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All's Fair in Love and War

After a nationwide war in a dystopian future, some teenagers are about to have some erotic fun...
Violet's POV

I groaned, putting a hand to my head as the incessant knocking reverberated around my throbbing head.

"Who the hell is it?" I yelled.

"It's me. Open up."

Moaning, I dragged my sluggish form off the bed, made my way over to the door and pulled it open, looking at James, who was standing outside.

"Violet, how much did you have to drink?" he wondered aloud, staring at me.

"Please. I can hold my liquor," I said.

"Yeah, that's why you're half-dead on your feet," James said, crossing his arms. "Are you still upset about Kenny's betrayal?"

"Shut up if you know what's good for you, Green," I snap.

"Seriously?" James asked. "I know you and Kenny were like, totally in love, but it's been a week since you found him sleeping with Link. Can't you learn to get over yourself? Look on the bright side! The Rebellion was successful! Or are you just too used to living in the luxury of Region 1 to be impressed with living in the Palace?"

My name is Violet Hunter and I come from a place known as Region 1. A team of individuals from the different regions had teamed up to rebel against the cruel governor of the state, the Ruler, who lived in the Palace. I was part of that team, and had helped in the Rebellion. We won, but while working on the team, I got romantically involved with a guy named Kenny, who cheated on me a week ago with a silly, ditzy girl named Link Sorha.

"It's not that," I say, getting frustrated at James. "How do you expect me to go about celebrating when I always see stupid Kenny in the cafeteria, in the hallways, in the Training Center and basically everywhere else I go?!"

James rolled his eyes. "I get that you're mad about Kenny cheating on you, but you didn't have to go get so drunk! Can you let me in already or do I have to stand out here to talk to you?"

I rolled my eyes myself, standing aside to let him in the room.

The Rebellion team had consisted of 7 people: Joey, our middle-aged leader; Kenny, my ex-boyfriend; Link, the girl he cheated on me with; Vincent, my ex-ex-boyfriend who I am on better terms now that Kenny and I are no longer an item; Cara, a devious farm-girl who tried to break me and Kenny up before he cheated on me and last but not least, James.

James had been my biggest enemy since I first met him, but we're on speaking terms now. I can accept him as a friend well enough, but that's about it. He, like Cara, had tried to break me and Kenny up before, and our history is way complicated. Despite all this, I have to say, a small part of me is glad that he's here to comfort me, even if on Joey's orders, as I'm sure he is.

"You're not the boss of me, James," I say as James takes a set on my bed. "I can get however drunk I want and you can't control me."

"I know that, but I just hope you know liquor isn't the solution to everything, Violet," James said warningly.

"What would you know? You've never drunk alcohol before!" I protested, folding my arms and glaring at him.

"How would you know?" he said.

"Have you, then?" I asked.

"No, I haven't," James mumbled, getting a little embarrassed.

"Since you haven't, don't start thinking you can advise me about alcohol. You get wasted first, then maybe you can talk. Otherwise, shut up," I snapped at him, grabbing another bottle out of the fridge.

"Just how many beers do you have in your room?" James asked.

Currently, it was 10:15p.m. Most of the people who lived in the Palace, as well as the 7 of us that had been on the Rebellion Team, would be getting ready for lights out time. As we had helped with the Rebellion, the 7 of us each got our own private room. Ever since finding Kenny cheating on me, I'd kicked him out of my room; both of us having been roommates before; and told him it was over between us. It was crazy that that had only been a week ago. How the time flies when you're drunk as a fish.

"I got a lot. You want any?" I offered, pouring myself a glass.

James hesitated.

"Come on! You just said you've never tried it before, so why not now? No one's going to judge you, you're of the legal age anyway," I said persuasively.

"Fine. I'll have one glass," he said.

Smiling at my successful use of peer pressure, I handed him my glass and poured myself another. His face scrunched up at the first sip. "Please tell me it's an acquired taste."

"I drink beer to drown out my problems, not because it tastes good," I say, tipping my head back as I flop down on the bed next to James.

"Listen, the 7 of us (meaning the Rebellion Team) are only being holed up here in the Palace because they're still working on the re-construction of the post-war Regions," James began. "We could be living here for a maximum of 5 years! You can't avoid Kenny forever! Everyone's worried about you. Vincent, Joey, Cara...I know Kenny and Link, even though I'm not super-friends with Kenny, I know he never meant know...cheat on you."

"How would you know? I caught him in bed with Link!" I protested.

"He loved you! The two of you were a great couple! I know I tried to break you two up but the events of the Rebellion are over! The 7 of us are a family now and like it or not, you  will have to see Kenny sooner or later. And your reconcilation isn't going to speed up if you keep getting wasted. It's unhealthy!" James said.

"Look, I invited you in here as a sign that I don't want to be enemies with you anymore. Don't anger me, James. I'm in a bad mood," I warned him, dropping my voice by a few octaves.

James hesitated, then turned back to his drink. Finishing it, he set the empty glass on the table and sighed, slumping back against the wall.

"So you just came here because you were worried about me?" I asked.

"Sort of. We're all worried about you," James said.

"So...more or less on Joey's orders?" I said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah," he admitted.

I chuckled to myself, pouring myself and him another glass. "Don't talk about me anymore. What about you? What about your love life?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Has it been easy getting over Victoria?" I asked, a smile coming across my face.

Victoria had been James's crush before the Rebellion, but it had been revealed that Victoria was a traitor and that she had betrayed James to the Ruler. After being busted and the Ruler was overthrown, last I heard, Victoria was currently doing time back in the Region 2 Girls' Home.

"Eh, I'm doing okay. I guess all that I had between me and Victoria was puppy love. It's gone now. I write her letters from time to time and she replies amicably enough. But things are awkward between us and I...I don't think she and I will become a thing anytime soon."

I nodded at his response, pushing his now full glass back into his hand. "What you need is some beer to get over things."

James sipped his beer, deep in thought. "Unlike me and Victoria," he began. "What you and Kenny had wasn't puppy love."

"This again?" I blurted out angrily. "Couldn't you give things a rest?"

"No!" he said, looking at me seriously. "You need to kick your liquor addiction, Violet! That's the first step to properly recovering from your heartbreak-"

"Heartbreak? There was no heartbreak! I'm not sad, I'm angry!" I spat. "Angry that I was such a fool to ever have trusted or loved that cheater!"

Turning on James, I slammed my glass on the table. "Wouldn't you know it, James? Men are all scumbags! They only care about their  lust and  desire for women, and when they're done using us, they dump us for someone else! That's all men care about! They're lecherous, perverted assholes!"

James swallowed, looking rather mortified.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" I asked, lightly shoving him.

"Ow!" he protested.

I looked down on my hand and drew in a sharp intake of breath when I saw the tiny glass shards emedded in my blood-smeared skin. When I'd slammed my glass on the table, I'd broken it and hadn't even realized.

James clutched his stomach, noting small specks of blood flitting onto his shirt.

"Sorry," I said, shaking my head. "Lost my senses there for a moment."

"That's okay," he said grudgingly. "You got any first aid?"

"Course I do," I said, heading over to the supply closet and opening it with my unwounded hand, grabbing a first aid kit. "This Palace would never dare mistreat any of the 7 of us. We'll be receiving nothing short of first-class treatment in our stay here, no matter how long it'll be."

Fumbling, I popped open the kit, made my way to the built-in bathroom and got down to work. I pulled the shards out of my hand, wincing in pain as I did so but gritting my teeth and forcing myself to bear with it.

"The pain's superficial," I muttered to myself, cleaning my bloody hand with some gauze and bandaging it. "I've had worse."

Getting out of the bathroom, I walked over to James, who was inspecting the wound on his abdomen.

"Take off your shirt."

He looked at me in comic horror. "Wha?"

"So I can fix your wound," I said, rolling my eyes as I held up my first-aid kit.

"Oh," he said, blushing.

"Boys..." I muttered under my breath as he gingerly raised his shirt over his head and off.

I never really thought of James in the romantic sense. given the fact that we were enemies since our first meeting. I'd always taken to thinking of boys like Kenny and Vince in the romantic sense a lot more because, after all, I'd liked them romantically for a period of time. But it was only now that I was beginning to see James as more of a boy than normal, because annoying as he was, without his shirt on, he was one hundred percent male.

I wasn't one to go about checking out the boys to see how cute they were, that was the sort of ditzy thing Link would do, so I didn't give James much thought. Yet I couldn't help taking note that he had a thin but muscular body. He wasn't a bodybuilder like Kenny or Vince, but I figured he wasn't doing too bad.

Shuddering, I snapped myself out of my reverie. What the hell is wrong with me? I just told myself I wasn't the kind of girl to go around checking out cute boys like ditzy, boyfriend-stealing Link! It must be the liquor getting to my head!

I sat down next to James, focusing my eyes on his wound.

"Just a flesh wound," I said. "Nothing major."

"Thank goodness, then," he said. "You got a bandage or something?"

"Yeah," I said, getting one from the first aid kit.

"Here, gimme it."

James reached for the bandage, but instead of letting him get it, I pulled it out of his grasp.

"Hey! What's the deal?" he asked, perplexed.

I wasn't sure myself, but for some reason, the thought of applying the bandage on James's wound and getting in close contact with his bare skin...well, it was strangely thrilling.

"What, are you a baby? I'll apply the bandage for you," I said in a commanding tone.

"No, it's okay, I can do it-"

"I said I'll do it!" I snapped, shooting daggers at James with my eyes.

He hesitated. "Why are you so insistent on doing it?"

"Why are  you so insistent on me  not doing it? Are you embarrassed that a girl's going to touch you?" I countered.

"Don't say it like that," he said, looking uncomfortable.

"Well? I'm putting that bandage on you because it's my fault! I'm taking responsbility for it in case you decide to think that I owe you or something," I said, thinking quickly.

"Don't worry. You don't owe me anything," he said.

"Either I force you down and bandage you or you let me do it and things won't get violent. What's your choice?" I snapped again.

James was silent, thinking hard. He gulped. "Fine. can do it."

"Good. You're one step closer to becoming a man," I joked humorlessly. "Now raise your arms so I can reach the wound."

Looking extremely uncomfortable, James raised his arms over his head as I reached down to apply the bandage on his wound. I was barely paying attention to his wound, however, and for whatever wacked up, unknown reason, my eyes were roving around in my peripheral vision, taking in as much as I could of James's body, lingering on the body parts that were mostly hidden from girls' prying eyes by his shirt.

"Ow! Gently!" he chided as I pressed the bandage down on his wound.

I hardly heard him. For some reason, my breath caught in my throat as my fingers brushed against his exposed stomach. I felt...wild. It felt like the old Violet Hunter was back in business. For the first time since Kenny's betrayal, my thoughts were no longer centered on the anger I felt towards him for cheating on me. For once, I felt alive again. It just felt so strangely wrong to be feeling this way towards James. I'd hated him to the core since we first met, and he hated me back. But he'd come here to check on me, even if on Joey's orders, and that made me feel...glad. Something about this whole situation, me touching James, felt wrong and right at the same damn time. It thrilled me. It felt exciting. I hadn't felt this good since I first made out with Kenny.

The backstory of my love life was nothing short of complicated. First, I was with Vince. Then Kenny showed up, and while I was still dating Vince, I kissed Kenny, was intimate with him, made out with him and all that whatnot. Eventually, I broke up with Vince to have an open relationship with Kenny (this all took place while we were working on the Rebellion.) With Vince out of the picture, Kenny and I went further. We didn't hide our kisses and make out sessions, we brought them out to the public. We even had sex on a few different occasions. And now that the Rebellion had been successful and we resided in the Palace, Kenny and I shared a room and that meant sex every night for the first two weeks we were here.

Then, of course, Kenny went on to cheat on me with Link. Whatever his reasons had been, it was over between me and him. He'd cheated on me. He'd violated our trust.

Thinking back to that, a thought hit me out of the blue, the shocking realization popping into my head with such suddenness that I had half a mind to believe it had been there all along.

If Kenny had slept with Link while he and I were still a couple, he'd been cheating on me. Yet when I was still a couple with Vincent, I'd been intimate with Kenny, many times. Even though I hadn't gone the extra step and had sex with Kenny while dating Vincent, it still labeled me a cheater. On what basis could I call Kenny a cheater when I used to be one too?

As I continued to lightly press the bandage down on James's abdomen, another, more thrilling thought occured to me. Kenny had cheated on me with Link. He'd betrayed me. The most I'd done to pay him back was to kick him out of my room and break up with him. So, technically, there were two reasons as to why I was allowed to go out and have sex with other boys.

Reason Number One: Since he cheated on me and (no matter what I told James) broke my heart, I had perfect liberty to go out there and be intimate with other boys. Let him have a taste of his own medicine. I know damn well he's still hung up on me, even though he had slept with Link, he'd come up to me, trying to corner me and get back in my good books. And he'd always end up rejected again. No reason why I can't have a little payback on him by going to have some fun time with another boy.

Reason Number Two: I was single now. I was no longer in a relationship. James himself had said that liquor was not the solution to every problem. So maybe getting out there and reminding myself that Kenny isn't the only boy in the world that I can be happy with will suffice as a reasonable solution! And I know just the boy to begin with.

"There," I said, patting James's abdomen a little harder than I intended to. "Back in tip top shape."

"Heh, thanks," he said, inspecting the bandage.

He looked up at me and chuckled slightly. "I guess talking to you really is a peril. All I did was come here to advise you to stop drinking and I end up with an injury and getting slightly tipsy myself."

"Tell Joey that then. He'll leave me alone once he hears how  perilous I can be," I say.

"So, I think I might be leaving now," James said, brushing a hand lightly on his wound. "You'll be okay? You won't start drinking again, will you?"

I smile, getting ready for action. "Don't worry. I won't be drinking at all for the rest of tonight."

He sighed. "That's good, because you don't want to-"

"As for whether I'll be okay or not," I say, cutting across him as he looks at me in mild curiosity. "That depends entirely on you."

"Um, what?" he asked.

I keep eye contact with him for almost twenty seconds, thinking how I'm going to play this. Coming from Region 1, a lecherous region through and through, I picked up a few tips and tricks from my mother about how to make a man, or in this case, boy, do whatever it is I want them to do. I've practised my skills at this before, on many men and even Kenny and Vince. The only male guy who I know, and is in the immediate vicinity, that isn't out of my age group, who I  haven't tried my skills on  ever , is sitting right next to me, in a perfectly vulnerable situation: bandaged, shirtless and drunk all in one. Perfect.

I can't tell if this seduction is going to be easy or not. On one hand, as I stated, clear as day, James has his shirt off; so that's a point up for horniness; he's bandaged; which means resisting me will require him exerting a lot more force and willpower; and he's tipsy, even if only by a little, it's his first time being properly drunk, and I'm using that to my advantage.

However, James and I  are still enemies, even if we've pretty much broken down that barrier by half. It's not going to be easy to just convince him that he's attracted to me. But I've made men and boys of all ages fall for me. I can handle this easily.

I make the first move by putting a hand on James's lap, to which he starts to fidget.

"Look, James, it's late. You don't neccesarily have to leave, do you? Seriously, your room's not exactly next door or anything. Crossing the deserted hallways this late at night, what if you fall down the stairs and get fatally injured and no one's around to help you?" I begin.

It's a lame start, but at this point, James is literally dizzy from both his flesh wound and the alcohol he's consumed that he won't be coherent enough to do anything sensible. "I...I won't get injured. I...I really should get going."

James reached out for his shirt, but like I did with his bandage, I pull it out of his reach. "Why so eager? Are you embarrassed that you don't have your shirt on?"

"No. Come on, Violet, you've seen me without my shirt on before!"

"I have?" This is the first time I've heard of it.

"Yeah! Remember? Back when we were near the Marshlands of Romance, you, Link and I took a dip in the pool! I didn't have a shirt on back then!"

I think back to that time and realize he's right. He  had gotten into the pool without his shirt on, but that had been when Kenny and I were still an item. Besides, Kenny had been shirtless at the time too, and I was way more interested in my at-the-time boyfriend's biceps than James's lean body. I guess I simply wasn't interested in him then.

"Well, since you took your shirt off in front of me back then, you should have no issue keeping it off now," I say, congratulating myself mentally on a good save.

"Um, fine. But  why do you want me shirtless again?" he asked, looking skeptical.

I snorted. "I know what you're thinking, James. Believe me,  nothing of the sort, ok?"

Of course, that was a lie. I was thinking of  exactly the sort of thing that James was thinking of, but he didn't need to know that. He'd be submitting himself to me and his lustful desires soon enough.

James went red. "Violet, I'm really not comfortable with this. I think the liquor's getting to your head. Can I just please have my shirt back and you can let me leave? I'm tired myself and quite frankly, I need rest."

I shot him a fake smile. "Who needs rest when there's so much more stuff we need to do, here and now? There's no time like the present, I say."

"Time for what?" he asked.

Perfect timing. "For this." I lean in, pull James towards me and kiss him, full-on the lips.

He struggles at first, I can feel how shocked he is. His hands fumble against me but I pull them around my back and wrestle my tongue into his mouth. His tongue actually fights to push mine out, only resulting in me getting more aroused as the two of us fight for his territory.

I move my tongue over his teeth, gliding them over his gums. He brushes well, I think to myself. I taste mint, probably the flavor of his toothpaste. Also, the acrid taste of the beer he'd recently drunk still lingers on his tongue. Speaking of which, I glide my tongue seamlessly over his, enjoying how he's both enjoying the kiss and fighting to resist it.

This can't be true. Am I really locking lips with James Green? The guy who tried to break me and Kenny up before? The guy who I used to be enemies with? The guy who hated me down to the core?

Screw what I used to think of him, I think to myself. It's only on this night that I'm coming to realize how much of a boy James is as well as Vince and Kenny.

After all, there's no reason why James and I can't kiss. I broke things up with Kenny. Whoever I kiss is no longer his care anymore. It's mine and mine alone. Besides, James is about as old as Kenny anyway. He's a teenager, like me. No reason why this is prohibited in anyway.

James, however, must have disagreed. After a while, he fought for control and withdrew from the kiss, spitting and looking flabbergasted.

"Violet! What was that for?" he blurted out, looking scandalized.

He pushed himself up against the wall, unintentionally allowing me a full view of his physique.

"Don't pretend that you didn't like it," I say in as seductive a manner as I can muster up.

"Well, I...But, I...You..."

I lower my gaze and move up so James and I are literally pressed up against each other. The fool had cornered himself up against the wall and me. Makes my job easier.

My breasts are up against his exposed chest, and if anything, this arrangement's obviously boosting his arousal like crazy. After all, boys get aroused so easily. And the pinpoint of his arousal comes from one body part.

I lower my hand down and brush against his cock. Surprisingly, it's already tenting up in his trousers. It looks like the kiss gave him an erection.

"Violet, what the hell are you doing?"

James somehow got the strength to squeeze away from me. "Are you out of your mind?"

He grabbed his shirt off the bed and leapt to his feet. "I can't believe you'd do that!"

"So what? We're both single, we're both of age, no reason why we can't do it together," I said, getting to my feet as well.

"But we hate each other!" he burst out.

"Didn't seem that way when you came to check on me," I said.

"Look, I'm sorry if I dropped any wrong signs that may have led you to believe I was interested in you, but I'm not! Violet, you're drunk and you just got out of a relationship, the blood must be racing inside you because you hurt your hand, I-I-I think you're just confused! You probably got caught up in the heat of the moment!" James protested, backing away in the direction of the door. "I should probably go, Violet. You...stay away from the alcohol."

But before James could make a beeline for the exit, I grabbed his hand and with surprising strength, pulled him back onto the bed and flipped him over so he was in a sitting position, as if he never left the bed in the first place. Grabbing his shirt and hurling it out of his hands, I plant both hands on his trouser legs, get on my knees and tug.


James yelps as his trousers slide off easily. I reach up, not wanting to dilly dally with what I was doing or James might find the strength to escape me again. Gripping the sides of his boxer shorts with both hands, I swiftly pull them down his legs and his erection springs free into the air. I note the cute clump of hair growing around the shaft of his manhood and the veins in his cock, threatening to burst apart any minute.

"Violet, stop!"

Ignoring him, I reach up, not questioning myself for what I was about to do, and closed my lips around James's erection.

The reaction is instantaneous. When you're giving a boy a blowjob, he is helpless to resist you. The very moment my lips first pucker up and close around the head of James's erection, he stops struggling. He stops resisting. He stops fighting. His hands and legs stop moving and he sits there, not doing anything to stop me. His hands are clenched on my bedsheets and his eyes are squeezed shut. There. My plan was foolproof. As ever, my seduction skills have prevailed yet again. Now, it's time to continue with what I've begun.

I bob my head down so now the whole of James's erection is in my mouth. His dick wasn't as big as Kenny's, nor as grand as Vincent's, but it was rock hard and dripping pre-cum, which I took as a good sign that he was rared up for the real action to begin. First, a simple swallow to allow him to get a feel of what I'm about to do.

I let the muscles in my mouth and throat constrict around his erection and he groans in pleasure, his hands involuntarily clenching and unclenching. Slowly, I move my head up and down the length of his erection, stroking and pulling back the foreskin over his sexually sensitive head.

I swirl my tongue over his tip in a circular motion, earning another tiny groan of pleasure from him. It's honestly so easy to get a boy to make noise for you, their dicks are like, what's that term again? Pleasure antennas. One touch, one slurp, and they submit to you entirely. They also get erections at the drop of a hat.

Now, I know that James is enjoying himself. All boys do at this stage. Whether they want it or not, they cannot help enjoying the pleasure of a blowjob, especially if this is James's first one, which I am quite sure it is. He's letting out moans occasionally, letting me know in what way he prefers me to blow him.

Soon, I'm settled into a pattern that has him gasping for breath. I can feel the muscles in his legs and thighs tense up and I can feel his dick starting to jump around in my mouth. Any second now...

And it happens! With one last lick of my tongue, James can take the pressure no longer and soon, his cock is spurting streams of spunk down my throat over and over again as he orgasms uncontroallably. His hands grabs my head and he raises himself off the bed by about an inch as his ejaculation continues. After almost half a minute of intense cumming, he relinquishes me, collapsing back into the bed, his once turgid cock now slowly reverting back to a flaccid state. James is panting hard, his entire body shining with sweat.

I get off the floor and climb back onto the bed, swallowing James's cum down my throat as I do. I've blown Vince once, when I was really drunk and he'd been really horny. Also, I'd blown Kenny twice when we practised oral sex. But for some, really strange reason, blowing James made me wetter a lot more than when I gave Vince and Kenny blowjobs. Maybe it was because I knew James hadn't wanted the blowjob to start with. He'd been a non-consensual sex partner, if you'll put it that way. I'd literally forced him to be blown by me. And the thought that he'd liked it nonetheless sent excitement shooting through me like volts of electricity.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I just gave James a blowjob and I  liked it!

I look back down at James, lying there, naked and panting furiously on the bed next to me. His eyes are still closed and his cock's pretty much lost its earlier flourish. It doesn't look like much when it's soft, but I've seen and tasted it when it's hard and that's how I prefer it.

It feels good, getting back at Kenny by giving a blowjob to the one guy he'd never expect me to give a blowjob to. Kenny might have anticipated me blowing Vince perhaps, because both Kenny and Vince have butted heads more than once and Vince used to be my ex-ex-boyfriend, after all. Yet here I sit, next to a butt naked James, with the taste of his cock and his cum still in my mouth.

James was right. Liquor was never the solution to me getting over Kenny. Giving him a blowjob had been the solution the whole time. I'd never felt more free than since I first broke up with Kenny and started drinking.

I realized James's eyes were starting to flutter open and he groaned, rising up on his elbows. The realization of everything that had just happened seemed to dawn on him and he grabbed a pillow and covered up his cock immediately.

I laughed a little at his modesty. Come on, I'd just given him a blowjob! I'd stripped him down naked and sucked on his cock, for goodness sake! Surely, he wasn't still hesitant about showing me his exposed body?

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Your horniness satisfied?"

James didn't even seem to be able to form sentences anymore. He just opened and closed his mouth like a dying fish. Finally, the words came out.

"V-Violet...what the h-hell?"

He pushed himself up against the wall, looking shocked out of his skin.

"Come on! Honestly, what's wrong with you? Just because we used to be enemies, we can't be intimate now?" I asked.

"B-B-But I only came here so as to try to convince you to stop drinking! I want you and Kenny to be together and yet"

"What is so shameful about what we just did that you can't talk about it?" I asked, getting frustrated myself. "We're both single!  I dumped Kenny, not the other way around! There's no reason why I can't go give other boys blowjobs! You and I are both teenagers, in our prime! There's nothing wrong about what we just did!"

James shrugged, looking away from me and gulping, still clearly in shock. "I...I guess. B-B-But, I d-don't like you, Violet. Not in the romantic sense."

I shrugged. "Who said this had to be a permanent thing? We could just play, you know, have a fun time with each other and it'll be nothing more than a one-night stand. Nothing further need come out of it."

James stared at me, clearly weighing my words and his options. Obviously, the unsatisfied primal urges within him won out and he shuffled forward to me a little. "Okay...I...I guess that doesn't sound so bad."

"So what would you like to play?" I said teasingly, running my hand across his chest as I scooched up next to him.

He gulped loudly and I stifled a laugh. "Uh...I don't...I don't's up to you, I guess..."

"Of course," I said, rolling my eyes. "You always leave everything to me."

"Hey! Not everything!" he said, getting a bit of his confidence back. "I'm not totally useless you k-"

But the rest of his sentence died there in his throat as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my left breast. His eyes widened until they were as large as saucers and I actually saw the pillow covering his penis shift a little bit. Obviously, he was getting an erection again.

"Maybe there's a reason why I should be the sex agressor here," I said, reaching over and pushing the pillow out of the way, leaving me free rein to grab onto James's throbbing cock.

It had hardened and lengthened again, an impressive feat as I had just given him a very powerful blowjob. Apparently, there was still cum left in his balls that I hadn't milked out of him yet.

"What do you want now? No more blowjobs. You'll cum too fast. Something else. Perhaps you just want me to masturbate you?" I suggested to him. "Or do you want a titty-fuck? I've never tried a titty-fuck but if it's what you want..."

James gulped, looking more embarrassed than ever.

"Come on, James. I want to hear you say it," I teased.

James shuddered, then steeled himself. "I want you to titty-fuck me."

"That's more like it," I said encouragingly and he smiled uncertainly.

I reached up to undo the buttons on my top, then stopped. "Perhaps you want to do it?"

James looked aghast, but conflicted. Clearly, every single fibre of his being was urging him to rush forward and fulfill his lustful desires, but he was trying to hold on to whatever chivalrous sanity he had left to not come off as a cunt-worshipping asshole.

"You're a man at heart, James. All men want the same thing: hard, wild sex. And we can't get to that if you're too shy to even help a girl take off her clothes," I said, starting to get impatient.

"I'm not shy!" he protested. "I'm just...not used to these kinds of things."

I noticed that his dick was slowly, but surely, softening. I had to say something quick to arouse him again or tonight would just be a futile attempt of me trying to get him hard.

"What, Victoria never titty-fucked you before?" I said scathingly.

This had the desired effect and James's dick jumped an inch off the mattress, hardening involuntarily.

"No!" he protested, blushing as red as a tomato.

"There's a first time for everything," I said, tossing my hair behind my back. "Besides, you're already naked. Let's go the extra mile. C'mon, James. The night's still young!"

James swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down in nervousness. Biting his lip as if too steel himself for the job, he reached over with one hand and grabbed my first button.

"Almost," I encouraged.

Looking thoroughly excited now, James reached over with his other hand. Getting into a better position, he got on his knees on the bed instead of sitting down. This position gave him free rein to unbutton my top, but it caused his erection to jut out even more, until it was literally hanging in front of my face.

I forced down the temptation to suck on his dick. As badly as I wanted it, I knew that if I wanted this night's fun to last, I was going to need James to conserve his horniness. He'd cum way too easily if I gave him another blowjob and then the fun would end before it properly begun.

James slowly manouevered my buttons with his shaking fingers. Evidently, he was still unsure about all this, but his dick was spurring him on. No man can resist his innermost temptations, and I don't mean to brag, but I  am smoking hot. Poor, innocent James was powerless to stop me from pulling him into this situation, but he's not complaining. The way I see it, I'm doing him a favor.

With the buttons all undone, James slowly pulled the jacket of me, exposing my bare flesh. I was wearing only a bra and jeans now. James gulped again. It really was quite funny, seeing my old enemy go completely gaga over my breasts. I never thought that he'd think or react to me like this. It never struck me before, that as a boy, he was bound to have felt something stirring inside him (or in his trousers) in response to how totally hot and sexy I must have come off as. If Kenny and Vince both wanted me, I should have figured that James would be thinking the same way; regardless of how much he disliked me, there would always be a bit of himself that would urge him to jack off with me in his mind's eye.

His hands soon found their way to the straps of my bra. I tilted my head and looked at him out of the corner of my eye, giving him a very seductive wink that must have sent his throat dry. He did, indeed, try to swallow again to hide his nervousness, but his cock was quivering in the air.

His fingers brushed against my skin and jolted, as if shocked by electricity. The poor guy was trying to control his horniness, and he was doing a bad job.

"Here, I'll help you along," I said. Grabbing one of his hands, I helped him lower the strap of my bra down. Then the other strap. Slowly, still holding his hands, I made him pull the bra off my breasts and over my head.

I'm proud to say that my breasts are perky and supple, something that I'm very proud of, even if it does cause a lot of lecherous men to lust for me. James's eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw them and I knew, from the look of his face, that every doubt about what he was doing had vanished from his head at the sight of my goddess-like breasts. They were the sort that women longed to have and men longed to touch, and here they were, inches away from James and his erection.

"I've never titty-fucked before, but how hard can it be, really?" I said, lying down on the bed so my breasts were pointing upwards in the cold air. "Just put that piece of manhood you have in between my mountains and get ready to have fun."

James literally jumped to action. He moved up the length of his bed so he was straddling the sides of my stomach. I grabbed his cock and guided it down to the crevice between my two breasts. He let out a long, delicious moan as I slipped it in. It wasn't as good as a cunt, I knew, because Kenny and Vince both said, on the occasions when I had sex with them, that dicks in cunts (or mouths) were the best forms of sex to them. Still, James seemed to be enjoyed the titty-fuck well enough. I noticed him eyeing my breasts and the tiny nipples on them.

"Wanna squeeze them?" I asked, beginning to feel rather slutty.

This time, James didn't seem at all nervous or inhibited. He jumped straight to action like all men always do when they reach this stage.

"Yes!" he breathed, grabbing me by the breasts and fondling them as he pumped his erection slowly in and out of the crevice.

He was panting softly, not bothering to hide his obvious pleasure any more. I sat back, letting him do the work for the first time that evening. Even though I enjoyed the thrilling, almost dirty idea of letting my once-hated enemy masturbate himself in my boobs, this titty-fuck isn't as pleasurable to me as it is to James. It's my personal belief that men enjoy sex so much more than women because, after all, just one touch of their dicks and it's a tour through PleasureVille for them. Though James is, no doubt, enjoying the paradisiacal feeling of his fucking, I'm not exactly getting dizzy bouts of pleasure here. Usually, when I don't get the same feelings as my sex partners (Vince, Kenny and now, James) I end up masturbating myself. I can't go find a makeshift dildo with James fucking me between my boobs, so my fingers will have to do.

Without distubring James, I reach my hands down into my jeans and touch the most sensitive parts of my cunt, slowly fingering myself. Tipping my head back, I let out a sigh of relief as I continue the fingering, James's occasional moans of pleasure being my stimulation.

This goes on for a good 15 minutes, which surprises me. I reckoned James had to be so horny that I expected him to orgasm in like, 5 minutes max. But he was holding out pretty good so as to enjoy the pleasure for as long as possible. But of course, it couldn't last. Even though he'd been milked pretty good when I'd blown him earlier, he still had tons of cum in those balls and I secretly wondered how long it had been since he last played with himself. I mean, let's not beat around the bush, everyone above the age of 15 ought to already have learnt about masturbation, right?

James gripped my breasts in each of his hands tightly, groaning as his cock began to spasm, jerking about as it began to eject streams of semen all over my chest and face. His orgasm lasted almost 20 seconds (I counted), 10 seconds shorter than last time.

Panting really heavily now, he collapsed onto me, his tongue lolling out and coincidentally touching my left nipple. This helped send me over the edge and I sighed, thanking my genius for cooking up the idea of performing sexual intercourse with James as I was immersed into my first explosive orgasm since breaking up with Kenny.

I let out a few more moans myself before the effects of the orgasm finally began to wear off. I lay there, feeling pretty tired myself, but I was still madly aroused. James, unfortunately, looked all out of it. His cock was flaccid and it flopped around with each gulp of air he took in. I helped him to lie on his back and his eyes flickered open as I got up on my haunches.

"W...What are you doing?" he asked.

"I know you're tired, James, so now you're going to do a favor for me, because unlike you, I'm still aroused and I'm going to need you to help me out with this," I said. "Come on, bad boy, muster up some more strength for the show finisher."

James groaned, getting up on his haunches as well as I turned over to straddle him at his hips.

"I don't know if I can do this, Violet. I'm pretty out of it," he murmured, looking disconcerted.

I could tell he wasn't much in the mood anymore. The blowjob and the titty-fuck combined had taken it out of him. The animal hunger that I'd seen in his eyes earlier was gone, a sign that for now, his horniness was satisfied. But I wasn't. I wasn't satisfied yet. I was still really horny. And I was determined to go out with one last orgasm before letting James rest.

"Come on, big guy. One more, just one more," I said encouragingly.

"What do you want to do?" he asked, sighing.

I smirked. "The blowjob and titty-fucking I just gave you. Was that, in a sense, your first sexual intercourse with a girl?"

James blushed and nodded.

"So you're a virgin? You've never had sex before?" I asked.

He nodded slowly.

"I guess I must seem pretty lame now, huh? Compared to sex devils like Kenny and Vince?" he asked.

"Yeah, pretty much. Those two were great in bed," I said in mock wistfulness as James pouted. "...Because they had me as their sex educator, at least."

James's face lit up at that comment and I snickered. "Are you ready to lose your virginity, James?"

"I don't know, I always meant to save it for a special girl..."

"You mean Victoria?"

James looked away. I realized that despite everything, he was still madly hung up on her. And I was determined to change that, not necessarily so I could take his virginity, but so he could get over her and pick up a new girl that will treat him better. After all, this whole experience...I see James as nothing more but a sex buddy, not a relationship partner.

"Come on. I'm going to show you what real fucking means," I said, pulling him upright.

"I'm not hard though," he moaned reproachfully.

And sure enough, his cock was feeble.

"We can't have that, now can we?" I said. "If you're going to lose your virginity, you should have a roaring good time."

I cast glances around my room for inspiration on how to arouse James further, my gaze finally landing back on the first aid kit. An idea forms in my head.

"You know, Kenny and Vince usually last longer at sex," I say as I get up to the kit.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," I reply. "But sometimes, after they're all wiped out but still want a good finish, they also need a bit of a boost to get them through."

I rummaged around in the kit for a while before smiling, taking a tiny white pill out. "This is enough of a dosage to rile you up for one more try."

"What's that?" James asked innocently.

"A little thing I like to call Mini-Viagra," I say as James's eyes widened. "This is pretty small, so it's not potent enough to keep you going the whole night, so we'll test it out on you first. If it's good and you want to keep going after I take your virgin cock, then great. If not, I hope this will at least be enough for one more time at sex."

James looked a little worried. "Are you sure that's l-"

Before he could finish his sentence, I popped it into his mouth hurriedly and climbed into the bed with him, patting him on the back comfortingly as he worked to swallow the pill.

"There. Better?" I asked.

James didn't respond. He didn't need to. After a while, his dick was starting to elongate already. Soon, it was longer and grander than it had been when I first gave him the blowjob!

" feels..." James gripped onto the bedpost for support, cringing, his fingers twitching about as he struggled to explain the erotic feelings that were coursing through his body and into his penis.

"Good, eh? Let's get started before it wears off," I said. "How do you want to play this?"

"Anyway, just hurry! I can't stand it!" James said. His hand was inching its way towards his dick, desperate to stroke away the painful arousal.

"Alright, now come here," I said. Holding James by the hands, I lay down on my back and he positioned himself above me. Reaching over, I grabbed his erection and he instantly stiffened. Whether sub-consciously or not, he began to move his body up and down, pumping his cock into his fist. It was literally raging to let loose its pent-up energy.

"There, now. Not in my hand, in here!" I scolded cheekily, pointing at my cunt with the other hand.

Guiding him by his erection, I brought James down so that his head was brushing against the tip of my cunt. He moaned longingly, stimulating my own arousal as well.

"Now, in there, you!" I said.

Needing no more encouragement, James pushed his virgin cock deep inside my cunt. He took over from there. It was literally a race to pump as fast as he could. I tried to get him to slow down, sure that he would cum too soon at this rate. He was pumping his dick in and out with tremendous force. My body was vibrating wildly on my bed, my breasts flopping up and down.

James was no doubt experiencing the greatest pleasure he could ever achieve with his dick. Over and over again he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy, groaning and moaning with even more ferocity as he went. Time for me to pleasure myself as well, before he cums too fast and ends up with a better deal than I did.

I reach down and lick my own nipples, squeezing and fondling my large breasts with fascination. James saw the motion and slapped my hands away, as if wanting to torment me, which was no doubt an intention borne in his mind from the sexual energy that I'd aroused in him.

He reached down himself and bit one of my nipples. I let out a quiet yell as he did so, cuddling and petting his head as he pleasured me. All that could be heard was his balls slapping against my pussy over and over again. Both sweat and his saliva was pooling all around me, wetting the mattress and bedsheets. This was wrong. This was dirty. This was erotic. It smelled wrong, dirty and erotic. It sounded wrong, dirty and erotic. It  was wrong, dirty and erotic.

He raised his head off my breasts and I moved to return the favor of his pleasuring me. I arched my head up, sticking out my tongue and licking across his chest like it was a cake.

"OHHH FUCKKK!" he moaned. He was on cloud nine. He smiled almost derilously at me as I reached up and clung on to both his nipples, pinching and twisting them. It must've hurt, but it aroused James more.

I could feel myself nearing an orgasm. The sights, smells, sounds and the general feeling of this whole experience was about to send me over the edge. James too. He and I were beginning to let out soft moans. Who was going to orgasm first, me or him?

It turned out to be me. I felt the juices frothing around in my pussy and that was it! The sensual orgasm shook my body as I clung on to James's back, screaming his name softly, biting my lip to stop my voice from getting too loud and carrying outside my room. My orgasm was barely over when James started cumming.

"FUCK!" he jerked his dick out and the friction caused his cum to shoot out in great, explosive bouts, splattering the walls, bedsheets, himself and me. The cum splashed all over his chest and torso, even making a little stream between his two nipples. The rest of the cum that wasn't on the walls and bedsheets landed all over my torso, splattering on my erect nipples and dripping down my breasts like viscous drops of glue.

James collapsed onto me yet again, this time completely and fully out of it. He was satisfied. And so was I. More tired and weary than ever, I closed my eyes and leant back onto the bed. I didn't care about the pools of James' cum all around the pair of us, or that we were still stark naked in the cold air. That could all be taken care of tomorrow. For now, I sank into a dreamless sleep, one of the best I'd had in a long, long time.

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