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AJ’s Naughty Slumber Party

AJ’s Naughty Slumber Party

Slumber party gets naughty leading a single mother and step-daughter down a carnal path with friends

Amber Jade is my sixteen-year-old step-daughter. I call her AJ for short. The school year had just begun, and AJ asked if she could have a sleep-over with Zoe, Katrina, Kat for short and a few others. I pressed her for more information as to how many and more specifically who.

“Gee mom why the twenty questions? I’m not inviting the whole school for god’s sake.”

“AJ, I want to make sure who all is coming besides Zoe and Kat. You know as well as I do how they can get. I don’t want to get anyone into trouble and make sure that our secret is safe. What we did with Zoe and Kat is our secret and I want it to stay that way.”

“Oh mom! You worry too much. Zoe and Kat won’t tell, and I only plan on inviting just the girls from my Phys Ed class. You already know a few of them. I think Piper, Lisa, Nicole, Lori, Emma, Kristy, Sami, Jenelle, Krystal, Alicia, Darcelle, Whitney, Avery and Sydney are the only ones besides Zoe and Kat that might be able to come any way.”

“AJ! That’s way too many girls here for a sleep over. You, Zoe and Kat need to trim the list down. It’s only Monday so you have at least three days to figure it out.”

“Okay mom.”

“I think you three and six others is more than enough for a sleep-over. I’m sure all of you can have fun and maybe later you can invite the others over another time.”

“Okay mom, but … “

“No AJ, no buts!”

Wednesday AJ told me that only five of the fourteen are able to come on Friday. I let her know that I was pleased and would most likely have to work late on Friday. She and her friends could order pizza and choose a movie if that’s what they wanted. AJ was excited and the next couple of days couldn’t come fast enough.

Friday finally came, and no one was no happier than me. Work had been exhausting all week and I was in need a long bath and wine as well as some alone time. My alone time usually involved reading erotic stories on Lush and drinking wine followed by some serious masturbating.

The girls were already there when I got home. I had called earlier from work to let AJ know she could order pizza from Mazzio’s and to be sure and order two family sized pizzas because I was in no mood to cook. She asked if I would pick up a DVD and I told her to just order one from Netflix.

The girls I didn’t know introduced themselves beginning with Piper. Piper was about AJ’s size and very cute. Nicole was next, and she was more developed. She looked more like eighteen than sixteen. Emma, Sami, Darcelle told me a little about each other. Sami was short for Samantha and Darcelle said she likes to be called Darci.

I opened a bottle of Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon and poured a glass. I sat at the table eating pizza and continued to chat with the girls. Zoe and Kat told me they were so glad that I let AJ have a sleepover. I asked what they did before I got home. I figured they were up to something.

“Oh, mom you know. We did our nails. We gave each other pedicures and tried on the new clothes Jim bought me for school.”

“Wow Ms. Kirk. AJ has so many new outfits. Is Jim rich? Is he your boyfriend? He sounds really nice.”

“Yes Darci. Jim is a very nice man and he is just a really good friend.”

“AJ? Isn’t he the grandad of the family you sit for?”

“Yes, Nicole he is. He and mom are friends. Mom works for his son and Jim comes to visit his son and us a lot.”

“He must be some kind of friend.” Said Sami.

I watched Zoe and Kat closely during the conversation, and I picked up a feeling something was up. Zoe and Kat are very naughty and always looking for another sexual adventure, so I felt they must have planned something with AJ that involved the new girls.

“So what movie did you pick out AJ?”

“Mmm ‘50 Shades Darker’. Is that okay?”

“Well I guess AJ.”

Now I knew those little insatiable nymphs were up to something. I had finished my third glass of wine and was feeling very relaxed. I decided to leave the girls and take a warm bath. I figured they wanted some time alone to watch the movie and honestly, I was not interested in watching a movie.

“AJ I’m going to take a bath and get to bed early. You all behave and don’t make too much noise or stay up all night, okay?”

“Sure mom.”

“Good night Ms. Kirk.”

“Good night Ms. Kirk, nice to meet you.”

All the girls echoed the same. I thought to myself, yes, it’s going to be a very good night as I walked to my bedroom and into my large bath room. I could feel my vagina getting wet as I often did before a bath. I loved the feeling of a warm bath and letting the jets pulsate on my clit. That thought always made me so wet. I sat the wine glass on the step at the top of the tub and stripped my clothes off as the tub filled.

As I laid in the tub, the water pulsated over my clit making it hard and peer from beneath its hood. My fingers found the tunnel, and in I pushed. I came in seconds and sank into the tub. I grabbed the glass of wine and sipped as visions passed through my head of Zoe, Kat and AJ and what they might be doing. Perhaps they were all watching the movie and playing with their cute little pussies. I felt a strong desire to join them but that was only a fleeting thought.

I stepped out of the tub, toweled myself off and dusted my body with baby power. I put on my short satin kimono robe and decided to refill my wine glass and pick up the tablet, so I could read or maybe even chat on Lush while I masturbated. I strolled into the den but stopped short. I could hear giggles over the movie. I peeked around the corner to see the girls had changed into T-shirts and not much else.

I watched as Emma and Sami kissed while their hands groped each other’s butt. I stood still as they broke their kiss and sat crossed-legged. Then I heard more talk but could make it out over the movie sounds. Piper stood and raised her T-shirt above her waist and pushed a hand into her panties. I watch as she played for a short while and then she sat.

Zoe then stood and walked to Kat. She stood directly in front of Kat as Kat slid her hands under Zoe’s T-shirt and pulled her panties off. Kat was waving the panties around and then pushed them under Nicole’s nose. Zoe then raised her T-shirt and bent over mooning all the others. I was getting very turned on and let my hand slide inside as it found my breast and hardening nipple. I rolled nipple between my thumb and forefinger as my wetness intensified.

Suddenly I saw Darci look my way but before she could respond I moved into the den for all to see.

“Just thought I would fill my glass with more wine and get the tablet.”

I continued to the kitchen a little flushed. I gathered my composure and poured wine. I stood at the sink and drank the entire glass. I was feeling tipsy and in need of some sexual relief. I filled the glass again and went into my home office to get the tablet. I noticed the tablet was not as I left it this morning. I thought AJ must have searched for a movie, so I opened the history file to see what pages she looked at. Oh my! I looked at the time stamps and the pages she opened.

She or they were looking at porn. I opened the first tag and up came a movie of lesbians tribbing. It was so hot, and my body tingled all over as I watched. I opened the next tag and there were two guys sucking each other while a girl pegged one in his ass. Damn I was so turned on, I wanted to strip and masturbate right there. I felt the presents of someone, but couldn’t stop watching the video of the girl pegging the guy as he sucked the other guy’s huge cock.

I turned slightly and saw Darci watching me. She was rubbing her hand on her crotch and the other hand was on her left breast. I turned facing her and leaned back letting my butt rest on my desk. I held the tablet in one hand as I worked my legs apart slightly letting my short kimono ride up. I moved my free hand to the sash. I tugged slightly, and it parted just enough to reveal my cleavage and navel. Darci smiled and walked to me. She stared me in the eyes as her hand moved inside the robe and rested on my breast.

I witnessed her nostrils flare and her breathing increase. I sat the tablet on the desk and placed both hands around the back of her head and pulled to me. I kissed her and she kissed back, our tongues twisted and toyed as I tasted her. She pushed her hand inside my robe at the sash. As she slid her hand downward the sash fell to the side and the robe opened exposing me completely. I broke our kiss.

“Have you ever done this before Darci?”

“No Ms. Kirk, but I want to so bad. Do you want me to stop? I want to know what it feels like, please let me? Okay?”

“Are you sure, because if you don’t stop I won’t be able to stop.”

Darci palm was flat on my stomach fingers pressed on my mound. She let her hand tease its way to my vagina. Her palm pressed hard against my pubic bone and her fingers toyed with my clit. She acted as if she knew what she was doing. I let her do anything she wanted as I leaned back against my desk, my hands outstretched behind me palms down holding me steady on the desk. Both my breasts were exposed as the robe parted completely.

“Darci, I thought you said you never have done this before. Where did you learn.”

“We all watched porn today, and I saw two girls play with each other.”

Just as her fingers found my love tunnel, AJ popped into the room. Darci stopped and pulled away from me leaving me standing spread eagle, pussy dripping and my nipples hard and erect exposed to all. Zoe and Kat were not far behind AJ. They stopped dead in their tracks next to AJ who was speechless and mouth wide open.

“So, I see you girls did more than just try on clothes.”

“Mom, I can explain.”

“Oh, please do. I do hope it’s a good one. As you can see I am a little flushed right now.”

We all moved from the office to the den. AJ went on to explain that ever since the beginning of school they all talked about sex. Who had done what over the summer and who wanted to learn more. Who was a virgin and who wasn’t. They planned the sleepover, so they could explore and having it here was the safest place. They all knew Zoe and Kat came here to play and knew AJ played too. Piper, Emma, Nicole, Sami and Darci wanted to have sex or at least masturbate.

“So, you thought our house was the place to play? You could have at least had the curtesy to have asked me if it was okay.”

“Mom it just slipped out that Zoe, Kat and I played with you. I sorry really so sorry.”


“Oh my god AJ. That’s our secret and I could get into trouble.”

“Ms. Kirk, please don’t worry your secret is safe with all of us.”

Darci came to me and hugged me. I looked at the girls, all of them. Each looked serious and in agreement of keeping the secret safe. Zoe and Kat hugged me and each gave me a kiss. I put my arms around them giving a group hug.

“Mom, do you want to join us for a game of truth or dare?”

“Why not, I already have been caught. We might as well all have some fun together.”

We say in the floor crossed-legged. I didn’t bother to pull my robe together as they already had seen me. Besides I was really turned on. I could see Zoe’s sweet bare pussy as she sat across from me. Darci’s nipples were clearly visible as they pocked out on her T-shirt. AJ started by asking Darci for a truth or dare. Darci said dare and AJ dared her to make out with me. I knew AJ was well aware of my need to get off and she saw how turned on I was with Darci, and I guess she figured we should finish.

Darci and I moved to the center of the circle and faced each other kneeling with hands on each other’s shoulders. I leaned in and we kissed. Darci was quick to tug open my sash once again and pushed it open then letting it slide off my shoulders completely. It gathered around my calves leaving me fully exposed to all. I broke our kiss and grabbed her T-shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head baring her breast to all. We pulled each other tight letting our breasts touch.

Darci’s hand found my soaking pussy once more as I walked my legs apart, so she could enter me. My hands grabbed her panties by the waist band and in one motion I had them down and around her knees. I pushed her onto her back forcing her hand from my dripping pussy. I tugged her panties up and her legs followed. As her panties left her ankles, now outstretched straight up in the air, I gave a little toss then holding her ankles I pushed her legs apart. I stared at her hairless pussy, pink, swollen and glistening with her wetness.

I gazed into her eyes as she followed mine while I lowered my lips to her sweet vagina. I lapped her slit with my tongue as her eyes rolled back in her head. I licked her slit from the top down to her rosebud and circled it a few times as she began to scream. He bucked her pelvis against my face as I licked her to one orgasm to another. I sucked on her clit and bit it tenderly as she begged me to let her cum again and again. I made her cum repeatedly as I relentlessly attached her pussy with my tongue.

Darci thrust upward and screamed, “Oh my god that feels so good.” She then fell limp.

“Okay girls, who wants to be next?”

Emma, Piper and Sami begged to be next…


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