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An Undeniable Attraction \\ Part 1

In one night, your whole perspective of a person can change.
There was something different about her tonight. She wasn't just the annoying girl I met a year ago when my father decided to move in with her mother; her movements were fluid as she stalked across the dance floor to the other end of the banquet hall. Her legs, extended to their length in four inch, black stilettoes; exposed to all of our eyes up to the mid of her thighs. Those legs that had me completely focused on them, were toned, yet delicate. They were coated in her warm vanilla skin that devoured me with the sudden urge to sample...and keep sampling until I made my way completely up her legs at to her fruitful paradise. Sitting there with my hand cupping my chilled Corona, I envisioned those same damn thighs pressed against the sides of my head as she convulse in blissful pleasure. I clenched my lower lip at the thought of it.

The seventeen year old was now where she wanted to be---sitting along with her cousins at the other end of this place. Juliana-that's her name-propped onto one of the tall stools, crossing her legs as she beamed widely at her cousins. The laughter that came a few seconds later from their lips was muted out by the loud thumping of the music. The dark locks of loose curls that she so naturally owned, cascaded down her back, stopping at the small of her back. They were like silk....dark silk. The darkness was a perfect contrast to her pale, milky skin.

"You alright, Man?" my cousin's heavy hand fell onto my shoulder, completely pulling me from the delicious trance I was in. I jerked my eyes away from Juliana and shot them to Carter, my cousin. With a soft, confused scowled, I asked, "What are you talking about?"

Carter gave me a lopsided smile, "Dude, you've been staring at Juliana like you were going to kill her. What did she do now?"

I was so entranced by my thoughts that I had forgotten to make my stare low profile. Quickly, I sought for a way out of this conversation, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Joe, you've been staring the girl down for over ten minutes without even bothering to blink. Are you sure you're alright?" Carter chuckled.

"I didn't know that I was staring at her...I guess I'm just out of it tonight," I leaned back in my chair and took a sip of my Corona.

"Well," Carter patted my shoulder, "she does look hot tonight, so I don't blame you."

With that, Carter disappeared to mingle with the rest of Juliana's cousins. You see, we were at her cousin's eighteenth birthday. Carter was just here as my wing man, you can say. My father was off with her mother somewhere, probably drinking it up and conversing with more of Juliana's relatives. Which left me here...alone; alone to watch her in my silence. To my benefit, in the minutes Carter had distracted me from my thoughts, Juliana's dressed had hiked up just a bit. Now, all that was covered was her ass. With her legs still crossed, she shifted a bit more in her chair. The movement only brought the dress up a bit more. The bottom of her creamy ass was now exposed to me, shooting a surge of undeniable heat to the crotch of my dark, distressed jeans.

"Fuck," I muttered, dragging my eyes away from her and taking another chug of my beer. Desperate for some relief, I raised out of my chair and rushed outside. Instantly, the cool air relieved me off the torture I just lived. Each cold breeze that passed by, cut against my skin, making me more aware of my surroundings. I passed my tongue quickly over my lower lip, hydrating the dryness the wind brought to it. I pressed my back against the cold, brick siding of the building as I sighed heavily and leaned my head back. It wasn't even five minutes later when I heard her voice.

"You alright?" she questioned.

I pulled the back of my head off the wall and slowly met my eyes with hers. They were two dark orbs that twinkled against the soft, yellow glow of the street lamp. "I'm fine," my voice rasped.

"Are you sure? Lily said that you rushed out of there," she continued.

"I'm fine, Jules," I faked annoyance, so she could leave me alone.

"If you're uncomfortable here, I can ask Mom if they can drop you off at home."

I took another sip of my Corona and she eyed my movement carefully. "I said I'm fine," I sighed, pulling the bottle of beer to my side.

Jules remained silent. Her thin, but perfect body stood shivering against each harsh gust of wind that flowed by. Her eyes pulled away from the bottle and shot to my eyes, "You nineteen years old you're not supposed to be drinking, right?"

I chuckled, "Jules, do I really look like I care? Besides, it's not like my dad gives a fuck."

"I'm sure he'll be mad if he saw you with drink that," her voice came out snooty and crisp.

"I doubt it," I shook my head softly as she shivered some more.

"Since when do you drink anyways? "

I chuckled once more, "Fourteen...fifteen...somewhere around there."

"Seriously?" her chocolate eyes widened with bewilderment. I nodded at her question, taking another sip of the drink. "You want some?" I smirked, cocking the mouth of the bottle towards her. "Nah," I laughed, "You don't."

"Says who?" her thin brows furrowed at my tease.

"You're too much of a princess to touch this stuff," I continued my taunt.

"I'm not a princess," her eyes rolled as she shifted her weight onto her right foot.

"Okay, than. If you're not a princess, why won't you try it?"

"Because I don't want to," she snapped back.

"Princess," I muttered lowly.

An annoyed little growled pushed out of Juliana's throat before she got closer and took the cold bottle in her small hand. My eyes bore into hers, silently forcing her to take a sip.

Do it.
Do it.
Do it.

Slowly, she brought the mouth of the bottle to her full lips.

Do it.
Do it.

Do it.

Her eyes fluttered close as she tilted the bottle up and her head back slightly.

She did it.

Grimacing strongly, she brought the bottle back down and shoved it into my chest. "That tastes horrible," she wiped the back of her hand against her lips, drying away whatever reminiscence of beer. "How can you drink that crap?"

"I guess it takes time to get use to," I shrugged my shoulders as I took the bottle from her hand. "You should get inside, though. It's cold out here and...well, that dress doesn't help to keep you warm." Juliana looked down at what was covering her. The tiny piece of thin fabric was not enough to trap any heat.

"I guess you're right. This is the last time I'm wearing this thing," she muttered, tugging down at the hem of her dress.

"Why?" I blurted out stupidly and she shot a suspicious look at me.

"What do you mean 'why?'" she growled, "This thing makes me look like a whore." I shook my head, retorting her accusation. "Are you serious?" Juliana scoffed, "Look at me and tell me that this dress is not slutty."

I rolled my lips into my mouth as my eyes did all the work. She gave me permission to look and I sure as hell was going to take advantage of it.

Her legs were trembling slightly and her arms were folded tightly over her small but supple breasts. Her jaw shook rapidly against the cold. Everything about her said that she was cold, but none of it said that she looked like a whore. Of course, the dress was short and strapless, but she could pull it off. Her hair played a perfect veil for her shoulders and back, hiding the skin that was exposed up top. "You don't look like a whore," I said, "You look....nice."

"Nice?" she scowled in confusion.

"Yeah," I nodded, "Nice."

"I was aiming for sexy, yet classy," she sighed, "but I guess 'nice' work, too."

"And who may I ask were you getting sexy for?" I chuckled.

Jules had already began to turn in her spot, when she stopped to answer my question, "Somebody."

Somebody? I thought.

Before I could get anymore out of her, she was already on her way inside. I quickly chugged down the rest of my beer and walked back into the banquet hall. By now, the music had changed. A slow, Spanish reggae was playing and, quite honestly, I wasn't surprise. She was Puerto Rican after all.

"Come on, Joe " I was tugged by some brunette towards the dance floor. Startled by the shock of the pull, I didn't realize what was happening until she stopped in the middle of the dance floor and pushed her ass into my groin. "Wait, wait, wait," my hands pushed against her hips, "I don't dance."

"Everyone dances," she swung her ass against me once more.

I'm a white boy with no rhythm...I don't dance.

I pulled away from her, stepping back, but her hand grabbed at my wrist. Desperate to leave the dance floor, I tried to shake her hand off of me, but the fucking girl was relentless.

"Come on," she egged, pulling me forward. I stumbled slightly and my pelvis crashed against her ass. Unsure of what the hell to do, I just stood there as she danced. Her round ass moved wonderfully against me, toying with my stiffening dick. From the looks of she, she was around Jules' age.

"Just move slowly," her hand moved to the back of my head, linking us together. I looked around at the people around us. They were all captivated in their own movements. Mimicking them, I tried to circle my hips against her.

I'm making an ass out of myself, I thought.

Seconds later, I felt hands on my hips. I craned my attention over my shoulder to see Juliana grinning up at me. Her hands pushed against my hips, guiding their movements. Then, I brought my attention back to the girl in front of me. I tried to loosen up and let Juliana have full control of my hips. Hell, I was already making an ass out of myself, so why the hell not?

"Like that," the girl muttered, leaning her head on my shoulder.

I heard Jules snicker from behind me and I smirked to myself. She was sneaky little one.

The song continued to go on and the rhythm of Jules' slow pushes remained on my hips. Her hands weren't on my hips anymore, though. Instead, they were slowly trailing up the sides of my stomach, onto my ribs, and eventually they traveled onto my back. She smoothed slowly over my back, taking in the strength underneath the grey v-neck t-shirt I had on. It began to become difficult to focus on the movements of my hips and the girl in front of me. My mind wanted to pay attention to her hands. It wanted them all over my body, groping and caressing every inch of me. Suddenly, I felt her hand shoving at my right shoulder. It was slowly directing me to turn around and I followed her guidance.

Now, she stood before me. The other girl disappeared from my thoughts. All I could focus on was Jules' lips. They were pressed into a sly little smirk.

Her fingers linked with mine as she turned around and placed our fisted hands against her lower abdomen. The space between us closed at this and now I had my dick pressed against her perfect ass. An instant burst of heat flushed through me as soon as she began grinding herself against me. My stomach burned with the need to pull her in tighter and caress the smoothness of her thighs. I wanted so hungrily to taste her perfect, ample lips and pull her into a corner and fuck her until her legs went weak.

We continued moving, my hands still fisted with hers, our hips moving rythmicly to the music. The strawberry scent in her hair, traveled into me. It drug me to a high that almost made me forget that there were people around us. The back of her head pushed into my shoulder, which followed by the warmth of her breath crashing against the side of my neck. This girl was killing me.

With each splash of breath against my neck, I cringed at the already noticeable stiffening in my pants. I wondered if she felt it. If she did, she didn't make an effort to pull away. She did, however, begin to roll her body around against my chest. Her shoulder pressed just above my nipple, the her lush breasts were pressed tightly against my chest. Her head remained low, her eyes were slits and her mouth hung loosely. Everything about her was inviting me in. I then felt her hands pull away from mine and I watched quietly as she trailed them up my perfectly chiseled abs and onto my chest. Her delicate fingers found some force and clenched onto the chest of my shirt. It only made us press together even more tightly. My hands absentmindedly clutched onto her hips. Her long leg slithered against mine until her thigh met my hip.


Her hips began to slowly rock forward, then back, then forward again. Gulping down the rock that formed in my throat, I dared my self to move my hand down her thigh. Slowly and lightly, I grazed my warm palm along the creaminess of her skin. It was so fucking soft under my touch. Finally, I latched my hand to the back of her knee, holding her steady. I began meeting her movements, not even realizing that the thrusting we were doing was riding her dress up. Soon enough, I met with her mound and she moaned softly while pushing her forehead against my cheekbone.

Back, then forward.
Back, then forward.
Back, then forward and hold.
Her hands tightened around my shirt and she bit into her lip in order not to moan loudly.

"Relax," I whispered into Jules' ear. She merely shook her head against my cheek and pushed herself harder onto the bulge in my jeans.

"Rela-," the music suddenly changed. I dropped my hands from her hip and knee, but she didn't move. She remained clamped onto me with the crotch of her panties pressed against my dick. Then, as if possessed by the music, Juliana began grinding against me to the fast beat of the song. Her lower lip remained clenched between her teeth and her eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure that soared through her body was reaching new heights. Every move she made, stimulated her sensitive clit greatly. Her body became victim to her natural desire.

"Joe," she moaned softly.

"Shh," I hushed her, "People are watching."

"Joe," she repeated in a long sensuous moan.

"Jules, calm down. You're making it so fucking obvious," I rasped into her ear as she continued to stimulate both of us. My eyes looked down at our thrashing bodies for an instant...just to make sure her ass wasn't exposed to the people behind her.

"It feels so good, Joe," she whispered, nuzzling her face into my neck.

"I know," I groaned in my own bliss, "But you have to stop...people are watching."

Before she could even protest, her body shocked itself with the first orgasm she's ever had. My arms instantly circled around her body, holding her tightly into my chest to suppress all the tremors that ran through her in her moment of sexual satisfaction. Her breath cut and gasped, cut and gasped, and cut and gasped some more until she was finally done.

"I think you just got us in trouble," I whispered as her thigh let go of my hip.

-To Be Continued-
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