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An Evening in Paris

A married man with a young college girl meet in Paris for a week of sex and fun
Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be compressed in time? I have an expression I use; “I spent a week there one night.” I had one of those weeks happen to me about 30 years ago. It is something I will never forget. I look upon it today and feel it was one of the best times in my life.

It was also a test for me and my wife with our open relationship. The time it happened we had been married about 12 years. When I met this young lady, she caused a spark that almost burned my marriage. It was something that was a true test for us.

I call it “An Evening in Paris.” I need to set the stage for what happened.

I am a computer engineer. I have been for over 45 years. I have designed and built computer hardware, software and documentation. In 1982 I worked for the number 2 mini-computer company in the world Data General. I started out working in a sales office in my home city as a Field Application Engineer. I went on sales calls with the salesman as his technical consultant. My territory was all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Northwest Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

I was good at what I did and was recruited to join the World-Wide Application Support Group in the corporate headquarters. Basically it was the same job but potentially travelling all over the world. When I joined this group the company had released a new 32-bit mini-computer “MV-8000” and a virtual multi-user operating system “AOS/VS”. My job was to get intimate knowledge of this operating system. This knowledge would help in trouble shooting customer problems and fixing them before they went into engineering.

To do this job the group needed written documentation of how it all fit together and worked. In my spare time I gathered design documents and wrote a book about the operating system and how it worked. When I was done the book was over 1200 pages and was the only document available. I polished it up and the company sold copies to signed customers for $350.00 per copy.

This made me the “senior expert” of all the software. One of the benefits for me was I got to put together a one week class about what I written. I would teach this class all around the world for 16 weeks every year. This is where my adventure begins.

Each new hire Technical Application Engineer goes through 2 weeks of training at the corporate headquarters. I teach an abbreviated version of my class of one day for them. The other Technical Application Engineers I worked with in my old sales area wanted to play a practical joke on me. We were always tricking each other.

They warned me that they were going to get me back for all the pranks I had done. I never thought much of it. I would see them from time to time when they visited. They kept warning me.

One day I was teaching the class. There was a new hire young lady named Shelley in this group. She was from my old area. I got to know her during breaks and lunch. She was a college recruit. She was petit and very pretty. She had long brunette hair, blue eyes you could get lost in, an infectious smile and sensuous lips. Her body was marvelous. She had large breasts 34D, narrow waist and wide hips. Today she was wearing a sweater which was tight and a plaid skirt. She looked like a high school student in a uniform.

When the class began she sat in the front row in front of my desk. She caught my attention and I kept looking at her as I spoke. Whenever our eyes met she would make a big smile and make a kiss with her lips. This went on all morning. On break she would sit or stand as close to me as possible. We went for a walk as a group outside the building. She clung to my side wrapping her arm around my arm.

The real surprise came after lunch. Everyone was kind of sleepy. They had all over eaten because it was free and they could have whatever they wanted. Shelley had moved her seat. She was sitting all alone in the back row of the room. Just as I was getting into a critical area, she reaches down and pulls her sweater up over her head exposing her wonderful naked breasts. She sits there for about 30 seconds so I can’t miss the show. I look at her and don’t skip a beat in my presentation. The prank failed.

She pulls down her sweater and is disappointed that she could not get me. I smiled at her. During the next break, we got away from everyone else. I grabbed her and kissed her. She kissed me back.

“Did the guys in the area put you up to the prank?” I asked.

“Yes they did. I am sorry if you got offended. I wanted to do it because I like you a lot.”

“I was not offended. I loved what you did. I enjoyed what I saw. You have beautiful breasts. Does your boyfriend like them?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I intimidate most men I meet. I am too smart for them.”

“Have you considered taking my week long class?”

“Yes I have but there are none available in the US.”

“What if I could get you a class in Europe as my assistant? Would you come with me?”

“In a heartbeat” she replied.

I had started planning my European courses. I had set one up for Paris, France around Bastille Day (July 14). A great time to be in Paris. I would be flying to Paris from England after teaching two weeks there. I needed someone to bring over laboratory materials and more copies of my book. I suggested Shelley could bring them and take the class at the same time. Everything was set. Shelley and I would spend a week together in Paris after Bastille Day.

Bastille Day was a Saturday. I had left England on Friday night and flew to Paris. Shelley was to join me on Sunday to get set up for the class that started Monday. Little did I know that she had booked the red eye from New York on Friday night which arrived early Saturday morning in Paris. All the students and I were staying at the same hotel. The students were booked two to a room and I being the teacher had a suite.

I had decided to sleep in as teaching such an intense course for a week made me tired. Around 10 o’clock there was a knock at my door. I did not know who it was, I was not expecting anyone. I put on the hotel supplied robe and answered the door.

Standing in the hallway was Shelley. I took one look at her and woke up. I was so happy and excited at seeing her a day early. I took her up in my arms and kissed her, spinning us around. The day was starting on a wonderful note. She had brought my materials and her luggage with her. She had checked in to her room, but she did not want to stay there. She wanted to stay with me in my room. I did not object, but told her that there was only one bed. She did not care; she wanted to sleep next to me. I was in heaven.

She was excited to be in Paris and staying with a man she cared deeply about. The best part was someone else was paying for the whole thing. It was like winning an all expense paid vacation honeymoon.

Shelley unpacked her clothes and I took the materials she brought aside. When she was done she turned to me.

“Would you like to join me in taking a shower?”

“YY..ess I would.” I stuttered.

I was not used to a woman who was so forward. She took charge. She knew what she wanted and would go and get it. I was the target this time. She wanted me and she was going to get me if it took all week. I was easy, I wanted her the first time I met her. I had interviewed Shelley when she was recruited from college. I have desired her from afar from that time. She was 24 years old and I was 36.

I sat on the couch in my suite and watched this petite young woman undress in a slow enticing way. She took each piece of clothing off exposing a little bit more in a teasing manner pausing to fold it up and put it away. When she was down to her bra and panties, she stopped. She looked over at me and smiled one of those smiles that were full of mischief. She walked over to me, I opened my arms and she nuzzled into me on my lap.

I put my arms around her and pulled her closer. She looked up at me and we kissed. It was a tender kiss which grew intensely the longer it lasted. Our lips parted and our tongues met. We moved our tongues in and out of each other getting to know our embrace. We sucked each other’s lips and tongues. We nibbled our lips. We were into our love dance and it was so incredible. Our hearts soared. We stopped our kiss and got up together.

I looked at her standing there, and turned her around so I could remove her bra. I unhooked it, she shook herself out of it and it landed on the floor. I pulled down her panties and they landed next to her bra. Shelley bent over and I had the most wonderful view of a beautiful bum and pussy. She slowly stood up and looked over her shoulder with a sparkle in her eyes. My arousal was poking through the robe. She looked down at it with yearning in her eyes. I took off my robe. We joined our naked bodies entwining our arms tightly around us kissing some more.

But alas, it was Bastille Day, time to party and celebrate. We needed to shower, dress and have brunch on the Champs-Élysées. There was a parade scheduled and a big celebration. We could not miss it.

We had sex in the shower washing each other’s bodies. It was good, just a prelude for what was to follow later. We got dressed in very casual clothes and left the hotel for our day long excursion in Paris.

We walked the three blocks from our hotel to the Champs-Élysées. When we got there we were near the Arc de Triomphe. This is where the Champs-Élysées starts. We found a small café which was serving brunch with tables on the sidewalk. The people around us assumed we were lovers and treated us accordingly. The waiter seated us side by side rather than across from each other. We sat holding hands staring at each other’s eyes.

After our brunch we started walking toward the Obélisque de Louxor. We were following the parade route. People were gathering to watch the parade. We were holding hands and in awe of what we were seeing. We were acting like lovers totally immersed in the trip of a lifetime. I guess at that moment we were. I did love Shelley and I know she loved me.

We stopped in some shops and looked at trinkets to remember this trip. I bought her a bracelet with several charms of Paris. She kissed me and hugged me so tightly I could feel her firm breasts through our clothes. We continued our walk. When we got to the Obélisque de Louxor we looked around a saw a sidewalk café where we could watch the parade. The café had no waiter service. I went and bought two coffees and some rolls. Shelley picked the table.

We crossed La Seine and started walking back to La Tour Eiffel. We walked the whole way arm in arm pausing occasionally to look at Paris and the river. We kissed and hugged along the way. We could not keep out hands off each other. At La Tour Eiffel we had some juice and croissants. From here we went back across the river towards our hotel.

We went to the hotel and made reservations to have dinner at 9:00. It was only 5:00 and we decided to go to our room and rest until dinner. It was a hot day and we had become very warm on our walk. When we got to our room we threw our clothes off and entwined our bodies in a tight embrace locking our lips. While we were embracing I picked up Shelley and carried her to the bed, we were sharing for the next seven nights. I gently laid her down still holding our embrace.

We broke our embrace and rolled so we were on our sides looking at each other. Shelley’s eyes were like two pools reflecting my love for her. I was looking at her body marveling at its beauty and symmetry. Her breasts were firm and large but not huge. Her waist was small and her hips flared to make a perfect hourglass shape. Her legs were trim but toned. Her brunette hair was shoulder length.

I moved my hands over her body, touching, caressing, and rubbing her skin. She was so soft. As I was caressing her, exploring her body, she was moaning with pleasure. I took some of her hair and wrapped it around my fingers. It was so soft. I ran my hand through her hair. I touched her ears and the back of her neck. I put my hands on the sides of her head cradling her face. I leaned forward and kissed her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, her chin and finally her ready and willing puckered lips. We held that kiss for what seemed like an eternity.

She was exploring me at the same time. Her hands were moving up and down my arms, my back my neck and my chest. She stopped when she got to my chest and caressed my nipples and made them hard. When she saw that she giggled.

“I never saw a man’s nipples get hard and stand out before.” She said.

I asked, “Have you ever been intimate with a man before?”

“No not really. I mean I dated in high school and college. I really did not want to spend time with men. When I met you at my interview, I knew that you were the man I wanted to be with even if it was to have my first sexual experience. That was what we had when we were in the shower earlier.”

“Wow, I am honored that you chose me. I will say I would not mind spending a lot of time with you, Shelley.”

I moved my hands down and back up her arms caressing the joint of her elbow. When I got to her shoulders I caressed down to her breasts. He breasts were firm and her nipples were dark brown, hard and erect. As I touched them she drew in a quick breath. I could feel that these were all new experiences for her. I vowed in my mind that I was going to make this night and the rest of the week special for this young lady. She took her hands and placed them over mine as I held her breasts.

“This feels so good” she murmured. “I wish it could go on forever. I feel so wanted, so loved and desired. I am so warm and tingly inside. I have never felt that before.”

I looked at her and smiled putting my lips to hers and sharing a long kiss. I was getting aroused but not to the point of having sex. We were just cuddling and wallowing in the feeling of our being together for the real first time. We were savoring each sound, smell feeling and caress. We were mentally recording it so we could play it back over and over and feel good about ourselves and where we were.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, due to jet lag with Shelley and teaching on me. We woke a 7:30 and took a shower together. We put on dress clothes as the hotel dining room was formal. Shelley wore the bracelet I bought earlier in the day. We left the room holding hands and rode the elevator down. We kissed in the elevator for the whole ride. I was feeling like a young lover again. Shelley had such an influence over me.

We got to the restaurant right on time and were seated in a small alcove where we could watch the whole dining room. I ordered a bottle of red wine and we sipped the wine with some crackers and cheese. Shelley had roast pheasant and I had venison. The meal was superb. For desert we had fresh fruit, cheeses and a desert wine. We spent a lot of time eating the meal and enjoying each other and the place we were. When we weren’t eating we held hands and canoodled. It was lovely.

We had demitasses with some biscuits before we paid the bill. We sat, watching the other patrons enjoying their meals. We went up to our suite and went out on the balcony overlooking the river. The city was a stream of lights. Shelley stood at the balcony rail and I stood behind her wrapping my arms around her hugging her close. She rested her head into my shoulder.

“Thank you for the best day of my life.” She said softly.

“It is far from over, my love.” I replied

She giggled and asked, “What else could make this day any better than to be here with you holding me looking at the lights of Paris?”

I snickered, “Why don’t you come into the room and I will show you. After all it is Saturday Date night.”

“I want to stay right here with you for a while longer and absorb the city, the lights and be held by the man I love.” She replied.

I did not complain. I wanted Shelley to have the most enjoyable, memorable experience for the first time surrendering herself to a man. We stood there on the balcony in each other’s arms watching the cars and people of Paris move in the night. She tilted her head up and turned so that our lips could meet in the most tender and meaningful kiss of the night. It wasn’t a hard lustful kiss or a meaningless peck, but a kiss that came from the depths of our being an expression of our true feelings for each other at that moment in time. Everything was suspended. There were just us and the meeting of our lips in a kiss.

As we broke the kiss, Shelley turned and said, “Let’s go in, leave the doors open so we can hear the night, and lay in bed naked. I want to make love to you now. It has been a wonderful day.”

From our bed we could see the glow of the Paris night and hear the flow of people and cars outside. We walked in the room hand in hand, turned facing each other at the foot of the bed. I reached up and cradled her head in my hands, tilting it up to look at her beautiful face. She smiled at me.

“I am ready.” She said. “I want you to undress me, expose me to your eyes and touch my body all over. I want you to ravish me and take me to be yours.”

“I will be gentle and make this be a time which you will remember for the rest of your life.” I replied.

My hands moved to her jacket, unbuttoned it and put it on the chair near the bed. She was wearing a white silk blouse which I carefully removed. I unzipped her skirt and put it with her other things. She was now in a full slip with bra and panties underneath. I kissed her again. She purred in contentment. I slowly slid her slip up over her head marveling at the treasure beneath. I put my arms around her and released the clasp for her white lace bra. Her breasts were full and her nipples were hard and ready. I bent down and kissed them softly. Moving to her waist, I slowly removed her white lace panties and kissed her naval, followed by her mound. She shivered as I lingered on her mound. She stood before me my own Venus de Milo (with arms). I stood back and drank in her beauty with my eyes.

She came to me. It was her turn. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me tenderly holding it for a long moment. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid it slowly off my body. She caressed my chest through my t-shirt. She felt my strength and cooed. Her hands went to my pants, where she unbuckled my bet, unbuttoned and unzipped me. She removed my pants and put them with her clothes. She looked at me and saw the growing bulge in my boxers. She giggled as she touched it through my shorts. I chuckled. She lifted my t-shirt over my head with a little help from me. She kissed and caressed my chest making my arousal bigger. Her hands went to the waistband of my shorts. As she pulled them down my manhood sprang free almost hitting her in the eye. She gasped at its size and stiffness. She touched it savoring its firmness and soft skin.

She stood up and admired my body. We joined in a naked hug with a soft tender kiss. I bent down and picked her up in my arms. I walked to the side of the bed and gently laid her down in the middle slowly. I got in beside her and rolled to look at her beauty. She put out her hand and stroked my cheek and chin feeling the chiseled outline.

“I love you” she said. “I want you to make love to me and for this night to never end. I want to possess all of you. I want you as mine.”

I smiled back at her, saying, “I love you Shelley.” I knew in my heart that I did love her but that this was just a fling, not something that would last forever physically, but only as a memory of a wonderful place and time. When we would leave Paris I would return to my wife and Shelley would return to Long Island. There would always be the memory clouded by the “je ne sais quoi” from this time together.

She and I had sex earlier in the shower when she first arrived and her virginity was taken. This time would be her first time for the real exchange of love and passion and feelings. The shower was a lustful frolicking time. Now was the meaningful exchange of heart and soul. It was what we both wanted, needed with a reverent desire to surrender together the sharing of our bodies.

I smiled at her being happy in the moment. I caressed her hair and pulled her to me, kissing her softly. As the kiss lasted it got more intense, passion growing, pressing harder. Our lips parted, our tongues flicked out hitting, probing, pushing, pulling to explore the depths of our mouths. We moved our lips around making smacking sounds and getting sloppily wet from the mixing of our saliva. I could feel warmth growing in my loins. Shelley was moving her mound against me. Our passion was growing; we were fanning the flames of desire.

I had been caressing her hair, her ears, her neck, her back and her arms. I slowly with soft touches, almost tickles, move my hand to her breast. She moaned as I touched her. I cupped her breast, caressing underneath. Her nipple got bigger, harder and extremely more sensitive. We continued to kiss, but I was teasing her breast. She wanted me to touch her nipple, but when I got close I would back off. She was getting frustrated. I put both my hands on her breasts and covered her nipples. She let out a big moan of contentment.

I moved my head slowly down from her lips, nipping her ear lobe, her neck, her shoulder and finally the curve of her breast. She tried to move her nipple into my eager mouth. I held back teasing. I kissed all around her breast moving from one to the other never stopping on her nipples. I was driving her wild.

I moved my lips to her nipple. It was hard and moist; it had leaked a little juice. I licked it up while I sucked. Her hands went on my head pulling me tightly against her trying to get me to swallow her whole nipple and breast. I bit her nipple, resulting in a loud moan and her mound pulsing against my thigh. She was moving against me trying to make things go faster. She was in a hurry. I slid my leg up and down to make it better. Her hands kept my mouth tightly on her breast. I pinched and pulled her other nipple stretching it even bigger; she removed her hands from my head. I pulled her nipple with my lips. She rolled her head from side to side gasping for breath.

As I was assaulting her breasts, her hands were busy with me. She had caressed my face, my shoulders, my arms and my chest. She felt the rippling muscles and was languishing in the moment. Her hands grabbed my manhood and pulled it upright. She was probing it testing it for firmness and bounce. She liked how it bounced around seeming to have a mind of its own.

She found that if she stroked it, it would respond better and I would utter my own moans of pleasure. She stroked it slowly, peeling back the skin and looking at the mushroom shaped tip. It was about 8 ½ inches long with a 2 inch diameter. She stroked it up and down slowly stopping occasionally to give her hands a rest. She was driving me wild now.

By now I had switched positions. My manhood was in her face and her mound was in mine. I kissed up and down her thighs. She thrashed about seeking a way to get me at her mound. I could feel the juices flowing and they were running down her thighs and her butt. I slurped up what I could. She tasted so sweet. I got closer to her mound and kissed it. This made her buck up and push it in my face. Her mound was not shaved but the hair was neatly trimmed and short. It was beautiful.

Meanwhile she explored my cock. She felt it, caressed it, pulled it and poked it. It just bounced around and grew thicker and longer and got harder. She settled into wrapping her hand around it and stroking it up and down. She got the idea of kissing it. She put her lips against the tip and kissed it. It tasted good. She opened her lips and sucked the mushroom tip into her mouth. I let out a big moan. She liked that. She put more of it in her mouth and started moving in and out. I started pushing in and out with her. She liked that. A little bit of pre cum spurted in her mouth. She gagged but swallowed it. It tasted real good. She wanted more. She started moving faster trying to get more out. Little did she know I was building up to explode.

I had been kissing her mound and exploring it. It was really wet and warm. She kept pushing it in my face wanting me to do more. I poked it with my tongue looking to open the slit. She spread her legs wider exposing the slit to my tongue. I licked her up and down slowly sinking further into her. She was bouncing and thrashing with reckless abandon moaning and screeching. I stuck my tongue into the love canal and was greeted by a small flood of juice.

She had cum again. I lapped it up and kept licking. I worked my way up the slit to the shroud covering her clit. As soon as I nipped the shroud her clit popped out. I nipped it, sucked it, kissed it and bit, all the while driving her wild. I continued to assault her clit with my tongue and moved a finger into her. She gasped and started riding my finger. So much juice had flowed out of her that her bum was covered. I moved a finger to her bum and rolled it around. I gently pushed it in her bum. She cried out but did not stop me. I probed deeper and her cries became moans of pleasure. I stuck a second finger in her love canal. This caused another orgasm with more intensity.

Her sucking on my cock got stronger and stronger. Her mouth was holding me tightly. I could feel the rush in my balls and up my cock. I exploded in her mouth spraying all over. She tried to swallow as much and as quickly as possible, but some leaked out the sides of her lips. She sucked me dry and popped me out. She licked up the excess from her face with a satisfied smile of mission well done. I was still hard.

She was ready, I switched positions again and kissed her deeply with my tongue. I could taste my cum mixed with her juices as could she. It tasted good.

I put my cock in her love canal and slowly proceeded to move in and out. She wrapped her legs around me holding me tightly. She was so turned on her toes were curled and were starting to hurt her. The total focus of her being was on the feeling in her pussy. She was absorbing every thrust and her pussy walls were holding onto my cock never wanting to let go. She wanted to keep me there. I could feel the pressure building up in my cock prior to exploding. Her pussy was pulsing and pushing harder on me. She was getting ready to explode too. With one last long thrust I exploded inside her, she exploded all around me. Our juices mingled and warmed us both.

As we exploded I thought I heard and saw fireworks just like in the movies. I thought it was in my mind. Looking up we saw the most amazing display of fireworks outside our window. At the same time we climaxed, the fireworks for the celebration of Bastille Day began. What a rush. I grabbed Shelley and hugged her tightly laughing out loud. We had climaxed and the fireworks went off just adding to the wonderful memory of our first real experience sharing our love.

We lay on the bed, arms wrapped around us, basking in the afterglow of our love making, watching the fireworks. What a way to end the day.

Sunday we walked around Paris exploring other areas. We made love several more times. We could not get enough of each other. We explored each other intimately. The rest of the week we discreetly spent our time working together teaching the class and sharing lunch and dinner with the class,

We spent every morning making love before breakfast. At night when we came back from dinner we made love again. We were having so much pleasure. The class was a big success. I got rave reviews from the students. Thursday night at our last dinner I presented the certificates of completion and spoke a few remarks about each student. The class gave Shelley and me a special gift of a loving cup. They knew what was going on between us. They wanted to make us happier. They did. Friday we wrapped up the class in the morning and all the students departed for their homes in other countries.

Shelley and I went back to the hotel had a leisurely lunch and made love all afternoon. We got up and went out on the balcony to watch the traffic and the sun set. Our mood had changed. We were realizing that we would have to part and go our separate ways. Maybe we would meet again and spend another sexual liaison. Only time would tell.

The company we worked for went out of business when PCs flooded the market. Shelley and I drifted apart. She found a man and got married. She has two lovely children. She seems happy. Occasionally we talk and lovingly remember our first “Evening in Paris”. We did not regret what we did. We both agree it was the right thing at the time and we both needed it.

We are both richer and happier in our lives knowing we spent that time together sharing our love.

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