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An Affair To Remember

Co-workers get romantically involved
I always thought of myself as a moral man. On the two prior occasions when I was faced with choosing morality over carnality, it was fairly easy to do the right thing. Recently, however, I found myself unable to resist.

I’m semi-retired. Lucky, at 63 to have been able to leave the rat race of the corporate retail world early. Married, with three grown kids. All in all, life is pretty good. Not perfect, mind you, but pretty good. I work part-time at a local winery not far from my home. A couple of days a week, I pour wine for visitors, schmoozing with them, promoting the region, the industry, and the winery itself. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had working. How can you possibly go wrong, pouring samples, tasting wine, and flirting with lots of pretty women.

At least that’s what I thought up until she walked in the door. ‘She’ was Tammy, a 38 year old, married woman, with long curly blonde hair. She was hired back in May to work with me in the tasting room, and we hit it off right away. Her bubbly personality fit in well with my new found enjoyment of work, and of life in general.

We always had a good time working together, teasing, flirting, helping each other out. It made the days fun, the time fly by. Until a month ago, anyway.

I got to work shortly after she opened up, and we got busy putting out fresh glasses, restocking the wine racks, and putting out snacks. We engaged in the usual banter, but I could tell she was distracted. So I asked her if anything was wrong.

“Oh, nothing really” she answered, going about her business. I could tell she wasn’t telling me whole truth, but I didn’t want to appear nosy, so I dropped it.

At 5 O’clock, we were getting ready to close. Her husband had not shown up, so she called home. No answer. She called his cell phone. Still no answer. She sent him a text. No reply. She was getting really pissed!

“Hey Tam! Can I give you a ride home?” I asked.

“Its so far out of your way!” she said.

“Not a problem!” I replied.

“Your wife won’t mind? Are you sure?”

“Come on! Lets go!”

On the trip home, I could see she was upset.

“What’s wrong Tam? “ I asked

When she tried to brush it off, I wouldn’t let her.

“Come on!” I said, “Fess up! Spill your guts!”

“Tom and I had a fight this morning. I think he’s still pissed at me. I know I’m pissed at him. That’s why he won’t take my calls.”

“Every couple has fights !” I said, “I’m sure he’ll get over it.”

“He might! But I’m not so sure I will!” she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Looking over at her, I said “What do you mean?”

“I shouldn’t be telling you any of this,” she answered, staring out the car window.

We rode on in silence until we got to her house. I parked out front. The house was dark, except for one window on the far left. Two silhouetted figures, a man and a woman, were kissing behind a drawn shade. Then one dropped down, the other laying silhouetted hands on her head.

Without hesitation, I put the car in gear and sped off. Looking over at Tammy, I could see the tears rolling down her face as she stared out into the darkness. Finally, she asked, “Where are we going?”

“My place! I’ve got two spare bedrooms. One of them is yours for the night!”

“But what about your wife? Doesn’t she have some say in this?”

“Nope!” I replied, “She’s downstate visiting her sister for a couple of days.”

We arrived at my house out in the country, ate some leftovers, and I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir, that I knew she liked. The wine loosened her tongue, and she began her tale of woe. Her husband of eighteen years was cheating on her, she said.

“That much I deduced from the window show at your place.” I answered back. “Any ideas why?”

“He thinks I’m fat!”

An incredulous look crossed my face. “Your joking!” I said. Tammy is full figured beauty, but certainly not fat.

“No joke!” she said.

“No offense meant, but, he’s got to be some kind of idiot to think that.” I said as I refilled her glass. I opened another bottle, refreshing my glass as well.

She blushed. “You mean that?” she said, avoiding my stare.

“Damn right!” I replied sitting down on the couch next to her. “If I wasn’t married, you and I wouldn’t be sitting here on the couch!” I jerked my head toward the master bedroom and smiled.

She got my drift. “That’s awfully sweet of you to say that.” She leaned in to me, brushing her lips against mine. “Even if it isn’t true. But, again, what about your wife? ”

“We haven’t had sex in over two years. Menopause has robbed her of the desire for intimacy. Not that that’s an excuse, but…”

We were both pretty well toasted at this point. She tasted of Pinot, and I love Pinot, so I kissed back. My tongue ran across her lips. Her mouth opened ever so slightly. Our tongues met. It was like an electric shock ran through both of us. We couldn’t stop. She nibbled on my lower lip, and I, in her upper. Her hands went to the sides of my face, and mine enfolded her, pulling her to me. It was delicious! Exquisite! I hadn’t been kissed with that much passion in years!

She broke the kiss. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours. “I’d better be going.” she whispered. “Can you drive me home?”

“Go home to that?” I said, “Not a chance. Take the spare bedroom. Let the bastard sweat a little.!”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. I’m sure! I promise to leave you alone….if you want” I smiled.

“And if I don’t want?” she teased back.

“There’s always the horizontal mambo.”

“The what?” she asked.

“The horizontal mambo! Doing the dirty! Hide the Salami! Dancing on the ceiling! Shtupping!” I answered back.

Laughing, she took my hand, and I led her to the guest bedroom. We sat. She took my face in her hands again, and we kissed passionately, all tongues and lips. She broke the kiss and whispered, “I’m not used to sleeping alone.”

“Then, you won’t!” I whispered back.

We kissed again. This time my gentlemanly instincts went out the window. My left hand drifted from her waist, inside her shirt, up to her right breast. The bra cup was soft, so I could feel her nipple as it hardened under my caress. Her hands went from framing my face to pulling my shirt over my head. I returned the favor, gazing at her full figure. Her large breasts fitting snugly in the soft cups of her bra, her nipples trying to poke through the unpadded material.

I nuzzled her neck as I reached behind, unclasping the garment. Sliding the straps from her shoulders, I stared at the large orbs as they bounced free.

“They’re kind of saggy.” she said, “After four kids, you know…”

“Kind of saggy, my ass! They’re magnificent!”

Her areola’s were large, her nipples standing proudly, a roadmap of veins criss-crossing the generous mounds. The sight of her breasts, streaked with stretch marks made me painfully hard. I leaned over and kissed the valley between, the faint smell of perfume present. I kissed my way up the side of her left breast, my lips barely touching. At the same time as goose-bumps arose, I heard her moan and felt her hand on my head. Capturing her nipple with my teeth, I encircled her areola, gently sucking, moaning myself as I closed my eyes and nursed. As I traveled down the slope of her cleavage and up the other side, I felt her hands on my belt, as she tried to free my erection from its denim prison.

Lifting off the bed, I was able to help get my pants and boxers down to my knees. Her hand encircled my hardness, gently sliding up and down the shaft, squeezing just under the head. A droplet of pre-cum formed at the slit.

Pulling me from her breast, she dropped to the floor in front of me, and, still looking into my eyes, extended her tongue and swiped the sticky liquid from its perch. “Mmmm!” she said as her lips ovalled, and she took me into her mouth.

I reached down, cupping both breasts as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. I could feel myself bumping the back of her throat as she hummed or moaned each time I pulled on her turgid nipples.

She kept looking into my eyes, watching my reaction each time she buried her face in my pubic hair. “Enough!” I whispered, “Now its my turn!”

We stood and finished undressing. “Lay down.” I said gently, leading her back to the bed.

“Don’t you want to turn out the lights?” she asked as she sat, feet dangling off the side.

“And why would I want to do that?”

“Because, I’m fat?”

“NOT!” I replied, “I don’t want to miss a single detail of this luscious body” I knelt before her, slowly parting her legs. I kissed her knees, and slowly worked my way up her inner thighs. The closer I got, the stronger the scent of her musk.. “Just lay back and enjoy! And no more use of the three letter ‘f‘ word” I added just before planting a gentle kiss on the moist outer lips of her pussy. My nose blazed a trail through the tangle of dark blonde hair as my tongue swiped up one side and down the other. “I don’t know which is better,” I whispered, “ your scent...or your taste”

“You’re so bad!” she said, pushing her hips up to meet my face.

My tongue stabbed deep between her puffy outer lips. Her breath caught in her throat as my tongue flicked against her emerging clit. I looked up, past the blonde bush, between her heaving breasts, at the dreamy look on her face as I delved deeper into her cunt with my tongue. She put both hands on my head, holding me in place, as she rolled her hips. My nose nudged her clit before burrowing between her moist lips as her hips swayed. I drank as much of her as I could, my tongue feasting on her succulent flesh.

Her hold on my head tightened as I continued my assault on her clit. her breath came in ragged bursts as she spiraled closer to a well deserved orgasm. Wrapping my lips around her clit as she ground her pelvis into my face, I teased her sensitive nub while gently sucking on the hood. Panting , she moaned loudly, “Oh God! Oh yes!” Biting her lip, she tried to stifle her response. “Mmmm! Mmmmm! Oh fuck! Don’t stop!”

Her thighs clamped closed, pressing against my ears, my tongue rasped against her clit, her fingers clutched at my head, pulling me closer. Her freshening pussy smeared her musky reward onto my cheeks, lips and tongue.

Her chest heaving, she panted, “That was incredible!….I can’t remember….the last time….I came that hard.”

I smiled up at her as I crawled slowly, kissing my way up her belly, between her breasts, stopping to suckle on her nipples before continuing to her throat and ending at her lips, kissing hungrily. I asked, “So you like how you taste?”

Blushing slightly, she replied, “I’ve never tasted myself before.”

My hands were as busy as my lips. My left hand drifted down to her dampened mons, my fingers combing through her curls before sinking two fingers deep in the crease of her sex. My other hand was clasping at her breast, gently pulling and twisting her nipple

Moaning into my mouth, her hands grasping the back of my head, her tongue tracing around my teeth. I curled the two fingers inside her, gently scratching her g-spot.

Her hips began to move in time with my fingers, grinding against the palm of my hand every time my fingers brushed against the front wall of her cunt. “Oh God! Ohhh fuck! You’re gonna make me cum again!” she panted.

Nibbling on her ear, I whispered, “At least once, maybe more.’

Her breath was becoming more and more ragged, her moans, louder and longer. Her pussy was dripping with her musky essence, the room filled with the sexy scent. She cried out, eyes clamped shut, her body rigid, as she clamped her hand over mine, driving my fingers deeper still, as she orgasmed for the second time.

Pulling my well oiled hand from her cunt, she licked my ring finger, offering me the other one. As I sucked the digit clean, she said, “Now its my turn.”

She swung her leg over and, grabbing my cock guided it to her entrance. Teasing herself, she rubbed the head against her clit for a moment before swallowing my manhood. My eyes half closed as my cock caressed her cunt, stretching her lips, filling her with me until our hairs intermingled. Reaching up with both hands, my thumbs rubbing circles around her prominent nipples.

Tammy moaned as she ground her pelvis against mine, her cunt milking my cock. She smiled down at me before leaning forward, pressing her breasts into my hands. Kneading the soft flesh of her chest, I leaned up and we kissed, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths in time with my cock filling and evacuating her womb.

I slid my left hand down her belly, rubbing her clit as I stabbed deep inside her. She moaned, drowning the noises our bodies made. My other hand mauled her breast as I worked feverishly to make her cum, wanting to feel her cunt uncontrollably clasping my cock.

At one point, she offered me a breast, which I accepted, surrounding her areola with my lips, nursing like a hungry baby. We rocked together for several minutes, her hips rising and falling as she got ever closer to orgasm.

Abandoning the gentle rocking, I began stabbing deeply, lifting her off the bed, thrusting faster, deeper, our bodies slapping together. Her breasts bouncing invitingly, wiggling with each thrust. My teeth grazing her nipple finally drove her over the edge. Her cunt muscles rippled over the length of my manhood as she half screamed as she came.

Still fully hard, and nestled deep in her pulsating cunt, I slowly rolled my hips, my shaft sliding in and out, in and out. “Cum for me! “ she panted, “I want to feel you fill me!”

I came. With a series of grunts, my cock exploded, shooting long ropes of sperm deep in her canal, turning our combined juices to a froth. Collapsing on top of me, my cock, coated with her juices, slithered out of her cunt, followed by a dollop of sperm and honey that oozed down my shaft, spreading over my testicles before dripping onto the sheets.

Before drifting off to sleep, she squeezed the last drops of sperm from my deflated member, licking it from her hand, and kissing me. Returning the favor, I sunk two fingers into her dripping pussy, licked them off and kissing her again.

We slept soundly, entwined in each others arms for a while before she rolled onto her side, nestling the cheeks of her ass up against my tumescent cock. My face surrounded by her blonde curls, smelling her shampoo, my hand draped around her, cupping her breast, her nipple poking into my palm, her hand over mine, holding it in place.

In the morning, we showered together, washing each other thoroughly. I watched her in the mirror as she dried her hair, her breasts swaying each time her hands moved with the hair dryer, my cock aching to be inside her again.

We had a chance to talk over breakfast, agreeing that what we had done, however glorious and fun, was something that we needed to put in context. It happened! It felt wonderful! But, to pursue it any further was not in our best interests. We went off to work, no one seeming to notice that she wore the same clothes as yesterday.

At the end of our workday, we gave each other a ‘married couple peck on the lips’ and went home to our respective households, looking forward to our next workday together.

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