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All is Fair in Love and Art Chapter 3

Tags: oral, shower, sexy
One night can change everything
After everyone had finally cleared out of the apartment, Ellie took a long shower to reflect on the night before… and then this morning too. She was feeling beyond elated at her decision to finally move things to the next level with Caleb. She kept going back to the night before in her mind and thinking about the real work out that he had given her.

It was by far the best sex she had ever had. The way he playfully tossed her on the bed, made her giggle. He lifted her up like she was nothing at all. It made her feel so small, and she loved it. She felt goose bumps when she remembered the look in his eye as he crawled on his hands and knees up the bed to get to her. It was like she was the only thing he could see or cared about.

When he finally got to her mouth and kissed her, he didn’t stay there very long. He slowly made his way from her neck to her ear, nibbling on her lobe and lightly licking along the outer rim of her cartilage. It was so sensual and sexy that it made her arch her back up to him. He blew his breath on the wet skin and then went back to kissing down her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses that he blew on as well. Once Caleb reached her left collar bone, she was practically aching for more of his touch.

Ellie had a strong grip on his upper arms and his back. He was making her feel really good and she intended to return the favor. She was lightly running her hands and nails up his back, across his shoulder blades and down his sides. Every time she got to his ribs, he would moan and bite down softly on her collarbone or neck.

He pulled her hands away from his body and pinned them above her head, holding her hands with his. Caleb stopped kissing her and looked her in the eyes.

He quietly asked her, “Are you sure this is what you want, Ellie? I mean, if you are unsure, please let me know before I go too far.”

She smiled at him and leaned her head up and kissed him softly on his full lips.

“Of course I’m sure. I’ve been sure for a while now, I was just too afraid to do anything about it.”

That was all the confirmation that he needed. He let go of her hands and lifted her shirt up over her head. She tugged at his loose tee shirt and finally got it over his head too. They were skin on skin. Ellie had thought about this moment for so long, it felt like heaven. He was hard in all the places she was soft. His toned abs and his long, muscled arms... yes this was exactly where she wanted to be.

She took control and flipped them over to where she was straddling him now. Ellie leaned down as her long strawberry blonde hair tickled his pecks. He laughed lightly and continued kissing her way to his chest. She made it to his bellybutton and stopped. Reaching lower, she grabbed his belt buckle and gave it a slight tug. It came apart and she made quick work of pulling it out of the loops.

When she reached for his button and zipper, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up to his mouth. Caleb started out tender and soft, moving in to a more aggressively rough kiss.

Ellie was so wet; she was starting to squirm in his lap, trying to find the right friction. When he realized what she was up to, he pulled away and flipped her on her back. He went to her hips where her yoga pants were and tugged them down. Caleb moved down the bed till he was at her belly button and began kissing his way around it and finally down. He got to her boy shorts and looked at Ellie for permission. She slowly lifted her hips to signal her consent, and he pulled them off too.

He put his hands on her knees and separated them till she was lying on her back in a spread eagle position. Caleb was in his heaven. Ellie was so incredibly wet and turned on, it aroused him even more. He kissed his way down her lower stomach, just to where her bikini line would start if she had one. He kissed the right side of her torso, never touching where she desperately needed to be touched. Biting on her inner thigh, he pacified the bitten skin with a slew of butterfly kisses when she cried out in pleasure.

Ellie grabbed his head and pulled him up to look her in the eyes. “Are you sure about this? I mean, once this happens, we can’t take it back.”

To answer her, he leaned in and zeroed in on her clit. When his tongue touched it for the first time, she thought she was going to jump clear off the bed.

I guess that’s my answer, Ellie thought to herself, hiding a smirk.

Caleb quickly wiped that smirk off her face when he flicked her clit with his tongue, then quickly swiped it up and down her slit to gather all of her nectar. He went back down to her hole and circled it slowly, watching her hands grip the sheets and her toes curl from pleasure. He slipped it in her opening and started tongue fucking her. She let out a moan so loud, he was sure the neighbors heard it. But Ellie didn’t seem to care, and so he neither did him.

He finally stopped and replaced his tongue with his finger and started sliding one, then two inside her, making sure to continuously hit her G spot. Caleb went back to work orally on her clit, licking, flicking, and nibbling at it. Her moans and screams were getting more in rhythm and louder. Her walls were beginning to spasm and clamp on to his fingers, and her hips were bucking into his face.

“Oh my God! Caleb, I am coming! Oh fuck! Oh yes… ohhhhhh!”

He didn’t stop. He kept going until her orgasm had finished and then he removed his fingers, licked them, and came up to kiss her. It was so erotic tasting herself on him. It was something she would never forget. He had just given her the best orgasm she had ever had, and she was going to return the favor.

Ellie took advantage of the fact that he had rolled to the side of her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She slid down the bed and finished undressing him. It was slightly difficult because he was so hard that his clothes were tighter than they should have been. Once his jeans were off, she started pulling down his boxers, when his nine inch cock made its appearance.

She smiled to herself and grabbed it. Ellie felt like a kid in a candy store. She swirled her tongue around the head like it was her favorite lollipop, tasting his pre-cum. She licked the underside of his massive muscle and when she got to the top, she took as much as she could in her mouth. Caleb let out a huge sigh and placed his hands in her hair and started massaging her scalp while she was sucking on him. She caught him off guard when she deep throated almost his whole dick. He was convinced he was going to lose it right then and there. He wanted to prolong this as long as he could. Ellie was fantastic at giving him head and he never wanted it to end.

She did it again, and he tightened his grip on her hair when she started to hum with him in her throat. This girl was going to kill him. Suctioning his length in her mouth, she intently started sucking on his mushroom head, swiftly taking him all the way down her throat again. This time, she played with his balls while she pleasured him. Caleb was going to explode.

“Baby, I'm going to cum!”

This only made Ellie suck him harder and take him further down. He felt his orgasm start, and there was no holding back. He shot five ropes of hot cum down her throat. She came up smiling when she knew he was back from la-la land. Caleb pulled her up to him, squeezed her in a tight hug, and kissed her.

He climbed back on top of her and found his way to her opening. Still maintaining a blatant hard on, he was ready to make Ellie fully his. She held on to his shoulders and pushed her hips up to make him slide inside her. She had to hold her breath, he was just so big. Keeping still for a moment, Caleb let her body adjust, and when she bit the sculpted muscle on his shoulder, he finally began to move inside her. Ellie felt exquisite and so tight, he almost lost it again, but his pride wouldn’t let that happen so quickly.

Her eyes rolled back and she moaned, “Caleb, you’re so massive. I feel like you’re going to split me open and I’m going to love every minute of it.” Ellie’s body decided to catch up to this party and she felt less pain and more pleasure.

She began to move with him and met his thrusts. Pleasure was shooting through her body so fast, it was almost too much. Almost. He picked up the pace and pulled her into the lotus position with her legs wrapped around his waist. This was way more intimate and he could get so much deeper in to her. He slammed into her and hit her cervix and she cried out in pleasure. Caleb nestled into her neck and began fucking her harder and faster. He lay her on her back, wrapping her legs around his neck while watching his cock go in and out of her. He repeatedly hit her cervix and quickly brought her to her second orgasm of the day. The way her muscles were spasming and gripping his cock were making it extremely difficult for him not to explode.

Caleb unloaded into her, filling her up with hot cum that oozed out and dripped down her thighs. She was shaking and had a death grip on him. He didn’t mind at all. He held her just as tight and pulled her on his chest, never slipping out of her.

Ellie had lost track of time—and hot water. Looking back on last night had made completely distracted her, as she still had conditioner in her hair. She quickly rinsed it out in the cold water and made sure all the soap was gone before climbing out the shower. Quickly drying off, she got dressed and swiftly painted her face with some makeup. It was almost noon and she had to meet Molly at the gym after her class. In a hurry, she grabbed her car keys, locked the door, and made her way down the stairs to her car.

*Thank you to my friend SweetestSins for editing and proofing!*

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