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Allie and Alexander

Allie, 30, experiences a sexual encounter with her Russian neighbor who is 55
Allie is 30 and has long, curly brown hair and emerald green eyes. She has a very voluptuous figure, her ample 40DDs definitely drawing her the most attention; even when she was skinner she was still 38D. Allie had moved in with her boyfriend over a year ago. Her and her boyfriend, James, had good sex, but usually only a couple times a week. Allie couldn’t help but long for the days when she was more promiscuous and times were more exciting, even though she had to admit James could almost always make her cum six times at least when they did have sex. Shortly after moving into their new apartment, Allie met her neighbor across the hall, Alexander. Alexander told her during an elevator ride that he was from Russia but had lived in that apartment building for 10 years. Alexander had to be at least 50, or so. Allie found herself immediately attracted to him. She was only 5’1”, and had to crane her neck to look up to his 6’2” height. He was athletic, thick gray hair and light blue eyes. She also found his accent very sexy, it was easy to understand him as the accent wasn’t too thick, but enough to give him sex appeal to Allie.

Allie had had her chance with older men in the past and although she had given one a blow job before, she just couldn’t bring herself to have sex with him. It probably hadn’t helped that he was a drug addict. Alexander looked very clean cut in comparison. She couldn’t stop herself from fantasizing about him when she would masturbate after her boyfriend had gone to work, she loved to be very vocally loud when she came, and it tantalized her when she lay there wondering if Alexander could hear her across the hall. She found that very unlikely, since she never heard people having sex in the apartments around her, but it still excited her.

She only saw him a number of times in the hallways of their apartment building in the year that she had lived there. She was always faithful to her boyfriend, but she couldn’t get this older man out of her head. Allie liked to drink and one night it was about two in the morning and her boyfriend had gone to bed for work the next day and Allie was well into a pint of rum. An alarm sounded off in the building and it shook her up so much she decided to peak out in the hallway to see if she could see anything that was going on. She was startled to see Alexander doing the same thing. She was embarrassed to be standing there in her over sized t shirt and no bra and pajama shorts, obviously drunk as he stood there in a t shirt and jeans. Allie still managed to poke her head out the door, but tried to keep her body hidden and they talked a moment about the alarm. Something came over Allie and she moved the door completely open and Alexander stood there and his eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts and then back up to her face.


“Yes?” He breathed, stepping out into the hallway as well.

“I can’t stop thinking about you…my boyfriend is in bed right now, but I just…” she trailed off then, looking up at him yearningly. Something seemed to come over him as well and he strode across the hallway to her and she shut her door before he grabbed her waist and pushed her up against it. He bent down and his lips found hers and her knees went weak and she thought she would cum instantly. She hadn’t kissed anyone else besides her boyfriend in almost 2.5 years, and to think that she was being kissed by this tall, strong, older man just sent her head swimming. He had one hand curled in her hair and the other was rubbing her back. She wanted him to take her right there in the hallway, even with the alarm still sounding. She reached forward and felt his crotch and was very happy to feel a huge bulge there. Her boyfriend wasn’t exactly small, but she couldn’t help picturing men with larger dicks than his when she fantasized. What she could feel through Alexander’s jeans seemed more than adequate.

“Oh,” he gasped, momentarily shocked that she would be so forward. He kissed her deeply again and then grabbed her ass, letting his hand slide up her cloth shorts and feel the smooth, round curve of her butt. Allie had to break away, suddenly terrified of James coming out of the bedroom and coming out into the hallway to look for her.

“Alexander, I can’t do this now, but I’m off tomorrow and my boyfriend leaves for work at 10:30am, can I come over to your apartment around noon?” She whispered all this with her lips up against his eyes and her body curved against him, one hand lightly rubbing his bulge.

“Yes, yes, please, I haven’t been with a young woman of your voluptuousness in years, I want you, I need you,” he encouraged her. She grabbed his neck to pull him down and kiss her one more time before she went back into her apartment. When she closed the door behind her, she leaned against it, her heart pounding and her breath coming out in gasps, her under ware wet with the juices that another man other James had caused to come forth from her. She was so excited she could barely stand it. She knew she was cheating but she also knew that she needed this fantasy to be fulfilled. She was tired of fantasizing about older men, she needed it to happen, no matter how much she loved her boyfriend, and she had been faithful to him for 2.5 years. She still intended to marry him and have his babies, but before that happened, she needed Alexander to seduce her.

After drinking for another hour afterwards to calm her nerves she went to bed and woke up when her boyfriend was leaving for work. She then proceeded to get in the shower and get ready to go over to Alexander’s. She was determined to not let her nerves take over her and she didn’t even want to be drunk when she went over there, she wanted to remember every moment and not being nauseas couldn’t hurt. She had every intention on sucking Alexander’s cock and she could always deep throat better when she hadn’t been drinking.

She wore a thin top and a black skirt with no under ware. She imagined him taking her up against the wall and she wanted him to have easy access. Her boyfriend was a bigger man and they couldn’t do all the positions she believed Alexander could perform for her, he was in great shape. She didn’t mind dating bigger men at all, but once in awhile she did think of the wrestler she dated who would throw her into so many positions and pound away like a jack rabbit, that guy had had a bit of a stomach but not enough to hinder him.

At noon she timidly knocked on his door. She had taken great care of her makeup and she could tell he saw and appreciated that when he opened the door, especially compared to how she must have looked the night before, and he had still wanted her then. His eyes lingered lustfully on her breasts again and she could tell he also appreciated her wearing a skirt. He smiled and let her in and he immediately had her against the wall again, kissing her passionately. He grabbed her breasts roughly through her shirt and she moaned, pausing in their kissing to bring her shirt up over her head. He bit her nipples through her bra and felt her pussy get wet. “Take it off, please,” she murmured. He happily obliged and continued squeezing her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples. “Play with my pussy; I have been aching to feel your fingers, and everything else, inside of me."

“Oh, you talk dirty, that turns me on,” he said roughly as he slid a hand up her leg and under her skirt before finding her tight, wet pussy. He caressed her mound and then slowly slid one finger off to the side inside and then thrust it up in her cunt. “You are so tight, I can tell already,” he said and she smiled. His fingers moved in and out of her and he grasped one of her breasts with his other hand so he could suck on her nipple at the same time. She was moaning, quivering all over and struggling to stay standing.

“Show me your cock, I want to see it,” she ordered knowing she wanted to get a quickie in and then hopefully spend at least the next hour or so pleasuring each other. He pulled his hand out of her and proceeded to take down his jeans producing a seven inch cock, which would be plenty for her small pussy. He started sliding the tip up and down her clit and she moaned, “stick it in already! Please, I need it,” and he happily obliged, thrusting it in her and the feeling of the extra girth and length that was more than her boyfriend’s made Allie almost crumble to her knees, Alexander had to hold her up as he thrust in and out of her. After a few motions they crumbled to the floor and Allie climbed on top of him, delighted in getting a better position because he was skinnier than her boyfriend. She grinded, withered, and moaned on top of him, squeezing her eyes shut as she raised her ass so her pussy was on the tip of his dick then lowering so it went down to his balls and back up again.

“I’ve needed this. Needed this for so long,” Alexander said, taking control and bucking up to pound into her. “It’s time for you to stop teasing me, little girl,” he said huskily before flipping her over and really letting her have it. Allie couldn’t keep quiet, her cries got louder and louder, he felt so fantastic and even though she hadn’t cheated on a boyfriend in probably 7 years, this time it felt completely different, she didn’t feel guilt, she was only consumed by her lust for this older man and she couldn’t get over how good he was making her feel.

After yet another shattering orgasm for her, she could tell that he was getting close and he was struggling to not cum too early, but Allie wasn’t one to have to have sex for hours, she wanted him to be satisfied. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said, looking up at him as he pounded into her. Her boyfriend never came in her mouth, he found it to be degrading, but she wanted to be used, wanted to be manipulated, even if she was the one who was calling the shots and asking for it. That almost made it less derogatory to her, because if she wanted it then it wouldn’t fully be that this strange, foreign, older man was using her.

A smile came across his face when he heard her say that, that had always been a fantasy of his, cumming all over the face of a young girl, he hadn’t done it in years. He was kicking himself for being too shy and being so withdrawn all these years, what was wrong with him? If Allie was attracted to him, other young girls probably would be too if he put himself out a little more.

Underneath him Allie was wiggling, moaning, begging for him to cum. He slid out of her, her pussy so wet from her own juices that it was running down her thighs and she sat up as he knelt before her, taking his cock in his hands and positioning it right in front of her small mouth. She opened her mouth, licking the head and closing her eyes. She slowly allowed his cock to push past her lips and she was sliding her tongue around the head inside her mouth. Alexander was moaning; her small mouth almost felt better than her tight pussy had. Allie slid her mouth down and tried to swallow his whole penis, but she couldn’t, her mouth was too small and she was out of practice. But, with that one motion after all the sex they had just had, Alexander was ready and his cum started spurting inside her mouth and she almost jumped back she was so startled, but she kept her mouth on it, giving his cock a warm hole to release inside. She swallowed two spurts and then pulled back, allowing the last few drops to spray on her face and Alexander thought he would faint from the erotic release and scene before him. He had to put his hand on the wall to steady himself when Allie took his cock in her hands and smeared it across her face, something she has always wanted to do with her boyfriend but was never daring enough. She took her time licking his penis after he was done cumming.

He finally broke away to go get her a towel, and after she wiped her face he was down in between her legs and licking up her juices, bringing her to another orgasm that left her curled up in a ball on his floor gasping for breath. The first twinges of guilt started to consume her after the orgasm subsided so she forced herself up and said that she was sorry that she had to go, both of them looking at each other with the understanding that even though she was feeling guilty, this would not be their last encounter. Alexander’s cock hardened as he watched her walk out the door.

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