in this role.

“Bring your hairbrush, and I’ll brush your hair for you” and holy fuck, ‘nice touch’ the idea of a man brushing a woman’s hair arouses me at the best of times.
I do as I’m told and sit down next to you I turn my back towards you and pass you the brush.
You begin gently and the physical attention however innocent it, feels very good.

As I sit and bask in the affection I’m receiving, I feel real adoration for you. It suddenly hits me that if I can trust you this much, there has to be a good reason for it, you must be special.

“I love you”. I say, and it just crept out of me not entirely inappropriate for this scenario I let it go, just this once.

“How much do you love me?” you ask and my reply is immediate.

“Lots and lots, more than I can say with words”

“Then come here and give me a kiss to show daddy how much you love him” you say and I almost come there and then as I manoeuvre myself and give you a big hug and plant a peck on your mouth.
You grab my head and hold me in place as you force your tongue into my small mouth. I pretend not to understand and pull away from you despite the fact that I really want to kiss you back right now.

“That’s how grown ups kiss to show love” you tell me, and I nod, it doesn’t occur to me that you want me to try again and you feign being cross with me.
Unaware of my improvisational skills until now, I try something I lean forward and accidentally on purpose knock my squash over on the table to see what reaction it gets.
I give you a glance that is in actual fact a dare in ‘non verbal’ language, you take me up on it.

“Naughty girl” you say and I look ruefully at you as I feel fresh juices ooze from the depths of me.

“Do you know what happens to naughty little girls?” you ask and I shake my head slowly.

“They get punished” you tell me sternly and I wonder excitedly what punishment you can dream up for me.

“Stand up”, you order and I obey though I’m shaky on my legs now. You lift up my skirt and pull my white panties down to my ankles.
“Now bend over” and I brace myself for a deliciously mean spanking.
The first smack stings, ‘you perfected it’ I think then I wince as the second one makes contact with my bare ass.
The third makes me cry out and I have red angry handprints on my bare skin.

“The more you cry, the worse it will be for you” you tell me and I try to hush myself but you smack me harder than before and I yelp.

“Now you’ve done it!! You snap angrily and my legs almost buckle as fear kicks in.

“You pick up the hairbrush from the couch, I can’t see it but I feel it as you ram it straight into my tight virgin ass.
I scream and fall forwards but you catch me and enjoy the reaction as you strive to force it further and harder into me.
I’m crying real tears now because I’ve convinced myself that I have no idea what you’re doing to me and actually it fucking hurt more than I know how to tell you.

“Please stop it!” I beg you but you don’t stop, you’re enjoying the show.
You sit back and look at your efforts, you look at me with the hairbrush protruding from my bloodied ass and you can’t deny that it’s one of the naughtiest, filthy horny things you’ve ever seen.
Your cock is straining with the thrill of it and this abuse has only just begun.

You push me onto the couch face first and I cry out as I begin to wonder and worry about how far we can take this. I start to wonder what I’ve awoken in you.

“So you want to be daddies little whore do you?” you spit at me with your cock in hand and moving towards me. I don’t speak because I don’t know what to say.

“You want my cock in your cunt?” you ask, not wanting thee answer.
You thrust yourself into me and roar with pleasure as deeper and deeper you go and my spine bends under you.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it?” you shout at me as you begin spanking my ass and the word “yes” escapes me accidentally.
The hairbrush is threatening to dislodge itself so you force it back in and I cry under you.
When I hear your moans of pleasure and your pace increases I have the image in my head of your cum dripping out of my pussy, my ass bloodied gaping and I start to feel an orgasm grow deep within me.

“You really are a dirty little bitch”, you tell me and I bury the sense of pride that instantly comes to me. Instead I focus on my pleasure and as you fuck my tight pussy and force that hairbrush into my sore ass, I rub my clit hard and fast until juices squirt from me soaking us both and I wail away all the dirty frustration I’ve been harbouring.

“Good girl” You tell me then you lean into me find my skin and drag your blunt nails down my back before filling my belly with hot cum.

I crumple beneath you now as the pleasure subsides and the pain from my ass is a realisation.

You remove the hairbrush and yourself and you examine the damage. There is blood and it does excite you.
Your fingers are probing and I wince under your touch.

“I’ll kiss it better for you” you say and spread my cheeks wide and kiss gently.

Your mouth feels soft and warm but it’s nothing compared to the sensation of your tongue as you begin to probe with it. The probing turns to more, it turns to penetration and you’re tonguing my abused ass, kissing, licking it better for me, all the while making it so that I’m going to want you to hurt it again if you don’t stop soon.

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” you ask me and I murmur the word yes between gasps.

“Then lick daddies ass for him” you tell me and we immediately change positions so that you’re on all fours and I am behind you.

I’m keen to please, you could say hungry for it as I spread your ass and go straight to work on it.

“That’s it, you dirty little whore, get your tongue right in there!” you order and my face is buried in your ass now as I frantically try to get my tongue deeper. I’m making slurping sounds and my face and your ass are a saliva drenched, mess now.
My fingers can’t help but join in the desperate attempt to satisfy you.
I push one into your tight ass and enjoy the sound that escapes your mouth. It encourages me to push deeper and you push yourself backwards onto it.
My mouth has switched attention to your balls and pretty much any other place it has access to. My other hand reaches around to your hard again cock and squeezes hard as I bring you off and the same fast pace as my finger now fucks your accepting ass.

“Good work my filthy little girl” you manage through a gasp as you soak my hand with another generous helping.

“Now come here for a cuddle” and I do as I’m told like the obedient little girl that I am.

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