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All is Fair in Love and Art chapter 1

Nothing wrong with a fantasy that hasn't happened... yet.
As Eleanor placed her key in the deadbolt lock of the door that opened her apartment, her nose instantly caught wind of an amazing smell. Her stomach growled loudly as she pushed the door open. “Molly? What is that amazing smell?”

Eleanor placed her keys and purse on the table beside the door and walked in to the kitchen to find her roommate in yoga pants and a loose tee shirt. She had ear buds in and was dancing in front of the sink. Eleanor silently walked over behind Molly and pulled out her ear buds. Suddenly, a mix of hip hop and house music flooded the kitchen, as the music was so loud from her iPod. Molly jumped and swung around in time to see her roommate and to keep from catching Eleanor’s jaw in a half-hearted right hook.

She sagged against the sink, “Ellie, geez you scared me. I didn’t hear you come in. How was your day?”

“It was fine. Class, work… you know, same thing, different day. What are you making Mol? It smells amazing.”

Molly smiled and said, “Meatloaf. It’s my mom’s recipe. There are also mashed potatoes, salad, and garlic green beans.”

“That sounds like heaven. Do we have enough for a third?” Molly looked at Ellie inquisitively and slightly cocked her head to the side with a hint of a smile on her lips.

“I suppose, why? Who did you invite over for dinner?” Ellie shifted her weight, looking excited and nervous at the same time.

“Well, I ran in to Caleb today at the coffee shop on campus, and he asked about you. I told him the basics, but he was really intrusive on what you have been up to. To be honest, Molly, ever since you broke things off with Seth, you’ve become kind of a hermit. I figured if we had company, especially Caleb, it might just snap you out of your funk, considering how close we all used to be.”

“Ell, I love you, but please don’t worry about me. I am fine. Although, you may be right. A trio dinner could be exactly what I need to help me perk up.”


Caleb knocked on the door at seven sharp, just as Ellie had told him to. He was a little nervous to see Molly again, especially after how hard her break up with Seth was on her. He always knew that it wouldn’t work out, but he didn’t say anything because Molly would never believe him, especially about Seth’s cheating habit. He didn’t want to watch his best friend get hurt, so he distanced himself as much as possible.

When Ellie answered the door, Caleb looked down at her tiny frame. With her standing at 5’2, it was sometimes funny to see them together, as he was 6’3 and a basketball player. He had baby blue eyes and muscles for days. Many women flirted and hit on him all the time, but he had decided a long time ago that Ellie was the girl for him.

“Caleb! It is so great to see you!”

“You too Ellie.” He bent down and picked her up like old times, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck in a bear hug. He slowly walked in the apartment, with Ellie still attached like a spider monkey and nudged the door shut with his foot.

She giggled, let go, and hopped down. Ellie skipped into the kitchen, and he followed close behind.

Molly walked over to Caleb and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Caleb, it’s good to see you. It’s been a while.”


They sat down at the table for dinner, and Molly couldn’t help but notice how Caleb would make minimal conversation with her, but the majority of his attention was directed towards Ellie and it was definitely reciprocated. They flirted back and forth all during dinner, while still managing to involve Molly. Truth be told, Molly was looking forward to classes tomorrow. This had been the longest week of her life. Typically, she looked forward to spring break, but this year it was torture. With her and Seth being kaput, it was rough not being able to stick to her schedule of school and work every day.

She couldn’t wait to get back to her classes, especially her Art History class. Mainly because it was her favorite class, but also because she happened to have a major crush on her teacher, Professor Scott. He was fresh out of Grad school, young and smoking hot. It was a miracle she was carrying an A in the class, because she spent more time daydreaming than listening to his lectures. She really had to hustle to do well on her homework and tests to keep her grade high. Molly was naturally smart and a good student, but when it came to having to look at Colin Scott three days a week while he lectured about eighteenth century art, she had her work cut out for her. He was 6’3 to her 5’6, and was lean and hard everywhere she was soft. Most days he would come to class with wet hair, and smelled of chlorine. It was obvious he was an avid swimmer and had the body to prove it. She couldn’t help but think about how grateful she was that tonight was Sunday and classes would finally begin again tomorrow. Post break up with Seth, Ellie had really been her second shadow.

Tonight was the first time she had a little bit of space and time to think, as Caleb was occupying her. She loved him for that, he had always been good to them both, but it was beyond obvious that he was more into Ellie than just being her friend. During a late night and several bottles of wine, she finally admitted to Molly that she returned his feelings, but was afraid of ruining the friendship in the process, so she never acted on them.

Molly tuned back in to the conversation at the dinner table just in time to hear Caleb suggest to Ellie that they go out sometime. That was a new development. He never had been so bold in the past. Molly took that as her queue to excuse herself from the table and head to the bubble bath that was calling her name.

“You know guys, I have class in the morning, and I am pretty worn out. I think I am going to take a bath and head to bed.”

Caleb looked at her for a few moments before responding, “If you insist, Mol, but please tell me that it won’t be another three months before I see your pretty face again.”

She smiled at him and stood up, walking around the table and stopping behind him to give him a quick hug around the shoulders. “I promise, Caleb, but you really shouldn’t worry so much. It will give you premature wrinkles.”

Ellie giggled and stood up to hug her best friend, “Good night Doll. Ill clean up since you cooked.”

“Thank you, Ellie. I appreciate it.”

“No problem, sleep tight. I love you.” Molly gave her a quick squeeze and a peck on the cheek then retreated to the bathroom.


Once she was there, she could finally relax a little, placing iPhone in the dock that they kept in the bathroom. Suddenly, soft jazz music began to fill the room and the tension that Molly had been holding in her shoulders began to ease out. She grabbed her favorite bubble bath out of the cabinet and made her way to the claw foot tub that occupied the bathroom as the centerpiece. It was Molly’s favorite thing about the apartment, aside from its size.

She began to run the hot water and tempered it just enough with the cold to make it perfect. She dumped a few capfuls of the bubble bath into the water and started to undress, as the scent of vanilla and sandalwood filled the air. Molly pulled her locks back in to a messy bun on the top of her head to keep from getting her hair wet. As one foot hit the hot water, she let out a little hiss from the abnormal heat that was making her skin turn pink. Placing the other foot in, she stood there for just a moment to let her body get used to the temperature.

She placed her hands on the sides of the tub and slowly lowered herself in to the water, letting the warmth over take her calves and thighs. As the water slowly filled the tub, Molly lay back to relax, letting the water move up to the apex of her thighs and her lower belly. She lowered her arms in, and rested her head back on the rim of the tub. Eventually, the water made its way up to the underside of her impressive 36D breasts. Sitting up, she turned off the water and grabbed her sponge, holding it under the water to make it soak up as much liquid as possible.

Once it was fully saturated, she pulled it up to her left collarbone and squeezed. As the water ran down her left breast and shoulder, she moaned and did the same thing to the right side. Her nipples began to harden from the contrast of hot water and the cold air in the room. Molly squeezed more water down her arms and the back of her neck. As Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong serenaded each other in Dream a Little Dream of Me, she continued to relax and wiggled her toes in the bubbles above the water.

Molly slowly lowered her left hand down into the water and started to rub her lower stomach with the sponge. She moved to her outer thighs and soon began to move inward. She was beginning to feel aroused by the water that was moving against her smooth pussy lips. Leaving the sponge float to the top of, she let her hand travel to her labia. Molly was softly petting them and slowly prying them open, when the water hit her swollen clit. It took her breath away. She let out a soft moan, careful not to be louder than the trumpet horns that were playing in the back ground.

Her finger slowly slid down to her opening and back up to her clit. The song changed to a sexual R&B song with Janet Jackson singing about how love goes, and Molly quickly adjusted to the beat and matched the rhythm of the song as she started to move her fingers over her clit and make herself feel good. She closed her eyes and conjured up a vision of Professor Scott with his short brown hair, pushed up in front, wet from a swim, and his gorgeous brown eyes with gold and green bursting in the center. He was smiling at her and her hand became his. She felt a flood of wetness come out of her, as she got more aroused from both the sensation on her clit and the vision of her professor behind her eyelids.

Molly moved her hand down and pushed two fingers inside her sensitive hole, biting her bottom lip to keep quiet. She was so close to coming, so she continued to alternate between moving in and out of her tight pussy and rubbing her clit. A pressure was building to the point of no return, and she rubbed her clit faster, applying more pressure.

When she finally took herself over the edge, it was as if fireworks had exploded inside of her, and she couldn’t hold it back any further. Molly came hard and let out a loud moan in satisfaction. She slowly opened her eyes to let the fog clear. Her ears were ringing and her toes were curled under themselves. She unraveled her body from its tight position and relaxed in to the water until she felt boneless.

Once she noticed that her fingers were beginning to turn slightly pruny, she squeezed some soap in to the sponge she had earlier abandoned, and quickly ran it over her body to make sure she was clean. After she had washed all the lathered soap from her skin, she unplugged the tub and stood up. Her legs were still slightly wobbly from the intense orgasm she had just enjoyed minutes ago, but she managed to grab her towel and dry off enough to put on her robe, grab her phone from the dock, and quietly move in to her bedroom. Molly quickly dressed in her pajamas and climbed in bed. She was asleep within minutes.

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