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All is Fair in Love and Art Chapter 2

Somethings bound to blow with so much sexual tention...

Colin flew up out of bed, his heart racing. Remembering his dream did nothing to calm his nerves and his heart rate. It was her. It had been her for several months now. Every time he closed his eyes she would be staring back at him, and it was even worse when he fell asleep. It was as if his mind was literally one track and that track was her.

Colin rubbed his eyes and slowly swung his legs over the side of his large king size bed. He kept his eyes closed and tilted his head back letting the sunlight hit his face from the window.

“I can’t keep doing this,” Colin thought to himself.

He opened his eyes and finally stood up. He was going to go do what he always did to clear his mind, go swim laps in his pool. He went to his dresser and pulled on swim trunks and padded out into the kitchen.

His kitchen was very large and had an amazing view out to the pool and further, the city. At night it was incredibly beautiful, it was the houses selling point. He turned toward the refrigerator and grabbed the orange juice and a glass from the cabinet. He poured a small amount and drank it quickly to try to clear the still lingering cobwebs in his mind.

He turned and went out the French doors that lead to the patio and pool area. He sat the empty glass down on the railing and pivoted. He made a clean smooth dive in to the warm water. Colin had enjoyed swimming since high school. It had become part of him over time. Anytime he needed to think or relax, he would go for a swim. It had started to become a habit to do it before his classes.

All because he was not able to get his shit together and move on from her. His thoughts, whether consciously or not, always drifted back to Molly. He knew it was incredibly wrong, but perhaps that was part of his drawl to her. Or perhaps it was those incredible, large green eyes and plump soft lips.

He didn’t actually know if they were soft or not, but he sure could imagine, and he imagined them on his and on other parts of his anatomy enough to drive any man insane. It was a miracle he made it through class every other day with her sitting there in the front row.

He had to make sure that he didn’t spend too much time looking at her, any lingering looks could make him unravel. What was just as frustrating, was the fact that she would avoid eye contact with him at any cost. He could stare at her beautiful long curly hair and green eyes all day in an attempt to figure out what she was thinking.

“Fuck!” Colin came up gasping for air.

He had been going fast and furious with the laps since he jumped in the water ten minutes ago and it was not helping.

“This shits unreal. I feel rung out, what is it about that girl?” He said out loud, not to anyone but to just get the thought out in the open.

Colin lifted his body out of the pool, letting the water ripple off his toned body. He grabbed a towel out of the warmer, wrapped it around his waist and headed inside to get ready for his 10:00 am Art History class.


Molly rolled to the left to turn off her alarm clock. 8:30 in the morning. Fantastic. She was not a morning person, so she was still unsure why she took a 10:00 am class. In the midst of all of her inner grumbling about the time and how early it was and how she would much rather still be in bed, it dawned on her that today was Monday morning.

The 10:00 am class that she was busy dreading, was Art History. She quickly stopped dreading it and started looking forward to it. She would finally see Professor Scott today after the long spring break week. She perked up and headed out to the kitchen for the coffee she could smell all the way from her room.

Standing in the middle of her kitchen was Ellie looking very sleep deprived but relaxed, and a beaming Caleb.

“Well, good morning you two.”

“Morning Molly,” Ellie said looking guiltily at her coffee mug,

“Good morning Mol, how did you sleep?”

“More than you two did, Caleb.”

Molly winked at Caleb, and Caleb and Molly both busted out laughing while Ellie stood there blushing to herself. She refused to make eye contact with Molly which was very strange.

“Hey, um Ellie, will you help me pick out something to wear since it is the first day of classes since spring break?”

“That’s okay, I can take a hint ladies. I’ll head home.” Caleb bent down and gave Ellie a kiss. Molly looked away, blushing at seeing her two friends kiss each other so intimately.

“Bye’ Babe, I’ll text you later.” He whispered to Ellie. She nodded and let go of his hand.

As soon as the door closed, Molly whirled around and starting smiling at Ellie like the Cheshire Cat. “I knew it! I knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. Now, I get to say it… ‘I told you so!’”

Ellie started laughing, “Stop looking at me like that, you’re smiling like a crazy person. Yes, you were right and this time I am so, SO happy that you were! Caleb is amazing, I just hope that things don’t get weird, you know?”

Molly stepped forward and grabbed her friend in a hug. “You and Caleb are going to be great. It was just a matter of time, Girl. Take a deep breath and try not to think too much.”

“I have class in an hour so I am going to get dressed, but after do you want to meet me at the gym?”

“Absolutely, I could really use a heavy bag right now. I am not sure how well it will go over though, considering how tired and sore I am.”

Molly laughed, “Well if all else fails you can spot me and watch while I beat the hell out of it. I didn’t kick box all break and my body is about to lodge a mutiny on me. My muscles and joints are angry at me for being lazy.”

She made her way back to her room to the tune of her best friend giggling, and went to her closet. “What am I going to wear?” she thought out loud. She quickly grabbed a pair of cute tight jeans that showed off her amazing, tight ass and a bright blue three quarter shirt that brought out the green in her eyes. She quickly swiped on some mascara and lip balm, and slid her feet into a pair of comfortable flip flops.

Molly grabbed her Art History books and tossed all of the books and papers in her bag along with a pen. She grabbed a jacket and out the door she went.

She got to class with ten minutes to spare, so she snagged her normal seat in the front row and got situated as the room started to fill and get noisy. A few sheets of stapled paper had fell out of her book and on to the desk. She took a deep breath and looked over the last assignment that she had completed, a 90. The grade wasn’t bad, but not as good as she had hoped for.

She decided right then and there that she was going to buckle down and focus on school more. If she had to cut her hours at the coffee shop, so be it, but the one thing that she could not cut back on and she refused to budge on, was kick boxing. It helped to keep her more relaxed and her stress under better control. Not to mention it kept her body tight and in shape.

Before Spring Break, she had been going double time because she was wound so tight about Professor Scott. He turned her inside out and forget about looking into his eyes. She was terrified she would come unglued, so she tried at all cost to not make eye contact.

She would snag glimpses with her peripheral vision of him though, and she couldn’t help but notice how she would catch him looking at her too. Every time that happened her stomach would do flips and butterflies would come out to play.

Molly was lost in her own thoughts, staring forward with her chin in her hand when she sensed someone standing beside her. She glanced up to see who it was that was pulling her out of her daydreams and low and behold it was the star of her daydreams himself, Professor Colin Scott. And he was staring intently down at Molly.

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